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S01E07 Jesse, adoptive parenting by chance

After an unexpected break, I am back with a new episode. Hear from Jesse, a father living in Finland, who found himself in the world of adoptive parenting when his family blended with his wife's and he met his step-son, a lovely boy adopted internationally.


S01E06 Bridget Gordinier, birth mother in reunion

Welcome to the latest episode of Adoption Conversations. This week's episode is longer than usual, yet I'm sure you will not regret it. I met Bridget on social media, where she is active promoting adoptees' rights in United States. Bridget gave birth to her first daughter about forty years ago and she was pressured by family, social services, and life circumstances to relinquish her for adoption few days after birth. She buried the whole experience in her own shame for over thirty years,...


Adoption Conversations S01E05 - The voice of adoptees with Haley Radke

This week I am hosting one of the inspiring figures in the world of adoption, adult adoptee and Adoptees On podcast host Haley Ridke. Adoptees On ( is in my personal top 3 resources about adoption and if you don't know it, you absolutely have to check it out. Haley is an inspiration as podcaster for me. If I will learn to have half her grace and respect as a host, I will be proud with myself. Haley shares her own story about being adopted as an infant, her failed attempt...


Adoption Conversations S01E02 Trust-based parenting with Melissa Corkum

I was joined by Melissa Corkum, adult adoptee and adoptive parent who blogs at The Corkum Board ( She is the mother of six, through birth and adoption, and her family story is quite amazing. You can follow her on Instagram (, Twitter (, and Facebook (, and make sure to explore her podcast ( and her...


Adoption Conversations S01E01 A chat with Al Coates, Emma Sutton, and Halley

I was joined in this first episode by three fellow adoptive parents: Al Coates (UK), Emma Sutton (UK), and Abbey (Canada). Al is an adoptive parent of six children (many now adults) through the foster care system in UK. He blogs at, and has a lively and informative ongoing podcast named Adoption and Fostering ( Emma is an adoptive parent of two siblings through the UK foster care system. She voices her story at...