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Melbourne's own Marine and Coastal news and views. Features Dr Beach with 'Life's a Beach', Brett Illingworth with 'The Brett Spot', Dr Surf with 'Surfing Culture on the Skids', Jeff Maynard with 'Sound Waves', Angeline Charles with 'Sisters of the Sea' , and John Ford with 'Tails from the Fish Shop', and Cathy 'Touch of an Angelfish' Crick.

Melbourne's own Marine and Coastal news and views. Features Dr Beach with 'Life's a Beach', Brett Illingworth with 'The Brett Spot', Dr Surf with 'Surfing Culture on the Skids', Jeff Maynard with 'Sound Waves', Angeline Charles with 'Sisters of the Sea' , and John Ford with 'Tails from the Fish Shop', and Cathy 'Touch of an Angelfish' Crick.
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Melbourne, VIC


Melbourne's own Marine and Coastal news and views. Features Dr Beach with 'Life's a Beach', Brett Illingworth with 'The Brett Spot', Dr Surf with 'Surfing Culture on the Skids', Jeff Maynard with 'Sound Waves', Angeline Charles with 'Sisters of the Sea' , and John Ford with 'Tails from the Fish Shop', and Cathy 'Touch of an Angelfish' Crick.




Radio Marinara - 17 March 2019

Dr Beach joins us for his first Marinara for 2019, exploring the latest in marine science in ‘Life’s a Beach’. Baykeeper Neil Blake talks about the ‘Grey to Green’ reef at Point Richards, installed 12 months ago by the City of Greater Geelong to address 15 years of Beach erosion. Neil has been busy looking at the effects of the reef, including doing some surveys to examine the intertidal sediment mollusc ecology. We catch up with Sean Doherty about this week’s developments in the Fight for...


Radio Marinara - 10 Mar 2019

Fam Charko’s ‘Plastic Litteracy’, when we’ll dive into some shocking new revelations about plastic in the deepest parts of the world’s oceans. Then we catch up with Sean Doherty about ‘Fight for the Bight’ – it’s been a big week since we caught up with Sean last Sunday with growing awareness and nationwide paddleout protests last weekend. Then Nicole Mertens from the VNPA will bring us up to speed on the Sea Slug Census, with the third census ready to kick off next weekend. And Elodie...


Radio Marinara - 03 March 2019

Just when we all thought the prospect of drilling in the Great Australian Bight was a thing of the past, Norwegian company Equinor have formally released their draft environmental plan for deep water oil drilling in the Great Australian Bight. Equinor intends to commence drilling later this year and industry regulator NOPSEMA is already assessing…Modelling indicates in the event of a spill, the outcome would be an environmental catastrophe on every level for beaches from Margaret River in...


Radio Marinara - 24 Feb 2019

We catch up with whale researcher Dave Donnelly on location in Antarctica on board the CSIRO research vessel ‘The Investigator'. We’ll be asking Dave about what has transpired over the past 3 weeks of the epic research trip. Then from Antarctica to the Great Ocean Road, we speak with Sam Suendermann about next weekend’s 'Wild Women on Water' - an annual event of the Surf Coast Longboarders Club that brings women together to celebrate, compete and have a fun day surfing. From the West Coast...


Radio Marinara 17 Feb 2019

We welcome back Dr Maddy McAllister from Heritage Victoria’s Maritime Heritage Unit at Heritage Victoria for an update on the excavation of the wreck of the Amazon, discovered last year on the beach at Inverloch. Then our Baykeeper Neil Blake joins us to report on the great Nurdle Hunt that took place around Port Phillip Bay last weekend. Neil will also update us on some interesting trends from the latest microplastics trawls in the Yarra and Maribyrnong Rivers, an update on the Street2Bay...


Radio Marinara - 10 Feb 2019

This weekend, hundreds of wooden boats from all around the world have converged upon beautiful Hobart for the Australian Wooden Boat Festival - an exciting celebration of rich maritime culture. We’ll cross Bass Strait to speak with Brett Ditchfield, live on location in Hobart to tell us all about it. Then Hilary McNevin joins us in studio to talk about ‘Conversations in the Littoral’ - a panel-based exploration of the sustainability, science and practicalities of primary producer life as...


Radio Marinara - 03 Feb 2019

We're Back. First Show for 2019 and it's Bron, Anth and Dr Surf. Guests: Lisa Hunter talking about her research into women in surf, Heidi Talyor talking about the Nirdle Hunt and Dave Donenelly all the way from Antarctica.


Radio Marinara - 09 December 2018

Neil Blake, our Baykeeper joins us for the last time in 2018 to talk about what he’ll be doing with the upcoming annual Summer by the Sea holiday program, January’s mega-Seaside Scavenge in Rye, and recent reports of By-the-Wind Sailors in Port Phillip Bay. We’ll play Bron’s interview with Philippe Cousteau Jnr, grandson of Jacques Cousteau, about EarthEcho International, a global education program established 18 years ago by the Cousteau family that that harnesses the combined skillsets of...


Radio Marinara - 02 December 2018

Dr Beach and Anth are back in the studio together for tomorrow's RM. And they have a hugely diverse show. Terri is over in SA just about to heading into a Cave to dive - she will join us from the water's edge for a diving update. Anth is back from OS and survived the floods in Venice - he is wondering how we will bounce back to big tides and storm surges. Dr Rebecca McKintosh and Ross Holmberg from the Phillip Island Nature Reserve will be back into the RM studio 6 months after launching...


Radio Marinara - 25 Nov 2018

Fam Charko from the Port Phillip EcoCentre returns to talk about Plastic Litteracy – a concept of how much we really understand the recyclability of plastics. Fam will talk about the differences between degradable, biodegradable and compostible plastics. Then we’re joined by Dr Angela Murphy from Federation University and Gary McPike from Barwon Coast Committee of Management to talk about a great study into beach use along the Barwon coast – who uses the beach and why, an upcoming review of...


Radio Marinara - 18 November 2018

Dr Surf is joined by Dr Garbage to talk about the Kazzie Awards, financial grants for women who are working to protect the environment through litter prevention. We discuss the 2018 winners and what you can do to apply for the 2019 grants. Then Bron and Dr Beach catch up with Dr Ben Radford from the Australian Institute of Marine Sciences to talk about how modelling points towards a troubled future for the kelps of Australia’s great Southern Reef - even under the most optimistic scenarios,...


Radio Marinara - 11 November 2018

Research into the future of Australia’s great Southern Reef shows that our kelp forest habitats are in trouble. Even under the most optimistic scenarios, ocean warming is likely to case substantial kelp loss by 2100. What does this mean for the fish, invertebrates and other marine life that depend on kelp forests for their existence? Is there any hope at all? Bron and Dr Beach speak with ecological modeller Dr Ben Radford from the Australian Institute of Marine Sciences to find out. Rex...


Radio Marinara 04 Nov 2018

Over the last week some of the world’s heavy hitters in marine conservation gathered at the 2018 ‘Our Ocean’ Conference in Bali, where a very exciting announcement was made that our own Wilson's Promontory Marine National Park was awarded a Platinum Global Ocean Refuge status. We’ll speak with Parks Victoria Marine Science Manager Steffan Howe and Scuba Divers Federation of Victoria spokesperson John Hawkins about this significant award and what it means for Wilson’s Prom. Then we speak with...


Radio Marinara - 28 Oct 2018

Over the last week folks around the world have gone a bit ga-ga over extremely rare footage of a creature known as the ‘headless chicken seamonster’. The Australian Antarctic Division says this is the first time the unusual variety of sea cucumber has been filmed in the Southern Ocean, and only the second sighting in history. We’ll catch up with Dr Dirk Welsford from the Australian Antarctic Division to find out more about this elusive mysterious creature and the excitement surrounding its...


Radio Marinara 07 October 2018

Anote Tong is the former president of Kiribati (pronounced ‘Kiribas’), a nation in Micronesia on the brink of disappearing from continually rising sea levels. Now an acclaimed environmental campaigner, Anote Tong fronts an international campaign to highlight the impending catastrophe for his nation. His incredible efforts are captured in 'Anote’s Ark', a powerful new documentary directed by Matthieu Rytz, shortly to screen at the upcoming Environmental Film Festival Australia here in...


Radio Marinara - 23 September 2018

We cross live to our Baykeeper Neil Blake for a live-on-location report and update from the Moonee Ponds Creek Paddle Against Plastic below the Bolte bridge. Then Darren Cottam from EPA Victoria joins us to talk about ‘Drain Detectives’, a new program where you can play a role in monitoring beaches in Sandringham, Mentone, Mordialloc, Dromana and Rye, and maybe even help solve the mysteries of what ends up in stormwater drains that perhaps shouldn’t. And following on from last week, Callum...


Radio Marinara - 16 Sep 2018

Tangaroa Blue are coming to Melbourne! Over the next week they’ll be running a series of workshops on litter reduction initiatives. Director Heidi Taylor joins Bron and Dr Beach to talk about what Tangaroa Blue is all about, the Australian Marine Debris Initiative, this week’s workshops and how you can get amongst it, and Tangaroa Blue’s brand spanking new data collection app. Then Deakin Uni Law/Science students Ram and Louis bring the latest on some dredging legislation to be put to State...


Radio Marinara - 02 September 2018

Wow - after that whirlwind of a radiothon fortnight (for us) Dr Beach and Anth will be in with some old fashioned, calm chatter about all things sciency, marine and coastal. First up we will catch up on the all interesting marine news and views from the last week or two.... from a possibly new island in the Gulf of Arabia to Russian nuclear power plants to the upcoming Pacific Island forum. Then we go from BIG to small... this week the Bureau of Meteorology released the new three month...


Radio Marinara - 12 Aug 2018

Dr Beach and Dr Surf in the fishbowl....


Radio Marinara - 05 August 2018

Dr Beach and Anth in for a biggie Sunday - lots of news and views - including what the hell IS a Wholphin... if anything at all. Simon J Karis from Melbourne experimental label Nice Music joins the program to talk about Moshka, his co-curated event at Winter Wild Festival in Apollo Bay, which sees artists Various Asses, Nina Buchanan, Golden Syrup and more from the label come together for one night in the Otways on August 25. It is amazing what you can tell from digging into the sediments...