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A podcaster collaboration creating short form audio drama with a real play style show playing Fiasco.

A podcaster collaboration creating short form audio drama with a real play style show playing Fiasco.
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A podcaster collaboration creating short form audio drama with a real play style show playing Fiasco.




Rolling Dem Crossbones - Act 01

Captain Nobeard, recently marooned on a derelict ship with his spectral friend Owen, ends up being rescued. Unfortunately, their savior? Captain Rye, the leader of the mutiny that put Nobeard on that derelict ship. After Nobeard agrees to legally give the ship to Rye, the crew joins up and Owen quickly realizes that nobody else can see him. Except for the sole other crew member, Edwin. All should be fine, after the crew docks and goes their separate ways, but that's not the pirate way....


Cloning Around - Act 04

After realizing that they weren't dealing with the real Jean, Chester and TB find themselves in the middle of a trap at the HPD. After a valiant attempt, the two were locked up, awaiting their untimely deaths. Can the real Jean break his friends out while he is stuck with, the once thought dead, Violet Killer? Find out as we wrap up our sequel story arc. Playset: Alpha Complex - Check out the game Fiasco by Bully Pulpit Games Royalty Free...


Cloning Around - Act 03

Two years after the events of Cloning Around Act 01 and 02, we find out that Chester has taken the fall for the Violet Killer's past crimes and is currently in prison. Meanwhile, Lt. Tacobell has been hiding away in an underground bunker, content with putting the past behind them. But after a prison break, and guilt trip by a familiar one eyed clone boy, the crew is brought back together as Jean has found a terrible secret about the cloning process and needs to put a stop to it before...


Cloning Around - Remastered (Act 01 and Act 02)

This is a remastered version of our original story arc that kicked off Rolling Misadventures. We wanted to make sure that we had a version of this story, updated to our current style of tabletop meets audio drama, before kicking off the sequel episodes. In a future where technological advancements have allowed us to create clones, Chester and Lt. Tacobell happen to get their hands on a rogue cloneboy that has escaped the facility. They could try to hide him and allow him to live a normal...


Magical Dice Girls

High School is so boring. There's the popular girl thats always bullying you, the crush that won't even recognize you, and a nondescript pen that you may have taken from that crush (which everyone seems to want for some reason). How could a pen be so important? Well when your school is set in a world straight out of an anime, you can't be sure that everything is so mundane. Guests: Amy More and Tom Laird from Dumbgeons and Dragons - Playset: The Real...


Half a Million Dollars in a Grocery Bag - Act 02

After the bag of money has gone missing, the group starts to turn on each other. Is the brotherly bond of Pete and Matt stronger than the marriage Pete has with Mary? Is Riley's love of the art studio stronger than their hatred for Mary? Can they find the bag of money before Roy decides to shoot someone? Find out as we wrap up our story, playing an exclusive playset with the creator of Fiasco. Playset: Half a Million Dollars in a Grocery Bag Guest: Jason Morningstar...


One Year Later Q&A

Derek, Megan, and Charles sit down to answer some listener submitted question in celebration of making it through a year of insanity that is Rolling Misadventures. We talk about how the show got started, learn some new stuff about each other, reflect on some of our favorite scenes, get a little dark, a little sappy, and Derek wraps things up by dropping a bombshell on the entire show. Special thanks to those that submitted questions: Ben - Duffy -...


Half a Million Dollars in a Grocery Bag - Act 01

The local small town art gallery can house a lot of things. Independent artists jockeying for their chance in the spotlight, family drama, and sometimes a bag of cold hard cash. It's just another day, until that surprise bag of money they found has it's owner looking to get it back. Can Matt keep his event at the gallery from going off the rails? Can Pete keep his wife Mary happy as her still life art is unveiled? Can Riley sneak their wiener-dog sculptures into the event? Find out as we...


Master of Goblins - Act 02

As the bank heist goes down, our group of goblins begin to argue over how to deal with a cute, newly introduced halfling named Tushfoot. Meanwhile, back at the dirty place, the true power of the "Smallest Blade Known to Goblin Kind" is discovered and sends the former alliances into disaray. How will it all play out when The Master (....the master) finally arrives? Find out as we dive back into our dark fantasy themed story. Guests: Kenny and Kelrick from ExQueerience Points -...


Master of Goblins - Act 01

A group of goblins, in service to The Master, have managed to retrieve a precious relic. They could hand things off to The Master.....or they could create a better life for themselves while screwing over everyone else. Who will end up with the "Smallest Blade Known to Goblin Kind"? Will it be Quigrel Baffgrab, wanting to use the power of the relic to convince Grabbledeen Tablesalt to spawn with them? Will it be Slabbery Tong, who wants to take his lead as The New Master? Or will it be Slab...


Livestream for the Cure 2019

We were part of Livestream for the Cure 2019, helping to raise money for the Cancer Research Institute. The audio isn't as polished as we did it live, but it was still a great one off episode as we were able to help in a wonderful charity event. To donate:


Clam Magnate Mysteries - Act 02

We pick up with Rexinald and Elias solving the case of the Primrose murder, putting Buckner as the prime suspect. But not is all as it seems. As Josephine turns on Poncho, we learn what really happened at the clam factory with the Clam of Death. Can our shipmates solve the case before it's too late? Find out as we wrap up the Clam Magnate Mysteries. Special Guests: BestDay - Corbin - Addie -...


Clam Magnate Mysteries - Act 01

Rexinald McMasterson is trying to spend some time at sea to relax and find inspiration for his next book with Poncho Contreras, his lacky, in tow. Elias G. Werthenhammer is trying to find solace in travel after his time in the war. Eisenhower "Diggle" Buckner captures his dreams by piloting a boat on the open seas. Josephine Primrose relaxes on the cruise to enjoy her honeymoon. How do all of these seemingly random characters fit together? A body, suddenly found, ends up exposing a dark...


Monday Night Misadventures - Act 02

After the mishap in the ring, Ryan "Thundercrack" Price is hospitalized with a broken back. Knowing that their original plans to get out of the company is falling apart, "Crazy" Colton Mack has to find another way. He convinces Mr.McMasterson that the upcoming Holiday Pain event might be fine after all as the evil twin is finally revealed. Can the guys have a happy ending on their way out of the company? Will Robert "Boulderfist" Mack be able to take his brother's place in the spotlight?...


A Special Episode of RM

A special bonus episode of RM? You bet!


Monday Night Misadventures - Act 01

"Crazy" Colton Mack and Ryan "Thundercrack" Price have been in the wrestling biz for a decade and are getting tired of the long trips on the road and the physical abuse their bodies have endured. After a mixup with Colton's twin brother, Robert "Boulderfist" Mack, screws up their main title match, Colton and Thundercrack end up getting chewed out by the boss. Having enough of that, Colton and Ryan decide that they're going to bail on the company with Boulderfist taking Colton's place at the...


The Purr-anormal - Act 02

We continue with George and Marcus being possessed as they collect all of the podcasting equipment and disappear deeper into the house. While Justin Case wants to leave them for the horrible transgression of touching his microphone, but Tripp can't give up on the biggest paranormal event of his life. (Or give up on his childhood friend, right?) As George and Marcus build a machine to summon the ghost, the other horrible people need to decide on what to do. Can Tripp bring George back from...


The Purr-anormal - Act 01

An old haunted mansion lays as a backdrop for paranormal investigator Tripp Garett and podcaster Marcus Calloway to put on a very special interview. After Marcus decides to add some of his grafitti to the walls, the house awakens with rumblings of the spirits left behind. As mayhem starts to spread, several other guests within the house, all with their own podcasts, start to butt heads as each has their own agenda. Can Marcus and Justin Case, a true crime celebrity, put their ego's aside to...


Temptress of the West - Act 02

Up on the hill, Gordon and Emerson realize the mix-up as Cotton's scorned lovers are forced to work together. Cotton, coming to the conclusion that everyone is leaving him behind, shows up for a standoff with his brother just as the robbery is about to take place. Can the crew make it to the stagecoach before it's too late? Will Shiloh and Gordon be able to start a new life together? Find out as we wrap up our spaghetti western meets soap opera story. Special Guests: Kyle from BomBARDed...


Temptress of the West - Act 01

Set in a mining town in the old west, Abraham and Shilo are scrapping over the infidelity of Cotton. After trying to get Cotton to smooth things over with his lovers, Emerson tries to convince Gordon to rob a stagecoach so they can all leave town. Meanwhile Gordon decides to get Shilo to watch his back before he agrees to the job while Emerson does the same with Abraham. Can everyone get along to pull of one last job? Can Cotton keep his desires in check before ruining another marriage? Find...