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EP23 Jenni's VBAC + GBS

Jenni’s birth is one for the books! Snowstorms, a crazy car ride, bearing down next to a jeep and a baby born just minutes after arriving at the hospital. This story is full of twists and turns and you will be laughing so hard at the end when you hear Jenni share what her husband told her NOT to say on the podcast! Check out the statistics and other info about GBS on our VBAC blog Our NEW VBAC shop! for Facebook@thevbaclink on InstagramFollow and...


EP22 Diana + Healing Birth Trauma

Try not to cry as you listen to Diana share the store of her first birth, a home birth transfer, that was traumatic from arrival at the hospital through her C-section recovery. Two years later, she fell pregnant unexpectedly and, while still terrified from her first birth, almost instantly fell in love with having another baby and a completely different birth experience. You HAVE to hear her share about the healing process and her triumphant VBAC. We talk about birth trauma and healing and...


EP21 Nichole's VBAC + VBAC Essentials

Nichole shares her inspirational story of her journey from scheduled C-section while living in Florida to successful VBAC in Chicago, Illinios. Her VBAC journey is incredible and you will laugh and be amazed as you hear her story through a quick onset of labor to pushing out her baby all while sick with pneumonia. Her VBAC shifted her entire life as she now works hard to empower and inspire women and mothers everywhere. You can find Nichole on her facebook group here and on instagram here....


EP20 Clare's VBAC + VBAC Interventions

Meet Clare, another Mom of some BIG BABIES. Her first birth was 48 hours long ending in a C-section. Her VBAC birth was much shorter, and you will never guess where she ended up delivering her 9lb, 13oz baby. We love her and her story is incredible, send us a message on instagram and let us know what you think. You can find the information about B.R.A.I.N. and how to assess interventions on our VBAC blog at for Facebook@thevbaclink on...


EP19 Courtney's VBAC + The Four Main Reasons for C-sections

Join Courtney, one of Julie’s first VBAC clients, as she shares the story of her VBAC and HBAC. After being told her first baby was “probably too big to push out”, her first child and C-section baby ended up being just 7lb 12oz. Her next two VBAC baby’s were a whole pound and more larger than that! If you are looking for an experience in the hospital with a C-section, a hospital VBAC, and a home VBAC (HBAC), this is the episode for you. Then, we touch on the four main reasons for a primary...


EP18 Lindsay's VBAC + VBAC Quick Facts

Lindsay is one of the most inspiring people you will ever meet! Her VBAC baby’s due date was just one week before her other baby was scheduled for a bone marrow transplant several states away. She shares the journey through cesarean, VBAC, and then on to Boston for the transplant all while living together with a blended family of six children, her ex husband, and current husband. This family is truly inspiring and full of hope, love, and sacrifice for family. Make sure to follow lindsey on...


EP17 Leslie's HBAC + Special Scars

Leslies story on VBAC with a special scar is incredible! Her OBGYN told her she was a “ticking time bomb” just waiting for rupture. Her thoughts on birth in general will inspire and educate any woman preparing for any type of birth. Lelie is one of Julie’s high school besties. They shared their VBAC journeys together just one month apart so, this makes this episode extra special for us! You can find even more information about Special Scars on our VBAC blog at...


EP16 Taylor's VBAC After TTTS and SIUGR + What is TOLAC?

Taylor’s births are quite the experience! Her first pregnancy was surprise twins! Halfway through her pregnancy they found out that the twins had Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS) and selective intrauterine growth restriction (SIUGR). If you don’t know what that means, you will learn in an exciting and nail biting way as we travel the pregnancy and birth with Taylor, her husband, and children. Then, she shares her journey through her second pregnancy, a VBAC, with a beautiful story....


EP15 Rachel's VBAC and HBAC + True Informed Consent

Rachel shares with us an incredible journey through an unplanned cesarean, a less than ideal hospital VBAC, and a more triumphant HBAC! During both of her hospital births, the staff performed procedures on her without asking or without explaining much at all. The lack of informed consent and refusal is truly devastating. You will switch from being appalled to laughing out loud with Julie and Meagan as you listen to Rachel share the details of her home birth. Someone could literally learn...


SE01 DR Cormano Q&A With a VBAC Friendly OBGYN

Our first special edition!! We are SO excited to have Dr. Julia Cormano, MD, FACOG, from UC San Diego Medical Center interview with us today. A few weeks back we asked all our Facebook and Instagram followers what questions they would ask to a VBAC friendly OBGYN. We are so lucky to have Dr. Cormano on the episode, will she answer YOUR question?. You can find more about her here. Dr. Cormano believes in building strong relationships with her patients and truly listening to their needs....


EP14 Tishra's VBAC + VBAC Bans

Tishra, a Professor of Public Health at a University in Washington, shares how she planned a beautiful birth with a midwife for her first baby that ended up in a hospital transfer after a lengthy labor. The hospital received her well but, it resulted in the most difficult cesarean any of her doctors had performed. She struggled with postpartum PTSD due to her birth experience and was very critical of herself and her journey because of her career. She shares her struggle of finding support...


EP13 Kelie's VBA4C + VBAMC Facts

Kelie’s VBA4C section story is one of many awe inspiring moments! She truly has been through it all with each of her cesareans and her VBAC. Her first baby was born weighing less than two pounds, and you will NEVER guess what her doctor did to her during her third c-section that lead to secondary infertility after her fourth birth. You will be laughing, crying, and gasping along with Julie as she reacts to the story. Then, we discuss VBAMC facts, information, and studies that you can find...


EP12 Haley's VBAC + How to Find the Right Provider

Not all C-Sections are traumatic and not all VBAC’s are perfect. Join Haley from @motherlovinyogi on her journey through her VBAC. She shares of her confidence going into her birth and how that quickly shifted when her provider went back on her words and became unsupportive. She suffered greatly and had some complications immediately following the birth that left her feeling incredibly defeated. You do NOT want to miss this episode as we discuss how selecting a VBAC supportive provider...


EP11 Kassandra's VBAC + ICAN + Get That Big Baby Out!

Kassandra shares her journey through an unplanned cesarean, moving two weeks postpartum, and then having to start over finding a new birth team to support her through TOLAC. She shares her fears, and her triumphs and how she worked to find the best provider to support her birth. She talks about how helpful her local ICAN chapter was and we talk about ways to get your big babies out (and her babies were BIG!!!) You can find the referenced information on our VBAC Blog at...


EP10 Ashley's VBAC + VBAC Induction Facts

Ashley's VBAC story is full of suspense as she navigates through trying to keep baby in during hurricane IRMA and a county wide evacuation effort. Your heart will ache with her as she describes her difficulties with watching the clock tick down to her scheduled cesarean date as her hospital will not allow VBAC inductions! You will NEVER guess how close she got to a repeat cesarean before her body kicks in to full blow labor! This journey is full of twists and turns with the happiest ending!...


EP09 Kristen's HBAC Transfer Vacuum Assist + Assisted Delivery and Postpartum Depression

Kristen shares the story of her HBAC turned hospital birth with vacuum assistance. The support, love, and care she describes through her VBAC story is incredible. Despite her home birth transfer she describes her birth as “perfect in every way”. Listen to how her doula supported her decision, how her midwife friend was able to deliver her baby, and how she got everything she wanted postpartum. This story is full of twists and turns and is sure to have you sobbing along the whole way through!...


EP08 Allie's VBAC + Shoulder Dystocia Info

One of Meagan's own doula clients, Allie, shares her VBAC journey with us. She describes her traumatic first birth by cesarean and days of being separated from her first baby. Then, she describes the fear her birth team displays as they prepared for a large baby and shoulder dystocia. (P.S. TEN POUND BABY!) She shares her triumphant VBAC despite going through two days of labor and postpartum hemorrhage that took her to the O.R. Less than an hour after her VBAC. Her words and encouragement...


EP07 Kelsey's VBAC + How Common is CPD?

Join Kelsey from Michigan, as she shares her triumphant VBAC story after being told by family, friends, and doctors that she was too petite to ever give birth vaginally. You will certainly admire her determination and desire to gain as much knowledge as she can as you soak in the details of her beautiful birth journeys! Then, Meagan shares some interesting facts about the diagnosis of small/misshapen pelvis and how common it truly is. You can find the article referenced at...


EP06 Karina's VBAC with Type 1 Diabetes + BIG BABIES!

Karina guides us through her three births with Type 1 Diabetes. Her births each have unique twists and turns along with their own unique ending. She has dealt with managing diabetes, breech babies, shoulder dystocia, and just wait until you hear how BIG her baby was! Then, Meagan shares information about true shoulder dystocia risks. You can find more information on that at You can find even more information on our VBAC Blog at for...


EP05 Kasaundra's Twin Birth and 2 VBAC's + The Law of the Sphincter

Walk with Kasaundra through her twin's birth via cesarean, her hospital VBAC then home birth VBAC. Kasaundra has a personality full of light and a laughter that is contagious. I dare you not to giggle at the quirkiness! Listen as she shares the story of her OBGYN barking military orders across the O.R. table. Then, learn some awesome facts about birthing your baby as she walks us through the Law of The Sphincter in a way that only Kasaundra can! You can find even more information on our VBAC...