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​Elevating the environmental side of everything to create an accessible platform for experts and champions of sustainable innovation to shift the collective mindset. A discussion about food systems, climate change, wildlife, ecosystems, conservation, a sustainable lifestyle, eco-businesses, and renewable energy.

​Elevating the environmental side of everything to create an accessible platform for experts and champions of sustainable innovation to shift the collective mindset. A discussion about food systems, climate change, wildlife, ecosystems, conservation, a sustainable lifestyle, eco-businesses, and renewable energy.
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​Elevating the environmental side of everything to create an accessible platform for experts and champions of sustainable innovation to shift the collective mindset. A discussion about food systems, climate change, wildlife, ecosystems, conservation, a sustainable lifestyle, eco-businesses, and renewable energy.




Ecosystem Regeneration with David Hodgson

David Hodgson, a former designer of computer games, is using his systems design expertise to support ecosystem regeneration strategies in Central and South America. He explains the origins of the concept and why we so desperately need more of it. The advancement of creative financing mechanisms and communication about these solutions are developing and will further support greater ecosystem restoration around the world.


This is S2G Ventures with Aaron Rudberg

S2G Ventures is investing from soil to shelf in the sustainable food & agtech industries, finding where innovation can drive healthier and more environmentally conscious food choices. Aaron Rudberg, Managing Director sits down with us to tell us the motivation behind their investing strategy, how they tell the difference between a trend and a fad, and where they see this market going.


This is Clean Energy Trust with Paul Seidler

Paul Seidler, Managing Director of Clean Energy Trust, sits down to explain the 501(vc) model and investment thesis behind CET and the role that CET's early-stage investment plays in accelerating clean tech solutions. He tells us about some of the most promising companies in CET's portfolio, the technological innovation he is most excited about, and where he sees the fund headed the next 2-3 years.


This is Rodale Institute with Jeff Tkach

Join us for a conversation with the Rodale Institute, the pioneers of the organic standard, and the people behind the longest running field trials of organic versus conventional agriculture. Their work has helped shape the present and future of chemical-free agriculture, and now they are setting their sights on proving the links to carbon sequestration and human health.


This is Blue Forest Conservation

Chad Reed of Blue Forest Conservation explains the concept of a Forest Resilience Bond, which is a new investment tool to incentivize proactive forest restoration, which can reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfire. There are numerous ecological benefits associated with forest restoration, as well as job creation and protection of tourism, commercial, and insurance economic interests.


This is Carbon Dioxide Regulation

We sat down for a live conversation at Northwestern Law School with Eric Cohen, former associate regional counsel of the EPA Region 5, and Jane Montgomery, environmental attorney at Schiff Hardin to discuss EPA's new rule to regulate carbon dioxide from coal-fired power plants, known as the Affordable Clean Energy Plan. EPA promulgated this rule as a replacement for the Clean Power Plan, which was stayed by the Supreme Court two years ago. Jane and Eric debate the pros and cons of the new...


This is Green Infrastructure with Greenprint Partners

Nicole Chavas, CEO of Greenprint Partners, shares how the company found an innovative financing structure to advance the installation of green stormwater infrastructure in urban cities across the US, and all of the benefits that go along with it: cleaner water, lower costs for water utilities, enhanced gardens and parks for residents, and habitat for birds and insects. All of that, plus a positive financial return, which makes Greenprint Partners an attractive option for impact investors.


This is Modified with Caitlin Shetterly

An author tells us how her personal health issues led her on a journey to discover the world of industrial agriculture, GMOs, pesticides, and herbicides, and learned about the potential side effects for human health. Caitlin points out that many of the chemicals that Rachel Carson sounded the alarm about 50 years ago are still in uninhibited use across America, including 2-4-D, one of the major components in Agent Orange. The awareness that all of this stuff is at use in conventional farms...


This is Regenerative Agriculture with David Montgomery of the University of Washington

A geomorphologist explains the significance of healthy soil to the survival of civilizations throughout human history and the simple practices that can be adopted to rejuvenate soil health and reduce the need for chemical pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides. In addition to restoring soil health, regenerative agricultural practices can increase yields for farmers and reduce the need for labor and inputs. David gives some insight into how these practices are implemented across the world in...


This is Sustainability Strategy with Mike Stopka of MIST Environment Consulting

Sustainability strategy for businesses, universities, and organizations is not limited to green buildings anymore. Mike Stopka tells us about how he approaches sustainability holistically, by looking at an entire organization's footprint, what their brand is, how they define their objectives, and the values of their community, which results in a powerful cultural shift toward more environmentally conscious policies. He also explains how we have moved beyond LEED, and the gold standard being...


This is Sustainable Fashion with Sarah Nsikak of Stone & Harper

Sarah Nsikak, founder of Stone & Harper, tells us about why she started her sustainable and ethically focused clothing brand several years ago. Cheap clothing products have hazardous chemicals in the end-product, which exposes its wearers to toxins, as well as the air and water impacted in the production process. Sarah also explains the design, sourcing, and different manufacturing processes she has explored in her efforts to bring something truly sustainable to consumers. Fast fashion has...


This is Locally Laid with Jason Amundsen

Locally Laid is a pasture-raised egg business! A book named for the farm was published in 2016 and described the Amundsens' crazy idea to start a pasture-raised egg farm from scratch, and do it successfully! Jason Amundsen tells us about his experience starting a business, the high barriers to entry, the difficulties in getting financing, and how hard it is to take care of chickens in a Minnesota winter. We also discuss the health benefits, the improved taste, and the improved outcome for...


This Is Beyond Politics with Michael Vandenbergh & Jonathan Gilligan

Mike Vandenbergh & Jonathan Gilligan explain the role of private governance in reducing carbon emissions even more since the US pulled out of the Paris Accord and how taking action now on climate is actually the best way to ensure small government intervention, how common misconceptions like idling your car and washing your hands with hot water can lead to unnecessary emissions, and the powerful impact we can all have by changing our behavior at home. Show Notes Guests Professor...


This Is Paleoclimatology with Sarah Aarons

A paleoclimatologist from the University of Chicago explains the process of harvesting ice cores in Antarctica, how we use carbon isotopes to determine where carbon in the atmosphere is coming from, and what we can learn from the patterns in dust collection around the world and throughout history. Originally from Alaska, Sarah tells us about how her family and community is already experiencing the effects of climate change. She also gives us some perspective on the challenges women face in...


This Is Sustainable Surfing with Ryan Harris of Earth Technologies

Meet Ryan Harris, the founder of Earth Technologies and a former product designer for Nike, and hear how he has combined his dual passions for surfing and the design of high-performance athletic equipment. While learning about traditional surfboard manufacturing, he realized the big environmental downside --they're made out of toxic styrofoam, a conundrum for surfers dependent on a healthy ocean. Ryan has found sustainable suppliers, upcycled old boards, and now is turning his inorganic...


This Is Mitigation Banking with Wayne Walker of Common Ground Capital

Our guest Wayne Walker is driving private investment in conservation and species preservation through the development of species' mitigation banks around the United States. Wayne explains why mitigation banking is needed, how the development process works with the US Fish & Wildlife Service, and how these markets have developed following the stream and wetland mitigation banks under the Clean Water Act. We discuss how mitigation banking can cut through the partisan divide when Common Ground...


This Is Solar Energy Development with Daniel Menahem

Daniel Menahem is a solar energy developer who has over 12 years of experience prospecting, developing and managing utility-scale solar and wind projects. On this episode, we talk about solar energy basics, the future of solar in the U.S., and the hurdles associated with marketing and development. In addition, we share an easy habit change you can implement to reduce your footprint on the planet: switching your electricity source at your home to renewable energy just by contacting your...