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A podcast about a galaxy far, far away. Our three gentleman hosts—an artist, an author, and a historian—discuss that most elegant of movie series and franchises: "Star Wars."

A podcast about a galaxy far, far away. Our three gentleman hosts—an artist, an author, and a historian—discuss that most elegant of movie series and franchises: "Star Wars."
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A podcast about a galaxy far, far away. Our three gentleman hosts—an artist, an author, and a historian—discuss that most elegant of movie series and franchises: "Star Wars."




Ep. 038 - Star Wars Celebration 2019 - Part 1

Star Wars Celebration 2019 has come and gone, leaving behind it heaps of news, announcements, and trailers. Join our gentleman hosts for a discussion of Disney+, new releases from Final Fantasy Games, Vader Immortal, Jedi: Fallen Order, and of course, the teaser trailer for Star Wars Episode 9: The Rise of Skywalker.


Ep. 037 - Is There Good In Him?

Kylo Ren. Ben Solo. The Jedi Killer. Benjamin Swolo. The "lo" in "Reylo" and the "Kyl" in the less-widespread "Kylux." He is one of the central characters (or even, arguably, the central character) of the Star Wars sequel trilogy, and one of the most-oft debated questions of the new movies regards his fate. Join our gentleman hosts as they debate: Is Kylo Ren's story one of redemption? Is it a tragedy? Or could it even be something else? And if, by chance, you are listening to this episode...


Ep. 036 - Idiot's Array

Monday was April Fool's Day, and our gentleman hosts decided to celebrate in the most appropriate way possible: with a whole lot of unabashedly corny Star Wars "dad" jokes. That's right. Dad jokes. Inspired by the spectacular likes of All Def's "Dad Jokes" series, our hosts throw the best worst Star Wars jokes they could find at one another while trying not to laugh.


E0. 035 - Death Stars and Dewbacks

Star Wars is one of the great icons of speculative fiction and geekdom in general. Likewise, the tabletop role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons is a seminal cornerstone of gaming and nerd culture. So who wouldn't want to mash the two together? In this episode, our gentleman hosts share their versions of various beloved Star Wars characters, built with D&D mechanics. Get ready for obscure classes, ability debates, and 3.5 vs 5th edition discussion.


NN 007 - State of the Resistance: Season 1 Finale

Spring is in the air: birds are singing, blossoms are blooming, and television seasons are coming to their conclusions. In this Nerf Nugget, our gentleman host Kyler reviews the last half of season 1 of Star Wars: Resistance. Naturally, this episode contains come pretty hefty spoilers.


Ep. 034 - Battle of the Mary Sues

In your days wandering the lonely wastelands of the internet, you may have come across Star Wars fans debating whether or not Rey is a "Mary Sue." But just what is a Mary Sue? Is Rey really one? And if she is, is she the only one? Could it be, in fact, that our beloved Luke Skywalker is just as much a Mary Sue as Rey is? Sit down with our gentleman hosts to discuss potential Mary Sues among the characters of Star Wars.


Ep. 033 - From My Perspective...

Star Wars has quite a few fans (you may have met one or two). Since the very beginning, those fans have speculated about as-yet-unseen portions of the story: what was going on behind the scenes, what might have happened before, and where will the story go next? In short, fan theories. And of course, all of these theories are well-reasoned, compelling, and highly probable. We're just kidding, they're mostly horrible. And our gentleman hosts gathered together some of the worst to share with...


Ep. 032 - Heroes on Both Sides (of the Bracket, Finale)

This is it, folks. The first round has been completed, and half of our noble, scruffy-looking heroes have been eliminated. In five more rounds of ever-more-difficult debate, our gentleman hosts consider each character's noble restraint, their capacities for self-sacrifice, and their swaggery panache to bring you the final, totally official and unarguable GREATEST HERO IN ALL OF STAR WARS. And by "official," we mean "completely unofficial." And by "unarguable," we mean "we expect to see your...


Ep. 031 - #DroidLivesMatter

The characters of Star Wars come in many varieties: humans, aliens, more humans, monsters, ghosts of Jedi past, cyborgs, and of course droids. To discuss technology and characters of the artificially intelligent variety, our gentleman hosts invited their very first (non-family) guest onto the show. Good gentlelisteners, please give a hearty round of applause (yes, even though we can't hear it) to Mr. Ryan Ferrin, robotics engineer, automation engineer, and all-around awesome guy.


Ep. 030 - Heroes on Both Sides (of the Bracket, pt. 2)

Where have all the scoundrels gone and where are all the clones? Where's the spacewise Jedi knight to fight the Trade Fed. drones? Isn't there a rebel upon a tauntaun steed? Late at night we toss and we turn and we dream of what we need... That's right, folks. Our gentleman hosts are back, sounding better than ever, to discuss the second half of our heroes bracket! From Aayla to Zett (okay, Zett was in the last episode), which heroes have what it takes to save the day better than anyone...


Ep. 029 - A Gorgeous Guy Like Me

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, which means that our gentleman hosts were obligated by an obscure law to turn to the topic of romance and attraction. Joined by their wives (Carrie, Christina, and Jessica), they sat down for an intensely serious discussion about the men of Star Wars. Who is the most attractive? Who would be the best husband or father? Who would take us out on the best first date? Whose head-tentacles made our hearts go aflutter? And a special thanks goes out to our new sound...


Nerf Nugget 006 - The Tale of Darth Mus the Avaricious

Not very long ago, on a YouTube page not so far away, Star Wars Theory published a short film entitled "Vader Episode 1: Shards of the Past - A Star Wars Theory Fan-Film." You may have seen it, you may have heard good things about it. It was well-received and highly praised. Its creators went out of their way to comply with copyright law in every way. But a great evil was watching from the shadows...


Ep. 028 - So Let It Be Written

When most people think of Star Wars, they of course think first of the movies. But as most fans know, the Star Wars franchise has expanded to include so much more than that. There are television shows, video games, board games, tabletop RPGs, toys . . . and let us not forget the books. Star Wars novels and comics have been a part of the franchise since the very beginning; and we do mean the very beginning. Join our gentleman hosts as they discuss the history of Star Wars publishing over more...


Ep. 027 - Heroes on Both Sides (of the Bracket), pt. 1

Star Wars is a grand series of epic adventures full of terrifying monsters, loathsome villains, and noble, determined heroes. But which of the many heroes in Star Wars is the noblest? The most determined? The most scruffy-looking? Join our gentleman hosts as they begin their debate on who is the most heroic hero of the Star Wars franchise.


Nerf Nugget 005 - Revenge of the Chris

In Episode 13: Battle of the Bads, our gentleman hosts Ross and Kyler debated which was the worst Star Wars prequel, The Phantom Menace or Attack of the Clones. Chris, acting as judge, narrowly called the debate in favor of Episode One; but he promised to go back, watch the two prequel movies again, and return to his decision afterward. Good gentlelisteners, that day has come. Join us for the final definitive decision on which prequel movie is the worst!


Ep. 026 - Five Fantastic Games (Plus One)

You might have heard of a little company called Fantasy Flight Games; at the least, you're absolutely familiar with their work. FFG holds the license for card, miniature, and role-playing games set in the Star Wars universe. Today, our gentlemen hosts discuss the strengths and weaknesses of a few of the biggest: Destiny, Rebellion, X-Wing, Imperial Assault, Legion, and Armada.


Ep. 025 - The Chosen Ones

Unexpected, out-of-nowhere successes. Culture-permeating, generation-spanning appeal. Ever-expanding, money-generating franchises. Grand, archetypal adventures with epic battles between good and evil. Join our gentlemen hosts as they discuss two of the most beloved media phenomenons of human history: Star Wars (of course) and Harry Potter.


Nerf Nugget 004 - State of the Resistance

Star Wars: Resistance has reached the midpoint of its inaugural season. Our gentleman host Kyler gives us a rundown on the shows ups, downs, strengths, and weaknesses thus far. Then he branches out into some hopes and predictions for what may come next. Also! This: https://youtu.be/m7Pls-vYWwM


Ep. 024 - The Music Man

The time has come for our gentleman hosts to discuss the legend himself: John Williams, the composer behind the music of Star Wars. Do we really need to say anything else for you to want to listen to this episode? Oh, and to save you some time, here are links to some of the videos we mentioned in this episode: Playing at John Williams houseActual Lyrics to Duel of the Fates"Star Wars (John Williams is the Man)" by MoosebutterFallon, The Roots, Star Wars Cast MedleyLuke and Rey's Theme


Ep.023 - Oh Captain! My Captain!

Picture yourself on a ship. Perhaps it's a starship in the depths of space. It could be a grand galleon exploring uncharted waters. Or maybe it's a fantastical airship floating through the skies. Whatever the ship, it certainly has a crew. And in command of the crew is the Captain. But which captain would you want to follow? Han Solo? Kirk? Picard? Jack Sparrow? Join our gentleman hosts as they discuss the merits, flaws, and potential crew survival rate of their favorite fictional captains.