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THE EDGE RADIO is for anyone who has ever wanted to push their limits. Whether it’s kayaking waterfalls or skiing double black diamonds, action sports athletes live life on the edge. Every week I will interview guests that are working the edge. From the motivations and rewards to managing risk and building judgment, I will explore the benefits and risks of getting out on the edge.

THE EDGE RADIO is for anyone who has ever wanted to push their limits. Whether it’s kayaking waterfalls or skiing double black diamonds, action sports athletes live life on the edge. Every week I will interview guests that are working the edge. From the motivations and rewards to managing risk and building judgment, I will explore the benefits and risks of getting out on the edge.
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THE EDGE RADIO is for anyone who has ever wanted to push their limits. Whether it’s kayaking waterfalls or skiing double black diamonds, action sports athletes live life on the edge. Every week I will interview guests that are working the edge. From the motivations and rewards to managing risk and building judgment, I will explore the benefits and risks of getting out on the edge.






Mountain Biking Maven, Tracy Mosely

After years of dominating the downhill mountain biking scene, Tracy Moseley has switched to Enduro races. It's no surprise that she's conquering this new genre too. Join me this week on The Edge Radio as I talk to Tracy about why she switched sports, what motivates her to push so hard and what keeps her coming back for more.


One Stroke at a Time

Lynne Cox is the godmother of endurance swimming. At age 15 Cox swam across the English Channel, shattering both the men's and women's records. She was the first to swim around the Cape of Good Hope, the first to swim across Russia's Lake Baikal, the first woman to swim the Cook Straight between the North and South Island of New Zealand, and the first to swim across the Beagle Channel in the Straits of Magellan. And if that isn't enough, she swam 1.2 miles in Antarctica with only a bathing...


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A Mountain Gypsy: Sheldon Kerr

Ever wonder how mountain guides string together the seasons? From ski guiding in Colorado during the winter to leading adventures in Norway above the artic circle in the spring to mountain guiding in Alaska during the summer months to leading clients on Kilimanjaro in the fall, Sheldon Kerr's schedule is pretty busy. For Sheldon, the mountains are her home. Join me this week as I talk to this veteran mountain guide about being a woman in a male-dominated world and the joys and rewards of...


Extreme Sports and True Redemption

Brandon Stogsdill was a teenage criminal. He sold drugs, he got in fights, and he started carrying a gun at the age of 16. At 17, he was arrested, tried as an adult for assault with a deadly weapon and sentenced to four years in prison. It was the best thing that could have ever happened to him. In his prison cell he would dream about the mountains—the white snow, the blue skies—and knew he needed to change his life. Up until then snowboarding and racing BMX bikes had provided his best...


The Sweet Life with Sean Busby

What do you do when a life-altering disease threatens to defer your dreams? If you're anything like snowboarder Sean Busby, you don't let it stop you. Professional snowboarder Sean Busby hasn't let his Type 1 diabetes slow him down. Today, Sean leads expeditions to remote corners of the world, including snowboarding in Antarctica (twice!), Patagonia, Iceland, Kyrgyzstan, Alaska, New Zealand, Tasmania, Norway, and more. As a Type 1 diabetic myself, I'm thrilled to have Sean on the show this...


Wingsuit Flying: Pushing (and Shoving) the Envelope

When JT Holmes and Andy Farrington take to the skies, they aren't just falling through the air. They're flying. BASE jumpers, wing suit pilots, skiers, and stuntmen, JT and Andy are quintessential thrill seekers. Andy returns to the show along with JT Holmes to talk about BASE jumping, wingsuit flying and their upcoming project with Red Bull, when they go to the Juneau icecap to explore the edge of airborne and snow sports. You don't want to miss this show.


Adventure Town Locals: Do We Still Need Them?

Is it still possible to chuck it all and become a ski bum? Or has the new resort landscape pushed the local culture out of the valleys they once called home? Are locals even important anymore? Whether exploring a ski town or a surfing village, author and adventurer Jeremy Evans delves into the importance of the individuals that make a place home. Tune in this week as I talk to Evans about ski bums that made it work and the value of living life on the edge.


The Power of a First Descent

Brad Ludden's parents gave him his first kayak when he was 9. At age 12 he was traveling and competing internationally. By 18 he had kayaked in over 20 countries and found his true passion within the sport--first descents--where he found immense challenge, adventure, community and personal growth. When Brad was 12 his aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer. Just six years later, at age 18, Brad decided he wanted to help cancer victims. He founded "First Descents," an organization whose goal...


Traversing the Cascades with Kyle Miller

Every season splitboarder Kyle Miller sets his sights high. In June of this year Kyle and his climbing partner Jason Hummel planned on traversing the as-yet-unclimbed American Alps Traverse. And they succeeded. What does it take to attempt such a grueling and formidable objective? How do you dig deep enough to traverse 120 miles and climb 60,000 feet in the heart of the most rugged range in the lower 48? Join me on The Edge Radio as I talk to Kyle about his mission to raise the bar on...


Extreme Mom

Getting out on the edge may seem challenging enough. But imagine competing in and winning numerous offroad triathlons every year while also writing books, coaching other athletes, giving motivational speeches, designing jewelry, running a business and raising two daughters. Barbara Peterson can seemingly do it all. Her specialty, however, is Xterra, a series of offroad triathlons that include swimming, mountain biking and trail running. Join me this week on The Edge Radio when I talk to...


The Long Way with Endurance Runner Lizzy Hawker

What makes some people want to run ultra marathons? For some, grinding out all those miles through dust and mud and huge gains in elevation is nothing short of transformational. Some people were just born to run. Join me as I talk to ultra marathoner Lizzy Hawker about what pushes her to run, what she loves about the mountains and why she gave up an elite job as a research scientist in the Antarctic to become a world-class endurance runner. If you've ever wondered why endurance athletes...


Flow: The Psychology of Extreme Sports

Have you ever lost yourself in the moment? Skiing a hard line or mountain biking down a tight single-track requires intense concentration and skill. According to Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, it is these moments that offer our most optimal experiences. Time slows down, consequences are high, and we completely lose ourselves in the activity. We are in flow. Join me this week as I talk to the father of flow theory, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi about flow, creativity and getting out on the edge.


Adventure: The Search for the Sublime

What, exactly, is adventure and why is it so necessary to the human spirit? Can heading out into the "unknown" provide a deeper sense of what it means to be human? Join me with adventure travel pioneer Richard Bangs as he talks about first descents, dodging crocodiles in Africa, and how travel has changed in the past few decades.


Freedom in a Vertical World

Many climbers find freedom in the mountains. From scaling vertical walls of impenetrable ice and exploring high alpine glaciers to climbing granite walls, the vertical world offers environments found nowhere else on earth. But for Andres Marin, who grew up amidst a war torn Columbia, where local peaks were closed to tourists, the mountains offer a different kind of freedom. Climbing and exploring peaks around the world has allowed 29 year-old Marin to see beyond human conflict into a world...


Extreme Sports are Good for Your Health

What if extreme sports were good for you? Getting out on the edge and pushing yourself to take risks might actually make you a better person. Extreme sports psychologist Eric Brymer has found that athletes aren't in it for the risk. Nor do they necessarily fit the mold the extreme sports media often portrays of reckless daredevils getting their adrenaline fix. Instead, Brymer has found that extreme athletes are careful, more connected to their environment and more emotionally connected. In...


Rowing Across the Atlantic

Departing from Dakar on January 23rd, 2013, a crew of four men set out to row across the Atlantic Ocean an open ocean self-supported boat in the name of science. Their mission was to gather data for education. Surviving rough seas, broken oars and numerous setbacks, the team was only a week away from Miami when the boat capsized and they had to be rescued. Pat Fleming was part of that crew. He will join us on The Edge Radio to talk about the trip, the ocean research and the dramatic rescue.


Special Encore Presentation: A Legendary Waterman

Ever wondered what it's like to surf a really big wave? How about ski one? Only a handful of waterman have ever surfed Jaws in Maui. Professional action sports athlete Chuck Patterson is the only one to have skied it. Such a feat requires skill, amazing athleticism and a tow from a jetski, as the face of this wave can reach 100ft and move at speeds of 30 mph. Chuck recently used a pair of specially designed skis to carve turns down the face of this monster. Chuck Patterson, will tell us...


Josh Dueck's Freedom Chair

Imagine crashing off a ski jump and waking up paralyzed. Paralympian Josh Dueck lived through that nightmare and emerged a better man. Through hope borrowed from the words of his doctor, Josh knew that even though he'd be confined to a wheelchair for life, he didn't have to give up skiing. Instead he took to sit-skiing, and quickly become a dominant force in adaptive skiing. He recently returned to jumping, and landed the first ever backflip on a sit-ski. But Josh's positivity and message...


The Fear Project with author Jaimal Yogis

Fear can paralyze us. It creeps around in our minds, waiting for just the right moment to strike. And when it does, we panic—reacting viscerally even when we know the fear is foolish. But, as Jaimal Yogis, author of THE FEAR PROJECT found, facing our fears head on can set us free. He swims with sharks and surfs huge waves while staring down his most primal fears, and in doing so has learned to turn his fear to his advantage. Join me as I talk to Jaimal Yogis about what fear can teach us...