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Episode 95: Izanami & Izanagi

Marriage is a hot topic in Julia’s life, which is why we’re talking about Izanami & Izanagi - a marriage that helped create the world, introduced death into it, and definitely isn’t one to emulate. Including the happy-ish tale of Ebisu, Trinitite, and Amanda’s tea recommendation. You can also get tickets to our LIVE SHOW at Brooklyn Horror Film Festival! Sponsors - Stitch Fix is an online personal styling service that finds and delivers clothes, shoes, and accessories to fit your body,...


Episode 94: Your Urban Legends XIII: Mostly Outtakes Really

Let’s get right to it: This episode has EVERYTHING. Eric attempts to do an old timey voice. Julia freaks out over a Blair Witch style game. Amanda denies playing Pokemon in movie theatres. All in all, we deliver some of the most buckwild stories to date, including the Bunny Man Bridge, mistakes in masonry, and better ways to cure your ghost coyote infected loved ones. You can also get tickets to our LIVE SHOW at Brooklyn Horror Film Festival! Sponsor - Calm, the #1 app for...


Episode 93: Divination

We’ve looked into the future and we’ve seen… a roundup episode! Julia leads Amanda through the foggy future with some of her favorite divinatory practices. Also featuring rock kids, on-the-spot D&D character creation, our Pro-Onion Podcast, gelato-filled veins, and letting the universe surprise you. Sponsor RXBAR: Get 25% off your first order at RXBAR.com/spirits by entering promo code “spirits” at checkout! Find Us Online If you like Spirits, help us grow by spreading the word!...


Episode 92: Fakelore (with David Rheinstrom)

We are joined this week by David Rheinstrom, who helps us parse through the history of fakelore in the USA! How do we feel about Paul Bunyan being invented to sell lumber? Does it make him any more or less a part of American folklore? Also featuring amazing accents, Olsen Twin movies, and just wayyyy too many puns! Amanda recommends this week The Changeling by Victor LaValle. Guest David Rheinstrom is on Twitter @IcarusFloats. Do yourself a favor and follow him to hear some great...


Episode 91: Pele

This week, we take a trip back to the Pacific to tell the story of Madame Pele, the Earth-Eating Woman, and Hawaiian goddess of volcanoes. We chat about mythology as history, the cutest names in mythology, the history of hula hoops, and how you can find some hair of the goddess whenever a volcano erupts. Sponsor Stitch Fix is an online personal styling service that finds and delivers clothes, shoes, and accessories to fit your body, budget, and lifestyle. Get started at...


Episode 90: Your Urban Legends XII (ft. Tim the Yowie Man)

Not only do we have listener stories, we have the tale of Tim the Yowie Man! This episode features big cat stories, Mirror Boys, and elementary school blood magic. Then we switch to an interview with Tim, chatting about how he became a cryptonaturalist, his first encounter with the Yowie, and his love for finding mystery in the world. Help us learn more about you at spiritspodcast.com/survey! Guest Tim the Yowie Man is a cryptonaturalist, travel writer, and environmentalist. You can...


Episode 89: Šauška

Hurrian, Hittites, and Anatolia, oh my! We look at the story of the goddess, Šauška, who spread her influence throughout the world. We also talk about veggie divination, World War II espionage, our favorite drunk snacks (and how they’re not frogs), and what impression we’ll leave behind in the world once we’re gone. Sponsor Audible - Go to audible.com/spirits or text spirits to 500-500 to start your free trial and redeem your free audiobook. This week Julia recommends The City of Lost...


Episode 88: Sharks (with Melissa Marquez)

It’s Shark Week, but we’re not here for shots of Great Whites (mostly because we’re an audio medium). We’re joined by Melissa Marquez, who specializes in the intersection of shark folklore and conservation. We chat about making scientific education accessible, human infested beaches, and what a shark-filled Big Brother house would look like! Guest Melissa Marquez is the founder of The Fins United Initiative and hosts the Spanish language podcast, ConCiencia Azul, which interviews...


Episode 87: Horses

This is it. The lost, cursed episode of Spirits. We never thought it would see the light of day. But now you get to learn about all the CREEPY HORSES FROM AROUND THE WORLD. Amanda guesses a lot of stuff wrong, but embraces her fear of creature hybrids. Julia breaks out some poetry and the most horrifying horse creatures known to man. Y’know, the usual stuff. Check out the newest Multitude show, HORSE, in any podcast app, at horsehoops.com, or on Twitter @HORSE_Hoops. Sponsor RXBAR: Get...


Introducing HORSE Ep. 1: My Dad, The Commissioner

HORSE is a new podcast from Multitude about all things basketball—except the wins and loses. Eric Silver and Mike Schubert dig up the weirdest, funniest, silliest parts about basketball to tell you about. just like we do with mythology and folklore! Subscribe to HORSE today in your podcast app by searching “Multitude.” And follow them @Horse_Hoops on Twitter for those good good memes. -The Spirits Team --- HORSE Show notes Full Court Press: “I Don't Know Who the F That Is” vs....


Episode 86: Your Urban Legends XI

It’s the Witching Hour 24/7 here at Spirits Headquarters, especially when we’re reading your creepy cool stories! This episode features high levels of Spooky Boys, Eric’s existential crisis, cats that say hello, our desire to visit all the haunted restaurants in the world, ROAD TRAINS??, and our disbelief at business naming in Ohio. Remember, stay creepy, stay cool, and stay… pasta? Sponsor Skillshare is an online learning community where you can learn—and teach—just about anything....


Episode 85: Brigid & Áine

It’s summer and it is TOO HOT, but it doesn’t mean we’re not grateful for the seasons. So we’re talking about the seasonal Irish goddesses, Brigid & Áine! We cover late-night booty calls, perpetual flames, SWORD NAMES, and terroir—but for people. There’s nothing like summer in the city, or in this case, Ireland. CW: This episode contains some discussion about sexual assault. Find Us Online If you like Spirits, help us grow by spreading the word! Follow us on Twitter, Facebook,...


Episode 84: Talking Badgers (with Adal Rifai)

We are joined by Adal Rifai of the amazing Hello From the Magic Tavern podcast to chat about improv, Dungeons & Dragons, talking badgers, hungry ghosts, manticores, and more! We also cover creepy grandma vocab, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, deer man, and the Hog King & Queen, and make about a hundred jokes along the way. Guest Adal Rifai is an improviser with Whirled News Tonight and Revolver, as well as one of the stars of the amazing Hello From the Magic Tavern. You can find him...


Episode 83: Mermaids

Summer is finally here, which means one thing: BEACH BABES TIME! We’re celebrating with a roundup of the best mermaids and fish folk the world has to offer. From buff mermaid moms to outcast mermaid communities to the types of mermaids that prevent disease and bring long life, we’ve got it all! Also featuring reflections on human sacrifice, crushing on wrestlers, and our favorite moments from Alan Menken movies. Find Us Online If you like Spirits, help us grow by spreading the word!...


Episode 82: Your Urban Legends X - The Third Spaghetti Fighter

You send them, we read them, everyone gets scared! This week we dive into stories about creepy kids, kids being creeped on, young blood, full ghost names, and-- what’s that? A THIRD SPAGHETTI CHALLENGER HAS APPEARED? Mostly, we’re starting to wonder… is spaghetti haunted? Sponsor Skillshare is an online learning community where you can learn—and teach—just about anything. Visit skillshare.com/spirits to get two months of Skillshare Premium for $0.99! Our favorite Skillshare classes: ...


Episode 81: Bathala and His Daughters

That’s right, we’re heading BACK TO THE PHILIPPINES! We chat about creation myths, supreme deities, and more importantly, the badass women goddesses of Tagalog religion. Amanda creates a brand new dance move that is sweeping the nation, Julia gushes over her love of etymologists, and Amanda admits her late-in-life cloud revelations. Julia’s cocktail this week was inspired by the Ocean Mist. Sponsor Huge thanks to Shaker & Spoon for creating our Legend Patron boxes! Check them out and...


Episode 80: Genderfuck the Gods (with Andrea Lam)

Happy Pride! We’ve invited our friend Andrea back to do a revamp of our FlameCon panel from last year, discussing myths and legends from around the world that subvert gender norms! We chat about how you should never trust your Trickster God to make a business deal, being invested in snakes’ love lives, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, and #myfavoritearse. Guest Andrea Lam is a writer, publicist and actor. Follow her on Twitter @AndreaNLam! Sponsor Audible - Go to audible.com/spirits or...


Episode 79: Jiutian Xuannü

Take a moment and picture this: You’re hanging out, minding your own business, when suddenly the sky opens and a Dark and Mysterious Woman emerges riding a flaming phoenix. Yeah, we’re also super impressed. Which is why we love the story of Jiutian Xuannü! We dive into the stories of the goddess, what our wrestling personas would be, crave some Cinnabon, plan a zoo trip, and have a lot of fun with phrases like “invisibility ability” and “physiological cosmology”. All this, and more, in...


Episode 78: Your Urban Legends IX - The Beer Sweats

A hell dimension was opened, and once again, we go off the rails in this week’s Your Urban Legends! We battle over who deserves the title King of Crawdads, discuss the misleading aspects of the Air Bud franchise, debate which version of the Grinch is scariest, and attempt to save Editor Eric from a bad case of the beer sweats. Also, there’s some creepy stories in there. Just wait until you hear about Kimberly. News clipping from Remus for Eric’s first story. Sponsor Sunday Scaries....


Episode 77: Kalevala (with Elena Varg)

We’re joined this week by Finnish podcaster, Elena, who shares the story of Kalevala - an epic tale of magic, trickery, heroes, and just… a lot of failed marriages. We talk about the ultimate Finnish Fanfiction, singing as magic, the Devil’s Zoo, magical saunas, and how sometimes you have to take one for the team if it means world peace. We have the full cast of characters for this episode, plus music and art that Elena recommends, on our Patreon! Guest You can follow Elena on Twitter...