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CoParent Courage helps Co-Parents get along with each other and raise happy, healthy kids.

CoParent Courage helps Co-Parents get along with each other and raise happy, healthy kids.
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CoParent Courage helps Co-Parents get along with each other and raise happy, healthy kids.






Episode 34: Knights, Blood and Empathy

In today's CoParent Courage Podcast I tell a story of how my son's "talking game" relates to how I get along with my CoParent and how I get along with people in my life. I describe, in detail, how to use Empathy in order to relate to someone and as a skill to teach your child. I also talk about a forthcoming book that is going to be free to Newsletter subscribers called "3 Steps To Get Over Your Ex". ...


Episode 33: No Good Time For The Right Time

In today's CoParent Courage Podcast episode, Thom explores the phrase "Now Is All You Have" in great detail and applied the principle's of being grounded in the moment to being a Co-Parent. He discusses the ideas of "emergence" and "evolution" as it applies to the past stories in our lives and describes how to get "unstuck". Enjoy this enlightening and philosophical Co-Parenting Podcast Episode. Custody Without Courts Book: Coaching:...


Episode 32: Blasting Blindspots with CoParent Courage

In today's CoParent Courage Podcast I talk about how a seemingly random encounter with some "redneck road rage" ended up helping me see a blindspot and gave me the courage to strengthen the relationship with my CoParent. Custody Without Courts: ...


Episode 31: How Can I Raise A Child With YOU?

In today's "CoParent Courage" podcast, I explore the idea of Faith from the perspective of not immediately seeing the long-term effects of our love and support for our children. This is in the context of sharing Parenting responsibilities with someone who you can't even look at! Find out what YOU can create. Custody Without Courts Book: CoParent-Coach:


Episode 30: The Antidote to CoParent Agony

In today's CoParent Courage episode I talk about how "Learned Optimism" is (literally) the antidote to both Agony and Apathy. I discuss, in depth, how to not give negative Self Talk the power to create your context and offer some skills to create Learned Optimism in your life. Custody Without Courts: CoParent-Coach: ...


Episode 29: How To Create A Past Worth Remembering

In today's CoParent Courage Podcast I give two exercises that help you erase past negative events with your Co-Parents. You can use these immediately to really remove the sting of something painful that happened in the past. Relationships are repairable and just like any other tool you can try these exercises on your own before sharing them with your Co-Parent. Let's create the relationships you really want. Custody Without Courts Book: Co-Parent Coach:...


Episode 28: Co-Parent Relationship Repair

In today's CoParent Courage episode I do a deep dive into Reputation: How it's not owned by us, but rather the tribe of people we surround ourselves with. The real way to "control" your reputation is to create rapport with those around us. This episode is dedicated to teaching you how to repair any relationship with rapport. Custody Without Courts:


Episode 27: Creating The Co-Parenting Habit

After overhearing some Second Grade Mom's discussion about time and multitasking, I took a week to marinade on a couple ideas around how to create lasting change in my life. In this episode I talk about Co-Parenting Habits, how to convert old habits that don't serve you into new habits that are going to benefit you, your child and your Co-Parent.


Episode 26: From Hostility to Happiness

I talk about a rapid state change and a way to go from "hostility" to "happiness" in less than 7 minutes. This might sound like a magic pill, and in a way it kind of is, but it's something you have access to. I also use this particular formula to create a state of peace. Not just peace of mind, but peace with my Co-Parent and my family. Custody Without Courts: CoParent Courage: ...


Episode 25: Blindspots and Breakups

In today's episode I talk about BlindSpots and define Emotional Blindspots. I share some of my own BlindSpots and what I did to resolve them, especially when it comes to CoParenting. There are four distinct questions you can ask yourself when it comes to BlindSpots that we explore: Do I avoid things that make me feel emotionally uncomfortable? Am I in denial of something, either from the past or present? Is there a cycle of getting into the same type of unfulfilling...


Episode 24: How Reactions Create Expectations

How to create Co-Parenting Conditions that work for you by "teaching" others. This is done through our reactions and how we respond to people in our lives, especially our Co-Parents. The book "Custody Without Courts" has been completed and is available on the website. I am also offering 20 minute consultations over Phone or Skype when you get the book before the end of 2017. CoParent Courage: Custody Without Courts: ...


New Project: Custody Without Courts Book

In today's episode I tell you why I've been away from this Podcast for a few weeks and the new Project I've taken on. It's writing a book called "Custody Without Courts" and in this episode I tell you how you can get a free sample chapter of the book.


The Empathy Experience: 3 Exercises Against Apathy

In today's Podcast I talk about Empathy and how we can use it as a tool to be able to understand our CoParent and help others. I give you 3 easy to understand exercises that act like "an antibiotic" against Apathy. If you have any questions, you can write me directly at You can always subscribe to my Newsletter by going to my site at and clicking on the Newsletter link. Thanks for listening.


Q&A: Mean Moms and Flighty Fathers

In this Podcast I answer 2 questions from frustrated CoParents about their previous partners and the influence they have over their kids. These are great questions that we ALL have in our CoParenting lives and answers we can all use. If you have a question you can write me directly at for any comments or to send me a question you'd like to have answered in this Podcast. You can always subscribe to my Newsletter by going to my site at


Taming The Monkey Mind

As humans, we all have a "monkey mind" and the loudest monkey is the one that is based in Fear and Worry. In today's CoParent Courage episode I talk about ways that we can turn down the volume on this monkey mind and offer a great exercise that I do to be able to get clarity for any situation quickly. You can write me directly at for any comments or to send me a question you'd like to have answered in this Podcast. You can always subscribe to my Newsletter by...


Life's Veneer

In this episode I give examples of how culture and "the world" at large veneer's things in order to market to us. I take on fake food, pornography, the local "news" and debt - providing a different perspective than what we've been told these things are. It's not the truth, but rather another set of "glasses" in which to view the world. As always you can write me directly at: and you can subscribe to my Newsletter at Both are great...


Between-isode: Holding Space

Holding Space is a concept that I've explored for awhile, with some really powerful results. It's really the combination of Practicing Kindness, Allowing Expression, Being Present, Practicing Non-Judgement and Not Trying to "Fix" your CoParent. The reason this is important is because it allows you to get a deeper understanding and cycle of trust from your CoParent. You can write me directly at for any comments or to send me a question you'd like to have answered...


Episode 010: Dating

Dating and Sex can potentially be touchy subjects but they don't need to be. No one can replace a child’s Parent - regardless of how awesome that someone they are dating appears to be. I talk about Stories and how we add our own meaning on to events that really didn’t happen. I discuss how to set boundaries that make sense for both you and your Partarent without being intrusive on their love life and giving you the assurance that your kids are going to come first. You can write me...


Between-isode: How To Have Practical Wisdom

The quote "You can't learn to surf by reading a book" inspired today's CoParent Courage Podcast where we take a look at Wisdom - knowledge combined with experience and how we can create this in our CoParenting lives. I make an App recommendation that has greatly assisted me in getting habits and routines handled in my life and I show you how to use it. You can write me directly at for any comments or to send me a question you'd like to have answered in this...


Episode 009: Creating Your CoParent Culture

Culture is a very abstract term, but being in control of the things you CAN control is very important. In this CoParent Courage episode I talk about Habits, Routines and Rituals as they apply to your current family. More importantly, I drill down on specific areas in this very nebulous sounding term of "culture". I then do a deep dive into Time and present a new concept of time that can potentially change your life and how you view the world. You can write me directly at:...