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Interviews with current and retired personalities from the BMX community

Interviews with current and retired personalities from the BMX community
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Interviews with current and retired personalities from the BMX community




Episode #60 - Best Of 2018

Happy New Years! I decided to put together a selection of some of my favorite podcast interactions. Danny Bailey, Garret Byrnes, Isaac "Ground Chuck" Mccrea and Robbie Morales. It is one of the longer ones but as I went through the 8-1/2 hours of editing I realized how hard it is to decide what to cut. All of these four podcasts were so awesome in full length. If you would like to hear any of these podcasts in their entirety you can easily find the full episode on iTunes or on the...


EP #59 P3 - Mass Trails Scene Report

Here it is, the final installment of the Massachusetts Trails Scene Report with the Pinewoods and Oakwoods Trails! The 3 part series covers six sets of trails spread out over The Bay State. The series was interesting to say the least because no two trails are alike. One thing was consistent though, every set of trails has diggers that are welcoming and determined. So much respect for these guys that dedicate so much time to their trails for the benefit of not just their crew but anyone else...


EP #59 P2 - Mass Trails Scene Report

This week's podcast is Part 2 of 3 of the Massachusetts Trails Scene Report. In this week podcast you will hear from Chris Traverse of the Sunset Ranch Trails and Dwayne Scruton of the MOD Trails. Each on the opposite ends Massachusetts. These two couldn't be more polarizing on the surface but carry the same passion. Next week, Part 3, Oakwoods and Pinewoods Trails. This has been a cool journey visiting these guys and learning what the go through each year, the good and not so good. Yet they...


EP #59 P1 - Mass Trails Scene Report

Episode #59 - Part 1 of 3 The Massachusetts Trail Scene Report Trying something different for the next three weeks that I believe you will love. Pretty much the same 10-12 questions for each of the lead Trail guys with far different answers from each. I personally though it was so interesting how underground BMX Trails can be. As Van Homan said in his interview with me, inline skaters are the most core people he sees out riding park. I was thinking the same thing when I visited a few trails...


Episode #58 - Brandon Christie

Brandon Christie, a Massachusetts legend at only 30 years old! Everyone I know talks about how nice a guy Brandon is so I had to see it for myself....and they are right! Really cool to learn as much as I could about Brandon and where life has taken him. I see lots of trail riders each year and I do my best to get to know as many of them as I can. There is so much more to Brandon then 1080's so listen and learn! Thank you everyone for supporting the show, by donation or shirt sales on...


Episode #57 - Chris Hald & Bill Klein

I've always enjoyed interviewing long time BMX friends and brothers. They know each other well and push each other to keep the fire alive. Chris Hald and Bill Klein to do exactly that and are both extremely talented riders. So get your kids to bed or out of the car and hit this one hard! So many laughs that I quickly forgot about the bone fractures from an hour before we started. We had to get our laps in at Keyko and celebrate the birthday of John Skvarla! It's become an awesome tradition....


Episode #56 - Powers Bike Shop

The Powers Bike Shop episode was recorded at the DIY World Championships in Richmond, VA at Powers Bike Shop. I mention this because this is how BMX can flourish, bike shops being part of the community. Chad Powers is quite a success story. Always an entrepreneur, Chad has created a successful business because of his passion for the sport. Passion well beyond day to day business. Whether you see it in his passion for collecting BMX history or by supporting and facilitating BMX events, Chad...


Episode #55 - Big Boy of the Scotty Cranmer Channel

If I was to make a list of the qualities I would look for in a friend Big Boy of the Scotty Cranmer YouTube Channel could check off nearly every box. In addition, Big Boy has completely transformed himself physically into the healthiest version of himself by dropping over 125 pounds by focusing on exercise and diet. Oh, and he can ride a bike better than most in the few short years he has been off the scooter. Front flip off of a building?! Yes. Flairs on command? Yes. Most importantly, a...


Episode #54 - Keith Mulligan

Thank you Keith Mulligan! If you haven't said these words to Keith at some point, send him a message and do it now! Between being part of BMX for 37 years as a rider and over 20 years in BMX media, Keith has touched all of us in some way. As a BMX friend, photographer, writer and mentor, Keith is amazing. All of that in addition to being part of Bikes Over Baghdad for years. Enjoy the podcast as he talks about all of it!


Episode #53 - Credence Clint Reynolds

Clint Reynolds. I might have pushed to the point of annoying for this podcast with Clint. Sometimes that backfires and the interview isn't what you had hoped for any number of reasons. This was not the case with Clint at all. It ended up being an interview that I feel really good about! Part of the reason is you all, the listeners, who gave me plenty of questions to work with and Clint for keeping it relaxed. Thank you! Clint and I talked about all of the changes in his life this past year...


Episode #52 - Jamie Cooper - Ellis

Episode #52! One full year of weekly podcasts complete, hard to believe. Couldn't be happier to have Jamie Cooper-Ellis as my closer for the 1 year anniversary podcast. He represents the exact reason of why I started the podcast, to highlight East Coast riders and give them as much exposure as possible. Jamie is no secret to the BMX world but the story he tells of farm life and how he overcomes the geographical challenges of being a successful rider living in the Northeast is pretty amazing....


Episode #51 - Satoski Enda - Trail Rider Of The Year

Episode #51! One more until our podcast 1 year birthday. When I 1st picked up on Satoski Enda I was so impressed with his dedication to BMX trail riding and building. I have been waiting until his annual trip to Catty Woods and Posh Trails so I could interview the original Trails Warrior. It was worth the wait because in the meantime he won the Ride BMX NORA Cup Trail Rider of the year just a few weeks ago! Very deserving candidate and grateful winner. Special thanks to @danruhe for opening...


Episode #50 - Van Homan

Van Homan as my 50th episode! For this occasion @nuno_oliveira (of Odyssey) did a special podcast announcement using gold to honor the 50th episode, I am truly honored that Nuno has helped with the podcast graphics as well as @brianiarocci with the website! Anyway, 2 more episodes and I'll have 52 weeks straight of interviews! So back to Van, he has been so passionate, diverse and talented for years. And he just won the BMX Legend NORA Cup! In this episode Van talks...


Episode #49 - Mike Maloney Custom Frame Builder

What a great day interviewing and riding with Mike Maloney (Defconfour on IG)my good friend Don Bunnell from years ago. Mike is an awesome talent that works custom frame building into his spare time. He has produced some beautiful bikes including one we didn't get to talk about, a belt drive bike! Also cranks and hubs! Don sat in on the interview and talked history like only an old timer can ;) Look for the pictures on my @gromdad2000 IG account. So not only can he fab a frame really well...


Episode #48 - Posh High Air Contest

What a weekend with the induction of Brian Foster to the BMX HOF and Satoski Enda as the Nora Cup winner for best trail rider. If you haven't listened to the BF interview do yourself a favor and do it. Perfect lead up to last night's ceremony. Also, Satoski will be interviewed in about 2 weeks! I hadn't been to the Posh High Air Contests and didn't want to miss this year! Glad I didn't! The low key Ever Peacock hit the high notes on his way to winning BOTH high air and best whip! Haven't...


Episode #47 PT 2 - Brian Foster

Brian Foster Part 2! If you liked Part 1 you will love Part 2. We talk about his HOF nomination, 6 month suspension, transition to full time trail and park riding, mid school track smarts and of course the rock in his life, Dr Jennifer Foster. We also touch on some of the strong characteristics of the Strelecki family that have driven his in-law family to success. Definitely an episode that I feel really good about. The next time you see Brian Foster, give him a high 5 for his determination,...


Episode #47 PT 1 - Brian Foster

Brian Foster Part 1...who would have guessed anyone could nail down BF let alone for over 4-1/2 hours. I feel pretty damn grateful and honored. We talked about everything from family to education to BMX, of course. These interviews are pretty loose so it allowed BF to digress at will. That made the interview really relaxed to say the least. Next week's episode (Part 2) things get even more entertaining as we talk about everything from the BMX Hall of Fame induction (coming up on September...


Episode #46 - Vinny Mannino - The Missing Minutes!

Here are the missing minutes from my podcast interview with the one and only Vinny Mannino! Sorry for the multiple tries. Had a hard time but finally figured out the best way to do get it to you all!


Episode #46.1 - Vinny Mannino (Repost to fix missing minutes)

Repost to include the missing last 40 minutes of Episode #46 Sorry everyone, not sure what went wrong. Forward to 2:42:31 for the last part of the interview. Thanks!


Episode #46 - Vinny Mannino

Vinny Mannino has to be the most unassuming killer on and off of a BMX bike. He can ride anything, educate you on anything investment related, coach bmx kids, does BMX shows and has a deep appreciation of his family (his father and Big Scott Cranmer are two of my favorite guys). He really is a pleasure to talk to. Although he is a major part of the Scotty Cranmer YouTube channel, Vinny is very much his own man. If you want a sincere pair of ears to listen to, he is your man. He actually...