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Current news and information on nuclear, peace and energy issues.

Current news and information on nuclear, peace and energy issues.
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Current news and information on nuclear, peace and energy issues.






Black Mist Burnt Country

On this Radioactive Show we hear about the Black Mist Burnt Country art exhibition and symposium which was organised by Burrinja Cultural Centre. The symposium was held on Saturday 9th September in Adelaide. It shed light on South Australia’s nuclear history and related environmental and social effects: ranging from the British atomic tests at Maralinga in the 1950s and 1960s, to the effects of uranium mining and recent proposals to store nuclear waste in South Australia near Hawker and...


First Nations communities' struggle against uranium mining in Northern Saskatchewan, Canada

On this show I speak with Candyce Paul. Candyce is a mother, a grandmother, an educator, and a protector - not an environmentalist nor activist - responding to a serious threat to ALL future generations. She and her family are members of English River First Nation, Denesuline, and are still gleaning their sustenance from the lands and waters of LaPlonge Reserve in northwestern Saskatchewan. She is Outreach Coordinator for the Committee for Future Generations, a group of volunteers who united...


Acting Up with Frontline Action on Coal

Activists have gathered in Newcastle to push for an end to coal and calling for the Governments to radically tackle this dire problem. They're willing to risk arrest and doing lots of dishes....


Peddling peace to Canberra: Nobel Peace Ride launches

On Sunday 2nd September about 100 people gathered at Victorian parliament to send off a group of cyclists travelling to Canberra as a part of the ICAN Nobel Peace ride. ICAN is of course the international Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, an organisation that began in Melbourne just over 10 years ago and who, less than a year ago, won the Nobel Peace prize for their work towards a nuclear weapon free world. The timing and destination of the ride is deliberate. It is just over a year since...


Nobel Peace Ride and SA Radioactive Waste Dump update

Today we bring you an interview with Tilman Ruff from International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) about the Nobel Peace Ride. The Nobel Peace Ride will take the Nobel Peace Prize medal won by ICAN all the way from the birthplace of ICAN in Naarm Melbourne departing Sunday 2nd September, to Canberra arriving 20th September . ICAN is working hard to gather signatures for the UN weapons ban treaty that they initiated. One significant missing ratification and signature is that of...


Walk the Bridge - Dump the Dump

Recordings form the 'Walk The Walk - Dump the Dump' Rally and March in Port Augusta on Sunday 19th August.Featuring Vivienne, Regina and Heather McKenzie - Adnyamathanha, Linda and Harry Dare - Barnagala, and Dr Susan Andersson - Flinders Local Action Group.Recordings by Mara Bonacci.


Process not Postcode

I’m Michaela and one todays program we’ll be getting an update on the proposed nuclear waste dump in south Australia as the campaign continues to heat up with legal action by the Barngala traditional owner group putting on hold a community ballot that was set to start on Monday.First up I spoke with Friends of the Earth's ACE Nuclear-free Collective coordinator AC Hunter, who has just returned from campaign visits to South Austrlaia and WesternAustralia the two current nuclear hotspots.To...


Talisman Sabre and the Australian anti-war movement

A brief analysis of the Australian anti-war movement and what might need to happen to build a movement to curb war and promote environmental sustainability.


Hiroshima Never Again - 73 years on

This radioactive show we commemorate the 73rd anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima by sharing Seksuko Thurlow's story of survival from that devastating event. This is from a recording of an event heldin March 2017, at the Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy, part of SOAS University of London. The original video recording can be found here:


Communities Have Their Say - Waste Dump Senate Hearings

Public hearings were held in early july in Kimba and Hawker as part of the senate inquiry giving communities an opportunity to have their say about flawed site selection process for the waste dump. A Canberra hearing will be held in early August before the senate committee report their findings on 14 August. From 20 August, the communities are being asked to participate in a ballot to gauge community sentiment. Neither the findings of the senate report nor the results of the ballot are...


Strong Grandmothers of the Central Desert Speak Up

6 members of the Strong Grandmothers of the Central Desert Region travelled to Naarm (Melbourne) from Mparntwe on Arrente Country (Alice Springs and the central desert region), to share their stories and wisdom at the Students of Sustainability conference 2018. Making the journey were Nungurla Doreen Carroll McCormack, Sabella Kngwarraye Ross Turner, Christine Kngwarraye Palmer, Pamela Kngwarraye Lynch, Elaine Kngwarraye Peckham and Veronica Kngwarraye Lynch. The panel covered many...


SOS - Strong culture, strong resistence

On this show, I'd like to give you a taste of some of the talks from the Students of Sustainability conference held in Narrm Melbourne that started in the first weekend of July.Includes a talk by Uncle Bill Nicholson, Wurundjeri elder, about Traditional Owners experience on the land where SOS was held and a talk by Aunty Hazel Collins from Grandmothers against removals NSW.


One Year On : Treaty to Ban Nuclear Weapons

This week we speak with Dr Sue Wareham, president of the Medical Association for the Prevention of War, MAPW and board member of International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons ICAN, Australia on the one year anniversary of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. Dr Sue Wareham also talks about her visits to Perth to speak with medical students about nuclear weapons and the global health threat. She gives us ways in which we can help ban the bomb here in Australia and the work...


Lucas Heights Reactor Shutdown

On this show, we hear about nuclear medicine and the recent shutdown of ANSTO’s Lucas Heights nuclear reactor. We speak to Dr Margaret Beavis from the Medical Association for the Prevention of War and get her perspective on the shutdown and ways to avoid such incidents.The music in this show is from www.bensound.comRead articles about the shut down...


Nuclear News from the West

On this weeks show, listen to the campaign to stop uranium mining in Western Australia, updates on recent news of the national radioactive waste dump PLAN B and wher the Supreme Court of Appeals to stop Yeelirrie uranium mine is at. You will hear from Dr Jim Green, the national nuclear free campaigner for Friends of the Earth talking about his latest smashing report that he has released this week with Latrobe University honors student Morgan Somerville calling on Perth based uranium company,...


Adnyamathanha People Say No

On this week’s radioactive show we hear Adnyamathanha concerns about the radioactive waste dump threatening their Country.We hear an interview with Vince Coulthard, the CEO of ATLA, the Adnyamathanha Traditional Lands Association. This interview was recorded by Dray at Umeewarra Aboriginal Media Association in Port Augusta. We are grateful for their permission to share it with our


Sorry Day 2018: Grandmothers Against Removals

21 years since the Bringing Them Home report was tabled in parliament, we mark Sorry Day by featuring Aunty Hazel Collins who initiated the group Grandmothers Against Removals (GMAR) in 2014. The GMAR movement is fighting against the systematic removal of Aboriginal children from their families and calling out what Aunty Hazel calls the mispractice of child welfare officials. Thanks to Tegan Hughes from CAAMA.


Disarm our Universities

Melbourne University along with RMIT are trying to build Australia's largest arms manufacturer on the site of the Women's Hospital in Melbourne.Radioactive talks to Lucy Turton and Callum Simpson from Melbourne University about activism and the campaign to kick Lockheed Martin off of their university.


What's the Buzz? Uncle Kevin Buzzacott reflects on fighting the nuclear industry

On this week’s radioactive show we hear from Uncle Kevin Buzzacott, Arabunna elder and staunch fighter against the uranium industry on his land. We also hear from Cat Beaton from Conservation SA who’ll give us an update on what’s been happening there.There’s a postcard campaign and online petition to Minister Canavan urging him to lift his game on radioactive waste management. Please get online at to sign this petition. The petition is listed as an event on...


WA Rad Tour - Stories from the Road Part 2

On this weeks show, you will hear part two of the recordings taken from the first Western Australian Rad Tour 2018 where activists travelled for 13 nights over 4,000 kilometres from Perth to the four proposed uranium mine sites : mulga rock, yeelirrie, wiluna and kintyre to hear and support Traditional Owners at the forefront of the campaign in WA to stop uranium mining. The last proposed uranium mine site we visited on the WA Rad Tour was Kintyre and the Parnngurr Aboriginal Community, home...