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Ep075: The Concerns of Brutus Payne

After being led to the third floor of the Payne Chateau by Brutus Payne, Tilly seemingly vanishes as Alastair and Jandar investigate the enormous mansion. While Alastair tries to rationalize the dread of what he's seeing, Jandar attempts to interrogate Brutus Payne, who strangely seems worried about the Ranger. Just what is going on at the Payne Chateau to cause all these horrible visions? Where has Tilly vanished to? Just what will tomorrow's plans bring the heroes?


Ep074: Sojourn at the Payne Chateau

Finding themselves at the mansion where Brutus Payne once murdered his family and staff, the group investigates the grounds of the Payne Chateau, unsure where their belongings are, or where anyone else could be. The gigantic home seems to be in immaculate condition, but who has been keeping the building in good shape? As the team sees horrifying visions throughout the place, will their sanity remain intact? Or will the Payne Chateau drive them mad, as it did Brutus Payne?


Ep073: Return to the Payne Chateau

After escaping from Illithid Penitentiary, the group uses a teleport spell to go back to the Midori School of Magic in Narquelion, where they find Albis B. Tinker has nothing but free time, and Professor VonDrakovitch is working on new projects that he can show off to the Bloodbane Family. Offering Tilly's father something to do while they leave town, the group begins heading to the remnants of the Payne Chateau, but what awaits them at the site where the terrifying mansion once stood?


Ep072: The Tunnel to Illithid Penitentiary

As the group gathers gear and investigates the remains of the Withered Branch Inn, the team speaks with their friends and comrades in the city of Narquelion, and realize that they're not alone in this dangerous world. With their friends backing them up and preparing for the final confrontation, the three heroes decide that they should prevent Glearis Galaxyrender from having backups for his plan, and first decide to investigate the prison underneath the Shuddering Mountain!


Ep071: Cobbling Together Hope

Watching the Withered Branch Inn burn to the ground, Alastair, Jandar and Tilly have experienced absolute despair, knowing that Glearis Galaxyrender is close to realizing his dreams, with the help of the utterly powerful Sotheby Crux and Telomere Venomstar. Knowing that their benefactor Enja Everwinter is now being manipulated by them makes it sting all the worse, but there is a glimmer of hope! Professor VonDrakovitch and Albis B. Tinker reveal that the Lunisolar Cannon is close to being...


Ep070: Advent of Calamity

After an explosion brought the group to the Withered Branch Inn, the three of them were confronted by the worst possible scenario! Standing before them are two of the five Supernovas, Telomere Venomstar and Sotheby Crux, along with their master: Glearis Galaxyrender!! Mocking the group with his grand schemes, the leader of the Cult of the Dark Star has a twisted secret to reveal to the team, which will change the fate of the entire world!


Ep069: Showdown at the Red Leaf Brewery

While Alastair and Tilly wake and discuss what to do with the eccentric inventors in the basement of the Midori School of Magic, Jandar is at his local tavern, staring down a fellow Wood Elf! While Jandar proves himself to the confident archer, and his friends begin preparations for their final battle with the Cult of the Dark Star, a terrible shadow looms over Narquelion! What dreadful plans do their foes have in store for them and the city?


Ep068 Majorita's Last Dance

Our adventurers have begun to battle against Majorita Canisahn, one of the Five Supernovas, who replaced Amelia Sunflower when Alastair altered the past! Majorita has transformed into a horrifying aberrant abomination, and seeks to annihilate Alastair, Jandar, Tilly and their friend Amelia! What tricks does this Warlock possess when her back is against the wall, and she's all out of moves? Will the group be able to defeat one of the five most powerful members of the Cult of the Dark Star?


Ep067: The Supernova Paradox

Our adventurers are in trouble at Lockwood Stables! While Alastair remains trapped in the past, even after saving Amelia Sunflower as a child, Jandar and Tilly are being attacked by a seemingly endless supply of disgusting horse-like aberrations! While his friends battle to the death, what will Alastair find out about his own history, as he's forced to watch the terrible moment when he and his family were attacked at Lockwood Manor?


Ep066: Out of Time

Our adventurers have been separated from each other! While Jandar and Tilly hunt down their Bard, Alastair has been brought before Amelia Sunflower, the Halfling woman they met at the beginning of their journey! While Alastair tries to reason with her, Amelia seems stricken with madness and spite over the hard life she had to live, which she blames on the Lockwood family! When Alastair is cursed to relive her sorrowful past, who is it that will step forth from the void to help him?


Ep065 The Blood in the Barn

Our adventurers have arrived at Lockwood Stables, where they've encountered horse-like aberrations which urge the group to ride them! As the group's sanity slips away in this alien place, the group finds a barn with a strange pool of blood on the ground and eerie forms on the ceiling. Just what are these things they're finding, and why was this place chosen as a base of operations for these foul beings from beyond time and space?


Ep064 The Writhing of Sprinkles

Our adventurers have left Narquelion and begun to travel towards Lockwood Stables, where Mawenzi Freedompeak has warned that his men have investigated and come back warped. As the group travels towards a place no doubt connected to Alastair, the team finds strange and mutated creatures patrolling the area, and lurking above them is a horrifying monster from their darkest nightmares! What terrifying beasts lurk within Lockwood Stables?


Ep063 A Brief Respite Before A Plunge Into Terror

Our adventurers have defeated one of the Five Supernovas with the help of their friend Gorn, and have finally defeated Jandar's archenemies: the Voidthresher Tribe! After leaving Thundertusk Cove, the team is able to relax at the Red Leaf Brewery before heading to Lockwood Stables. The group was able to divine some information on the strange place, and the trio sets off for the old place with heavy hearts.


Ep062 A Heart Not Filled With Hate

Our adventurers have begun to do battle with one of the Five Supernovas, Groon Voidthresher! The long lost brother of Gorn has revealed himself to be Gor'gron Voidthresher, the father of Gorn and Groon who has the ability to take over the bodies of those who slay him, so long as they have hate in their hearts. Long ago, Groon lost himself to the dark power of the Supervova when he struck down his abusive father, and now the Warlock seeks to gain Jandar's body! With the group feeling naught...


Ep061 The Return of the Brother

Our adventurers have made their way through Thundertusk Cove, and now stand before the leader of the Voidthresher Tribe, which has brought nothing but agony to the region! With an old friend in desperate trouble, the group splits up to take down the Warlock and to save their comrade. As Jandar confronts his most hated foe, just want kind of power does the shadowy Warlock who worships The Hate's Heart possess?


Ep060 Delving Into Thundertusk Cove

Our adventurers have learned that the leader of the Voidthresher Tribe has connections with a Lord of Madness known as Gleh Crin, the Hate's Heart! As the team continues exploring the cavern near the beach, they encounter even more of the Orcs from the tribe that Jandar has sworn to destroy. The group will need to be wary, since there are many enemies and traps within the dungeon, along with the leader of their foes!


Ep059: Poison Dripping With The Void

Our adventurers do battle with an Orc from the Voidthresher Tribe on the beaches far to the north of Narquelion. After defeating their foe, the group searches around and finds Thundertusk Cove, which has been taken over by the sworn enemies of Jandar! Within the cavern, powerful Orcs that wield weapons made of shadow stand guard, ready to lay their lives on the line for their tribe and the Cult of the Dark Star.


Ep058 Aberrant Shadows in the Night

Our adventurers travel to the north, so that they can investigate Thundertusk Cove, where they've heard Orcs have been spotted. On the first night of their journey however, a dreadful shadow looms across their camp, and Alastair is forced to confront Illonac the Teeth of Gnashing Desire! What horrifying things does this Lord of Madness have to announce to Lord Lockwood?


Ep057 The Out of Practice Alumnus

Our adventurers have just seen a new project that Professor VonDrakovitch has been working on, when they hear a knock at the door to the Midori School of Magic. A traveler from far away has come looking for Gada Davida, but only bad news awaits the stranger. As the group learns about the former student, they also make preparations to head to the north, where Thundertusk Cove awaits them.


Ep056: Vile Bargains

Our adventurers are in the Nine Hells of Iled, awaiting a trial which will call upon them to be witnesses against their former nemesis Lucidia'Grawl! Before court begins though, Zaulomon the Wretched wishes to bargain with the team, in the hopes of gaining their favor, so he can win the trial against Ester Moonflower. Will the entire group forge Faustian covenants with the dreadful Warlock, and is the price they'll pay worth it?