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Breaking news on the environment, climate change, pollution, and endangered species. Also featuring Climate Connections, a special series on climate change co-produced by NPR and National Geographic.

Breaking news on the environment, climate change, pollution, and endangered species. Also featuring Climate Connections, a special series on climate change co-produced by NPR and National Geographic.


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Breaking news on the environment, climate change, pollution, and endangered species. Also featuring Climate Connections, a special series on climate change co-produced by NPR and National Geographic.




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Will the offshore wind industry solve pay and environmental issues?

Offshore wind is on the verge of becoming a major new industry in the U.S. There's a push to make sure it creates lots of good-paying union jobs.


Prince Charles' Aston Martin runs on a unique power source

In 2008, Prince Charles asked engineers to convert his Aston Martin to run on something more environmentally friendly. They came up with a way to power a car that's fit for royalty: wine and cheese.


Catch limits imposed on menhaden have sparked a population rebound

Along the Northeast coast, seals, whales and tuna feast on menhaden, fish that rebounded after regulators limited the catch. The oily fish are a foundation of coastal ecosystems from Florida to Maine.


Raising the price of fossil fuels to reflect the true social cost

Researchers at the International Monetary Fund say trillions of dollars in fossil fuel subsidies are making greenhouse-gas-producing fuels cheaper than they should be and making climate change worse.


An invasive plant is taking over the Kansas prairie. It may be too late to stop it

In the land of the open prairie, an invasive plant is threatening to transform Kansas' grassland ecosystems into biodiversity wastelands. Researchers are running out of time to find ways to stop it.


Drought conditions force California wineries to change how they grow grapes

A severe drought in California has meant lost crops for many wine country grape growers. But some are finding ways to adapt to the hot, dry conditions.


The impact of the California oil spill could have been worse for wildlife

Wildlife is threatened after a pipeline leaked oil off the Southern California coast. NPR's A Martínez talks to Michael Ziccardi of the Oiled Wildlife Care Network at UC Davis, about rescue efforts.


Wetland area that was damage by California oil spill could take years to recover

The wetlands damaged in southern California's oil spill had been restored decades ago, and are some of the last remaining in the area. Ecologists say damage from the recent spill will be long lasting.


Google Flights will show users what the carbon emissions would be for a trip

NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro speaks to scientist Katharine Hayhoe about Google's new tools that help people choose to decrease their carbon footprint when it comes to taking an airplane trip.


What's next for Louisiana's LaPlace Parish residents after weathering repeated storms

Residents of LaPlace in Louisiana have stayed hurricane after hurricane due to their deep ties to their community. State and federal officials are trying to deal with the area's repeated devastation.


A look at the ecological damage of the oil spill of California's coast

The clean up and investigation continues after a major oil spill off California's coast. In a place where most marshes have been lost, it damaged a restored wetland that's a refuge for shorebirds.


New protections for California's aquifers are reshaping the state's Central Valley

California's farmers, the country's biggest producers of fruits and vegetables, are facing a major shakeup. A new law limits their access to water from the state's depleted aquifers.


We need to talk about your gas stove, your health and climate change

Americans love their gas stoves, but they pollute homes and are connected to a supply system that leaks methane. That's part of a battle as more people face a decision about switching to electric.


A mega-drought is hammering the U.S. In North Dakota, it's worse than the Dust Bowl

Ranchers in North Dakota have been forced to sell off their herds at historic rates. Now they're worried they won't have enough feed to keep their remaining cows alive this winter.


Investigations continue into oil leak off the coast of Southern California

An oil spill off Huntington Beach has released more than 140,000 gallons of crude oil into coastal waters — killing marine life and fouling wetlands.


The survival rate of puffin chicks in Maine plunged this summer

Maine's Atlantic puffins took a big hit. Chicks' survival rate plummeted after a record-setting "marine heatwave" disrupted food supplies, showing how climate change is driving vast ecosystem change.


Water is scarce in California. But farmers have found ways to store it underground

Farmers in California's drought-plagued Central Valley have big plans for the next year of heavy rains. They want to use that water to replenish depleted aquifers, akin to depositing water in a bank.


It'll be months before this Louisiana hospital opens back up after Ida closed it down

NPR's Ailsa Chang talks with the CEO of Our Lady of the Sea General Hospital in Galliano, La., about the damage the hospital sustained during the hurricane and their efforts to come back online.


An oil spill has hit sensitive marshland along the coast of Southern California

An oil spill off the coast of Southern California is sending globs onto the shores of Orange County. Environmental authorities are trying to protect a sensitive marshland in the oil slick's path.


Major oil spill reaches Southern California coast

An oil spill in Southern California has authorities scrambling. A pipeline connected of an offshore oil platform released more than 3,000 barrels of crude into the ocean near Orange County.