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Consequences, Fields Trips & Hang Gliders

[Episode 79] What would have to change after Adam and Eve rebelled? God clues them in to the difficulties of all sorts that had to follow their choice. Then, we share some great places to experience creation for kids and finish up with unpowered flight for mankind! Shownotes


Before the Oceans & Blessing Creation Ministries

[Episode 78] What did the world look like when God began to use wisdom to create? There is so much to puzzle over in Proverbs 8, then we share some great creation speakers and tell about a project we did to bless one of them—Ken Ham.


A Ray of Hope: the Seed of the Woman, plus Lobsters & Snakes

[Episode 77] In the middle of the saddest chapter in all history comes a strange and special promise. What is "enmity"? What does "seed" mean? Why the seed of a woman? We look at this First Gospel and then lighten things up with lobster shells and snake skins!


Wisdom Before Creation, Mount St Helens Ministry & Symbiosis

[Episode 76] Want to tackle an idea that baffles pastors, professors, and philosophers? Proverbs 8:22-23 tells us something about not only wisdom, but God's relationship with time. Then we take a trip out West to visit the most amazing creation lab of the 20th Century and finish up with a set of creatures who give each other a boost through life! Shownotes


Serpent Legs, Creationists Down Under & Experiments in a Baggie

[Episode 75] What's with God telling the Serpent it would crawl on the ground? Let's find out what the creation community has uncovered about snakes, legs, and dust. Then it's a bit of creation worldview thinking with real time experiments on a big scale at a ministry in Australia, followed up with the least messy way to do homespun experiments- in a baggie!


Natural World Analogies, Tenrecs, and a Dino Course

[Episode 74] Where does the Bible turn to help us picture what wisdom can do for us? Creation, of course! We explore Proverbs 8 then turn to an unusual animal featured in Answers Magazine, published by Answers in Genesis. Then, we share a great internet based homeschool resource that includes a whole video series on dinosaurs!


Let's be Honest, Kids Podcast App & Chocolate

[Episode 73] Why is so hard to just admit we did something wrong? What has changed since Genesis 3 that can help us be honest with ourselves and God? We explore this next aspect of our sin nature and then move on to more fun things like a new kids' podcast app that includes our show, Leela Kids Podcasts App, and Creation Moments, another show they list. Then it's a tasty romp through the jungle to discover how we get chocolate!


The Riot and the Dance, Sea Turtles & Authority

[Episode 72] What does it take to be a good leader? Why should you start thinking about this now when you're little? Proverbs has some simple but powerful answers. Then we share about an amazing new nature documentary unafraid to give the credit to the real Creator and finish up with an dive to visit sea turtles!


Best Chapter Books, Our Conscience, and a Baby Canyon

[Episode 71] What questions did God ask Adam to get him to be honest with himself about the choice he had made? What does our conscience do for us? We look at these teachings in Genesis 3, introduce you to a beautiful canyon like in the American West, but on a smaller scale, and tell you about the most fun creation books we've ever read!


A Good Scientific Attitude, Star Contradictions, and Glaciers

[Episode 70] What does Proverbs have to say about our attitudes that impact how we do science? How does this work out as we look at things in distant galaxies? We examine these foundational outlooks on life and round out an extra packed episode with a visit to the coolest ice of all, glaciers!


"Where are you?" The Genesis 3D Movie & Dolphins

[Episode 69] We've gotten to the saddest part of the Bible. Adam and his wife have rebelled and now God is coming. How do they react? What hints do these verses give us of their relationship with Him before sin, and what does God do with them now that they have? Then, we share our thoughts about the most amazing creation movie of 2017 and take a dive with dolphins!


"Witty Inventions" and Northwest Treasures Review

[Episode 68] Does Jesus care about new technology? What did he give us our minds for? We explore the answers God gives us in Proverbs and then turn to an exciting ministry focusing on kids in the Pacific Northwest: Northwest Treasures. Shownotes


Their Eyes Were Opened, a New Magazine & Gyroscopes

[Episode 67] What was it like for our parents right after they obeyed the Serpent and rebelled against God? Were their eyes opened? Were they comfortable? After a rather itchy topic, we share about David Rives' newest project, a free magazine for families and wrap up with a romp through some fun physics with the gyroscope!


Wisdom: At the Foundation of the Universe! Plus Electricity

Where would you go to find the coolest Bible passages about creation? Ever thought of Proverbs? We're starting a new series on how God the Creator is revealed in this book of wisdom, then meet someone who is doing what we might hope to as grownups and finish with the power that shapes our daily lives: electricity.


Forward: The Wired Homeschool: 2017 Eclipse Wrapup

I heard this today and thought what John Wilkerson did with his family during the eclipse was absolutely perfect for what we do here. It's not often we have a chance to know something amazing is going to happen so far off, but he's absolutely right; if you live in the USA and can make plans for 2024, do it!


What Was Eve Thinking? Plus, the August 2017 Solar Eclipse

[Episode 65] It's time to tackle the saddest verse in the Bible. Not only did Eve fall for three temptations, we do the same things, too. And Adam?... Then it's time to lighten up with a report on viewing the totality that passed over the USA on August 21, 2017.


Praise vs Worship & the Scientific Method

Did you know there is a difference between worshipping God and praising him? We explore Psalm 95 and what it teaches us about the two, and, of course, how creation fits into both! Then it's time to find out what process scientists use to uncover new understanding and try it out with Invisible Ink. Shownotes


Who will we Listen to? Sly Words or our Creator's Commands? Plus, Table Salt

[Episode 63] There are many voices trying to get us to follow their advice. Some tell us just what we want to hear; God tends to leave us with so many questions. We look at the most fateful conversation in history and what we need to watch out for in our own lives then take a savory turn to study salt, especially the kind in your kitchen!


Fiery Flying Serpents! Kudos to a VBS on steroids, and Laws of Motion

[Episode 62] Did you know the Bible mentions flying reptiles? We dig deep into the Old Testament to find them, then, tell you about a kids' ministry that gets the importance of Genesis to the Gospel and finish up with a wild ride exploring Newton's Laws of Motion!


Did God Really Say That? The Temptation to Doubt. ICR Dino Book & Hummingbirds

[Episode 61] Is God a meanie? Before tempting Eve to eat of the fruit Satan planted a deadly seed in her mind. Then we look at a brand new dino book from the Institute for Creation Research just for you and finish up with the smallest birds of all!