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theOppermom S216: Navigating Young Love with Megan Schwartz

In a world of overcharged, under matured teenage angst, teenagers have a very small margin for success when it comes to relationships. If you have or are on your way to having a teenager who can’t wait to “date” then you need to tune into this episode. As two parents who had a lot to figure out when it came to allowing our young ones to start a relationship. Megan and I talk about what our journey looked like when our “children” came desiring to date. TODAY’S TOPICS what does the...


theOppermom S215: Healing Hearts with Camille Cates

Today we get to hear from a friend and inspiration of mine, Camille Cates. I was first introduced to Camille’s story several years ago at a woman’s conference where she spoke on the topic of abortion. In this current cultural and political climate there are few topics as volatile as this, but Camille’s spirit and personal testimony are a shining example of the love and grace of God in the midst of a messy life. At a young age, Camille was self-proclaimed, “boy crazy.” And even though she...


theOppermom Bonus Episode: Mommy Wars Women's Round Table

While there truly are battles to be fought in this life, too often we make mountains out of mole hills. Homebirth vs. Hospital birth, Homeschool vs. Public school, eating habits, clothing choices, the list goes on and on. Have you ever looked at that other mother and thought, “If she only knew what I knew she’d be doing that differently?” Maybe you have been on the other side and have the friend who, while well meaning, always has an unsolicited opinion about how you should be raising...


theOppermom S214: Beginning and Ending Your Days Well

Let’s face it not every day can be a beautiful day, even if we do all of the right things. Mom’s each day is a gift, but it is not always easy to keep in perspective. We all get up on the wrong side of the bed sometimes, we all snap in the middle of the day, we all waste those precious final moments of the day vegging out in front of the TV. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We need to remind ourselves daily of the blessings that even the bad days can be. We need to carve out that time...


theOppermom S213: S.C.U.L.P.T. Finding Power in the Word of God

Today on theOppermom I discuss the idea of S.C.U.P.L.T. with my father, Frank Zitzman. In case you haven’t heard the previous interview I did with him, talking about the loss of my brother Troy, I would encourage you to do so first to give context to this powerful acrostic. In that interview, he briefly touched on the S.C.U.L.P.T. idea and went home afterward burdened that he didn’t get to expound on the verses that lead him to remember this easy yet powerful acrostic. He asked me if it...


theOppermom S212: Living After the Loss with Frank and Sue Zitzman

On a fateful day in the summer of 2004, my parents faced the hardest thing any parent could imagine, the death of their child. In a world where there are few answers, especially to life’s toughest questions, when this life-changing event happened it was to God and His Word that my parents looked to for strength. If you have ever asked the question, “Why me God?”, then I highly encourage you to listen to today’s show as my mother and father talk about that day and how they were able to...


theOppermom S211: Finding Love in the Midst of Sorrow—The Story of the Dukes

When I decided to spend this season bringing to you stories of hope and encouragement few stuck in my mind the way Hannah Dukes’ story had. For every little girl who dreamed of one day walking the aisle to stand beside her prince charming this story is God’s answer to that dream in Hannah’s life. At the same time, it is a reminder that it isn’t about the end of the story it is about the journey that it takes to get there and how God is more interested in changing and shaping us as we go,...


theOppermom S210: Pastor's Kid Meets Ex-Convict—A Love Story

This week on theOppermom show we get to hear the rest of the story. Once again theOppermanian joins us to help me tell my story about how the Lord used the seeds that my father had sown, in James, to bring me to salvation in Christ. My husband and I talk about how the Lord used an ex-con to convert this honorary pastor’s kid. But the story doesn’t end there. Sadly, just as the Jews of old often forgot the Lord’s face, we talk about how even after a miraculous meeting and conversion sin...


theOppermom S209: To Hell and Back the Testimony of theOppermanian

Today I am delighted to have the fearless leader of Oppermania, my husband, James Opperman on the show. His testimony is a powerful one of how the can Lord completely transform a person’s life. James lived a life of crime, drugs, and alcohol that eventually landed him in the penitentiary. Thankfully the story didn’t end there. The Lord used these circumstances and placed the perfect people in his path to eventually humble him and lead him to the cross where there is lasting change. Take...


theOppermom S208: Suffering From the Desire to Self-harm Talking with Kathleen DeWitt

Today we are talking about the very sensitive topic of self-injury. We have a special guest, Kathleen DeWitt who is joining us to discuss her struggle and victory over self-injury. We hope to gain some insight as to the why’s behind the struggle, some things that you can look for if you have or think you have a child that is self-injuring. While there haven’t been extensive studies published on this topic because it is a behavior that is private a 2008 publication by the US National...


theOppermom S207: To Santa or Not to Santa? Is That the Question?

With Christmas just around the corner, theOppermom jumps into the controversial topic of “Inviting Santa into Christmas.” In some Christian circles, Santa Claus represents all that is wrong with Christmas. Focusing on materialism, and a make-believe elf who steals glory from God. On the other end of the spectrum there are those who call foul, and see Santa as an opportunity to add joy and magic to the time of year that centers on the Greatest Gift ever given. What is a parent to...


theOppermom S206: Fighting For Your Marriage an Interview with Rebecca Pierce

Today we are shaking up things a bit and reversing roles of host and subject. If you have been a listener to the show you are used to hearing Rebecca Pierce, of She’s Building Her House fame, but today we have the special treat of hearing about Rebecca. Rebecca’s show is all about helping women to build their homes up not tear them down as we are encouraged from (Proverbs 14:1). The reasons for her show and blog are because she had almost torn down her marriage by becoming cold to the...


theOppermom S205: Building Thanksgiving Memories

As the holidays approach us moms are always looking for ways to connect with and love on our families. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of and seasons of the year. As a child, I didn’t care much for history but now that I am a mother I have found this holiday to be an excellent opportunity to build memories with my family around the rich history of this holiday. Join us in this episode as we discuss several ideas to center our families around the meaning of Thanksgiving as well as...


theOppermom S204: Inspecting What You Expect—Raising Responsible Adults

Moms, we all into that trap all too often where we find ourselves just doing everything because we want it done right but in the meantime the kids are either bickering, sitting in front of a screen, or worse, walking behind us destroying everything that we have already straightened up. That is probably the most frustrating. Take heart mom; we are talking today about equipping our kids to be hard working responsible adults. We are going to discuss some practical things that you can do to...


theOppermom S203: Conquering Potty Training and Bedwetting

Moms have you ever felt that pressure to potty train? You know what I mean, the raised eyebrows in the mommy circles that quietly say you mean he/she still isn’t potty trained. Potty training can believe it or not be quite stressful especially for first-time moms. We are going to talk today about the outside pressures that you may face about when to potty train, tips, and tricks to help you, as well as the under-discussed topic of bedwetting that many children experience. and the way the...


theOppermom S202: Talking Puberty and the S-word

Today on theOppermom we will be discussing how to navigate those awkward years of “the talk.” As a mom with a grown son and a daughter who is just becoming a woman it has and continues to be one of my least favorite parts of parenting. In this show, however, I want to talk candidly to you parent to help you learn some of the victories as well as the mistakes that I have made trying to teach our children about “the facts of life.” Sex is a topic that I believe Christians have been losing...


theOppermom S201: Girl Drama—Equipping Tweens for Difficult Relationships

Today we are talking girl drama. Whether it’s elementary aged girls and little squabbles or teen girls with mean girl situations, we want to offer you some encouragement as you guide your daughters through the adventure of adolescence. From imaginary hurts to truly destructive influences the challenges of raising you ladies are real. theOppermom talks about her trials of middle and high school as well as encourages us moms to be examples of Christlikeness in our own interactions. The...


theOppermom 020: Navigating the Influence of Grandparents

In this show theOppermom touches on a potentially sensitive issue, Grandparents. You know those sweet ole’ folks who love to spoil your kids rotten. Well, today we talk about how to navigate the bumps in the road as your children spend time with those you love. We are going to speak of the four types of grandparents: GiftersPermissiveMeddlersUnreliable We are sure as you listen you will see your folks or even yourselves in these types and theOppermom gives some helpful advice for...


theOppermom 019: Developing Good Sleepy-Time Habits

This week we are talking to the Oppermom about the sleep and slumber habits of the Opperminions. Yes, we are talking bedtime routines for all ages. We are taking a glimpse into the land of Oppermania to see how theOppermom gets her crew into bed so both young and old can have restful evenings. With a family of seven theOppermom has tried a variety of methods for those early months and years for her family. Listen in as she discusses many of the pros and cons she has discovered in the...


theOppermom 018: God's Provision through 72 Index Cards

Today, the Oppermom welcomes back to the show, Geri Campbell. Geri is the founder of Back to His Heart Ministry (formerly known as in-step ministries) which is a theatrical ministry that Geri uses to bring glory to God. In episode 16, the Oppermom interviewed Geri as she shared her story of God’s redeeming power in her life as well as her heart for her ministry and her most influential production and her book called The Story of Gomer. In today’s episode, join the Oppermom as she...