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Star Wars discussion and entertainment. After-shows, guests, interviews, reviews, and exciting star wars headlines await you right here on Star Wars Escape Pod. Weekly episodes coming your way at lightspeed! Ad-free!




Star Wars discussion and entertainment. After-shows, guests, interviews, reviews, and exciting star wars headlines await you right here on Star Wars Escape Pod. Weekly episodes coming your way at lightspeed! Ad-free!




Rebels Talk (Part 3) | Enter The Inquisitors | Ezra’s Jedi Training and ”Empire Day”

Enter the Inquisitors! Voiced by the LEGENDARY Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter's Lucius Malfoy). Ezra begins his Jedi training with Kanan, and yet another Star Wars holiday to celebrate - Empire Day! Join Josh and Blake each week on "Rebels Talk" as we go back, way back nearly nine years - and journey forward through the summer re-watching "Star Wars: Rebels" in preparation for "Ahsoka"! Join us at home by watching the episodes listed below on Disney plus, then tune into the appropriate Rebels Talk podcast episode! Remember to stay ahead of us by a few "Rebels" episodes on Disney as we plan to chat about about 4 at a time. Our aftershow chat today covers these items below in order from top to bottom (as always) Rise of the Old Masters 1 5 Episode Breaking Ranks 1 6 Episode Out of Darkness 1 7 Episode Empire Day 1 8 Episode --------- YouTube: @SWEscapePodcast Discord: Insta & Twitter: @SWEscapePodcast Email: Swell: @SWEscapePodcast


Rebels Talk (Part 2) | A Spark of Rebellion (Season 1 Begins!) | The Empire On Lothal

Season 1 of Rebels Talk begins with a Spark! Join Josh and Blake on this Star Wars Rebels rewatch journey and tune into the episodes listed below on Disney plus BEFORE you listen! We of course go way back to our original feelings on Rebels after Clone Wars was initially cancelled, thoughts on how Inquisitors were first introduced to Star Wars canon. And of course the style of the show, and the story of Ezra Bridger. Join us on this journey as we move forward through the summer re-watching Star Wars Rebels in preparation for "Ahsoka". Our aftershow chat today covers these items below in order from top to bottom (as always) Spark of Rebellion Part 1 1 1 TV Movie / Episode Spark of Rebellion Part 2 1 2 TV Movie / Episode Droids in Distress 1 3 Episode Fighter Flight 1 4 Episode --------- YouTube: @SWEscapePodcast Discord: Insta & Twitter: @SWEscapePodcast Email: Swell: @SWEscapePodcast


Rebels Talk (Part 1) | Listen First! A New Dawn, Shorts, & More (Intro To The Series) | A Rebels Aftershow! [Prepare For Ahsoka]

Welcome to a new aftershow!!! Rebels Talk!!! This long awaited day has finally come. Ever since the end of Clone Wars Talk (featuring Diego as our co-host) this podcast has always wanted to put out a Star Wars Rebels aftershow in the same territory and depth as The Clone Wars. Our co-host Blake expressed interest in doing this a while back and only now have we finally come to release our first episode of this aftershow series so YOU can follow along at home then listen to us here on the podcast. Today we kick things off with a few items and chat which takes place preliminary to Rebels Season 1. (Do not feel obligated to read or watch these items, just sit back, relax, enjoy the show and utilize this episode to prepare you for Season 1 of "Star Wars: Rebels") Our aftershow chat today covers these items below in order from top to bottom (as always) Star Wars Rebels Story Season # Episode # Media Type A New Dawn - - Novel Ezra's Gamble - - Junior Novel The Machine in the Ghost 0 1 TV Short Art Attack 0 2 TV Short Entanglement 0 3 TV Short Proptery of Ezra Bridger 0 4 TV Short --------- YouTube: @SWEscapePodcast Discord: Insta & Twitter: @SWEscapePodcast Email: Swell: @SWEscapePodcast


May 4th 2023 [STAR WARS DAY] Ultimate Trivia Night | Announcements

We wish you all the best May the Fourth to each and all of you Star Wars fans! Today is a BONUS episode with some short Star Wars day announcements and our annual game of Ultimate Star Wars Trivia! Join Josh, Blake, Bryce, Tyler, Nick and Shawna for this fun filled Star Wars day adventure. And below is a love letter to star wars and Mr. Lucas on this special day written by your host, Josh. May the 4th Be With You. As a #StarWars fan you probably binge the movies today, listen to all those May 4th Podcast celebration episodes. Perhaps you surf the holonet for those Star Wars Day discounts and sales that grab our attention. Maybe it's the day you sit down and watch #StarWarsVisions Vol 2 or #YoungJediAdventures with your younglings at home! Whatever it is you do to celebrate Star Wars today I just want to post this picture here so we can also celebrate the man who gave us this brilliant story. A gift to the world. A space fantasy that has touched the hearts of millions. It's served as inspiration, joy, connection and so much more for so many people. It's brought friends together. I love how much people love this story just as much as I do. Thank you George Lucas, so - SO much for your blood, sweat, tears and time in forging this galaxy far, far away where so many of us feel like we belong. @starwars #MayThe4thBeWithYou --------- YouTube: @SWEscapePodcast Discord: Insta & Twitter: @SWEscapePodcast Email: Swell: @SWEscapePodcast


The Fallen Star (Book Review) | Jedi: Survivor (Spoiler-Free) Initial Thoughts | Orbitkey Retro Series! | The High Republic

Better late than never! The finale book in phase 1 of the high republic era was published Janurary 2022 and here we are finally getting around to reviewing it after all the Disney plus content and craze of last year. Sorry to all those who have waited so long to hear us talk about it! This is also a great episode for those who wish to get a bit more insight on this era which is growing and expanding in mutliple forms as time goes by and will be much more relevant down the road when we get shows like The Acolyte (and even games like Jedi: Survivor). Secondly we talk about Orbitkey's latest Retro collection!! We're super happy about these, they turned out so well and we're very pleased to talk about these for a bit. Stay tuned for a giveaway! WATCH THE TEASER HOW TO SET-UP ORBITKEY Finally we dive into a SPOILER-FREE initial thoughts on Jedi Survivor and a word from EA on the port. (FULL REVIEW IN A MONTH OR TWO {WITH SPOILERS}) --------- YouTube: @SWEscapePodcast Discord: Insta & Twitter: @SWEscapePodcast Email: Swell: @SWEscapePodcast


Mandalore Reclaimed! The Final Battle | The Mandalorian (3.8) | & The Disney+ ”Star Wars” Section Sucks?

The final episode has come! This season finale.. or series finale was a great one to talk about, but it wasn't perfect. But that's what makes it interesting to converse with friends right here in the escape pod about. Our friends Kirk, Nick and Shawna. Hosted as usual, by your hosts Josh and Blake. We so appreciate you all for tuning in and sticking with us for aftershows of season 3 of The Mandalorian and we got much more coming your way on the podcast so stay tuned! --------- YouTube: @SWEscapePodcast Discord: Insta & Twitter: @SWEscapePodcast Email: Swell: @SWEscapePodcast


The Shadow Council & Praetorian Guards!? Who’s the Traitor?! | The Mandalorian (3.7)

The return to Mandalore did not go so well for the Mandalorians but it went pretty well this week for fans when we saw this episode!! Dang that was a good one! Props to all those who saw it early at Celebration for keeping lips sealed on all those great reveals. Joining us this week is our good friends Dan, and Darian! Hosting this week is Josh and Blake. Join us diving into the aftershow for this latest Mandalorian episode and capping things off this week with the final results from the YouTini Book Madness back in March. A message for YOU! Thank you, to all our listeners tuning in each week and showing your support for the podcast by sharing the show, leaving stellar reviews on Apple Podcast, Spotify and other platforms. Hitting those 5 stars REALLY helps bring this podcast up in those search results so we thank you for rating well and sharing this podcast with your friends! We love talking Star Wars with friends and enjoy producing this show for our fellow star wars fans, it's a passion project never intended for monetization but we love seeing it succeed. Let us know what you'd like to hear on the podcast! --------- YouTube: @SWEscapePodcast Discord: Insta & Twitter: @SWEscapePodcast Email: Swell: @SWEscapePodcast


Celebration Favorite Moments | Bo Reclaims the Darksaber! | The Mandalorian (3.6) Guns For Hire

With Celebration behind us we take a look back at some highlight moments and then talk about the latest Mandalorian episode! With only 2 left in the season we can only wonder what the road holds for Bo Katan who now possesses the darksaber and Mando and Grogu. Join Josh, Bryce and Blake in the escape pod for a fun filled our of Star Wars conversation! Go find our YouTube channel and subscribe there too! --------- YouTube: @SWEscapePodcast Discord: Insta & Twitter: @SWEscapePodcast Email: Swell: @SWEscapePodcast


Celebration Online | [Day 4] Visions Vol 2 | Bad Batch Final Season coming | Japan is next in line!

That's it folks! Our final day of Celebration came and went just like that. But we still had some great panels to watch and some news still got revealed to us despite most of the weekend behind us. Volume 2 of Visions is looking stacked! And the Bad Batch will hit it's final season as it's third. Celebration will return in 2025 over 3 days in April over in Japan! Stay tuned to the end for that announcement! Catch all our Celebration recaps right here on Star Wars Escape Pod and full length podcast shows coming at you each week, next up, Mando S03E06 after show! --------- YouTube: @SWEscapePodcast Discord: Insta & Twitter: @SWEscapePodcast Email: Swell: @SWEscapePodcast


Celebration Online | [Day 3] The High Republic Phase 3 | Jedi: Survivor Final Trailer | Star Tours Updates

Day 3 of Celebration gave us 3 big panels like the Villains of the Sequels, A Lookback at Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Disney Parks Star Wars related panel as well. Although not too much new information was revealed today we do chat some High Republic info that we didn't get a chance to talk about yesterday and of course those updates to Disney parks, new gameplay information on Jedi Survivor and more. Let's catch up on Celebration news and we'll see you all tomorrow for the final day of Celebration! Hope we're doing alright to keep you up to date and informed! --------- YouTube: @SWEscapePodcast Discord: Insta & Twitter: @SWEscapePodcast Email: Swell: @SWEscapePodcast


Celebration Online | [Day 2] Tales of the Jedi Season 2 Confirmed! | Clone Wars 15 Yrs | ROTJ 40 Yrs & more!

Another exciting day with news on the Celebration LIVE stage and lots of panels! Return of the Jedi celebrated 40 years in a panel, Clone Wars celebrated 15 years and Celebration LIVE stage had many interesting guests including the cast of "Ahsoka" and "The Acolyte" among other tid bids and details they revealed today at Celebration to us fans to buzz about. Dave Filoni drops news that Tales of the Jedi season 2 is in the works and we couldn't be more excited for that! CLICK TO WATCH THE AHSOKA TRAILER CLICK TO WATCH THE INDY 5 TRAILER --------- YouTube: @SWEscapePodcast Discord: Insta & Twitter: @SWEscapePodcast Email: Swell: @SWEscapePodcast


Celebration Online | [Day 1] ”Ahsoka” Trailer | 3 Movies Coming | 2 New Eras’s! | Indy 5 Update

Not only did we finally get a trailer for Ahsoka, but we got a new one for Indy 5 as well! And oh.. by the way, Dave Filoni is directing a Star Wars movie. THAT'S FRICKEN RIGHT! Lucasfilm announced 2 entire new eras to the canon book ending the saga and also slipped in a hidden era we all are very familiar with but possibly put it there for the sake of a future announcement? Fans will see movies in Dawn of the Jedi era, The New Republic, and New Jedi Order eras. Daisy Ridley returning as Rey and expansion on the origins of the Jedi by James Mangold? We got lots to break down here. Start tuning in each day for recaps of Celebration news, and of course stay tuned to the Discord in those Celebration channels to see daily transcribes of the live streams! CLICK TO WATCH THE AHSOKA TRAILER CLICK TO WATCH THE INDY 5 TRAILER --------- YouTube: @SWEscapePodcast Discord: Insta & Twitter: @SWEscapePodcast Email: Swell: @SWEscapePodcast


Zeb Orrelios Join The New Republic! | The Death of Tech | Return of the Jedi 40 Years, Solo 5 Years | Mandalorian (3.5) & The Bad Batch (2.15-16)

Stranded on yet another dustball repairing our escape pod, join Kirk and Josh for a break as they chat 40 years of Return of the Jedi, Solo after 5, and all the amazing story threads those movies offered fans over the years. Zeb returns to Star Wars in this latest Mando installment! And it seems Bo Katan could lead the tribe now that she has a new position granted by the armourer.. Tech sacrafices himself for the greater good of the team citing "plan 99" as he goes down with the railcar in this final installment to season 2 of The Bad Batch. We see Director Krennic return to Star Wars as well. Tarkin and his homeworld of Eriadu and even Cid's betrayal.. There's a lot to get through, so join us for the amazing finale to The Bad Batch aftershow and all the rest this podcast episode has to offer. --------- YouTube: @SWEscapePodcast Discord: Insta & Twitter: @SWEscapePodcast Email: Swell: @SWEscapePodcast


The Jedi Who Saved Grogu: Kelleran Beq ”The Sabered Hand” | The Mandalorian (3.4) ”The Foundling” & The Bad Batch (2.14) ”Turning Point”

"The Sabered Hand" would have been an appropriate name for this episode rather than the foundling, as it's exactly what this episode will be remembered for, however it may have spoiled the surprise.. Kelleran Beq.. ahem Ahmed Best returns to Star Wars with his character first featured in Jedi Temple Challenge! We absolutely love Ahmed and remember him fondly as Jar Jar Binks. The Bad Batch returns with an episode on track to set us up for an epic finale at Mount Tantiss and a redeemed Crosshair who is now doing what he can to save Omega. YouTini is approaching the Round 4 level so let's look at the latest matches and see which books were chosen! What book are you rooting for? YOUTINI BOOK MADNESS: --------- YouTube: @SWEscapePodcast Discord: Insta & Twitter: @SWEscapePodcast Email: Swell: @SWEscapePodcast


Dr. Pershing Back In Action! Bo Katan’s New Creed? | The Mandalorian (3.3) ”The Convert” & The Bad Batch (2.13) ”Pabu” Aftershow

Doctor Pershing returns to The Mandalorian, and we get a Star Tours style episode of Coursucant showing viewers almost more than we've ever seen before! The Bad Batch may have cut ties with Cid for good but we're not sure it did this weeks episode any favors. Will Bo Katan stick with Mando's creed, the children of the watch? Will Moff Gideon return? Was that Thrawns tie fighter squad that blew up Bo's castle?? Let's dive in and chat about it. An update on the YouTini book MADNESS results! YOUTINI BOOK MADNESS: --------- YouTube: @SWEscapePodcast Discord: Insta & Twitter: @SWEscapePodcast Email: Swell: @SWEscapePodcast


Mythosaurs & Why IS the Darksaber Heavy? | The Mandalorian (3.2) ”The Mines of Mandalore” & The Bad Batch (2.12) ”The Outpost” Aftershow

Mando and Grogu journey to Mandalore where we see Sundari city once again and the things that have survived somehow among the ruins... Join Josh, Blake and Ben in this weeks Mandalorian and Bad Batch episode aftershow chat. Why is the darksaber so heavy? The Mythosaur.. let's talk about that. And Crosshair returns to the spotlight in "The Outpost" and some heavy character narrative going on there! An update on the YouTini book MADNESS going on see some surprising results in the next few sets of round 1! YOUTINI BOOK MADNESS: --------- YouTube: @SWEscapePodcast Discord: Insta & Twitter: @SWEscapePodcast Email: Swell: @SWEscapePodcast


Purgils, Zillo’s and Babu’s oh my! | The Mandalorian (3.1) ”The Apostate” & The Bad Batch (2.11) ”Metamorphosis” Aftershow

The Mandalorian is back! Journey with us diving deep into Mandalorian Chapter 17 "The Apostate" as Mando seeks to redeem himself in the eyes of his peers. Babu Frik and the whole Friken family makes their way back to Star Wars, as seen once before in The Rise of Skywalker. And later on The Bad Batch chat, we discuss the Zillo Beast striking back, again!! The next failed mission of clone force 99 and a return to the main story.. finally, about Omega and Mount Tantiss. What could this mean for Palpatine clones, Snokes and the threads that tie The Bad Batch, Mandalorian / Doctor Pershing / Grogu and the Sequel films together? YOUTINI BOOK MADNESS: --------- YouTube: @SWEscapePodcast Discord: Insta & Twitter: @SWEscapePodcast Email: Swell: @SWEscapePodcast


Lightspeed (#25) | Holiday Special Documentary | Mandalorian S03 | Celebration Guests & Podcast News!

It's been a while since we caught up on some star wars news so let's do a small catch up on all things we may have missed in the recent weeks as we've been focused on The Bad Batch and now The Mandalorian. With Celebration around the corner please stay tuned into our Discord server or the podcast to catch any updates on how we'll make it as easy as possible to stay on top of the news that weekend. Check out: Mando Mania! EXTRA! EXTRA! EXTRA! Star Wars headlines coming to you at lightspeed in under 15 minutes! Covering all the latest headlines, comics and novel releases, toy / product reveals and podcast related announcements. --------- YouTube: Discord: Insta / Twitter: @SWEscapePodcast Email:


The Wild West of Star Wars | Fan Expo 2023 | The Bad Batch (2.9-10) | The Ultimate Trip to Skywalker Ranch!?

This week we chat about episode 9 and 10 of The Bad Batch which put us in the middle of another miner uprising story, this time on a desert world where a valuable and highly explosion mineral is found called Ipsium. Fan Expo 2023 in Vancouver passed us by! We said hello to the lovely Ashely Eckstein and caught some on stage audio snips of Star Wars fan and Harry Potter actor Matthew Lewis as well as Greef Karga himself Carl Weathers! With Mandalorian Season 3 right around the corner, we catch up on some star wars and podcast news updates. And dang, is that the most expensive Disney vacation you can buy now which allows you to visit Skywalker Ranch??? Let's discuss. YOUTINI BOOK MADNESS: --------- YouTube: @SWEscapePodcast Discord: Insta & Twitter: @SWEscapePodcast Email: Swell: @SWEscapePodcast


Guest: Jason Eaton | Miniaturizing A Galaxy Far, Far Away And More!

Joining us this week is Jason Eaton! Jason creates unique and licensed work, films miniature replication, restorations of original pieces, and unique models that previously only existed as a design concept. He provides paint masters for toy companies as well. You may recognize him from the Star Wars show on YouTube as the one who made the Starlight beacon miniature based on the concepts drawn up for the High Republic. Jason is a big Star Wars fan with many original works of his own recreating designs from Star Wars. Jason Eaton Instagram: roboterkampf ------------------------------------- YouTube: @SWEscapePodcast Discord: Insta & Twitter: @SWEscapePodcast Email: Swell: @SWEscapePodcast