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Ravin' Girls Episode 16: Dewey Decimal Ogre

Is it finally here? Is this actually real?! Is it happening, or are we just DREAMING? Welcome to Season 2 Episode 16, where we cover the Prologue-Chap.3 of The Dream Thieves! We are indeed BACK with our first episode covering the second book of The Raven Cycle, The Dream Thieves! Join us as we introduce our favorite hit man, talk about the fairytale-esque stories of the Lynch family, Nievita reveals that she has discovered the birthdate of Niall Lynch, Shannon reveals that she shares one...


Ravin' Girls Special Episode: The Scorpio Races

Episode Summary: We usually promise no Grey Man violence, but today is the first day of November, and so today someone will die. That’s right, this special episode has carnivorous horses, red ribbons, and... baking? It’s The Ravin’ Girls cover the Scorpio Races! Hear our headcanon for Sean. Find out why Shannon is fired. Learn about Katamari Kelpies. Also, Shannon revels in being a Scorpio, we talk (a lot) about Water Horse myths, and The Ravin’ Girls make (and eat) their first November...


Ravin' Girls Mailbag Ep.1: Crapalanche

Episode Summary: We’re back! Kinda. Join us while we go through some Listener Submitted Questions (could it be one of yours?) in our first, and hopefully only, Mailbag Episode! Stick around for a ton of bloopers and outtakes; a thank you to the fans than have been so wonderful while we’ve been away. Find our complete shownotes on WordPress: https://ravingirls.wordpress.com Past Episode Guide: https://ravingirls.tumblr.com/episodes The Raven Cycle and all affiliated properties (The Raven...


Ravin' Girls S2 Teaser: 4th of July

Episode Summary: Fireworks! Car crashes! Nightmare fire dragons! It’s Kavinsky’s 4th of July party, and you’re all invited! Are you coming? Are you!?! Just a little teaser reintroducing your co-hosts Shannon and Nievita, what the Ravin’ Girls podcast is all about, and when we expect to return with the first episode of Season2: The Dream Thieves. And did we get a very reluctant confession from Shannon? Listen to the stinger to find out! Find our complete shownotes on WordPress:...


Ravin' Girls Episode 15: Full (Ritual) Circle

Episode Summary: Welcome to Episode 15, where we cover Chapters 44-48 of The Raven Boys! Here we are, at the end of the first book of the Raven Cycle and the end of our first season of The Ravin’ Girls! Join us as the earth shakes, bad guys quake, animals stampede and visions take heed. Adam makes his sacrifice and gains a leafy new best friend and Ronan admits that Chainsaw is a cliffhanger ending--leading us directly into Season 2: The Dream Thieves. Oh, and Shannon drops a piece of...


Ravin' Girls Episode 14: Guacamole Love

Welcome to Episode 14, where we cover Chapters 39-43 of The Raven Boys! We are just one episode away from the end of Season 1 and wrapping up the first book of the Raven Cycle. It’s been a lot of laughs and tears so far, and just like these chapters we are winding up to go out with a stampede! Or, well, something like that. Shannon drops some Transformers trivia and calls Nievita out on her taste in men; Nievita makes a Rick Riordan joke and questions whether Punxsutawney Phil is actually...


Ravin' Girls Episode 13: Triskaidekaphobia

Welcome to Episode 13, where we cover Chapters 36-38 of The Raven Boys! While 13 is generally one of Nievita’s favorite numbers, this episode feels very unlucky indeed. We take a dark ride through the confrontation between Adam and Robert Parrish and the immediate aftermath--and while we do cry, it’s possibly not as much as we thought we would. We tackle some pretty heavy topics such as the responsibility of Adam’s mom, Ronan’s expression of his pain and frustration, the protection that...


Ravin' Girls Episode 12: The Great Butternut Caper

Welcome to Episode 12, where we cover Chapters 33-35 of The Raven Boys! In this episode, we ponder the deepest of all philosophical questions: whether or not Gansey might be seeing alternate timelines, what the bathing habits of wizards truly are, what “butternut” is actually a euphemism for, and the hotly-contested eternal debate between, “The Pig is magic,” vs. “The Pig is just a piece of crap”. And, Lovely Listeners, this time around be happy that podcasting is not a fully sensory...


Ravin' Girls Episode 11: Glendower in the Back

Welcome to Episode 11, where we cover Chapters 30-32 of The Raven Boys! Both Shannon and Nievita bring the salt this episode! We get into some mild dragging of Dick Gansey the Second, Neeve continues to be a terrible human, we reject the canon of Noah’s shoes, Shannon holds the line as Blue Sargent Defense Squad, and Nievita is just the worst at pronouncing names and doing accents. You’d think by now she’d learn! Note: Shannon only almost caused the car to crash because Nievita put her ice...


Ravin' Girls Episode 10: I Noah Guy

Welcome to Episode 10, where we cover Chapters 27-29 of The Raven Boys! Nievita and Shannon wander deep into the world of Ghost Stories as one of the biggest twists of the series is revealed! No, wait, it was revealed in Episode 2... our bad. We debate whether Calla is a fan of German Expressionism, where Gansey might keep his mint leaves, who is the bigger fashion disaster between Gansey and Blue, whether or not Bluesey is a “Puzzle Couple”, and somehow Nievita makes way too many D&D...


Ravin Girls Special Episode: Opal

Welcome to our Opal Special Episode, covering the short story released with the paperback edition of The Raven King! There’s a lot packed into 38 short pages, and both Shannon and Nievita have a lot of feels (ALL THE FEELS!) and a lot to say. Nievita loves little old (Cloud) ladies brazenly reading trashy romance novels (to be fair, Shannon does, too). Shannon thinks Opal needs to be introduced to Mr. Rogers (to be fair, Nievita was unfamiliar with the episode in question). They both agree...


Ravin' Girls Episode 9: Arbores Loqui Crappy Latine

Welcome to Episode 9, where we cover Chapters 25-26 of The Raven Boys! A lot of language discussion in this one, which is terrible because neither of us speak Latin! (Please forgive Nievita’s terrible pronunciation.) The gang heads back to the mysterious wood, where they discover that Future-Ronan has left them a message on a rock: The Trees Speak (Really Crappy) Latin. Time travel! Mysterious entities! Puking ghosts! Real talk! And stick around to experience to the Ultimate MVC Rumble,...


Ravin' Girls Episode 8: Babes in the Wood

Welcome to Episode 8, where we cover Chapters 23-24 of The Raven Boys! Finally, Cabeswater! We start to feel like Maggie might be smacking us upside the head with all of the foreshadowing in this chapter, because basically the whole plot of the Raven Cycle is laid out here. Gansey shoots finger guns, Ronan claims his territory, Adam is the resident Smart Guy, and Blue finds herself inside of a tree for the first time. Physics are 100% solid in this series, Shannon walks us through the ins...


Ravin' Girls Ep. 7: Poor Sweet N00b

Welcome to Episode 7, where we cover Chapters 19-22 of The Raven Boys! Finally, it’s the episode where we get the band together! Adam finally contacts Blue (three whole days later!) by way of an apology carnation, there is an exhibition of Ronan’s dubious grasp on physics, and the Gangsey goes exploring in a highly convenient plot-icopter. Nievita does her best (absolute worst) Schwarzenegger impression, it is revealed that Nievita and Shannon went to middle school with the exact same...


Ravin' Girls Ep.6: Midnight Magic

Welcome to Episode 6, where we cover Chapters 16-18 of The Raven Boys! I think someone slipped us the giggle juice this time around! We lose our collective minds about the subject of Paul Bunyan’s beard, debate whether baby birds are cute or ugly, give some solid advice on what to do if something tells you it can “smell you” (hint: RUN!), and Shannon makes what might be the nerdiest joke this podcast has ever seen. And that’s saying a lot. Find our complete shownotes on WordPress:...


Ravin' Girls Special Episode: Henrietta Holidays

Welcome to our Holiday Special Episode, where we talk about the Raven Cycle prequel holiday short stories! We cover the two Raven Cycle holiday short stories, both set before the beginning of The Raven Boys, that focus on 300 Fox Way and Monmouth Manufacturing--and basically every tradition we could possibly glean as being referenced. After approx. timestamp 31:51--depending on your player-- we talk about our own personal holiday traditions, both growing up and how we celebrate now. Find...


Ravin' Girls Ep. 5: Foxy Ladies

Welcome to Episode 5, where we cover Chapter 15 of The Raven Boys! We Talk Tarot (a LOT of tarot) with the chapter that brings the Gangsey and 300 Fox Way together for the first time. Nievita thinks 300 Fox Way is named after a particular spooky trio, Shannon drops some Harry Potter references-- and will we ever discover the answer to the BIGGEST MYSTERY in the Raven Cycle? All this and (oh my gosh so much) more! Find our complete shownotes on WordPress: https://ravingirls.wordpress.com...


Ravin' Girls Ep.4: No Object Permanence

Welcome to Episode 4, where we cover Chapters 12-14 of The Raven Boys! So, who’s a socially awkward shitbird? Well, all of the characters, really, but Whelk in particular. In this episode we discuss Ronan and Gansey as old marrieds, Whelk being a genuinely distasteful human, how no one in the town of Henrietta seems to possess object permanence, and how sometimes your first instincts to help a situation are the wrong ones. Find our complete shownotes on WordPress:...


Ravin' Girls Ep.3: Sleepless in Henrietta

Does anyone ever sleep in this town? In this episode, we cover three chapters that happen deep in the middle of the Henrietta night. We discover what Shannon finds spooky but Nievita loves, what the original draft versions of Gansey and Blue were like, how the Fae and corpse roads are intertwined, whether spelunking is really more dangerous than motorcycle racing, and Nievita’s headcanon for Gansey’s journal (it involves unicorns.)


Ravin' Girls SpecialEp: All The Crooked Saints

Ravin’ Girls Special Episode: All The Crooked Saints Episode Summary: Shannon and Nievita sit down and review Maggie Stiefvater’s new release, All The Crooked Saints! Join us for an informal discussion of saints, family, darkness, symbolism, metaphors, music, love, and how sometimes prose just begs to be read out loud. NOTE: Spoiler section begins AFTER the sign-off at timestamp 46:20 (approx. depending on your player) so stick around for the second portion if you’ve already read ATCS, OR...