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ADV #244: A Weird Place

We start off talking about the significance of 244 episodes and how the last time we met this milestone, it was the end of an important era for us. We then discuss the weirdness of being sandwiched between raising our own children, and having to care for an elderly parent. And lastly, in celebration of our 23rd Wedding Anniversary, and in light of our recent revelations about needing more fun in our lives, Greg surprises Jennifer with a game to test her own knowledge of trivia about things...


ADV #243: Better Than Donuts

We discuss the mysterious way that grace builds upon grace, allowing us to more actively participate in deeper spiritual activities such as fasting, daily Mass, and praying the Rosary. And after several weeks on a new supplement regimen, Greg shares not only the state of his health after this year's battles, but also more insight to the benefit of confronting those who have directly hurt us, and the need to constantly strive to forgive. And lastly, we talk about the latest updates with our...


ADV #242: There And Back Again

We discuss what to do when your prayers don't seem to be leading where you expect, and how to give extra THRUST to your prayers. And...we're moving again.


ADV #241: Viganò vs. The Vatican

We discuss the earthquake-like testimony made public over the weekend by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò with implications that have rattled the Catholic Church right up to Pope Francis.


Podcast Extra: The Viganò Testimony Complete & Unabridged

This is a complete and unabridged audio recording of the Testimony written by His Excellency Carlo Maria Viganò, Titular Archbishop of Ulpiana, Apostolic Nuncio.


ADV #240: We Need More Hate

A co-producer first, Lily the Comedian, Sharing Our Recent Failures, and Bishop Morlino's call for more hate in the Church, but in a way you may not expect.


ADV #239: The Patron of Podcasts

Goodbye to Jody, St. Maximilian Kolbe and Catholic New Media, Walt's Teaching Future, and The Assumption and Anniversary of Hector's Passing.


ADV #238: Rocky Mountain High

How we've indoctrinated our children to appreciate classic movies, our son Walter's awesome movie quote he chose for his senior yearbook quote, Greg's New Amino Acid Protocol, and Jennifer's Whirlwind Colorado Trip. And don't forget to sign up for our brand new FREE video course, Happiness on Demand! Just enter your name and email below to get INSTANT ACCESS!


Desperately Seeking Truth

We discuss the aftermath of Cardinal McCarrick's resignation, the launch of our free Happiness on Demand course, saying goodbye to voicemail, and the Books that changed our lives.


Pulling Weeds in the Church

We revisit the controversial topic of Cardinal McCarrick and candidly share an insider's view of some of the ugliness in Church leadership. In doing so, we wrestle with when it's prudent and helpful to challenge Church leadership and when is it spiteful and hurtful.


Addressing Cultural Appropriation

A discussion about Dr. Brant Pitre's book, The Jewish Roots of the Eucharist, swerves into the more sensitive topic of the melting pot of cultural appropriation and the modern-day difficulty of appreciating other cultures without accidentally offending those to whom the culture belongs.


The Miracle of Parkinson’s Disease

We're joined by our old buddy, Michael McCaughey, who we became great friends with during the first year of our marriage. On this episode, Michael shares his miraculous story of regaining his health after being completely disabled by Parkinson's, and his quest to help others battling neurological challenges.


5 Ways to Avoid the Mid-Day Crash

You have work to do, grocery shopping that needs done, kids demanding attention. And you're physically and mentally wiped out. In this episode we dive into 5 Ways to Avoid the Mid-Day Crash. ALSO: We've had the chance to spend a lot of time visiting our friend Kyle Heimann on his radio show.


ADV #231: Happiness On Demand

This past Saturday Jennifer's mother went back to Atlanta to visit family for a few weeks, leaving us to re-acclimate to being in our house with just the kids. But we're still incredibly busy, nonetheless, and talk about the importance of setting goals, of dreaming big, and trusting with all that we've got. We also talk about how to flip our own internal switches to generate more happiness in our lives whenever we need it. We're also offering a free webinar this Thursday called "Happiness on...


ADV #230: Jennifer’s Obstinance

What started as a conversation about the difficulty of keeping up with mowing the grass in Indiana turned into a deep dive into what it means to completely surrender yourself to Jesus through Mary, which in turn brought up those perennial Catholic questions: How is Mary a model for us? Why do Catholics pray to Mary? Why not just go straight to Jesus? By looking at our relationship with Mary, we further talked about how God is taking us deeper into better understanding our own need for...


ADV #229: Two Down, Three To Go

Walt's graduation brought up some interesting conversations with our son Ben, we ate a lot of tacos (and other junk), and ponder about the possibility of moving again (and how that would most likely destroy Jennifer). Plus, don't forget to take advantage of your FREE access to Exceptional YOU. Click here to get an inside look at the actual program. Registration for the full June session of EXCEPTIONAL YOU is happening NOW. Sessions start June 11. So sign up today! If your days are filled...


ADV #228: Off the Walter

Our 18-year-old recent graduate joins us on the show to share the ups and downs of transferring to a new school, making friends, and now launching his own video editing company, Off the Walter. We're very proud of this boy, especially considering the numerous challenges he's had to overcome and sacrifices made over the last couple of years.Additionally, we dive into a huge stack of awesome email in response to Greg's new self-employment, our Exceptional Change programs, and the recent...


ADV #227: Exceptional YOU

Exceptional YOU Spurred by the amazing response to our Exceptional Together program, we're launching not only a second installment of Exceptional Together in July, but on Friday, May 25th at 10AM EST you can reserve your spot for the first Exceptional YOU Online Conference! Your future depends on what you do today. But past failures, pains, and more keep can keep you locked into beliefs that worked in the past, but don't work anymore. Transform your future, discover more joy, and become the...


ADV #226: Jumping Off Another Cliff

Jumping Off Another Cliff This is one of those episodes we may be talking about for years to come as we share a major decision we had to make that will affect the future of our family. Mother's Day Fun Before diving into the big topic, we share how we tried to spoil Jennifer for Mother's Day, but it ended up Greg turning into a drill sergeant to the kids. Hot Ones Walter's been getting a lot of attention this week for a Hot Ones YouTube parody he did for school. You can see that here. Rosary...