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045 Niki Rodriguez - Community Healing & Self Care

Niki Rodriguez is a social worker, community healer, and PUSH Buffalo board member. In this episode, Laura and Niki talk about community healing, self care, racial justice work, & much more.


044 Rebecca Town - Criminal Justice Reform

Rebecca Town is a public defense attorney working in the Criminal Defense Unit of the Legal Aid Bureau in Buffalo, NY. In this episode, Laura and Rebecca talk about racial bias, bail reform, & much more.


030 Katrinna Martin-Bordeaux - Nursing & Political Engagement

Episode 30 of of the Keeping Things Alive Podcast features Laura's conversation with Katrinna Martin-Bordeaux. Katrinna is a professional nurse and a deeply engaged citizen. In 2013, she founded the Young Black Democrats, now called the Young Black Citizens of Western New York. In this episode, Katrinna and Laura talk about the nursing profession, the importance of organized activism, and much more.


029 Jody Chan - Organizing for The Leap

Episode 29 of the Keeping Things Alive Podcast features Laura's conversation with Jody Chan, the Organizing Coordinator for The Leap, a Canadian organization that works to implement The Leap Manifesto. Jody and Laura talk about organizing, current Leap projects, self care in the activism space, and much more.


028 Claire Gay - Inspiration, Small Business, & Dogs

Claire Gay is the owner (gatekeeper!) of Inspiration Point, a spiritual bookstore and mystical shop in Buffalo, New York. She purchased the store from Sandy, the previous owner, and has added her own energy to the business with new items and workshops. Claire and Laura talk about the concept of "leading from the emerging future," meditation, and what it is like to be a female small business owner in Buffalo, New York.


027 Bruno Ávila - Collaborative Urban Planning

Bruno Ávila is the President of Instituto COURB, an NGO based in Brazil. He is also the Coordinator of Urban Regulations in the Brasília City Government. In this conversation, Laura talks with Bruno about how he co-founded COURB, his experiences in the City of Buffalo and Brazil, and his vision for more collaborative urban planning around the world.


026 Leap Manifesto - A Vision for the Future

In this short episode, Laura reads The Leap Manifesto, "a call for Canada based on caring for the Earth and one another." This platform, developed in 2015 by 60 Canadians across the progressive spectrum, calls for a new vision of our future that is just and sustainable for all. The Leap Manifesto has been adopted by many progressive organizers around the world and is still growing strong.


025 Fossil Free UB - Divestment at Universities

In this episode, Laura speaks with three undergraduate activists (Alexa Ringer, Meghan Griffin, and Aidan Powell) who are a part of Fossil Free UB, a campaign demanding that the University at Buffalo Foundation divest from the fossil fuel industry and re-invest in clean energy and socially responsible alternatives. This episode provides an update on the same campaign that Vanessa Dwyer talked about in Episode 9.


024 JD Hartman - Socially Responsible Investing

JD Hartman is the Managing Partner and Investment Advisor with the Buffalo-based Signity Financial. He is an expert on Socially Responsible Investing. For years he has been helping people achieve financial security by investing their money in alignment with their values. In this episode, Laura and JD talk about socially responsible investing, student loan debt, Buffalo's Our Outer Harbor campaign, and more.


023 Sarah Baird - Safe Light for the Most Vulnerable

Sarah Baird is the President and Founder of Let There Be Light International, a U.S. nonprofit organization addressing energy poverty in sub-Saharan Africa. LTBLI donates individual solar lights to families living in extreme poverty and prioritizes distribution to handicapped and orphaned children, the elderly, and widows living with HIV/AIDS. LTBLI also raises funds for the installation of complete solar lighting systems at unelectrified, off-grid health facilities in Uganda.


022 Marge Ryan - Community Service & Beautification

Marge Ryan is a lifelong resident of South Buffalo, New York, and an active member of South Buffalo Alive. She has been called the "mayor of South Buffalo" because she is deeply involved in her community and works tirelessly to make it a more beautiful place. At 80 years old, she steps up and takes action for positive change in South Buffalo.


021 Adam Schwartz - Environmental Law in Arizona & Planning for the Future

Adam Schwartz is an Assistant Attorney General for the State of Arizona, focusing primarily on fraud cases and “special prosecutions”, which include environmental crimes. In this episode, we talk about environmental issues in Arizona, as well as how water is managed in Western states (prior appropriation doctrine) versus Eastern states (riparian doctrine).


020 Sara Jablonski - Social Justice, Dance, & Empathy

Sara is a Buffalo resident involved in many local organizations, including Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) Buffalo. She has been active with SURJ Buffalo for two years and is part of the group's Base Building and Education Committee. In this episode, we talk about what SURJ is and how it works, privilege, social justice issues, the importance of dance in Sara's life, and why it's important to vote in your local elections next week (in Erie County, use your vote to help #firehoward!).


019 Anti-Pipeline Victory - Movement Building & Citizen Power

Listen to the amazing story of Western New York communities working together to halt the proposed Northern Access Pipeline (NAPL). NAPL is a 97-mile pipeline proposed by National Fuel, which would transport fracked natural gas from Pennsylvania, through New York, under the Niagara River, and into Canada for sale. This past April, the NY Department of Environmental Conservation denied National Fuel's water quality permits, which is an amazing victory for healthy communities, climate action,...


018 Sam Magavern - Lead Safety, Democracy, & Community Development

Sam Magavern is the Executive Director of Partnership for the Public Good, a community-based think tank in Buffalo, New York. Sam and Laura talk about PPG's research and advocacy work in the Buffalo community, as well as lead paint safety and climate justice.


017 Joe Karnath - Science Education & Practicing What You Preach

Joe Karnath is a high school science teacher at Hamburg Senior High School in Hamburg, New York. He created and teaches a class called "Disasters," which educates students on disasters of all kinds: hurricanes, climate change, air pollution, war, terrorism, and the opioid epidemic.


016 Season 2 Welcome - Surgery, Hurricanes, & FedGreen

Welcome to Season 2! In this episode, I tell the story of my first website, I also give an update on my foot surgeries (I can walk!) and discuss environmental injustice in Puerto Rico.