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Science Fiction and fantasy stories, dramas, interviews, poetry, reviews and more

Science Fiction and fantasy stories, dramas, interviews, poetry, reviews and more
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Science Fiction and fantasy stories, dramas, interviews, poetry, reviews and more






Episode Four

Greetings Travellers, On this episode of Soundwave we bring you an almost inescapable deluge of high quality SF content. In what seems like an alarming early trend, our three stories this week are linked again by death, but while last episode emphasised the speculative aspect of SF, this instalment's are firmly in the science mode. For Sonic Space I sat down for a very cosy chat with Sam Dolan, reviews editor of an award winning science fiction magazine you might have heard...


Episode Three

Greetings Traveller, in this instalment we're fleshing out the S that stands for 'speculative' in 'speculative fiction', as our poem and short story show us opposite sides of the great divide between life and death. Also as a special treat we're proud to present you with a sonic experience that's well worth cracking out your posh headphones for. Our audio drama, Republic of David presents a scenario akin to hell, or possibly heaven if you're extremely far along the narcissism scale. Our...


Episode Two

Welcome, Traveller. On this episode we're shining a spotlight on the the electronic sci fi influenced music of Alex Storer, AKA The Light Dreams. Since Alex is providing the incidental music of Soundwave, I thought it only right to introduce this already accomplished musician and artist properly. As well as this episode's Sonic Space being a comfortingly nerdy interview between he and I, we're also replacing some of the usual incidental music with full length tracks of his...


Episode One

Welcome, Traveller, to this first proper episode of the Shoreline of Infinity podcast Soundwave. In this opening episode we've got superior science fiction from across the art forms. Our spoken word this week is linked by death and starlight. We've got the haunting and poignant story The Starchitect, written by Barry Charmon and narrated by Sue Gyford. That's followed by some sci-fi poetry in the form of the deceptive Starscape by JS Watts, narrated by Debbie Cannon. Sonic Space makes...


Episode Zero

Welcome traveller, to Episode Zero of Soundwave, a science fiction podcast brought to you by Shoreline of Infinity. We thought we'd give you a Christmas treat before the first season kicks off proper in January. In this episode you can hear what will be backbones of the podcast with audio stories, as well as a festive audio drama by our own dramatists, the Infinitesimals. I your host, RJ Bayley, invite you to strap on your very finest pair of headphones, pour yourself your favourite drink...