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The Y : Ben Arzate : Bizzong! Podcast

This week on Bizzong! author Ben Arzate suffers through several mispronunciations of his name by host, Mr. Frank, to present to you fine Zongers his new book, The Story of the Y from Cabal Books. Cabal is a Thicke and Vaney book and every Zonger knows that Mr. Frank likes anything Thicke and Vaney even if it isn't Thicke and Vaney. Hit play because it's time to get both Thick and Vaney this week with Ben Arzate on Bizzong! #GiveUsTheGong


Melted : Gerald Dean Rice : Bizzong! Podcast

This week on Bizzong! Mr. Frank is joined by author Gerald Dean Rice to talk about his history in publishing, zombies and monsters and his new found enjoyment of bizarre and weird fiction. His new book, Part Time Zombie, will be out on May 21st from Melted Brain Books. Keep your Zonging eyes peeled! #GiveUsTheGong


Engine : Lucas Mangum : Bizzong! Podcast

This week on Bizzong! Gods of the Dark Web author, Lucas Mangum joins Mr. Frank to talk about the direction of his writing in the wake of the success of Gods of the Dark Web. They also discuss the future of tech horror and the buzz that was created upon the release of Gods of the Dark Web. It's time for Lucan Mangum's triumphant return to Bizzong! So sit back and... #GiveUSTheGong


Section 31 : Jeff Burk : Bizzong! Podcast

This week on Bizzong! Jeff Burk joins Mr. Frank to discuss the incident at Bizarro Con that led to his ouster from Deadite Press and all that will follow in the aftermath. Jeff discusses his plans for his new venture, Section 31 Productions. He and Mr. Frank talk about the remaining releases under his tenure at Deadite Press. And what the future of extreme horror might look like when Section 31 launches this summer. This is a super-sized episode Zongers so grab some snacks and strap in for...


Thowe : Christopher Lesko : Bizzong! Podcast

This week on Bizzong! Christopher Lesko returns to Bizzong! to chat with Mr. Frank about his new book Victim 666. We also dive into his creativity and ingenuity in creating his book covers. So get your black mass sunglasses on and press play Zongers! #GiveUsTheGong


Head : Jarod Barbee : Bizzong! Podcast

This week on Bizzong! Mr. Frank welcomes co-founder of Death's Head Press, Jarod Barbee! The duo discuss the origins of Death' Head Press, the secret to their early success and how the press envisions Bizarro Fiction. It's a fun way to peel back the layers of a successful independent press like an onion and cry tears of joy at the beauty within. Then slice you skin and bleed out all that pansy stuff because there will be none of that this week! Petal to the metal and put the lotion on its...


TeeVee : John Wayne Comunale : Bizzong! Podcast

This week on Bizzong! long time friend-of-the-show John Wayne Comunale returns to talk about his new book, AS SEEN ON TV. John Wayne pow-wows with Mr. Frank about being a workhorse, staying original and reveals what As Seen On TV products he has unopened packages of in his own house. Dust off The Clapper and get chill because it's time to... #GiveUsTheGong


Happy : Kirk Jones : Bizzong! Podcast

Class is in session Zongers! Please be seated and give your undivided attention to your professor this week, Kirk Jones, author of F*#k Happiness. Kirk schools Mr. Frank on the finer points of writing from the second person point of view, balancing writing and life and the importance of having a mentor in life and career. Kirk Jones is always infinitely interesting. He is that cool teacher you had in high school, unless you're currently in high school then he's the cool teacher you...


Clerk : Brian Asman : Bizzong! Podcast

This week on Bizzong! Mr. Frank welcomes the first of the 2019 New Bizarro Author Series writers, Brian Asman. Brain is the author of the NBAS 2019 book, I'M NOT EVEN SUPPOSED TO BE HERE TODAY. Listen in as Brian dishes on the exciting new book and gives a look behind the curtains of the NBAS process for 2019, which is a bit different from years past. So grab your Gatorade and an extra ball because it's time for you to listen to this week's episode of Bizzong! with special guest Brian...


Comics : Kevin Strange : Bizzong! Podcast

This week's episode of Bizzong! is brought to you by: I'M NOT EVEN SUPPOSED TO BE HERE TODAY by Brian Asman. Now Available! This week on Bizzong! Mr. Frank welcomes back long, lost guest Kevin Strange. Strange emerges after a long hiatus to reveal what he has been up to during his furlough from social media. He is now Comic Book Creator, Kevin Strange. We learn all about Strange's new direction and the passion that drives his project. As well as what it takes to be an indie comic book...


Prompt : Delphine Quinn : Bizzong! Podcast

This week on Bizzong! Mr. Frank is joined by the lovely Delphine Quinn, one of the exceptional contributors to the And Hell Followed Anthology from Death's Head Press. Listen in as Delphine discusses her presence in the horror genre and breaks down her writing style. Mr. Frank enjoys talking to newer authors to get a feel for their fresh processes. Delphine has a unique style and a different perspective than a lot of other writers. So have a listen to the Bizzong! interview of Delphine...


Authorpreneur : Russell Holbrook : Bizzong!

This week on Bizzong! host Mr. Frank is joined by Russell Holbrook author of the new memoir and poetry book, Heroine is the Answer. Russell opens about about his own past with addiction and how the book has helped close old wounds for him. Also, Russell Holbrook discusses his new focus on writing and the business of writing. It's time to Bizzong n' chill with Mr. Frank and Russell Holbrook, Zongers! #GiveUsTheGong


Limbs : Tim Meyer : Bizzong! Podcast

This week on Bizzong! Mr. Frank is joined by the author of LIMBS, Tim Meyer. Tim discusses working with the folks at Grindhouse, how the book came to be as well as the list of other stuff he has coming in the near future. Can a RomCom also be a horror story? Tim Meyer has the answer. Hang on to your appendages and press play because it's ZongerDay! #GiveUsTheGong


Devil Inside : Mark Cain : Bizzong! Podcast

This week on Bizzong! Mr. Frank welcomes Comedy Horror writer, Mark Cain. Mark is the author of the popular Circles In Hell series. Mark discusses the books in the series and the characters that drive the books. Also Mark offers some tips on SEO and doing the little things to get your books noticed. To round out the conversation, Mark talks about his successes with audiobooks and the importance of getting a good voice actor and the surprising ways in which audiobooks can shape your...


Detroit : BL Daniels : Bizzong! Podcast

Bizzong! returns as Mr. Frank welcomes author of Detroit 2020, BL Daniels. The interview revolves around the concept of updating existing releases. BL Daniels has just re-edited and tweaked the presentation of his collaborative balls-to-the-wall genre bending thriller, DETROIT 2020. It's a clever tactic in the day and age of digital publishing and BL lays it all on the line. So get your comically large machine guns ready, light up a dirty stogie, find a heroine that could kick your...


Laugh : Jeff Strand : Bizzong! Podcast

This week on Bizzong! Comedy Horror writer Jeff Strand joins Mr. Frank to talk about the challenges to writing horror comedies. Jeff talks about when to sell out and when to stay true to yourself. Writing to markets and comedic timing in prose. A legendary episode with a legendary writer not to be missed. Tune in and turn up Zongers. #GiveUsTheGong


Zine : Ira Rat : Bizzong! Podcast

The Zine Scene in 2019! This week on Bizzong! Mr. Frank declares 2019 the year of the Bizarro Zine Scene. It's been slowly snowballing and this year Zines have arrived in the weird world of Bizarro. Case in point is this week's guest, Ira Rat, publisher of the hot new Bizarro Zine, F'd Up Stories To Read In The Daytime. Mr. Frank talks to Ira to find out what has made the new zine a big hit. We learn about the Zine scene in Bizarro that Ira is trying to curate. In addition Mr. Frank gets...


Muscle : Charles Austin Muir : Bizzong! Podcast

This week on Bizzong! the author of CLASH Books latest release, This Is A Horror Book, Charles Austin Muir joins Mr. Frank. Listen in as Mr. Frank marvels over Charles Austin Muir's long, storied writing career, his connection to famous Hollywood film moguls and living life in a real world version of The Breakfast Club. It's not like that but it's totally like that! Dust off them free weights because it's time to get them ear holes buff this week with Charles Austin Muir on Bizzong!


Shift : Mr. Frank : Bizzong! Podcast

This week on Bizzong! Mr. Frank returns for another solo stint. There is Bizarro Con 11 talk. There is anniversary talk. There is talk about a new focus for the podcast in 2019. There is talk about recent releases for Mr. Frank. And then there are promotions for other great Project Entertainment Network Podcasts!


2018 : Mr. Frank : Bizzong! Podcast

Mr. Frank recaps the year 2018 in bizarre and weird fiction. Including an observation about the Wonderland Book of the Year awards, bizarre and weird fiction moving forward and Mr. Frank's own top 5 Bizarro Books of 2018. Hark and sing Auld Lang Syne Zongers because it's time to look back at the year 2018 and get ready to move on to a new year in bizarre and weird fiction with Bizzong! #GiveUsTheGong