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This podcast is devoted to helping Military and First Responder families and loved ones thrive.

This podcast is devoted to helping Military and First Responder families and loved ones thrive.


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This podcast is devoted to helping Military and First Responder families and loved ones thrive.




64. Do The Thing: Resilience and How to Find It with Hannah

“No matter how hard it is you dig deep and you find that resilience in you, that perseverance. Because it’s always there, you have just now decided that you are going to pull it from the depths and put it to work.” -Hannah Listen in while Hannah shares her experiences of being a twin mom and Air Force wife, and how her experiences have taught her how important resilience is. Hannah has realized that resilience always lives inside us, we just have to learn to tap into it. Check out her...


63. The Easy Way to Develop the Skill of Self Care with Noralee

"Our loved ones have been called to help others, and so they're not always there to help us. So [self care] us back our power to be able to fill our souls and get us human again." -Noralee from @MrsNavyMama Listen as Noralee and I talk about our personal experiences of learning the importance or self care and how Noralee has broken down the process so we can make an individualized, full proof plan for our own self care. You'll walk out with steps you can take today to make sure...


62. How to be Beautifully Broken and Build Community with Meagan Davis

“If my husband’s watching your husband’s back and he’s watching my husband’s back, we need to have each other’s backs. That makes us family.” - Meagan Davis Listen as Meagan Davis shares how she gets her family involved in serving the community, and the experiences that have taught her just how vital it is for us to open our hearts and eyes to others. This life can be so lonely, can but it doesn't have to be! Connect with Meagan on Facebook! And get more Waiting Warrior content on...


61. What to do When They are Fighting Their Demons with Julia

"Never ever let them start a shift without kissing them, and never ever let them end a shift without kissing them and telling them that you love them.“ Julia Listen as Julia, an ex cop and wife to a police man/national guardsman, shares her personal and professional experiences with loved ones fighting off demons. While this is one of the "heavier" topics for Waiting Warriors, these are very real and important things for us to be prepared for! Connect with Julia on facebook here:...


60. How to Strengthen Your Marriage with Bree Carroll

“What you see in other people’s marriages- good, bad, or indifferent- that doesn’t mean that that’s what it has to be for you.” Bree Carroll from @HeartsStripes Bree is passionate about strong Waiting Warrior marriages and shares how she went from having no desire to be married, to having a thriving partnership with her husband. Listen as she shares actionable examples of what they do as a couple to work together and thrive. Connect with Bree on Instagram @HeartsStripes and listen to the...


59. How You Can Take Control Back with Serena West

“Being a military spouse, or being a first responder spouse, is a hat you put on. It’s not who you are. And it does become a part of your identity, but it cannot become your identity.” Serena West from @ShopWestHouse Serena is no stranger to feeling of realizing that the life you envisioned for yourself is impossible while being a Waiting Warrior. But after years of wearing too many hats that weren't serving her, she figured out how to focus on the things that helped her most. You won't...


58. How to be a Shy and Thriving Military Spouse with Kara

"It's very, very scary to put yourself out there and to try to make friends and put yourself in new situations, and awkward situations, and anxious situations." Kara @hey.pointdexter Kara is a naturally shy, stays in her comfort zone kind of woman, but military life (specifically moving to a small village in Germany with a brand new husband and then him leaving for training right away) has taught her how important it is to build your community. Listen and hear how she personally overcomes...


57. The Best Way to Adapt with Gems Collins

"If we can always keep the benefits and good things at the forefront of our minds then it just makes dealing with the challenges that little bit easier." Gems Collins This week Gems shares her perspective as an UK immigrant military spouse. She shares her experience with having to adapt to US life and military life, but also her strong belief of the benefits of a positive attitude! Get more Waiting Warrior content on Instagram or Facebook


56. Can You Thrive Through Covid 19 and Not Smack Your Spouse in the Face? with Austin and Michelle

“If we are starting to get twisted up about x, y, or z and we pause and realize whether or not we have actually said it out loud, and we come to notice we haven’t said it out loud, then we are really at fault” -Austin Austin and I realized a lot of similarities between what's happening with covid 19 and handling a reintegration from a military deployment. Listen in as we share how we are using tools we learned from our post deployment experience in 2019 to better navigate figuring out our...


55. Remember How Amazing He Is with Morgan

"It's important, when he's not communicating, to realize he's not doing it on purpose." Morgan This week on the podcast Morgan gives us some really good reminders of communication basics, that we often forget or loose sight of when we are in the middle of the whirlwinds. Be sure to get more Waiting Warrior content on Instagram : Huge thank you to our sponsor: Check them out for all your care package...


54. Navigating Loneliness and Poor Communication with Tara

"We definetly worked through it but it definetly cause some problems. It's not all rainbows and butterflies." Tara from @Realtalkwiththe_ms_s This quote is a perfect summary for this episode: it's completely honest but still hopeful. Tara gives us a real and open look at how lonely this life can be and how important it is to communicate effectively. Listen for a few tips and call outs on things I'm sure most of us do! Hear more from Tara on her podcast Real Talk With the Ms's:...


53. How to Embrace a You Do You Mentality as a Military Spouse with Sabrina

"It's not so much that I don't care what other people think...but I'm not going to care to that point that what they think of me is going to affect the way that I view myself." Sabrina Listen as Sabrina shares how she's had many rocky transitions, but it's led her to a deep appreciation for every kind of woman and military spouse. Her outlook is not only inspiring with her love for other women, but for her love for herself. She has a powerful message for all of us!


52. Life and Advocacy for EFMP with Michelle Norman

"Every bit of your advocacy for your child is worth it." Michelle Norman Michelle is a great example, not just for the special needs parents, but for all parents to fight for what their children need and deserve. Listen to the episode for not only her story of fighting for her daughter an all other military EFMPs but also her sound advice for all parents. Connect with Michelle


51.Fighting Resentment as a Military Couple with Ashley

"I don't think anyone goes into a marriage or parenthood saying 'I want to do this alone.' You get married to your partner to have a partner. And then you have children, and you want to raise them with your partner. But unfortunately this military lifestyle doesn't always allow that." Ashley from @Mutu_Strong Ashely, a seasoned military wife, shares her experience with fighting off the resentment that can easily come into our marriages. Listen as she talks about the different ways she's...


50. How Becoming a Military Spouse Almost Destroyed Their Marriage with Tiffany

"People just genuinely like to be around more positive, joyful people. It's contagious!" -Tiffany from Real Talk with the Ms's Listen as Tiffany shares of how she went from a soldier to a military spouse, the intense struggles that the shift brought into their marriage, and how she's learned to breathe positivity and life into her life. Check out Tiffany's podcast Real Talk With The Ms's:


49.Lessons Learned From Our Deployment with Austin Bowler

I finally got my husband Austin to sit down and talk about our deployment in 2019. While we know each deployment is different, we hope that the lessons we learned from what we did right, and what we didn't, will help you with all your separations! Don't forget to register for the FREE Independent Wellness Summit for Military and First Responder loved ones! General admission is FREE or use the code Warrior20 to receive a big discount on the All...


48. Simple Things You Can Do For Yourself with MJ Willis

"There's some ways that you're forced to grow and there are some ways that you can choose to grow." MJ Willis This weeks episode is with a seasoned spouse and mother, MJ, who talks about how military and mom life has shown her the importance of giving herself gifts. Not the diamond necklace kind of gifts, but the ones that really fulfill our desires.


Living Military Life Boldly with Maria Reed

“Life is difficult. Things are not going to be easy. So if you are passionate about something and you’ve had this dream, it’s sitting in your gut and it’s what you want to do… do it! DO IT. Take off the floaties, man, jump in!” Maria Reed, a seasoned military spouse talks about her experience of losing herself in mom and military life but then coming back as a powerful, go getter woman. This episode will definitely leave you with a pep in your step! Check out Moving with the...


46. The Hard Things Are Worth It with Kim Reeves

"On any given day it can be more than you can bear, but then you get to go to sleep." Kim Reeves With 5 kids, multiple deployments and law school under their belt you can tell that Kim and her husband aren't ones to shy away from hard things. Listen to Kim's episode and hear how instead of shying away from the hard they lean into it, and make the most of life.


45. Don't Do A DITY Move Right After Lasik With Mallory

"We talk so much about finding your tribe…but I just learned in PCSing so much that it’s so important, it’s equally as important, that we invite others into ours." Mallory shares her experiences with the most intense military wife dity "resume" I've ever heard of! Check out her incredibly helpful DITY moving resources on her Instagram and Blog