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Inside Europe 20.01.2022

Tensions over the EU's sustainability taxonomy, a defence pact causes concern in Slovakia, taxing times for Poland's middle classes and Italian police refuse to wear pink. Also: protection for journalists at demonstrations in Germany, Turkish-Armenian relations begin to thaw, France's liaison dangereuse with public intellectuals and life at the circus resumes in Hungary.


Inside Europe 13.01.2022

Tension builds on the Ukrainian-Russian border, car smashing provides release from COVID stress in the Netherlands, Greece's missing marbles and Serbians on Novak Djokovic. Also: Turkey's not-so “pious generation", life after Brexit, retreating Scottish snow patches and a violin made from the floorboards of legendary Antarctic explorer Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton.


Inside Europe 06.01.2022

Cheers and jeers over EU plans to label gas and nuclear energy, climate friendly - Poland’s Watergate scandal over spyware attacks heats up - Bikes revolutionize the school run in Barcelona - Brexit one year after Britain left the EU - Why schools are key to preserving local life on Italy’s Aeolian islands - All aboard the night train! Why more and more people are sleeping their way across Europe


Inside Europe 30.12.21 New Year's Special

A New Year’s special showcasing the best of European traditions and culture including: the scents of Europe’s past, Norwegian glad rags and Vienna's horse-drawn carriages. Also on the programme: Lefkara lace, a phoney bohemian snack, pasta from Italy and from the UK, there’s a close encounter with an ancient Briton!


Inside Europe 23.12.2021: Christmas Special

On today’s programme: we throw caution - and the Inside Europe programme format - to the wind, as we catch up with some of our far-flung correspondents for a Christmas ring -round. Expect delicious food, spontaneous bursts of song and all round festive chaos! Plus Italian porticos and Berlin musicians... lots of them!


Inside Europe 16.12.21

This week: the secretive prisons that keep migrants out of Europe, Omnicron takes hold in the UK, Turkey’s balancing act over Ukraine starts to falter. Also on the show: Belarus cracks down on dual citizenship rights, a look back at Slovenia’s 6 months in the EU boss seat, the Odeuropa project recreates the scents of Europe’s past and Stalin's popularity is resurgent in Georgia.


Inside Europe 09.12.2021

Germany has a new government, the US looks to Europe to calm tensions with Russia, the UK takes a new tack on drugs and a Norwegian football team stands up for human rights. Also on Inside Europe: Natalia Kaliada, artistic director of Belarus’ not-so-free theatre, Barcelona resists airport expansion, and Cornwall considers going solo.


Inside Europe 2.12.2021

The latest on the Russia-Nato stand-off, what Eric Zemmour’s presidential candidacy means for France, links between populist politics and vaccine hesitancy plus a visit to Spain’s aeroplane graveyard. Also: Turkey reels as the Lira plummets, under cover in extremist chat networks, the campaign for assisted dying in the UK and Italy's natural cheese meadows.


Inside Europe 25.11.2021

Corona snapshots from a continent in denial, a tragedy foretold in the English channel, aid workers accused of people smuggling in Greece and a German artist takes on a notorious death in custody. Also: Slovakian filmakers force a historical reckoning, the Mediterranean celebrates itself, the Georgian wine industry's on a high and there's a new sport in town.


Inside Europe 18.11.2021

The EU positions itself for crisis intervention, violence and solidarity at the EU's borders, Austria gets tough on vaccine avoidance and France’s Louvre museum battles islamophobia with art. Also on Inside Europe: why gas is at the centre of the EU’s latest stand-off with Russia, questions over cash for influence in the UK, government propoganda in Hungary and dangerous driving in Italy.


Inside Europe: future worlds

Glimpses of possible futures in the company of Scottish climate activists, Polish women's rights advocates, Bosnian politicians, a German financial journalist and more.


Inside Europe: climate activists reach Glasgow on foot

Becky Stoakes and Carlos Buj are activists with Marcha a Glasgow, which is affiliated to Extinction Rebellion Spain. They set sail from Bilbao on September 28th, arriving in Glasgow on foot some 29 days later. Here they recount the encounters they made along the way and the impact that this unusual form of protest has had on their understanding of the climate crisis, and their role within it.


Inside Europe: All to play for in Glasgow

A COP26 special edition with the voices of youth climate strikers, secular climate pilgrims and those at the frontlines of the climate crisis.


Inside Europe: Harpreet Kaur Paul on the things COP26 can't fix

What does climate justice mean on a planet where whole nations are disappearing under the waves whilst the top 1 percent continue to emit twice as much carbon as the poorest half of humanity combined?


Inside Europe: UK youth caught between climate anxiety and action

Young people in the UK understand that their future hangs in the balance. Irrespective of the COP26 outcome, they are determined to continue their struggle for climate action. Hear their voices in Dan Ashby's colourful portrait of a generation shaped by crisis.


Inside Europe 28.10.2021

Latvia is first EU country to return to lockdown - The Happy Planet Index and the secret to lives well lived - German Neo-Nazis set up vigilante border patrols - European countries discover the joys of cricket - Will the UK bounce back post-Covid? - LGBTQ movies challenge conservative Poles - The Archbishop of Paris takes on Latin traditionalists - The YouTuber bringing dead languages back to life


Inside Europe 21.10.2021

NATO-Russia relations at post-Cold War low - Assault on democracy: the murder of a British MP - Food for thought at the Frankfurt Book Fair - An apology to the Algerian auxiliaries abandoned by France - Hungary's opposition unites against Orban - How to Restore an ecosystem near you - A seasonal peek into an Italian wardrobe - Scottish climate politics as Glasgow prepares to host COP26


Inside Europe 14.10.2021

Italy’s Green Pass leaves protesters seeing red - Can the EU and the US make up? - How much does the EU know about the masked men patrolling its borders? - Post Brexit UK is running out of gas - Spanish chambermaids to launch a hotel app - LEGO and the wisdom of gendering building blocks - A community in the shadow of a major Italian steel factory - A generous helping of Norwegian music and more


Inside Europe 07.10.2021

Hidden cash and dodgy dealings: a Pandora’s box of offshore tax theft - Protectors or predators? Two institutions gone awry: the French Catholic Church and the British police - A spot of predictive virology looking ahead to another COVID winter- Turkey clamps down on social media - A Danish artist takes the money and runs - Two tales of two cities: music-loving Tallinn and rainy-day Gothenburg


Inside Europe 30.09.2021

Following inconclusive elections: Quo Vadis Germany? - Punch-ups over petrol in the UK - Breathing new life into Prague’s Jewish heritage - A whiff of change in the air - will Italy decriminalise cannabis? - Shopping squabbles in Poland - How domestic violence impacts men - Brussels and Washington discuss tech and trade ties - And we’ve got a treat for foodies: a cheese festival in Italy