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The Power of Gratitude with Cote from Ammo and Grace

“When we concentrate on what we have, then we have enough. And if we concentrate on what we don’t have then we’re always lacking." - Cote from @ammoandgrace This week we have LEOW Cote share her personal and professional insights on gratitude and how it's strengthened her relationship and enhanced her life. Get her free gratitude printable here, fill them out and let us see how you are using them on Instagram! ...


Start the Year on a Simple Foot

We have some new things brewing for all of you Waiting Warriors and I'll be sharing a new tip that helped me get out of my big rut. I have a lot of fun content and giveaways starting on Instagram and Facebook. Find me here: Also have the blog so you can get podcast summaries and our top tips and helpful products for the month:


Thriving During the Holidays While Your Loved One is Away with Sandy Murphy

“We have to be very careful that we’re not building this huge emotional pitfall…you can’t do that. You can’t allow the bad of the deployment overcome the joy of Christmas.” Follow the podcast and get more helps for military and first responder loved ones on Instagram


Approaching The Waiting Warrior Life With A Positive Attitude with Bridget Middleton

“We always said ‘This is right for us at this time. And as long as we keep thriving in this lifestyle and our children keep thriving in this lifestyle, we’re going to keep doing it. And we’ll know when it’s time to stop doing it.’” -Bridget Middleton


Never Letting Their Memory Die with Britt Harris

You see it on the news, too often in my opinion: Officer so and so was killed by... 2 soliders were killed by... We take a moment of silence for the fallen, we know that there are others who will continue to put there life on the line. I don't know about you, but I can't help but think about the ones that are left behind. We take a moment to acknowledge their sacrifice, but what about the mother who will never be able to welcome her son home for Thanksgiving dinner, what about the wife who...


Creating Hope and Action in Our Lives with Sommer Tucker

"Where there’s hope, you start to have vision. And where there’s vision you start to take action." - Sommer Tucker " All of us get to pick up our pen and unapologetically write our story" - Sommer Tucker I couldn't pick just one quote, that's how good this episode is! Check Sommer Tucker out Instagram: Facebook: **Website & EMERGENCY CHECKLIST:


What To Do After Suicide with Steve Jensen

Air Force Chaplain Steve Jensen talks with us today about suicide postvention: What to do after a suicide is completed. I LOVED doing this interview and personally learned so much because we talk about suicide prevention: watch out for this, here's this hotline number, watch out for that. But what do we do when someone dies by suicide? What do I do when I know the spouse? What do I do if I don't know the spouse?


Experiencing a Loss by Suicide with Alaira Larsen Packard

"I’m not moving on. He is a part of my life. We share him with the girls every single day. I am moving forward. And that moving forward is choosing to live life despite the trial that we have had, and still have in grieving him." - Alaira Larsen Packard @picking.our.pieces For the second episode of the podcast's Suicide Prevention Awareness Series the lovely Alaira shares with us her experience when her late husband died by suicide during active Army service. I honestly don't think there's...


Suicide Prevention with Dave Wood

To start off the podcast's Suicide Prevention Awareness Series I interviewed Dave Wood, who has an extensive background in the military, psychology, and suicide, to talk to use about suicide prevention.


Preparing for Deployment with Ashley Evans

"Things are not going the way you want them to go. You’re not getting the assignment you want to get, the timeline for your move is not the way that you want it to be, it’s not what’s most convenient…All of these things are out of my control, and so me stressing about it or me getting worked up about it or not being happy about it really doesn’t serve me any purpose because it’s not in my control, it’s not something that I can change. So being upset about it doesn’t help anybody. It just...


Designing a Life That You Love with Esther Inman

“Design a life that you love and that you’re proud of and that gets you excited to wake up for everyday.” - Esther Inman Check out Esther's virtual assistant class here : Esther's website: Esther's Instagram: CONNECT WITH ME!! or leave a review for the podcast. I'd love to hear from you!


Finding Your Tribe with Yours Truly, Michelle Bowler

I hijacked the podcast and I hope you don't mind! I just wanted to hop on and share some thoughts and experiences I've had with successfully and unsuccessfully finding my tribe and thriving as a Waiting Warrior. I'd love to meet you guys! And please feel free to share and review the podcast!


Using Positive Psychology to Find Joy in the Madness with Krista Stubbs

“As Waiting Warriors we are dealing with a lot of extra stress in our lives from our spouse’s careers… so I think it makes it a lot easier when they’re gone for a long time, you’re alone or they’re working the crazy hours and it unpredictable or dangerous; To be able to find the joy in the madness” Krista Stubbs Reach Out To Krista:


Relying On Trust With Lindsey Gordon

“I’ve really had to put my faith and trust in [my husband] during some difficult times, which has really helped me support him now in his career and what he does because we’ve been through so much throughout our marriage.” -Lindsey Gordon Connect with Lindsey here:


6 Things We've Learned from 6 Years in the Army

July 13th 6 years ago Austin signed his life away so today we are sharing with you the wealth of knowledge we've gained ;) Mostly from making mistakes. Today's episode is sponsored by Bright Box! Brightbox is an easy, affordable way to brighten someone's day! You can send someone a quick pick me up without the hassle of running around. The purpose at Brightbox is to lift, love, and serve others. Brighten a day with just a few clicks from your phone sending a customized box straight to...


Esther Packard: Wife of POW during WWII

Since this week is 4th of July, I wanted to do something really special. Months ago I was trying to think of what special thing I could do and nothing seemed to be special enough. I had thought of some guest speakers who could talk about important topics, thought of doing a tribute to all of you, but then a thought came that honestly struck my heart. Why don’t you “interview” the most amazing Waiting Warrior you know of: Great Grandma Ester Packard. Now, my Great Grandma Esther past away...


Taking Care of You with Hannah Mars

"At first I felt guilty because I had this mindset that I’m their mother, I can’t just give them to anybody and expect them to watch them. That’s my job. And I realized I couldn’t even do my job if I wasn’t doing those basic self care things." - Hannah Mars


Learning Where You Fit With Stefanie Reinold

Today's interview is with Psychiatrist and Military Wife, Stefanie Reinold, MD. " No woman feels like they fit in. No mom feels like they fit in anywhere because every baby is unique and so every mom is going to be unique and every experience is just totally unique. Just own that. Just own your uniqueness, your authenticity." Check out her book Here : Podcast: Not The Typical...


Developing Patience with Mindi Holmgren

"If love is the driving force behind your actions and your thoughts and your words then you will automatically be more patient. You will yell less, you will be kinder to those around you, you will be more calm in everything you do. "


Living Every Moment With Amber Ricks

"I knew that every day he leaves the house could be the last time I see him. I know that every call he gets could be a dangerous call. But I can’t worry about the things I can’t control. I can’t worry about those things. It would tear me apart, I wouldn’t make it. So I live in the moments I have with him. Every moment. " Amber Ricks Law Enforcement Wife