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Zen Parenting is a weekly radio discussion between a spiritual and emotional mom (Cathy Adams) and a logical and practical dad (Todd Adams).

Zen Parenting is a weekly radio discussion between a spiritual and emotional mom (Cathy Adams) and a logical and practical dad (Todd Adams).
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Zen Parenting is a weekly radio discussion between a spiritual and emotional mom (Cathy Adams) and a logical and practical dad (Todd Adams).




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True Crime And Pop Culture- An Interview With International Best Selling Author Charlie Donlea

Cathy and Todd talk with International Best-Selling Author Charlie Donlea. They talk about each of his three books including his latest and greatest "Don't Believe It" They also talk pop culture, Serial, The Making Of A Murderer, baseball, and Dungeons & Dragons. Won't want to miss this one!!!!


Intersectionality- Podcast #435

Cathy and Todd discuss intersectionality, a way of describing how multiple threats of discrimination exist when an individual’s identities overlap with several minority classes — such as race, gender, age, ethnicity, health and other characteristics. They discuss why we need to recognize our differences and listen to each other so we can begin to view experiences through a broader and more inclusive lense. They share how this can affect parenting and how it can shape our world view and make...


Moms Demand Action (Part 2): A Path To Common Sense Podcast #434

Time Stamps Resources/Videos used on today's show https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sf68LZ-yagM&t=3s JOIN US TEAM ZEN- VIRTUAL COMMUNITY WITH TODD+CATHY Upcoming Events 2019 Zen Parenting Conference CLICK HERE for a list of all upcoming events


Moms Demand Action (Part 1): A Path To Common Sense Podcast #433

In part 1 of this 2 part interview- Todd and Cathy talk with Sara Knizhnik, Campaign Organizer at Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence, and Diane Lans-Kautz, Leader of the Moms Demand Action Chapter in Elmhurst. They discuss how Moms Demand Action started, how members are making a difference at the state and federal level, and why it’s a bipartisan group (that supports the 2nd amendment) that is not just for moms. They discuss legislation, other groups and individuals that are making...


How To Raise An Adult (Part 2)- Podcast #432

Todd and Cathy continue discussing Julie Lythcott-Haims’ book, How to Raise an Adult, specifically focusing on what our kids should know before they venture out on their own. They share a clip from Luvvie Ajayi’s TED Talk about the importance of speaking up, even when it’s uncomfortable, and why “keeping the peace” can keep us stuck in time. Todd shares a clip from a highly emotionally-intelligent father who understands how to reach his daughter, even while she’s under duress.


How To Raise An Adult (Part 1)- Podcast #431

Todd and Cathy discuss a practical checklist of what kids need before they go to college written by Julie Lythcott-Haims, author of How to Raise an Adult. The checklist offers intention and clarity, and recognizes that skills develop over time in a child-developmentally appropriate way. They also discuss why Todd wanted to play Cashflow for his birthday, and why financial awareness is necessary education for our kids.


I Feel Pretty- Podcast #430

Cathy and Todd discuss the Super Soul Podcast conversation between Amy Schumer and Oprah about her new movie, I Feel Pretty. They talk about trusting your intention, why emotional labor is vital to the health of the family, and why accepting yourself leads to real confidence and a deeper connection with others.


The Profound Loneliness of American Men- Podcast #429

Todd and Cathy discuss the emotional challenges of American men and why this impacts every part of our society. Their guests, Frank Naugo and Shaun Emerson, discuss why men struggle with intimacy, vulnerability, and friendship, and why anger or numbness can become a default setting. They share clips from the Hidden Brain podcast titled How American Masculinity Creates Lonely Men, and discuss how we can redefine what it means to be a man.


How To Value Each Other- Podcast #428

Todd and Cathy discuss “moral outrage” and how to use it to create positive change. They explain how society tends to value a clean and concise way of thinking, but how thinking out of the box or seeing the bigger picture can lead to greater compassion and connection. They discuss how to support a child who doesn’t want to share, why spaghetti thinking is as important as waffle thinking, and why archetypes can help us understand ourselves better.


“Better” Zen Parenting #427

Todd and Cathy welcome their friends John and Julie Duffy, hosts of the Better Podcast (formerly titled Undue Anxiety). They talk about Tony Robbins, the #MeToo movement, and why listening and respecting others is essential for real change. They discuss couplehood, family dynamics, and how we can live in joy but always leave room for the dark.


Less Show, More Soul #426

Cathy and Todd discuss how to recognize when we are showing up authentically rather than performing. They also discuss how to deal with a child who seems consistently disappointed, and why taking responsibility for our own behavior is key. Todd shares a clip about investing from Freakonomics, Cathy discusses the joy of Funko characters, and they offer some wisdom from Tommy Boy.


The 4 Types of Fear Podcast #425

Todd & Cathy Discuss the 4 different types of fears as described by Iyanla Vanzandt, Dierk's Bentley, Bruce Willis' wine cooler commercial, Eddie Murphy's single "Party All The Time", and how we've all already done the hardest thing we will ever do.


Focus Your Energy- Podcast# 424

Todd shares a story of a softball coach who proclaims "boys are stronger than girls" and what happened after that statement was made. They also discuss why focusing on too many things makes us feel overwhelmed and paralyzed, and why choosing one thing helps us take action and create real change (they share examples from MOMS Demand Action and from A Wrinkle in Time). They share how they created their women’s circle/men’s group, why we should speak up for others, and they play a new song by...


How Do I Get My Partner To….- Podcast# 423

Cathy and Todd discuss the question that they hear the most – “How can I get my partner to….” - they discuss why this question is multi-layered, messy, and not easily answered. They discuss why wanting to change others feels easier than changing ourselves, why true wisdom comes from quiet, and the life-changing advice Oprah has for all people.


3 Forces For Good- Podcast# 422

Todd and Cathy discuss Cheryl Strayed, MILCK, Mike Domitrz and all the goodness from the 2018 Zen Parenting Conference. They discuss the most frequently asked question ZPR question, the Oscars, and how we can all become forces for good.


Manifesto To End Busyness- Podcast #421

Todd and Cathy discuss The Gentle Warrior’s Manifesto to Reduce Busyness from Courtney Carver’s book, Soulful Simplicity, and they discuss a Freakonomic’s podcast titled After the Glass Ceiling, A Glass Cliff, about why only 5% of Fortune 500 companies are run by women. They share why men and women eat Doritos differently, why we need to linger longer, and why Cathy loves Lionel Richie.


Teenage Wisdom Podcast #420

Todd and Cathy discuss the Parkland tragedy, and talk about why it’s time to take action to keep our kids safe at school. They explain how we can take on all pieces of the puzzle – common sense laws, mental wellness, and community/parent/school support – rather than fight about which one matters the most. They also discuss Dr. Dan Siegel’s book Brainstorm, and process how the teenage brain works and why it’s necessary for teenagers to take risks.


Humility & Procrastination Podcast #419

Cathy and Todd discuss why we are always evolving, and share a clip from The Robcast about why humility is essential. They discuss why it’s never too late to excel at sports or other activities, why procrastination may not be such a bad thing, and why Slow TV on Netflix is so soothing.


Fault & Responsibility- Podcast #418

Todd and Cathy share some of the touching and funny Superbowl commercials, and they discuss a video of Will Smith explaining why fault and responsibility are two different things. Cathy shares some of her favorite self-compassion quotes, and they discuss why some quotes wake us up or resonate so strongly. Todd discusses his gullibility, he defends Taylor Swift, and he shares an aha from our Zen Parenting Conference keynote speaker Mike Domitrz.


Finding Strength- Podcast #417

Cathy and Todd discuss the road to wellness and why shame, judgment, anxiety, and hope all play a role. They also discuss why asking for help is so essential, and why asking for help is an act of bravery and strength. They discuss what it means to be a strength-based parent and play a clip from Lea Waters, author of The Strength Switch. Todd plays a clip from the TED Talk podcast about how people with less money actually give more to those in need, and how exposure and empathy are the keys...


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