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Ravin' Girls Episode 30: BRB, Getting Dragons

Welcome to Season 2 Episode 30, where we cover Chapters 60 through the Epilogue of The Dream Thieves! Two dreamers. Two monsters. Two brothers. Two battles. One. Epic. PARTY!!! This is it! The final episode of Season Two! Buckle in and strap your helmet on, it’s going to be a bumpy ride. The final showdown between Kavinsky and Ronan. The final showdown between The Gray Man and his brother. A little bro is rescued, and a mom disappears. There are tears. And excitement. And dragons! We lament...


Ravin' Girls Episode 29: Death Waffles

Welcome to Season 2 Episode 29, where we cover Chapters 54-59 of The Dream Thieves! Ronan and the Gray Man finally meet face-to-face and it goes about as well as one might expect--possibly better, even. Persephone and Adam frantically fix the ley line as the 4th of July looms large in the sky. Why must they hurry? Seems like someone’s favorite baby brother may have been teen-napped… some guys really do just blow right past flowers and chocolate to cars and threats, don’t they? We discuss how...


Ravin' Girls Episode 28: Never Come Alone

Welcome to Season 2 Episode 28, where we cover Chapters 50-53 of The Dream Thieves! It’s Adam’s turn for learning about his life-altering mystical experience, while Blue and Gansey go out for a totally-not-romantic-let’s-never-talk-about-this drive through the Henrietta hills. Ronan has a chat with his (dead? dream?) dad, and the Gray Man gets some bad family news of his own. We compare our favorite pies and favorite paintings, Shannon covets the Lisa Frank tarot deck, and Nievita drops some...


Ravin' Girls Episode 27: Circular Chicken

Welcome to Season 2 Episode 27, where we cover Chapters 44-49 of The Dream Thieves! So much angst, practically every character hits bottom. That means the only thing left is up, right? Nievita tells basically everyone except Kavinsky to eff off, and Shannon calls Greenmantle a b*tthole which is basically the same thing. We talk symbolism in Feng Shui and Japanese buffets, and disagree on the extent that K is responsible for Cabeswater’s disappearance. There are some tears--but possibly not...


Ravin' Girls Special Episode: Call Down the Hawk

Welcome to the Call Down The Hawk Special Episode!!! Where we cover the excerpt released by Scholastic, Prologue-Chapter 8. So many new characters! So many new things to be worried about! SO MUCH EXCITEMENT! Find out what Shannon would have called the black market, what 90’s British cartoon Nievita thinks might be related to dreamers, the possible meaning behind the new dream-forest’s name, and what we found most shocking and satisfying about the excerpt. We answer (or ramble) some listener...


Ravin' Girls Episode 26: Tiny Irish Flag

Welcome to Season 2 Episode 26, where we cover Chapters 40-43 of The Dream Thieves! Gansey gets disturbing texts from Ronan’s phone, Adam has gone missing, and Ronan and Kavinsky are out having a Dagobah moment. We tackle (no pun intended) the Great Dick Pic Controversy, and question how many times Shannon read through the books before she thought Ronan was “okay”. We find out what autocorrect has decided Glendower’s poet should be named, and talk about a disturbing number of bodies stuffed...


Ravin' Girls Episode 25: The Sweet Spot

Welcome to Season 2 Episode 25, where we cover Chapters 34-39 of The Dream Thieves! Ronan puts the dreamed Camaro keys to the test by seeking some street racing Zen with Joseph Kavinsky, but gets a collision of epic proportions instead. Meanwhile a different, but no less destructive, type of collision is happening at the Gansey mansion between Adam and RCG3. Looks like lots of things are going to end up broken tonight! We also talk about the fastest cars we’ve ever driven, how street racing...


Ravin' Girls Episode 24: Dangerously Hipster Tendencies

Welcome to Season 2 Episode 24, where we cover Chapters 31-33 of The Dream Thieves! The Dad-friend leaves town for a party and everyone goes crazy! Ronan uses his dream-keys to start the Pig and illegally takes Matthew back to their childhood home, Blue and Noah poke into all the crevices of Monmouth and get frisky on Gansey’s bed, and meanwhile the only bright spot for Adam and Gansey is an old guy talking about pigeons. Shannon talks about the car she wishes she could take out of her...


Ravin' Girls Episode 23: All of the "A's"

Welcome to Season 2 Episode 23, where we cover Chapters 27-30 of The Dream Thieves! Everyone’s on fire at Kavinsky’s substance party, including the Mitsubishi! Ronan and Gansey visit another king’s kingdom, Maura and the Gray Man go on a date where Maura steals yet another piece of his property, and Ronan has a very, very symbolic dream. We also agree that the 80’s were a weird time, Shannon discusses the legality of fireworks, Nievita points out the most unbelievable part of the whole book,...


Ravin' Girls Episode 22: The Kinks Are Always A Problem

Welcome to Season 2 Episode 22, where we cover Chapters 23-26 of The Dream Thieves! The Gray Man breaks into Monmouth while flirting with Maura, the Gangsey and Orla make a sweaty and frustrating boat trip to discover some enigmatic clues, and Blue meets her mom’s new suitor while rehearsing The Little Mermaid with Noah. We talk about the Gray Man’s life motto, who has the cutest pet names (spoiler: it’s Mr. Gray’s rental car), and if we would rather live at 300 Fox Way or The Barns. Shannon...


Ravin' Girls Episode 21: The Devil's Junk

Welcome to Season 2 Episode 21, where we cover Chapters 19-22 of The Dream Thieves! The Gangsey make an illegal trip to Ronan’s childhood home to get rid of yet another body. Ronan apparently dislikes light fixtures and psychics but loves his baby brother. Shannon connects the origins of some Sleeping Beauty stories to our good pal Geoffrey of Monmouth and reveals that she has a list of people she would bury a body for. Nievita admits to her childhood career aspirations and favorite Disney...


Ravin' Girls Episode 20: Silent Hill Flashbacks

Welcome to Season 2 Episode 20, where we cover Chapters 15-18 of The Dream Thieves! The Gangsey head back to visit their mystical talking tree friends for the first time since Adam made his bargain, but what’s this? A whole forest is gone! The Pig once again breaks down in a plot-convenient way, and Ronan has terrible dreams… some of which escape his head. We talk about what a drama queen Ronan can be, how Gansey can apparently use a smooth pick-up line on everyone except Blue, the parallels...


Ravin' Girls: A Very Special Announcement!

Welcome to a very exciting announcement that we've all been waiting for! The first book of Maggie Stiefavter's new Dreamer Trilogy, Call Down The Hawk, will be released on November 5th, 2019. WHOOHOO!


Ravin' Girls Episode 19: 50 Shades of Mr. Gray

Welcome to Season 2 Episode 19, where we cover Chapters 12-14 of The Dream Thieves! This time around we discuss the possibility of dream creature cryptids, death cooties, what car Nievita used to race, and Shannon’s fancast for Mr. Gray. Find out which one of us likes plain yogurt and who thinks the fruit is the best part. We tease Blue a lot for being inadvertently gushy over one Richard Campbell Gansey III. And we answer a listener question about our feelings regarding unusual ‘ships for...


Ravin' Girls Episode 18: Turkey Cordon Dieu

Welcome to Season 2 Episode 18, where we cover Chapters 8-11 of The Dream Thieves! We discover that Nievita has a strange attraction to a particular body part, that Shannon was blindsided by the Pynch first kiss, and we ask our listeners how they pronounce “Niall”. Find out how the tradition of running moonshine relates to Ronan’s favorite hobby. Find out how Blue got her name, and what folklore tradition Nievita thinks is tied to 300 Fox Way. And your Ravin’ Girls hosts finally reveal their...


Ravin' Girls Episode 17: Cream Puff Soul

Welcome to Season 2 Episode 17, where we cover the Chaps. 4-7 of The Dream Thieves! Join us as we talk about the Thunderdome that is academia, and have an Anglo Saxon party. Nievita, always our timeline sleuth, has figured out the date Niall Lynch was killed. Shannon takes fashion tips from Orla. Also, we discuss whether hitmen and prep-school students are more susceptible to propaganda than the rest of us. DEEP DIVE: A Brief History of the Anglo-Saxons in Britain (from approx. the 14:03...


Ravin' Girls Episode 16: Dewey Decimal Ogre

Is it finally here? Is this actually real?! Is it happening, or are we just DREAMING? Welcome to Season 2 Episode 16, where we cover the Prologue-Chap.3 of The Dream Thieves! We are indeed BACK with our first episode covering the second book of The Raven Cycle, The Dream Thieves! Join us as we introduce our favorite hit man, talk about the fairytale-esque stories of the Lynch family, Nievita reveals that she has discovered the birthdate of Niall Lynch, Shannon reveals that she shares one of...


Ravin' Girls Special Episode: The Scorpio Races

Episode Summary: We usually promise no Grey Man violence, but today is the first day of November, and so today someone will die. That’s right, this special episode has carnivorous horses, red ribbons, and... baking? It’s The Ravin’ Girls cover the Scorpio Races! Hear our headcanon for Sean. Find out why Shannon is fired. Learn about Katamari Kelpies. Also, Shannon revels in being a Scorpio, we talk (a lot) about Water Horse myths, and The Ravin’ Girls make (and eat) their first November...


Ravin' Girls Mailbag Ep.1: Crapalanche

Episode Summary: We’re back! Kinda. Join us while we go through some Listener Submitted Questions (could it be one of yours?) in our first, and hopefully only, Mailbag Episode! Stick around for a ton of bloopers and outtakes; a thank you to the fans than have been so wonderful while we’ve been away. Find our complete shownotes on WordPress: https://ravingirls.wordpress.com Past Episode Guide: https://ravingirls.tumblr.com/episodes The Raven Cycle and all affiliated properties (The Raven...


Ravin' Girls S2 Teaser: 4th of July

Episode Summary: Fireworks! Car crashes! Nightmare fire dragons! It’s Kavinsky’s 4th of July party, and you’re all invited! Are you coming? Are you!?! Just a little teaser reintroducing your co-hosts Shannon and Nievita, what the Ravin’ Girls podcast is all about, and when we expect to return with the first episode of Season2: The Dream Thieves. And did we get a very reluctant confession from Shannon? Listen to the stinger to find out! Find our complete shownotes on WordPress:...