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The Star Wars Time podcast show features weekly commentary on all things Star Wars for hardcore fans of the franchise wanting deep and sometimes stupid takes on current Star Wars news, movie rumors, plot speculations, as well as recaps of currently running Star Wars TV and Streaming shows.

The Star Wars Time podcast show features weekly commentary on all things Star Wars for hardcore fans of the franchise wanting deep and sometimes stupid takes on current Star Wars news, movie rumors, plot speculations, as well as recaps of currently running Star Wars TV and Streaming shows.
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The Star Wars Time podcast show features weekly commentary on all things Star Wars for hardcore fans of the franchise wanting deep and sometimes stupid takes on current Star Wars news, movie rumors, plot speculations, as well as recaps of currently running Star Wars TV and Streaming shows.








SWTS: Disney Star Wars, The Good and The Bad

We are back for another special topic cast here at the Star Wars Time Show. This time we talk about how Disney has done with the Star Wars license as a whole. We don't focus solely on the movies in this cast. In fact, we spend more time talking about all of the things around the movies and how Disney has done with the everything from the new EU to the video games. Overall, Matt and I both feel like Disney has done a pretty good job, but as with everything, there...


SWTS: Star Wars Post The Rise of Skywalker, Kenobi vs Vader Reimagined, and Mando Season 2

Welcome back to the Star Wars Time Show! This week we have a packed schedule for you, so strap in! First up on the docket is the Top 5 Instagram Pics of the week! We have some truly great pieces this week, but my personal favorite is the menacing General Greivous shot from Blksrs. Make sure to give all of these artists a follow on IG! The fandom section continues with a truly amazing Rise of Skywalker poster created by Photoshop master CamVeeFX on IG and an...


SWTS: The Rise of Skywalker’s MacGuffin

Welcome back to a special edition of the Star Wars Time Show! If you have been following along with us for a while, you know that our mid-week show always covers a special topic of a show review. Since there are no Star Wars shows on the air tonight currently, we have been using the mid-week show to throw out some homebrewed speculation around The Rise of Skywalker. Last week we covered some Palpatine speculation, and this week we are going to go over the mysterious MacGuffin that has been...


SWTS: RIP Peter Mayhew, Razer Goes Trooper, and Hamill Trolls

This cast was a bit of a somber one due to the passing of Peter Mayhew, the actor who first brought Chewbacca to life, so we commemorate him by talking about a few of our favorite Chewie moments, while also highlighting a few tributes his cast mates gave him. Of course, we also featured a few Chewie toy photography tributes from the community during our fandom segment, which Nick highlighted in his Top 5 post from last week. During this segment we also mention...


SWTS: How Palpatine’s Return Could Happen in The Rise of Skywalker – Darth Voldemort

Welcome back to another special edition of the Star Wars Time Show! This week, the boys bring you a quick run down of how Emperor Palpatine could make his way back to the land of the living in The Rise of Skywalker. For this cast we are working off of some theory crafting done by Matt. He put together a video that brings together some of the best speculation from around the internet and adds it to some solid theorizing from Matt. You can follow along with us on...


SWTS: The Rise of Skywalker Rumors, Anakin in TROS, and Disney+ News

It's Tuesday. You know what that means, a new episode of the Star Wars Time Show! The holonet has been a little slow since Star Wars Celebration wrapped up, but Matt and I have you covered with all of the juicy rumors and theories out there on the internet. We will even supply you with a home cooked theory on this episode! First up this week, we get into the fantastic fandom with our Top 5 Instagram Pics of the Week! Some really top notch shots here including an...


SWTS: The Rise of Skywalker Title Speculation – A 4 Theory Approach

Do you know what The Rise of Skywalker could mean as a title? Will Luke LITERALLY rise from the grave? Will Kylo become a true Skywalker by redeeming himself? Matt and Nick dive into this very intriguing topic in a special edition of the Star Wars Time Show. We talk through 4 theories that Matt wrote up this week, and some of them definitely sound like they could answer some questions about The Rise of Skywalker and what it could mean. Add in some spicy...


SWTS: Rise of Skywalker news, KOTOR Projects On The Way, and Top Celebration Moments

Welcome back to the best Star Wars podcast in the galaxy! Star Wars Celebration is officially wrapped up for 2019, but don't worry everyone the biggest party in the galaxy will be back in Anaheim in 2020. Now that Matt and Nick are back in their studios, the sound quality and the show are back to the form that you are used to, but for those who wanted to hear the live Celebration coverage, check out the podcasts page for links to our Rise of Skywalker panel...


SWTS: The Mandalorian Panel Recap – Breaking Down All the Footage

Welcome back for the 3rd cast in a row from the Star Wars Time boys! Star Wars Celebration has definitely forced us to work a little overtime, but we don't mind. Celebration has given us a ton of great reveals and information about upcoming projects, and today's panel on The Mandalorian was no different. Let's get into it. Overall, the panel was great. It was a true love fest between the creators, Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni, and the actors on stage, Carl...


SWTS: Jedi Fallen Order, Vader Immortal, Top 5 & More

Welcome back to another brand new edition of the Star Wars Time Show from Star Wars Celebration 2019! This time around we cover our favorite segment of the podcast, the Top 5 Instagram Pics of the Week! We throw in some honorable mentions at the top of the segment to specifically called out some artists who jumped on scenes from The Rise of Skywalker trailer. Amazing shots, per usual, with a fun twist this week, so make sure to follow all of the featured artists...


SWTS: The Rise of Skywalker Teaser Trailer Breakdown and Speculations Cast

Disclaimer: The sounds quality of this cast will b a little lower than usual. Matt and I are on site at Star Wars Celebration and aren't in a sound proof environment like other times. Here we are everyone. Star Wars Episode IX now has an official title and a 2 minute long teaser trailer that gives us a ton of information to speculate on in future casts. But, before any speculation kicks in, we are going to break down the trailer shot by shot and give you guys some insight and eagle eyed...


SWTS: Pre-Star Wars Celebration Hype Cast and Tips for the Show

Star Wars Celebration is happening this week! April 11th - 15th kicks off the biggest gathering of Star Wars fanatics on the planet, and this Celebration is a special one. This year we can expect tons of panels centered around your favorite topics in the Star Wars Universe, as always, but this also marks the 20 year anniversary of Star Wars Celebration. Celebration 1 took place in 1999, the The Phantom Menace release, and ever since then, Star Wars fandom has...


SWTS: Rian Johnson’s New Trilogy, How Big is the Death Star, and Amazing Fan Art

The time is quickly approaching, Star Wars fans. Star Wars Celebration 2019 is almost here! What does that mean for this podcast? It means that Matt and I were a little light on topics, but we still managed to scrape together some material for the Star Wars Time Show! We kick off the show with a special edition of the Top 5 Instagram Pics of the Week. By special I mean that we extended the Top 5 to the Top 9 by adding in a HeywoodPop shot and some amazing shots...


SWTS: Episode IX Poster and Character Leaks, Battlefront II Update, and Super Fandom

Welcome back to the Star Wars Time Show all you lovely listeners. This week is a bit of a shorter show. Nick dropped in for a bit while fighting off a cold and then left Matt to cover the rest of the topics, but there is still a ton of good content here for everyone! First up, the boys go over the Top 5 Instagram pics of the week, definitely the top segment of the show, and then quickly roll into the Episode IX poster leak. There are some strong opinions on the...


Star Wars Time Show: Old Republic Movies, Lucasfilm Games Returns, and Epic Fan Creations

Star Wars fans it's that time of week to strap on your headphones and listen to a brand new episode of the Star Wars Time Show! This is our main show that we do on the Star Wars Time Show, so it encompasses all things Star Wars that a fan needs to know each week, and of course our "Fandom" segment, which puts a spotlight on Star Wars fans creating awesome Star Wars art of their own. That's how we kick off the show, so the first segment covers the Top 5 IG...


Star Wars Time Show: Resistance Recap S1E21: “No Escape, Part 2”

The finale is here, people. Season 1 of Star Wars Resistance has come to a close with a truly epic sendoff for Kaz and the rest of the Resistance on the Colossus. No Escape, Part 2 is a race against the clock. Agent Tierney and Commander Pyre are ready to take Tam off the Colossus and away from her friends for good. Kaz has the onerous task of not only saving the Colossus itself, but also attempting to save his friends from captivity and convincing Tam and...


Star Wars Time Show: Leia’s Role in Episode IX, Celebration News, More Galaxy of Heroes, and Best of the Fandom

Welcome back, everyone, to the Star Wars Time Show! Matt is back from his trip to Disney and is ready to talk all things Star Wars, so let's get into it! Our first topic of this week's cast is discussing Matt's trip to Disney World in Orlando, Fl. Even though his trip was short, Matt got to experience pre-Galaxy's Edge Hollywood Studios, which is both good and bad. Good because he sees where Disney Star Wars all started. One ride, one shop, and bad because he now...


Star Wars Time Show: Resistance Recap S1E20: “No Escape, Part 1”

Nick had to hold down this week's Resistance Recap by his lonesome as I'm currently out on an excursion to the Land of the Mouse, so you get to here his much more calm and collected take on this week's episode of Star Wars Resistance - "No Escape, Part 1". The episode was pretty solid considering not much happened, but that's because it delivered our heroes to the brink of this season's climax, so all of the pieces are in place for a shocking finale next week. It...


Star Wars Time Show: Episode IX Scenes, Top 5 with a Legend, and How Disney Timeshares Work

Welcome back Smugglers, Scoundrels, Jedi, and Sith, to the Star Wars Time Show! This week may have been a little light on Episode IX news, but Matt and I still have some good topics to talk about this week. The Top 5 Instagram Shares this week do have a bit of a buckethead theme this week. The Troopers are in full focus, plus we talk about a toy photography legend, Avanaut. Then we jump into the Ebon Hawk, the most recent addition to Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes,...


Star Wars Time Show: Resistance Recap S1E19: “Descent”

Star Wars Resistance continued its push towards the season finale this week in "Descent", which saw Kaz fully embrace his role with the Resistance as he faces his most serious challenge yet -- saving his friends and the citizens of the Colossus from the clutches of the First Order. In this episode of the podcast, Nick and I breakdown the Easter eggs and franchise references found in "Descent", as well as recapping its major moments, and providing commentary on...