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A fanboy podcast with a New York talk radio vibe. Hosted by Eric Holzmann & Peter M. Verra. Follow us on Twitter @Straight_O_G.


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A fanboy podcast with a New York talk radio vibe. Hosted by Eric Holzmann & Peter M. Verra. Follow us on Twitter @Straight_O_G.




SCREAM VI REVIEW and Geekly News for March 13, 2023

For Episode 111 the guys did a live stream discussing Scream VI (SPOILERS) and their normal weekly news, including:


Geekly News for March 5, 2023

A quick turnaround from the guys this week but there was so much to talk about they couldn't wait! Episode 110 of Straight Outta Gotham is ready and here for you to kickoff your week in style!! This week Pete and Eric will give you the latest on: All of this plus the new McFarlane toys for The Flash, Eric talks Creed III and Cocaine Bear, and is the MCU at a crossroads? Just press play already and find out!!


Geekly News for February 28, 2023

February has come to a close but Pete and Eric have one last show before you can close the book on it! On episode 109 of SOG the guys breakdown the following: All of this plus news on Thunderbolts, Wonder Man, Superman: Legacy, and Pete's trip to the Republic of Dagestan!!


Geekly News for February 20, 2023

HEY OG's! After a week's hiatus to visit the Iceberg Lounge, Pete and Eric return with episode 108 of your favorite podcaster's favorite podcast! This week the guys get into: And of course another fascinating Eric accomplishment and Pete finally wears HIS robe!


SOG 107 - The Super Bowl Episode w/ Kris Burke

Just in time for the Big Game, Pete and Eric welcome back Kris Burke of SB Nation's Acme Packing Company to discuss the upcoming Super Bowl between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles and the ongoing saga of Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Plus, Kris lends his voice to the latest fandom news, such as:


Geekly News for January 29, 2023

While the world awaits the news from James Gunn, Eric and Pete return to keep you up to date with what we know.


Geekly News for January 23, 2023

As January is winding down the news is heating up, and Pete and Eric are here to bring it to you with episode 105 of your favorite podcast! All of this plus a new casting for Daredevil:Born Again and a new Batman animated movie is coming!!


Geekly News for January 16, 2023

Welcome back for episode 104 of SOG! Eric and Pete get into the latest news this week, beginning with Ezra Miller avoiding jail time, the SanGunn creative team, The Batmanverse, and Joker 2! Also, WB is in a strong position and Gregg Berlanti is sticking around! Plus Ant-Man, Ang Lee's Hulk, and M3GAN's surprising box office numbers!


Geekly News for January 7, 2023

HAPPY NEW YEAR! The guys return with their first show of 2023 and they're bringing you all the DC-WB Drama that transpired over the holidays! Plus, some old friends are returning to the CW and some aren't! All of this plus the return of Michael Keaton is coming in a "flash"! So press play and let us bring edutain you for a the next 60 minutes!!


Geekly News for December 18, 2022

Last show of the year and the guys get into all the latest coming from James Gunn and Peter Safran regarding the future of the DCU. Patty Jenkins speaks about Wonder Woman and we have a premiere date for the Flash, Superman and Lois, and the most anticipated CW show ever, Gotham Knights! Also, Eric tells us about his odd Lyft experience and much more on episode 102 of SOG!!


Geekly News for December 11, 2022

Episode 101 is here and the guys are getting into all the breaking news coming out of the new DCU, as well as: All of this plus Christmas movies and their usual brand of edutainment!


Geekly News for December 4, 2022

100! For our 100th episode we brought back our very first guest, Ryan Hoss, to help us celebrate and breakdown the news for the week! We get into a host of topics, such as: All of this plus we talk the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, GoTG Vol 3, the new Indiana Jones trailer and more!


Geekly News for November, 20, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving! Your weekly blast of all the goings on in fandom is here to accompany you while you stuff yourself with turkey, stuffing, and all the trimmings!! Feast yourself on these yummy topics: So pile your plate with a candied yams and mashed potatoes and smother them in gravy while you listen to episode 99 of SOG!!


Geekly News for November 13, 2022

Happy Birthday to the Champ! The guys are back with episode 98 of SOG, where they breakdown:


Geekly News for November 6, 2022

Pete and Eric are back to discuss all the happenings going on in fandom, such as: It's another jam packed show for your enjoyment!!


Geekly News for October 29, 2022

TRICK OR TREAT!! Pete and Eric are joined by friend and creator of The Batman Book Club, Ryan Lower, to discuss a plethora of treats for Halloween! The guys give their official review of Black Adam and discuss the big news surrounding Henry Cavill's official return to Superman and DC finally picking the leadership for the newly minted DCU! They also breakdown: Plus the reviews of the Ant-Man and the Wasp and Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special trailers!


Geekly News for October 22, 2022

Eric and Pete get into the current state of Warner Bros/Discovery in episode 95 as well as: So press play and let the guys edutain you!


Geekly News for October 16, 2022

Your weekly does of hijinks is back with episode 94. Eric and Pete have a slew of topics for this week including:


Geekly News for October 8, 2022

They're baaaaaaaaaaaaack and this episode is chock full o' Harley Quinn news and a bunch of other news from the house that Batman built, such as: All that great news plus word from Marvel on Blade, Secret Wars, Ryan Coogler, Jacob Batalon on the future of Ned Leeds, and Ryan Reynolds' is hyped for Deadpool 3!


Geekly News for October 1, 2022

Halloween Season is upon us and the guys are here with a scary good episode of SOG!! This week they discuss: Plus... Baby Ruth's, Skor bars, Heath Bars, shrimp... yes this episode is as delicious as it sounds!!