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19: Millennial Girl Meets World

Beyonce says girls run the world. Maybe. However, many millennial women are struggling just to survive in a world that looks nothing like the one our teachers and professors said it would before we graduated. Thats why Shay Harkness & Brae Creech started The Millennial Girl Way ( a community that offers various tools to help every young women reach their truest potential. They join journalist, Nia Hamm, to talk about their inspiration behind the brand and...


18: Getting "unstuck"

Feeling stuck in life? Unclear about your purpose? Working hard with little reward? Unclear about a way forward? If you're ready to get "unstuck" and become empowered, Marline Francois Madden can show you how. Empowerment isn’t what she does, it’s who she is. The sought-after mental health expert, owner of Hearts Empowerment Counseling Center and public speaker joins journalist, Nia Hamm, to share some of her secrets to helping young adults unlock their full potential.


17: Serving Style With A Side Of Inspiration

At just 23 years old, Eric Jones is crossing off accomplishments on his bucket list that takes many people years to do. He runs his own shoe company as well as a branding company. He joins journalist, Nia Hamm, to explain how a string of personal tragedies fueled his dreams and success.


16: From Rock Bottom to Rock Star

Feeling confused about your purpose in life? Wondering if you’re making the best decisions for your personal happiness and professional success? Millions of millennials, xennials and GenZ-ers are in the same boat. Unfortunately for us - and unlike our parents - there is no longer a “blue print” for life. That’s why Blogger, Podcaster, & Business Consultant, Rachel Ritlop, started the confused millennial: a community of young adults helping each other find a way forward. She joins...


15: Couples Therapy: How married millennials make love last

Married millennials Steven & Kimberly McRoyal have been together since they were teenagers. They started their Millennial Married podcast to help other millennials find and keep lasting love. In this episode of Skooled they join journalist, Nia Hamm, to talk love, growth, infidelity, forgiveness and much more.


14: From Passion to Profit

Huge numbers of millennial women entrepreneurs are leaving their 9-5 jobs to start their own businesses. Emmy Award winning bi-coastal documentary producer, Alana Blaylock, is one of them and she’s found great success in doing so. Hear about he amazing journey, including the ups, downs and the advice she has for other young women hoping to start their own company.


13: Digs: where 20 and 30-somethings are are putting down roots

In this episode Journalist, Nia Hamm, is joined by John Walkup of to discuss where millennials and gen-Zers (20 and 30-somethings) are living in large numbers and why. The episode also explores some of the best tools young adults can use to find a community they can call home.


12: Insanely Smart Money-Saving Wedding Tips for Millennials: Part 2

In this episode of Skooled we’re continuing our conversation about some of the best ways young adults can save on weddings. Journalist, Nia Hamm, and her fiancé, Jason Clark, are joined by wedding planner, Alicia Smith, who dishes on everything from frugal ways to send wedding invitations, choose creative decor, shop for budge-friendly bridal shops and designers as well as even how to chose a cost-effective, fabulous reception menu.


11: Insanely Smart Money-Saving Wedding Tips for Millennials

In this episode of Skooled, the panel discusses some of the best money-saving tips young adults can use to cut back on costs for the big day! Journalist, Nia Hamm, is joined by millennial financial expert, speaker and author of Broke Millennial, Erin Lowry, who dishes on some of the best financially savvy ways for millennials to plan a wedding and marriage on a budget.


10: Identity’s influence on the young, anxious and depressed

In this episode we’ll tackle the prevalence of anxiety and depression among today's young adults and how this trend impacts minority and marginalized communities differently than other segments of the population. Guests include Visual Artist, Christine Neptune; Carl Forbes, Jr., who is an Attorney and Real Estate Broker; and Janel Richardson-James, who is a student at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and an advocate of the Mental Health Awareness Project, which is run by the Youth...


9: Mental Health Awareness Across Color Lines

Young adults are more open to discussing issues relating to mental health than previous generations according to recent research. Despite progress on this front, mental health l awareness isn’t felt as widely in minority and marginalized communities. The Skooled panel explores why and the impact this has on these communities. Guests include: Marc Alan Minick, Ph.D., LMSW, who is a consultant with an extensive background in health care administration as well as Hasan Shabazz and Melissa...


8: The Loneliness Epidemic

Young adults are far more digitally and socially connected the previous generations. Yet, young people are far more likely than senior citizens to report being lonely. This episode of Skooled tackles the pervasive feeling of loneliness reported among so many young adults, the reasons behind it well as remedies to address it. Journalist, Nia Hamm is joined by NYC-based psychotherapist Kerri Mohr, who is also a volunteer with Sidewalk Talk in which volunteers listen to strangers talk about...


7: Young and financially illiterate

Whether it’s Juggling one or more jobs, student loans, establishing independence, renting or buying a home, economic uncertainty and a changing socio-economic landscape, young adults have to focus their attention on many more simultaneous distractions than previous generations. It’s no wonder financial literacy is not a strong suit among many of them, especially when it’s not something that is not taught in many schools or households. In this episode, Skooled begins to tackle the...


6: Young Adults and the New Economy

In this episode the panel tackles some of the biggest challenges today's young adults have with finances and wealth including, issues pertaining wealth creation, wealth preservation and the psychological relationship many young adults have with money. Journalist Nia Hamm and her fiancé, Jason Clark, are joined by a panel of experts. Yuri Kruman is the CEO / Founder of Master The Talk Consulting, a Forbes Contributor, a Career/Business/Life Coach, a Startup Exec/Advisor/Investor and a...


5: What Women should know about Self-Care

Self-care is a trendy phrase but many people are unaware of exactly what it is. It has also become a booming business catering heavily to women who often rely on it to create balance in their lives. Journalist, Nia Hamm is joined by a dynamic panel of wellness experts to tackle these topics and many more. Dr. Erin Stair a physician, health consultant and author. Victoria Albina is a holistic medicine provider and life coach. Dr. Shireenn Fernandez is a researcher, physician, entrepreneur...


4: Leading Ladies

Whether it’s working in the arts or in corporate America, climbing the career ladder can be challenging for women working in male-dominated fields. In this episode, journalist Nia Hamm continues to celebrate Women’s History Month by talking to two women career professionals about how they’ve done just that. She’s joined by Tonya Canady who can be see in commercials and on TV shows including, “Bull” on CBS, “Shades of Blue” on NBC as well as projects like the Netflix Pilot Original Series,...


3: Working It Out

In this episode, journalist, Nia Hamm, is joined by former Reuters TV anchor turned career coach, Elizabeth Koraca; CEO/Founder of FindSpark & MCG Social, Professor and Career/Millennial Expert, Emily Miethner; as well as attorney turned career coach Crystal Irom. In honor of Women's History Month this episode of Skooled tackles the gender barriers young adult women face in the workplace, how they compare to gender barriers faced by previous generations of working women and how young adult...


2: Marriage Matters

Award winning Celebrity Life Coach, speaker and co-author of Single Man Married Man, Pervis Taylor, as well as Love Coach, speaker and Ladypreneur, Lisa Velazquez, join TV Reporter, Nia Hamm and her fiance, Jason Clark, to talk about how xennials, millennials and GenZ-ers approach the concept of marriage and whether it still holds the same value as it once did. The panel also discusses what obstacles today’s young adults face that may contribute to the low rates of marriage their...


1: The Young Adult’s Guide To Attracting The Right Life Partner

Journalist, Nia Hamm is joined by her fiance as well as psychologist, Dr. Vijayeta Sinh and Transformative Coach, Nando Rodriguez to address some of the major challenges young adults face when trying to attract a life partner. In this episode, Nia revisits the long lost ‘list’ she used to do just that.