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Healthy Relationships in Blended Families

There's a good chance that you may know someone who is part of a blended family. They might be a step child, foster child, someone who is adopted and any other relationship that is not blood related. Or, you might be part of a blended family yourself. We want to drive the point home that it is SO important to maintain a healthy relationship with their Bio families...when possible. If you are the parent, it is your responsibility to foster healthy relationships.


Fighting your Outlaws

As we go on in life, we get used to our family dynamics growing up. But what happens when we get married? How do we bring two different worlds together and function in a way that's best for our new family?


Win Their Respect

Don't mess up their Jam! 3 Things you can do to Win Their Respect when entering into a relationship when a child(ren) is already there.


Letting Your Ex Lead

In Relationships where there is a child involved and the Relationship can longer exist, how should you treat your Ex? Time and time again, typically we've seen Ex Wives or Ex Girlfriends make it a point to make the lives of their child's Father a living hell. They threaten to withhold their child from them, or bad mouth them in front of their child and "take them to the ringers" and as far as Child Support is concerned. But, there's a different way. One that allows the Ex to lead their...


Moving Forward with Mental Health

So what do you do now? How do you move forward now that life looks a bit different than what it used to look like? Especially after Mental Health issues have now entered into your life and it's out in the open? Some of the things we chat about in this Episode is: a) Learn to adjust with your partner b) It's ok to look after yourself


Your Roles and Responsibilities

As far as the Roles and Responsibilities are concerned, who does what when Mental Health is involved? It's a big question to answer, and when answered correctly, could launch your relationships into a healthy state that's worth the hard discussions about it. There are 2 people involved, the person who is struggling and the one who is 'healthy'. However in some cases, like ours, both may struggle with Mental Health issues which creates more conversations to be had. The one very key and...


The New Normal

In talking about Mental Health in Marriages, there's a question you need to tackle when one of you, or both of you, decides to finally admit that you are struggling mentally. And that question is this: "What does our NEW normal look like?" We chat about our journey in finding our new normal and how you can get better clarity around this hard question. We hope you enjoy this episode!


Mental Health in Marriage

Mental Health Problems are very real. And although neither of us are trained psychologists, we have been dealing with this long battle for many years now. Adjustments have needed to be made, capacities have been altered and it's wreaked havoc in our marriage...but we're managing it, successfully. In this Episode, we chat about one of the main things we have learned to do to not only manage the Mental Health struggles but also to live with it and keep our marriage strong and connected.


Coming Out of the Closet

It's way too easy to keep things hidden in the closet. Some even choose to hide them behind closed doors or even swept under the rug. That way you never have to deal with them right? Besides, it'll probably just go away over time, no one will notice and it's too hard to talk about them anyways. It's probably easier if we just leave them alone. Wrong! You only really have 2 options: Regardless which option you choose, it will be painful, hurtful and extremely difficult. The difference is,...


Can I Date your Daughter?

When you first plan to get married, kids are usually not the first thing you think about or even discuss. There's the actual wedding planning itself, perhaps traveling the world comes into the conversation, of course there are careers and when all that is done, kids come into the picture. And from our experience, the aspect of raising kids is one of the hardest yet most rewarding. There are SO many aspects of raising kids that one would wonder where to even begin. Things such as babies,...


The Differences between Counselling and Mentoring

There are so many things we can do alone. Play a game of Solitaire, go to the gym to workout, travel, and even bake a cake. But there’s certainly one thing you should never do solo, and that’s your relationship with your partner. Think of it. Every day, you both venture in this thing called life, and every day is one new step. Now you can definitely learn as you go. Which is not a terrible way to go about it. Learning from your mistakes, adjusting as you go and of course, venturing into the...


Plan to Move Forward

Constantly sitting on your relationship issues after you've dealt with them is a sure fire way of never moving forward. It's almost guaranteed that the life you desire will always stay within reach if you don't have a plan in place to get past your current situation. 3 Things To Plan For After you have discussed and gone through all the pain and heartache of betrayal, what next? What are the next steps you both should take? Here are 3 things that we have done that you may want to start...


Forgive and Be Forgiven

Breaking someone's trust is painful. Not only that, they feel betrayed, unsafe and unsure of what you say or do next. They will second guess you for the next little while, or, in some cases, forever. But it doesn't have to be that way. When you begin the journey of Rebuilding Trust in your Relationship by first Deciding to Love your partner, the next step is to Forgive AND Be Forgiven. Forgiving someone is much like loving someone. It's a choice. And it's one that you must commit to making...


Deciding to Love

When trust is broken, it does not mean the relationship is over or unstable. It just means there's work for both of you to do if you want to make it work. Begin the journey of Rebuilding Trust in your Marriage. Trust makes people feel safe. And in a relationship, when it begins on a firm foundation of trust, you both live a life free from deception, assumption and overall heartache. Over the next few weeks, we are going to talk about specific things you BOTH can do to begin the long...


Winning the War against Screen Time

Are you losing the war against screentime? Do you kick, scream and shout when your kids are locked behind their screens for hours? Are you so sick of it that you want to rip your hair out? There is nothing worse than seeing the back of your child's device...all the time! When you try to talk to them and all they answer with is "yup...uh-huh...oh ok!" Which translates to, "Sorry I'm not listening to you. I'm kinda busy at the moment." When this happens over and over, 2 things are happening...


Create a Habit of saying Sorry to your Kids

Parenting is hard. And it's worse when you hurt your kids. But there's good news. There's always good news. You can say sorry to them and make things right. Not only do you make things right, you also prove to them that your relationship is more important than always being right. In this Episode, we chat about the importance of creating a habit of saying sorry to your kids when you hurt them, when you screw up, when you mess up and 100 other reasons why you should apologize. ONE KEY: As...


How Entitlement can Ruin Relationships

We all want things. But for some people, they feel they are entitled to whatever it is they want and feel as though they deserve it all. And that can make for very difficult relationships and a whole lot of disappointment. Entitlement is a killer. And it starts at such a young age. But unfortunately, in most cases, it starts with parents. When parents hear words like: "You owe me!" "I want this now!" "I deserve to have it!" Parents hear those words and have 2 options, deny what they...


Healthy Balance of Marriage and Kids

The balance between Marriage and Kids is one of the toughest jobs one can accept. It's not one for the faint of heart. But it's one of the most rewarding. No one comes into a marriage wanting to lead a child-centered home. But sometimes it happens so fast that one wouldn't even see the warning signs coming. Some dangers of a child-centered home include ignoring your marriage in place of your kids, decreasing sexual intimacy as a result of kids sleeping in your bed, and worst of all,...


How to Deal with a Toxic Relationship

They are around you. Toxic people and toxic relationships. The question is, how do you manage them in a healthy manner? This article describes 8 Things the Most Toxic People in your Life have in Common. It’s a good article and we think you should read it. Primarily because it allows you to identify certain traits in someone who may be toxic. If someone in your life is either toxic or has toxic tendencies, we feel that in order to keep the relationship intact as best as you can, is to keep...


When Do You Feel Most Loved?

Do you know when you most feel loved? Like actually? Because it's important. Especially when you're in a relationship. Because love can be so complicated, simplifying it and understanding your own personal love language can prove to be quite advantageous. Love Language What's a Love Language? Simply put, Your Love Language is your primary love language. To feel really loved, some people respond to encouraging words, some are more sensitive to gifts and actions, some to physical touch, and...