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Welcome to Deep Space Pride! Mike Thurlow and Johnson Lee are two self-professed gay geeks who love to obsess over Star Trek - join us as we talk about some of our favorite episodes, revel as yet another new series is announced, and ramble on about some off topic content. And maybe once in a while, we'll simply talk about living as two gay guys in New York City.


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Welcome to Deep Space Pride! Mike Thurlow and Johnson Lee are two self-professed gay geeks who love to obsess over Star Trek - join us as we talk about some of our favorite episodes, revel as yet another new series is announced, and ramble on about some off topic content. And maybe once in a while, we'll simply talk about living as two gay guys in New York City.




105 - The One with Davey Willett from the Treksperts Quiz Podcast

On our first episode of the year, we have a special guest - Davey Willett, the host of The Treksperts Quiz podcast. Mike and Johnson were contestants on a recently released episode, and decided to return the favor by having Davey as a guest on Deep Space Pride. In addition to spending some time getting to know another Star Trek fan who's a member of the LGBTQ+ community - we chat about the 30th anniversary of Deep Space Nine and the two-part Season 1 finale of Prodigy, before we all drop by...


104 - The One Where We Recap 2022

Not quite sure how we're here already - but welcome to the end of 2022! We take a break from our regularly scheduled programming to do a quick recap of the year, which has us literally going through all the Star Trek we've watched this year. It's hard to believe that 2022 brought us 51 episodes of new Trek, but it happened! Of course, we also need to talk about what we're looking forward to in 2023. While Johnson persistently questions whether or not he'll even be able to stay alive, Mike...


103 - The One Where We Finally Find Out Where (When) Chakotay Is

Another two weeks have passed, and we inch ever closer to the end of Season 1 of Prodigy! On this episode, we chat about "Masquerade" and "Preludes" - which has us find out more about Dal's past, see Murf become chief of security, get backstories on the other characters, and finally discover the truth about when Chakotay is. Johnson theorizes that the first chunk of Season 2 will have us go on a Chakotay rescue mission - only time will tell! Before we get into the episode goodies, we talk...


102 - The One With The Story About a Chinese Massage

Our hearts are broken by more gun violence against the LGBTQIA+ family with 5 lights being prematurely extinguished by a lone gunman at Club Q in Colorado Springs. We hope you'll join us in donating to a Go Fund Me page for the survivors, victims, and families at This week, we chat about two more episodes of Prodigy - "All the World's a Stage" and "Crossroads" (and no we're not talking about the 2002 hit starring Britney Spears). From discussing TOS throwback...


101 - The One Where We Chat About Prodigy Season 1B

It's been a long time -- but Prodigy is finally back! This week, we chat about two episodes of what Johnson likes to call Season 1B - "Asylum" and "Let Sleeping Borg Lie." It's been so long Prodigy, and we've missed you! Also glad that there's more fuel for the fire when it comes to those Janeway and Chakotay shippers. In addition to these two episodes, we also give a quick update on our comings and goings, and venture into a bit of off topic cause we just can't help ourselves. Thanks for...


100 - The One Where it's the 100th Episode

It's finally here - our 100th episode! Mike and Johnson take some time to reflect on the highlights and lowlights of over a hundred hours of podcasting, what it was like to start a podcast during the pandemic, and why this podcast is special. And with all that - what are they looking forward to next? We then get into talking about three episodes of Lower Decks - Crisis Point II: Paradoxus, Trusted Sources, and The Stars at Night. We both have high praise for these three, which closes out...


099 - The One with DS9 and Peanut Hamper

A lot happens in the world of Star Trek in just two weeks! First, we chat about our New York ComiCon experience, and our thoughts on the Discovery, Prodigy, and Picard panels (which we unfortunately couldn't attend in person). Though we wish we were there, at least we still got some trailers to react to. Speaking of reactions, we also give our honest thoughts about two episodes of Lower Decks, "Hear All, Trust Nothing," and "A Mathematically Perfect Redemption." While it was awesome to see...


098 - The One With Delta Shift and Bad Rutherford

After a short break, we're back! This week, we chat about various Star Trek milestones - including the 35th anniversary of Encounter at Farpoint. Mike and Johnson chat about where they were when TNG premiered, which snowballs into a conversation about Star Trek series premieres in general. We also discuss the (not) shocking news that Star Trek 4 has been removed from Paramount's slate. We then move onto our Lower Decks discussion, which covers both "Room for Growth" and "Reflections." From...


097 - The One with the Klingon Clowns

After the deluge of news that came out of Star Trek Day, Johnson and Mike find themselves with a lack of Star Trek updates to talk about - so they lean into discussing all the current stuff they're watching, including House of the Dragon, The Rings of Power, The Expanse (technically a rewatch), and The Handmaid's Tale. This leads into a conversation about the portrayal of complex characters in TV and Movies, and whether or not Lower Decks gets much deeper than its 2D art style. We then move...


096 - The One with Bold Boimler

Another week, another flurry of Star Trek news! This time around, we have all the announcements and trailers coming out of Star Trek Day. While the event itself probably could have been better, at least we have plenty of Star Trek news to chew on, including first looks at some upcoming episodes. But when are we going to get news about a new show?! We then chat about the most recent episode of Lower Decks, "The Least Dangerous Game," which features Klingon Dungeons and Dragons, a Bold...


095 - The One Where Captain Freeman is Saved

After weeks of no new Trek, we've finally arrived at the third season of Lower Decks! Has the wait been worth it? Mike and Johnson break down the season opener, which has Mariner dealing with emotions while the rest of the Lower Deckers live out our James Cromwell fantasies. In addition to the episode discussion, there's a lot of other Star Trek to talk about - from news coming out of Vegas to a rich array of multimedia for us to consume, it's Star Trek at all places and at all times. We're...


094 - The One With Dr. Sam and Mental Health in Star Trek

While most of the gang is in Vegas for the 56-Year Mission, Mike and Johnson are stuck back in NYC - but that doesn't mean they don't have anything to talk about! This week, they have a special guest - Dr. Samuel Kim, who is an assistant professor of school psychology at the University of Denver. As a member of the LGBTQ community and a Star Trek fan, Dr. Sam brings a unique perspective to viewing Star Trek - particularly as it relates to mental health. Our discussion ranges from examining...


093 - The One Where Star Trek VI Applies to Today's World

And it's another week with no new Star Trek. To ward off impending withdrawal symptoms, Mike and Johnson decide to dip back into the past, and examine how Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country applies to our modern sentiments. Do the lessons from this 31-year Star Trek film still apply to our world today? The answer is a somewhat depressing yes. But first, we do a quick catchup on our lives, and also preview the forthcoming season of Lower Decks! What are we most looking forward to, and...


092 - The One Where We Catch Up With the News

We're finally back to recording episodes after a month off! Mike is back into the swing of things, which means we have a chance to catch up on all the news items we missed in the last month - from Nichelle Nichols' passing, to the announcements at Comic-Con. And just because we can't help ourselves, we also chat about all the other shows we're watching, from The Sandman to Paper Girls. October is also in less than two months! How did we get here?


091 - The One With Callie Wright

Mike is back from his big Asia trip, but he's still catching up with life and getting over jet lag! Fortunately, we had banked this great conversation with special guest, Callie Wright from Queersplaining and the Lambda Quadrant. We met Callie at Star Trek Mission Chicago back in April where they were part of an amazing panel about LGBTQIA+ representation in Star Trek. We talk about queer life, the DS9 episode "Prodigal Daughter", representation in Star Trek and a myriad of other topics....


090 - The One Where We Talk About Everything Else We're Watching

Star Trek is taking a slight hiatus, which means that we have to come up with other stuff to talk about! Fortunately, Mike and Johnson are connoisseurs not only of Star Trek, but of many other shows and franchises. Join us as we deep dive into all the other media content we're consuming, including but not limited to For All Mankind, Obi-Wan Kenobi, The Umbrella Academy, Westworld, and Fire Island. Be on the lookout for some minor spoilers, and perhaps join us as we go through a slight Star...


089 - The One Where We Wrap Up Strange New Worlds Season 1

Mike and Johnson are back on track this week with their episode discussions - this time, they're wrapping up the first season of Strange New Worlds! They go into lengthy discussion about "All Those Who Wander" and "A Quality of Mercy" - including the debate over a major character death, their reactions to the season finale, and some predictions for Season 2. Due to upcoming travel and vacation, Mike and Johnson are also banking some episodes that they'll be releasing through the end of...


088 - The One Where We Interview Wil Wheaton

This week we chatted with Wil Wheaton, who plays Wesley Crusher in the Star Trek Franchise. He also likes to go by "New York Times Best Selling Author Wil Wheaton!" We talk to Wil about his book Still Just A Geek, his very busy life (which includes hosting The Ready Room for Paramount+), and his love of Star Trek. Wil also opens up about his own experiences that inspired his book, and his allyship and support of the LGBTQIA+ community. We hope you all enjoy this amazing interview!


087 - The One Where Sci-Fi Meets Fantasy

Before we get into the episode this week, we have some news items to share - including an update on an upcoming episode of Deep Space Pride where we get to interview Wil Wheaton! We also touch on SNW Episode 9, "Those Who Wander" - and discuss our hot take on some big reveals while it's timely. We then dive into our discussion of "The Elysian Kingdom." Despite the episode's lack of true significance since almost everyone forgets everything by the end, we both loved how the cast relished the...


086 - The One With Captain Angel and a Sybok Reveal

Happy Pride to all our listeners! At the start of this episode, we reflect a bit on the importance of Pride, given some of our own recent experiences. Mike has also fully recovered from COVID, while Johnson has introduced his mom to more 21st Century tech. Our episode discussion this week is on "The Serene Squall," which features an amazing Jesse James Keitel as Dr. Aspen/Captain Angel. We test a different format this week by doing an episode recap, which in the spirit of Strange New Worlds...