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theOppermanian 010: Road Tripping with the Family

After a two-week hiatus, theOppermanian is back and better than ever. Joined this week by Richard Hayhoe of Beans Cafe we discuss theOppermanian’s travels over the past couple of weeks. I traveled west to San Franciso for some technical training and I got to experience first hand the adage attributed to Mark Twain, “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.” Plus had an opportunity to experience some of the local cuisines. Tweet Quote Coming home the family and I...


theOppermanian 009: The Great White Whale aka Moby Dick

This week I am joined once again by fellow father and entrepreneur, Richard Hayhoe.This week we talk about his first introduction to his grandson and the importance of generational leadership. We also talk about the newest addition to the land of Oppermania, Moby Dick. If you haven’t heard our oldest son recently crashed our minivan, so we took it as an opportunity to upgrade to a great big huge ginormous white “Church Van.” While my wife is none too please, it is growing on her, it is...


theOppermanian 008: Shaking Things Up a Bit

Today’s show is an introduction to a new semi-regular co-host of theOppermanian, Richard Heyhoe. It was the original intention of the show to be a co-hosted affair, but at launch, I had yet to find another father who was in the same place as myself. After listening to several episodes of the show, my friend Richard, who leads a tribe of eight children, asked if I’d be interested in having him on the show. Seeing as his life experience similarly matched mine, yet with enough major...


theOppermanian 007: Developing a Life Plan

How many of you have have a budget? Do you sit down at the beginning of your month and you decide I will spend $50 on Starbucks, $75 on eating out, etc? While money is imperative in this life, there is nothing more important than your time. So today we are going to talk about a thing called a life plan. In the recommended resources I link to a book called Living Forward by Michael Hyatt and Daniel Harkavy. In the book, they outline what they call life planning. The idea is simple just as...


theOppermanian 006: Father and Son, Talking with the Eldest Opperminion

On this episode of theOppermanian Show, I sit down with the eldest member of the Opperminions, Zion. As a dad who has tried to be an example to all of the Opperminions, I am so blown away with who this young man has become. In this episode, we examine some of the Zion’s background and what it meant to grow up in Oppermania. We share some of our most humorous stories of Zions young life, and I give him an opportunity to let me know how I may or may not have always been the best dad. We wrap...


theOppermanian 005: Talking about Oppermania with theOppermom

This week we are connecting with theOppermom about Oppermania and where we are as husband and wife.We cover several different topics this week including the challenges and successes of launching a family based internet media company. My wife and I have long been in business together, but this new endeavor has stretched our family for the good. We talk about some of the members of Oppermania and our desires and goals for theOpperminions. We also discuss the idea of living forward and why it...


theOppermanian 004: Talking with a Young Husband about Marriage

If you are thinking of becoming or have recently become married, this episode is for you.I talk with a young husband who is almost at the one year mark about some of the challenges and triumphs he has found in this first year. After spending 32 years as a single Jared took the plunge into marriage. If you have been married for a while, especially if you got married young you can imagine all the challenges of becoming one with someone else after spending so many years “on an island.” If you...


theOppermanian 003: A Proud Dad Turns Forty

Very few things in the life of a father mean as much as seeing his children become outstanding adults and this past week I was very fortunate to see my eldest do just that. If you are familiar with our story, there was a period that we were unsure if our son would follow in the faith of his parents, but this past week we were able to witness his baptism. Seeing that I turned forty the day after, and it was probably one of, if not the, greatest birthday present I could have received. So...


theOppermanian 002: Raising Your Grandchildren

Dad this week’s theOppermanian Show looks at what it means to raise our children’s children. Have you ever stopped to think about it, dad? How the things you are teaching your children whether on purpose or by accident are what your children will teach your grandkids? I talk about the great joy and responsibility of living out our lives before eyes and hearts that will pass those lessons on. I talk about our daughter, KreeperQuinn, and some life lessons that she was able to take away this...


theOppermanian 001: What Qualifies theOppermanian to Be a Leader?

What makes a man a leader? I once thought a leader was someone who has it all together. Someone who has all the answers. This definition was so wrong. I have learned, through the trials of life, that a leader is someone who simply understands who is further along the desired path that they want to travel, and is humble enough to follow. So they can, in turn, be followed. Thanks for joining me this week for theOppermanian Show. Today I talk about what qualifies me to be a leader. To be a...


theOppermanian 000: Christian, Father, Leader, Entertainer?

Welcome to the first ever episode of theOppermanian Show. I am so excited to launch finally. While this episode is only a few minutes long, it represents one great leap for the Oppermanians. This show is a place where fathers, husbands, and leaders of their tribes can come to be encouraged, edified and entertained! I am a Christian, a husband to the wonderful Oppermom and father to our seven crazy kiddos that we refer to as the Opperminions. This show will be for fathers, and husbands but...