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ep035 The Modus Operandi of a Maniac

Our adventures learn some startling facts about Telomere Venomstar, one of the world's most deadly serial killers, and how he was supposed to have been sealed away at Illithid Penitentiary. After that, the team makes their final decision on where they're going next, and leave the city of Narquelion. On their travels, they encounter a mysterious being who's happy to provide information, if the group can survive his stories!


ep034: Knocking Back a Few With an Unlikely Ally

Our adventurers gather information throughout the city of Narquelion, in an attempt to learn about Gila Swamp and the Payne Chateau. During the investigation, the team encounters a familiar looking Half Orc, and are able to learn some facts about the region, as well as confront someone who has been spying on them. Why has the Bloodbane family set their focus upon the group?


ep033 The Damp Shadow

Our adventurers begin the trek towards the city of Narquelion, after leaving the Rainbow Valley. Along the way, the group must not only contend with their curses forcing them to read pages from the Dream Journal, but they must also deal with the mysterious presence that's been following them along on their long journey. Just who is this fourth person of the team?


ep032 A Fitting End to the Twins

Our adventurers continue their battle to the death with Lucidia'Grawl, neither side relenting. While the group fights to make sure the mad Ettin is destroyed, as Grawl funnels more and more dark energy into his poor sister. The sorrowful fate of Lucidia is soon to be determined! Will the group be able to withstand the darkness of the Shadowfell, intensified by the Shard of the Black Pyramid?


ep031 Showdown at the Prismatic Palace

Our adventurers have begun their confrontation with Lucidia'Grawl, the Ettin who was corrupted by a Shard of the Black Pyramid. Early in their quest, the group encountered the two headed giant at Stoneraven Keep, where the siblings escaped into the Shadowfell. Now the battle has begun with one of their most hated foes! What chance does the team have?


ep030 Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

Our adventurers have encountered a strange mirror, sealed away within the Prismatic Palace. From within the mirror, strange voices are heard, and images cause alarm. After exploring further into the castle, the group encounters more creatures corrupted with necrotic energy. What terrifying things are sealed within the Fey citadel?


Noobs and Dragons ep029

Our adventurers continue to wander through the shining Prismatic Palace, deep within the Rainbow Valley. Necrotic energy from the Shadowfell now hangs in the air of the castle, corrupting any Fey within. As the group explores, they find an old mirror that's been sealed away, but what is it about their reflections that reminds them of the Dream Journal?


Noobs and Dragons ep028

Our adventurers are being stalked by the horrifying lunatic known as Telomere Venomstar through the Rainbow Valley in the dark of the night. After eluding the maniac, the group rushes to the Prismatic Palace, in order to investigate the source of the blight which is destroying the forest. The Warlock they escaped from mentioned Lucidia'Grawl was within the Fey castle. What kind of mysteries will they find within the labyrinth?


Noobs and Dragons ep027

Our adventurers have begun their trek into the Rainbow Valley, so that they can investigate the Prismatic Palace. With the Flumph known as Walter in tow, they journey through the woods until they encounter a stranger in the night. When conversation with the stoic Telomere Venomstar begins to become heated, and his power is revealed, what kind of nightmares will be unleashed upon the group?


Noobs and Dragons ep026

Our adventures investigate the Depths of Thornhaven, in an effort to gather their forgotten loot. After meeting back up, the group discusses where to go next, and begins making their trek to the Rainbow Valley in the north, in the hopes of saving the forest of Fey. The Prismatic Palace is home to an ancient Fey Lord, but the crystals that made the castle were mined from deep within the earth, where dark things sleep. Find out what happens next on this weeks episode of Noobs and Dragons.


Noobs and Dragons ep025

Episode 25: Our adventurers are being interrogated by Percival Steelbreeze, for the crime of murder in the city of Narquelion! Despite just saving the town, evidence has piled up against Tilly, and the group tries to figure out how to save their comrade from jail. Meanwhile, dark shadows loom up out of the Depths of Thornhaven, to strike at the city!


Noobs and Dragons ep024

Our adventures have split up, with Jandar confronting the Orcish warrior Slag Gorgathal, while Alastair and Tilly attempt to deactivate the time bomb, created by Tilly's father. As the Ranger battles to the death with the Voidthresher, the Bard and Cleric fumble with strange and archaic contraptions that could destroy the city of Narquelion! What chance do they have to survive?


Noobs and Dragons ep023

Our adventurers have learned that Glearis Galaxyrender has planted a bomb within the Depths of Thornhaven, which if detonated would end the lives most the citizens in Narquelion! As the group rushes towards the lowest levels of the secret base of the Cult of the Dark Star, they're confronted by Foul Spawn, traps, and a veteran from the Voidthresher Tribe. Will they make it time to prevent the bomb from exploding?

Noobs and Dragons ep022

Our adventures continue to search for Sir Aelg, and their inquiries lead them into the prison that lies beneath Thornhaven. Hidden within the prison is a secret entrance to the Depths of Thornhaven, where the group encounters the missing town guard, that have been transformed into Foulspawn. Deeper within the hidden lair, the team encounters their greatest of foes.


Noobs and Dragons ep019

Our adventurers have left the Shuddering Mountain, and make their way back to Narquelion, in order to investigate Sir Aelg's connection with Glearis Galaxyrender. Along the way, they meet a strange woman, who seems friendly, but the group is on high alert. As they venture forth, they encounter a huge beast that alerts them to other problems in the region. Find out what happens next on this weeks episode of Noobs and Dragons.


Noobs and Dragons ep009

Our adventurers begin to investigate the New Arkhosia Pharmaceutical Laboratory, in search of alchemical ingredients to ease the suffering of Judal Bloodbane. What secrets lie within the abandoned lab? Find out what happens next on this weeks episode of Noobs and Dragons.