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The BMX In Our Blood Podcast Interviews with the real people of BMX

The BMX In Our Blood Podcast Interviews with the real people of BMX


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The BMX In Our Blood Podcast Interviews with the real people of BMX




Episode 118 - R2R Jam With Rich Vatalaro

This episode has a couple things going on. Most importantly I was able to interview Rich Vatalaro, one of the most dedicated volunteers I have had the fortune to work with at the annual fundraisers that I put on. Rich is such selfless person that just loves to have a good time and help the cause each year. In addition to that Rich is a blast to ride with as we gently age. The other focus of the podcast is to talk a bit about this year’s Road2Recovery Jam at the Trumbull BMX Track in...


Episode #117 - Kevin Robinson Jr.

I first met Kevin Robinson Jr. at the Find Your Fight Jam in 2018. The night before that jam Kevin and I were working on a Hoffman bike that Mat Hoffman had sent Kevin to start riding a level up on. Three short years later KRobJr is riding competitively all around the Country and riding for Ron Bonner and Subrosa! It is absolutely crazy how fast Kevin has progressed. His 1st flair was around a year into riding. Just amazing. Kevin Sr. is watching from above and clearly so proud of what an...


Episde #116 - Justin Loffredo - Long Island Legend

Just In Time Justin Loffredo! There is so much that makes up Justin's incredible life experiences and so many that I wasn't aware of! If there is one message that I hear the most often prior to sitting down to interview it is that the subject of the podcast doesn't feel worthy. I will keep plugging away and put these people of BMX history to accept that they have made a difference and accomplished some of life's greatest achievements...happiness and pride. Justin sure has made Long Island...


Episode 115 - Dave "Whitey" Williams

Episode 115 - Dave "Whitey" Williams by Interviews with the BMX community


Episode 114 - John Badessa Fit2besick

Another step out of the box for The BMX In Our Blood, an interview with John Badessa based on his book, Fit2besick. John is a former BMX racer and World Champion from Rhode Island that had the mindset of a champion. As you will learn through the podcast, champions suffer too. When John faced unexplained exercise fatigue after years of endurance sports he thought the answer and solution to the problem would be a much easier fix then it was. Stick with it to the end and you will learn about...


Episode 113 - Chris Childs

It hasn't always been this way but I'm a bit less hesitant with podcast interviews with people I don't know much about. Thankfully people like Chris Childs are out there because he exceeded all of my hopes and expectations by being one of the nicest and most comfortable conversations. Huge thank you to the ever humble Chris for your gift of time for all of us to listen to. Special thanks to Matt Coplon of Profile Racing for being the surprise guest this week. Matt's call in was perfect!...


HOF Induction Surprise - Roger Plaskett

Words can't describe the emotions felt by everyone involved in making this happen starting with Jenn Lyman of Foothills BMX. This was quite possibly the most moving experience I have had outside of my family. This was all BMX family in it's purist form. Thank you Roger Plaskett for towing the line and taking our little project to levels neither BMX sanction have seen up to when you took the program to such a high level, all while assisting on the National level with announcing events across...


Episode 111 - Jane McCarthy RN

Most of what I do in life are spontaneous yet thoughtful moves, this interview with Jane is one of them. I first zoned in on Jane McCarthy's work as an RN during the pandemic when I read a few of her Facebook posts that were, we'll say, written under extreme stress during the late winter/early spring of the rapid onset of Covid. She was accurate in her reasoning and frustrated at the lack of concern. At that time it was more of a light hearted joke relating the virus to Corona beer....


Episode 110 - Roger Plaskett

This was and is a tough one for all to say the least. Roger Plaskett has been an absolute on going legend in Connecticut BMX. His on the track leadership as well as his amazing NBL National announcing is nothing short of amazing. Roger has unfortunately been given the news that he has an incurable illness and most recently two strokes. Roger is a fighter and is probably pushing his was out of medical care as we speak! In addition to his leadership in BMX in general there are so many things...


Episode 109 - Ekim King

Everything you have heard about Ekim King, it's true. He is one crazy dude with more talent and passion than most any two of us combined. There isn't much more I can say aside from what you are about to hear. Thank you Ekim and the Catty Woods crew for your years of hard work. A special thanks to Garrett Byrnes for the call in! As always, thank you Powers Bike Shop for sponsoring the podcast.


Episode 108 - Women's Weekend 2020

Women's Weekend, a gathering of women from all over the USA and Canada that love BMX trail riding. I love covering this event because of the super positive vibe that goes on there each year. The veterans of women in BMX riding together with those that may have just started, like the unicycle seat woman in the last interview clip! As I have in the past, I only covered Saturday at Catty Woods. Before I started podcasting I did go to the Sunday at Posh as well, day two of the weekend, and it is...


Episode 107 - Payton Ridenour

I don't get too nervous for podcasts interviews as often as I used to in the beginning but Payton Ridenour brought that out of me through being such a well spoken 18 year old with just so many accomplishments! Payton tried hard and patiently to explain the progression levels on the path to Elite Women status within the UCI World Cups and USABMX National classes. So interesting and helps explain the challenges that she is progressing through. With such great parents (Karen and Keith Ridenour)...


Episode #106 - Rad Chicks Society

Rad Chicks Society, possibly the most important movement going on right now for women looking to challenge themselves with an action sport. The leader of this monumental passion project is none other than Nutmeg State resident, Jessica Nason. Jess is so well spoken and dedicated to her project 200%. Mind you, she covers motocross, mountain bikes and BMX for starters. Some of the highlights of the episode surprise call-ins from Nina Buitrago and Joce Camarra and then Jess calling the sweetest...


Episode 105 - Tim Strelecki Part 2

Part 2 of the Tim Strelecki podcast! I hope you have listened to Part 1 before Part 2 but there is really no wrong direction when listening to Tim Strelecki talk! This entire podcast is amazing but the take away is absolutely toward the end of the interview. Tim mean what he says and we should all pause to ponder what this message may mean to you as a friend of someone that needs an ear to listen or someone have a difficult time with addiction. We all have something. We also have the ability...


Episode 104 - Tim Strelecki Part 1

Part 1 of possibly the most amazing subject I have had the opportunity to interview for #thebmxinourblood This is only Part 1 and I'm so grateful that this happened. I lost count of the National and World Championship #1's that Tim accomplished but it is somewhere around 9. Most racers are fortunate to be in the top 10 once nationally let alone world #1. Listeners may not know but I'm a huge fan of world tour road cycling and happy to fight to get my lycra cycling kit on for a ride so...


Episode 103 - Shawn Diprete

Switching things up a bit with Episode 103 and getting back to a BMX racer. There is none better than Shawn Diprete from Massachusetts. Listening to Shawn describe his focus and intensity is pretty amazing. Some pretty important lessons in here for the younger generations as Shawn talks about the importance of staying out of trouble during those important years of development, the teens and early 20's. Shawn doesn't sugar coat the effect of his actions and how they came to be. The amazing...


Episode 102 - Jonny Shirtless Nemecek

As much as we joke around on this episode about the amount of free time Jonny Nemecek has to ride, Jonny is way more than that and I'm sure his friends know that. Now you can learn how hard Jonny works to live his life his way after 50-60 hours of work each week as a multi County licensed Master Electrician. Not so coincidentally enough I was waiting last Saturday for Jonny to get home from work to record his podcast. I always have a list of interviews I would like to do and many of my...


Episode 101 - Stoneybrook Trails

I can't think of many better situations to be in than among BMX riders that are so passionate about what they do that I have no chance of reeling them back in! The Stoneybrook Trail crew in Charlton Massachusetts was just like that. What I wanted most out of this podcast was to capture the joy and determination of this fairly new trail scene. So positive and in it for the right reasons. I cut out nearly 113 f-bombs so about half of them are edited out. Hey, when you have people as grateful...


Ep. 100 - FBM Team Reflections

Surprise FBM! Episode #100 was dedicated to FBM a month or two ago but not quite the way the recently closed bike manufacturer may have thought. This episode was created by the FBM community in their words based on a basic question, what did FBM mean to you? You will hear some really consistent answers to this questions and as always, great stories. On behalf of your followers and fans, we thank each and everyone of you that held it down to the end of this chapter. Steve Crandall, Mike Erb,...


Episode #99 - Gromdad Quarantine Q&A

Although I'm fortunate enough to be able to go to work still, many of you are not. It may be a while before I get back on the road to record my next interview so here is my best improvision based on your questions. The purpose of this episode is for downtime entertainment but also to raise more $ for @bone_deth (Sean Burns) after his major spinal cord injury. Please head over to to purchase Sean Burns stickers (the shirts have sold out). The stickers qualify you for raffle...