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Special - Calling Alpha Control: MIKE CLARK

CALLING ALPHA CONTROL: MIKE CLARK EPISODE SYNOPSIS: We welcome Mr. Mike Clark to Alpha Control for an exclusive interview. Mike has had a long career in television on the camera & production side of things. He also had a 15-year career as a feature writer for the classic Sci-Fi Film/TV magazine STARLOG. During his career he’s had the opportunity to interview most of the original cast members & some of the behind the scenes creators of the show, including Irwin Allen himself. As a result,...


21 - The Magic Mirror

THE MAGIC MIRROR EPISODE SYNOPSIS: Penny finds an ornate mirror abandoned in a remote area by some former space traveler. Smith also is interested in it because of the value of its solid platinum frame. During a storm the mirror is struck by a cosmic bolt and changes mysteriously. It has become the entrance to another dimension. Falling thru the mirror, Penny finds herself entrapped behind it and cannot get out. She meets a Peter Pan-like alien boy who tries to persuade her to stay there...


20 - War of the Robots

WAR OF THE ROBOTS EPISODE SYNOPSIS: Will discovers a rusty, abandoned alien robot and insists on trying to put it together again in spite of warnings from our robot that it is dangerous. He makes it work and everyone is delighted by its superior abilities. Our own robot, now considered obsolete, is completely ignored and finally it wanders away. The alien robot is secretly planning to get them all into its power and then turn them over to a “MONSTER” in outer space whom it serves. Will, who...


19 - Ghost in Space

GHOST IN SPACE EPISODE SYNOPSIS: Smith gets rid of some blasting materials by throwing them into a nearby bog. The resulting explosion causes an angry, invisible presence to materialize from the marsh that night and make its way to the Jupiter 2 where it wreaks havoc until daylight. Smith, who has been trying to call up spirits with a Ouija board, thinks the manifestation is his dead Uncle Thaddeus. Believing that his uncle needs to be placated, he persuades Will to go to the marsh with him...


18 - The Sky Pirate

THE SKY PIRATE EPISODE SYNOPSIS: Tucker, a sky pirate, makes a forced landing on the planet as his spaceship is urgently in need of repairs. Holding Will as a hostage, he bargains with the Robinson to repair his ship in order to get the boy back. Will is fascinated by Tucker and his tale of pirate adventures in space. Tucker is being pursued by a “THING” from the planet Cygnet 4, his last stopover. He doesn’t know why. The “THING” tracks him down and, to escape it, Tucker and the family...


Calling Alpha Control: RON GROSS

CALLING ALPHA CONTROL: RON GROSS EPISODE SYNOPSIS: We welcome a special guest to Alpha Control; Lost in Space artist Mr. RON GROSS. Ron is an incredibly talented & prolific graphic artist who is skilled in both traditional and digital rendering techniques. Many of his beautiful creations employ a distinctive hybrid production methodology that he personally developed. Ron's Lost in Space related works include assorted box art illustrations for both Polar Lights and Moebius Models model kits...


17 - The Keeper Part II

THE KEEPER PART II EPISODE SYNOPSIS: The Keeper furious at Smith’s meddling threatens to leave them all at the mercy of the dangerous, roaming animals unless they give him Will and Penny to add to his collection. They refuse but in spite of all their precautions, he nearly succeeds in getting the children. Finally, impressed by the courage and love that the parents show for they children and their magnanimity towards him when he is in danger, he gives up his plan and collecting his animals,...


16 - The Keeper Part 1

THE KEEPER PART 1 EPISODE SYNOPSIS: An inter-galactic collector lands on the planet with a spaceship full of strange animals. He is looking for new specimens to add to his collection. Smith, with the Robot, tries to hi-jack his spaceship, planning to escape back to earth on it. Fumbling with the controls, however, he inadvertently lets the animals out of their cages. PRODUCTION OVERVIEW-Writer: Barney Slater, Director: Sobey Martin, Producer: Jerry Briskin, Executive Producer: Irwin...


15 - Return From Outer Space

RETURN FROM OUTER SPACE EPISODE SYNOPSIS: Smith and Will find the matter-transfer unit that was used by the Taurons to travel from planet to planet via a master beam. It is in bad disrepair but still seems to be working. Will, although forbidden by his father to tinker with it, cannot resist going back again later with the Robot whom he instructs to send him to earth and recall him for hours later. The operation is successful. Will materializes in a little village in Vermont but he cannot...


14 - Attack of the Monster Plants

ATTACK OF THE MONSTER PLANTS EPISODE SYNOPSIS: Dr. Robinson and Don have found a small vein of petroleum which they have mined for fuel to blast their spaceship off the planet. Unfortunately, a cyclamen-like plant, which has the power to ingest anything it finds and duplicate an image of it, swallows a can of deutronium hidden by Smith for use as a bargaining factor in case the Robinsons plan to leave him behind. The cyclamen, nourished by this element, starts growing rapidly. It lures Judy...


Special - Calling Alpha Control: JEFF BOND

CALLING ALPHA CONTROL: JEFF BOND EPISODE SYNOPSIS: We welcome Lost in Space Music expert Mr. Jeff Bond to Alpha Control for an exclusive interview. Jeff is an accomplished Author, Music Critic & Album Producer. He’s written several books on Sci-Fi related topics including The Music of Star Trek, The Art of Star Trek: The Kelvin Timeline & his latest title The World of Orville which was published in Jan. 2018. Notably for us, Jeff along with his colleague Neil Bulk was Album Producer on the...


13 - One of Our Dogs is Missing

ONE OF OUR DOGS IS MISSING EPISODE SYNOPSIS: While the men of the expedition, except Smith, are away, the women discover the wreckage of a space vehicle. On their return to the spaceship they find an intruder has looted their food supply. Later a small, friendly dog appears… The dog is found to be the only occupant of the wrecked capsule; it had been sent up, frozen in suspended animation in an early space experiment, and became re-animated when the freezing tube broke on landing… The...


12 - The Raft

THE RAFT EPISODE SYNOPSIS: Will has come up with an idea for building a small, two-man spaceship by utilizing parts from the Jupiter 2. Everyone gets to work on the project and soon the small craft is constructed. Don is due to fly it the following morning. But that night Dr. Smith sneaks out, panning to abscond with it. He takes the Robot along to release the lines for him at the right moment, but before he can get away he is surprised by Will. While trying to convince the boy that he’s...


11 - Wish Upon a Star

WISH UPON A STAR EPISODE SYNOPSIS: Smith and Will discover a strange device which has the power to materialize an object the holder has in mind. Immediately there is great competition amongst the whole family for its services. But instead of being a blessing, it only makes the users progressively greedier. Quarrels break out as to whose turn is next and even cheating is resorted to, while necessary chores are left undone waiting for the ‘thought machine’ to do them instead. Robinson...


10 - The Sky is Falling

THE SKY IS FALLING EPISODE SYNOPSIS: Smith encounters a strange metallic object crawling toward him. It is evidently constructed for collecting data & soil samples. Everyone is interested as it must obviously have been sent by some ‘intelligent’ form of life. The next day Will comes across a humanoid boy, the same age as himself. They rapidly make friends & find they have much in common. The space boy & his parents are ‘Taurons’, who are scouting out the planet to see if it is suitable for...


Special - Calling Alpha Control: MARC CUSHMAN

CALLING ALPHA CONTROL: MARC CUSHMAN EPISODE SYNOPSIS: We welcome Mr. Marc Cushman to Alpha Control for an exclusive interview. Marc is a Writer, Producer, Director and a Saturn Award Winning Author, which he won for his definitive 3 Volume Book set ‘These Are the Voyages’ a history of the original Star Trek TV series. He is the also the Author of an equally superb 3 Volume set of Books, titled ‘Irwin Allen’s Lost in Space; an Authorized Biography of a Classic Sci-Fi Series’. MARC’S’ BIO:...


9 - The Oasis

THE OASIS EPISODE SYNOPSIS: The sources of water on the planet are drying up. The Robinsons have rigged up a water-conversion unit but it doesn’t supply enough for their needs. It becomes vital to find a new source. They set off in search & find an oasis. The water isn’t drinkable but there is a lot of fruit growing there. They bring some back with them to test if it is safe to eat. Smith sees the fruit and eats some, not knowing that it has not yet been tested. The result is that he & the...


8 - Invaders from the Fifth Dimension

Invaders From the Fifth Dimension EPISODE SYNOPSIS: A spaceship from another galaxy lands on the planet. One of its necessary computers has worn out & it cannot get back to its own star system without a replacement. A human brain will do to replace the missing part, the aliens tell Smith, who discovers them. They will take him, shrinking his body to fit into the required space. Smith terrified, offers them Will in his place, as being a better fit. He cons the boy into going along with him...


7 - My Friend Mr. Nobody

My Friend Mr. Nobody EPISODE SYNOPSIS: Penny, exploring, finds a cave in a rocky area where a curious echo sounds as if it is trying to talk to her. The echo gradually forms intelligible words & penny goes there every day to play with her mysterious, invisible friend that Maureen believes is just a child’s imaginary playmate. One day Smith discovers that the pebbles she brings back from the cave are diamonds. Greedy to get more without anyone knowing what he’s up to, he tricks Don into...


6 - Welcome Stranger

Welcome Stranger EPISODE SYNOPSIS: Jimmy Hapgood is a happy-go-lucky space traveler who has been planet-hoping for 15 years after becoming lost on a mission to Saturn. When he drops in on the Robinsons, they try to help him repair his ship’s guidance system in return for passage for their children back to Earth. Hapgood is not too keen on the idea until Penny’s bout with a wild space fungus growing from his spacecraft causes a change of heart. His sentiments are short-lived, however,...