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Holiday Manners to Make Magical Memories; Episode 135

On today’s episode, we’re elevating our etiquette game... and just in time for the holidays! We’re breaking out the linens, the china, and our warmest smiles and chatting with the Grande Dame of Interior design, Holly Holden! From presenting the little league team snacks on a silver platter, to turning dinner place cards into a party game, we're talking about how to elevate our everyday happenings into magical moments. Plus, we once again discover that the TRUE secret to entertaining...


The ULTIMATE Holiday Gift Guide 2018! Episode 134

On today’s episode of Welcome Home, we’re solving all your gift giving problems with "The Ultimate Santa Wish List!" From what to buy for your nearest and dearest to what to get those hard to shop for people in your life, this episode is a long one, but worth every minute. Join hosts Kirsten & Graham as they chat with Welcome Home Favorite, Rachel Gerli about how to fill that space under the Christmas tree with gifts everyone will adore! This episode will make your holiday shopping list a...


Tips for a Smooth Holiday Season; Episode 133

On today’s episode, we’re thinking about how to create a smooth and simplified holiday season by getting a jump start on the planning now. We promise that a thoughtful November will lead to a peaceful December! Join hosts Kirsten & Graham as we share our ideas and strategies for the best holiday season ever. We'll talk about everything from grocery store turkey dinners, simple Costco hams, the Christmas decorations we secretly hate, and why the heck is everyone so scared to throw a holiday...


The Chill Up Your Spine Could be Real! The Home Hour, Episode 132

On today’s spooky scary episode of the Home Hour, we’re talking about what you need to know if you think your house is haunted! No, for reals, this is important! Or maybe not? This episode is all about the serious, the scary, and the silly of spirit life. Join hosts Kirsten & Graham as they chat with fellow mom and real life ghostbuster, Kim Johnston to learn the ins and outs of graciously welcoming a ghost to your home. (Yes, even ghosts need a little “Welcome Home” every now and then!)...


More Cozy and Less Stuff! The Home Hour, Episode 131

On today’s episode we’re asking the question: Can a home be minimalistic and yet cozy? Hosts Kirsten and Graham welcome their wonderful guest, Myquillyn Smith to get some very practical advice about how to create houses that are warm and welcoming, yet functional and uncluttered. We’ll learn how to have “More Style AND Less Stuff! Myquillyn is the creator of the popular blog, “Nesting Place” and the author of the new book Cozy, Minimalist Home. Plus, we’ll chat about the trifecta of...


Listener Questions About Homes! The Home Hour, Episode 130

On today’s episode we’re answering your questions… and we’re asking a few ourselves! Join hosts Kirsten and Graham as we share all the best, worst, and most stressful things about our own homes! We’re also crowd-sourcing our listeners to hear their answers to the same questions. We’ll talk about everything from the brick-a- brack that fills our homes to our favorite go-to-hostess gifts. Plus, we’ll chat about Kirsten’s houseplant graveyard, Graham’s DIY trendy pink pants, flaming British...


Homes & Money with Suze Orman: The Home Hour, Episode 129

On today’s episode we’re digging into home life in a whole new way! We’re talking about houses and lifestyles in terms of our finances and we’re doing with the Queen of Money herself: Suze Orman. Join hosts Kirsten and Graham as we chat with Suze about what we’re doing right and what we’re doing wrong when it comes to how we handle money and the financial choices we should be making. Plus, find out why Graham gets APPROVED for travel, why Kirsten’s dream of a second home gets DENIED. And you...


How We Do Disney! The Home Hour, Episode 128

It’s the happiest place on Earth… and at Sea! Join hosts Graham and Kirsten as we discuss life with everyone’s favorite mouse! It’s the Disney Episode of the Home Hour! From Kirsten’s love of the Disney Cruise, to Graham’s Magic Kingdom Birthday tradition, we’re sharing our Disney experiences and our favorite ways to “Do Disney” We also chat about finding Main Street USA in the heart of France, a steamer trunk full of glittery Halloween princess costumes, why you may want to think twice...


19 Kids, 2 Podcast Hosts, & Counting: A Chat with the Duggars! The Home Hour, Episode 127

On today’s special bonus episode of The Home Hour, we’re talking to Michelle & Jim Bob Duggar from TLC’s hit show, “19 Kids and Counting” Join hosts Kirsten & Graham as we visit with the patriarch and matriarch of the large family we’ve all watched for years! We talk about how they stick to a schedule while still remaining flexible, live on a budget and avoid taking on debt, keep a positive attitude while focusing on character, and of course, their strong Christian faith that rests at the...


Are We Too Old for That? The Home Hour, Episode 126

Today’s episode will appeal to the young at heart and the old lady in all of us! Join hosts Graham and Kirsten as we talk frankly about some of the things we’ve “aged out of”, other things that we definitely haven’t, what we probably should age out of, and what we haven’t quite aged into. We may have been best friends since college, but we’re not the same women we were when we met in our teens. Today we’re chatting about how we’ve grown out of some of our old ways, what we’re still clinging...


How To Be Homemaker-ish: The Home Hour, Episode 125

On today’s episode of The Home Hour we’re learning how to mother… LIKE A BOSS! Join hosts Graham & Kirsten as we push aside the old notions of Martha Stewart-perfection and talk to Kendra Hennessy of Mother Like a Boss! about real life homemaking. We’re walking that fine line between running an organized home but realizing that freedom is found in embracing imperfection! We’ll learn why it’s important that your family to do their part around the house and why homemaking is less about...


Win the Morning, Win the Day! The Home Hour, Episode 124

Lazy summer living is in full swing, but we’re talking about why summer may just be the perfect time to get a jump on designing some morning routines so we’re ready to go when Fall rolls around. From morning exercise to what we make for breakfast to what major CEO’s do for their morning routines, join hosts Kirsten & Graham as we chat all about our morning rituals and why we think having a solid plan to attack the morning will make it a great day. Plus, a historical look at why mornings may...


Reclaiming Your Life, Building Connections, and Conquering Mommy Burnout: The Home Hour, Episode 123

Do you feel stressed? Lonely? Tired of the seemingly endless loads of laundry & dishes? Or perhaps you’re even sick of this same old conversation! On today’s episode we’re not just talking about “mommy burnout” but we’re figuring out how to conquer it and make our lives richer and happier! Join hosts Kirsten & Graham as we speak with Dr. Sheryl Ziegler, author, parenting guru, and psychotherapist about how to circumnavigate the guilt and stress that comes from trying to do it all. From...


The Great Grocery Store Showdown: The Home Hour, Episode 122

On today’s episode we’re tackling one of the most challenging and complex issues we all have to face (are we overstating it just a tad?) It’s the Grocery Store Showdown! Things get pretty intense as we chat about about where we grocery shop, what we buy at each store, why we feel the need to go to 6 different stores to get the supplies our families need… and of course which grocery store takes the CROWN in each of our books! We’ll also chat about frozen food aisle thieves, Walmart nostalgia,...


My Friend Is Sick…What Do I Do?: The Home Hour, Episode 121

On today’s episode we’re talking about the gracious art of caring for those we know and love…and specifically, how to do it when they’re sick. Join hosts Kirsten and Graham as we chat about how to be the perfect source of support, caregiving, and encouragement with guest Lee Cordon from the fantastic etiquette blog: Do-Say-Give. This episode is packed with useful ideas and guidelines to help navigate what can be challenging situations. We’ll discuss what to say and what not to say, gifts for...


Won’t You Be My Neighbor: The Home Hour, Episode 120

On today’s episode, we’re chatting all about neighborhoods! Join hosts Kirsten & Graham as we discuss what each of our neighborhoods are really like, how much we actually interact with our neighbors, and what does it mean to be a good neighbor anyway? Plus, we dive into the truth about neighbor shaming, caring for elderly neighbors, neighbors who put their beliefs and resumes on the front lawn, stealing the neighbors’ trash from their alleys, and how one legendary Molotov Cocktail forever...


How to Eat Healthy(ish) When Traveling: The Home Hour, Episode 119

On today’s episode we’re packing the suitcases, while trying not to pack on the pounds! Join hosts Kirsten and Graham as we chat about upcoming summer travel and how we can best prepare to hit the road and keep ourselves healthy. From convention strategies to kids’ meal makeovers, we’re talking to registered dietician, author, blogger, and podcaster, Liz Weiss, of Liz’s Healthy Table to learn how to plan for healthy eating while traveling! We’ll also give you a peek into Birmingham’s...


I Didn’t Marry My Best Friend: The Home Hour, Episode 118

I didn’t marry my best friend. But my best friend was there. She was a bridesmaid standing right next to me! It seems like you can’t scroll through Instagram these days without seeing a cute throwback wedding photo and a caption celebrating the anniversary of “The day I married my best friend!” Is this just something women say? Or are their husbands really their best friends? And should they be? On today’s episode of The Home Hour, join hosts Graham and Kirsten as we talk about how we’re...


A Bold Splash of Color to Create a Home You LOVE: The Home Hour, Episode 117

Today on the Home Hour, we’re going back to our design roots and talking about turning our houses into homes we LOVE to live in. Join hosts Kirsten & Graham as we chat all about making big, bold design choices with interior designer and Bossy Color Founder: Annie Elliot. From decorating kids’ spaces, to understanding lighting, to finding perfect paint colors; this episode is full of laughs, practical advice, and honest answers about how we really live. “Your house has to feel like you and...


One Year Anniversary! (Plus our thoughts on Penelope Trunk): The Home Hour, Episode 116

Today on the Home Hour, we’re celebrating one year of podcasting! WooHoo! Join hosts Kirsten and Graham as we take a look back at all we’ve learned in a year and all the ways The Home Hour has inspired us to live better! From the guests that surprised us, to the products we’ve tried, to the changes we’ve made in our own homes, we talk about all the good, all the bad, and even the hate mail that can come out of one year. Plus, after many requests from listeners, we share our thoughts on our...