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Interviews with current and retired personalities from the BMX community

Interviews with current and retired personalities from the BMX community
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Interviews with current and retired personalities from the BMX community




Episode #35 - Mike Savage

Mike Savage. We'll leave it at that. The podcast will help you interpret him in any way you choose. Lots of questions were missed because we were at 3-1/2 hours before editing so the limit had been hit. As always, please follow The BMX In Our Blood on the web at for links to any of the #35 episodes to date and information on the Find Your Fight Jam on July 29th at the Powder Ridge Bike Park in Middlefield, CT. This is a combination BMX and MTB event at a newly...


Episode #34 - Women Of BMX

The Women of BMX, six of them anyway, sat down with me one by one and discussed what BMX means to them. They spoke of camaraderie, friendships, love of the woods, battling stereotypes, using riding to overcome depression and more. The podcast idea came to me while driving to Catty Woods for their Midschool bike swap/work day. I knew there would be a strong women presence there so I surprised them with the low key interviews. Yes Andrea, I'm sneaky ;) I've thought a lot about women in BMX...


Episode #33 - Catty Woods BMX Trails

Catty Woods interview with the two mainstays of the Catty trails, Chris Janis and The Schwantz! These guys are amazing with there dedication to the trails that all of us get to enjoy. This podcast interview was recording during the mid school bike swap and dig day, the place was hopping with volunteers and vendors. Nice job Jason Lonergan for arranging the day. Many thanks to Janis and Schwantz for spending the time with me and telling the stories of Catty along with talk about how new...


Episode #32 - The Potoczny Brothers

The Potoczny brothers, Mike and Mark...or is it Mark and Mike? Plenty of joking around about two of the legends of the Pittsburgh scene that continue to make their mark on the East Coast. Both have traveled extensively internationally but love Pittsburgh and will always call it home. Stories from the early days of racing South Park to creating one of the best indoor wood jump lines in the Country at The Wheel Mill in Pittsburgh where Mike works while Mark works as an accountant gathering...


Episode #31 - Trey Jones

Trey Jones is one passionate and determined 25 year old. He has already put down two major BMX events with Swamp Fest 1 and 2 as well as being sponsored by two major companies for over ten years combined, Cult and now Subrosa. Trey is proud to call Central Florida home and equally as proud to be a Lynyrd Skynyrd listening redneck that drives a 1979 TransAm as though he is Burt Reynolds. In the interview we cover the good, the bad and more good as we discuss the ups and downs of Swamp Fest...


Episode #30 - VANS With Director Of Global Merchandising - Sean Methven

Episode #30 - VANS With Director Of Global Merchandising - Sean Methven by Interviews with the BMX community


Episode #29 - Next Generation Jam

The 5th annual Next Generation Jam was held yesterday (April 7th) at The Wheel Mill in Pittsburgh and it was awesome. Over 200 kids under the age of 16 showed up to compete for fun in a no pressure atmosphere as created by the Next Generation Jam volunteers and The Wheel Mill. The amount of donations from the BMX industry and well as local businesses made for a win win situation for any Next Generation rider that participated in any way. Not one kid went home empty handed! I was fortunate...


Episode #28 - Tom Dugan

Sometimes you meet people in BMX that are so crazy on the bike and off that you can only assume how the conversation is going to go and just hold on tight. As Gary Young said, Tom (or Tommy as the girls say) is a free spirit. He ended up being so awesome to talk to. As it usually goes, the guest figures that 30-45 minutes is the limit for what they have to talk that may be interesting. I've never had that problem with this podcast and Tom was a believer when two hours flew by. It was super...


Episode #27 - Gary Young

Gary Young! The man behind the amazing professional BMX freestyle athlete that you all know and love. Listen in as Gary tells stories about everything from word traveling to his humble beginnings in San Diego. Definitely one of the nicest pros you could meet. I was very fortunate to have Chris Doyle, a good friend of Gary's, available to sit in on this one and add to the experience for the listener. I believe even Chris learned a thing or two about Gary! The three of us also talked about...


Episode #26 - Full Throttle Mike Cottle

Episode #26 - Full Throttle Mike Cottle by Interviews with the BMX community


Episode #25 - Brian Kachinsky - Uncovered BMX Contest Series

It's not too often you talk to a total freestyle badass that is incredibly motivated to give back to the BMX community. Brian Kachinsky is just that person. He and Van Homan have created a three stop amateur BMX freestyle series that started in Maryland, continued in Pittsburgh at The Wheel Mill (where this interview took place) and will wrap up at the Four Seasons park in Milwaukee on March 24th. Please take tips from Brian in this interview and give back to BMX in any way you can....


Episode #23 - Robbie Morales - Cult BMX

Ok, I'm a little biased but for good reason. Robbie "Robo" Morales is the real deal. Has he been perfect? Admittedly, no. Who really is? Robbie openly talks about exactly this in the interview. What Robbie has been is an accomplished trail rider, racer, street rider, marketer, company owner and dedicated sponsor to his riders over the years. Having grown up around Robbie I have seen the sincere, the passionate, the obnoxious, the skilled, the fun loving...the everything that makes Robbie...


Episode #22 - Ronnie Bonner

Ronnie Bonner is the man. With over 30 years in the BMX industry as an owner, designer, manufacturer, event promotor and likely the best laugh in will love this episode. I left this interview feeling like family, just the way you should when you connect with a friend as passionate about the sport as you are. If you don't feel the need to give back to the sport after listening, listen again...and again! Thank you all for the support of the show and as always, support those that...


Episode #21 - Mullaly Bike Park

This is the history of the Mullaly Bike Park as told by the core caretakers and mentors of this historic non-profit park located on the side of Yankee Stadium. Listen in as the guys talk about the 30 years of history that all began with the Rad Dogs and just a couple ramps on an old ice skating rink back in 1988. Everything from King of NY contests to wrestling matches took place here along with a ton of music shows, one of the biggest being Sick Of It All during one of the contests near...


Episode #20 - Chris Doyle - Multi Talented BMX Pro

Chris Doyle, the consummate professional with the friendliness of an old friend. I have to admit, this one intimated me a bit because Chris is so well spoken and experienced...and I'm not! Ultimately, Chris's demeanor made the interview flow so well. Chris has an amazing memory and articulated his experiences so well. I'm positive you will all love this one. As always, support the companies that support our BMX riders such as these that sponsor Chris Doyle. Find Chris on IG at...


Episode #19 - The Halahan Shredders

The Halahan boys...if you don't know them, get to. Not only are they shredders on in the BMX world but they skate, build amazing trails, have outdoor skills, deeply respect BMX history and are incredibly supportive of each right down to their 5 year old sister. On top of that they have amazing parents that get it, really get it. In this interview I really got to appreciate what it's like to be a kid again and so will you. The youthful enthusiasm, the sense of humor, the appreciation of the...


Episode #17 - Nina Buitrago

Nina Buitrago is an Austin-ite that has been riding and promoting BMX for years, always with an eye on the well being of the sport for women. I was fortunate enough to spend the weekend in Pittsburgh during the Ride Like A Girl clinic weekend at the Wheelmill and caught up with Nina there. Nina is so well spoken with an infectious laugh and smile. She also happens to be the USA UCI rider representative for women BMX freestyle in the 2020 Olympics. Enjoy the listen and support her sponsors...


Episode #16 - Nuno Oliveira of Odyssey, Sunday, Fairdale and more

I was fortunate enough to catch up with Nuno Oliveira when he was visiting his family on Long Island during the holidays. Nuno is involved with Odyssey, Fairdale and Sunday among others on the marketing end and has been in the BMX industry for over 15 years. We touch on his Long Island BMX roots and talk teams, Taj, Texas Toast, manufacturing and more. Really grateful to have caught up with him on one of his few trips out East from Cali. Thank you Nuno and thank you Superfly (John...


Episode #15 - Rob Dolecki

Always psyched on the people I'm fortunate enough to interview and Rob Dolecki is no exception. Long time BMXer and photographer for multiple print and digital publications, Rob talks about his history as well as the changes in riding and media over the years. Please support his personal efforts with the Maintain Series found at and the latest issue of Life After Print - 99.8 Shots Fired, Dig BMX's latest hard copy photo journal at As always,...


Episode #14 - Scotty Cranmer

Scotty Cranmer. Hard to say enough in this show description. Scotty has become a good friend and delivered the most heartfelt words in this interview. Complete open book. He is one of a kind and you will hear why in this interview. If you love inspiration and BMX heroes, this is the podcast for you. My only hope is that this interview reaches the masses for one reason, to motivate and inspire. I produce this podcast purely for the passion of the sport of BMX and the gratification that get...


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