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S2E6 Hilary Scharton

In this episode, I chat with Hilary Scharton while I'm on the road. Hilary Scharton is VP of K-12 Product Strategy for Canvas by Instructure. Her focus is on leveraging technology to support improved instruction and equitable access for all students. Prior to joining Instructure in 2012, Hilary worked as a psychologist in Utah school districts, spending her time focused on RtI and PBIS as well as Special Education assessment.


Autisable Dads S2 E5 - Walter Zahorodny

Every year the CDC announces an update regarding Autism Prevalence rates. In the early 80's the rate was 1 in 10,000. This year they announced 1 in 59. But, what does this really mean? Is it that we are getting better at diagnosing Autism, or that we are really becoming more aware? When looking at the numbers we can quickly assume that there is an epidemic of Autism, but is this really the case? In this episode, I chat with Walter Zahorodny, Ph.D., who heads up the New Jersey portion of...


Autisable Dads S2 E4 - Anita Lesko

In this episode, I chat with Anita Lesko. Anita Lesko received a Masters of Science in Anesthesia from Columbia University and works full time as an anesthesiologist. She was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome at the age of 50 and she runs an Asperger's Support Group in her community. She is the author of "Asperger Syndrome: When Life Hands You Lemons, Make Lemonade." She lives in Pensacola, Florida. We begin the episode discussing her book, titled, "The Complete Guide to Autism &...


Autisable Dads S2 E3 - Doron Somer

In this episode of the Autisable Dads Podcast, Joel chats with Co-Founder and CEO of AngelSense - Doron Somer. While there are GPS and other tracking services and devices available in the marketplace, AngelSense prides itself on being the only GPS tracking and voice monitoring solution specifically designed for children with special needs. His background in computer science and in analytics and sensor processing provided a unique knowledge base which allowed him to develop the technology...


Autisable Dads S2 E2 - Ben Lewin

In this episode, Joel Manzer interviews Ben Lewin, who directed the film"Please Stand By." Joel dives into the interview asking what prompted him to make the movie, and even if he directed a scene in Klingon. Other questions asked include any tips for autistic individuals wanting to be in the industry, and why the word 'autism' was not included in the film.... and more... We enjoyed the film, and appreciate Ben for taking the time to speak with us. To continue the discussion...


Autisable Dads S2 E1 - Brynjar and Bjarney

Brynjar Karl built a 26 foot long Lego Titanic, and his passion for ships is very evident in this interview. His Mom, Bjarney, also shares her insight on her support of his efforts - a lesson we should all take note. Now, dummy me I kept on saying Nashville instead of Pigeon Forge throughout most of the interview. I did catch myself though... Towards the end of the conversation, you'll hear my son Short Stack chime in to capture our attention... a podcast first! We hope you've...