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Created by Dork Side Productions and hosted by Todd Canipe, The Exhaust Port Podcast gets down to the nitty-gritty of all things Star Wars - movies, books, comics, collecting, animation, politics - you name it, Todd and his amazing and ever-rotating guests cover it if it's Star Wars related!


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Created by Dork Side Productions and hosted by Todd Canipe, The Exhaust Port Podcast gets down to the nitty-gritty of all things Star Wars - movies, books, comics, collecting, animation, politics - you name it, Todd and his amazing and ever-rotating guests cover it if it's Star Wars related!






Episode 47 - Andor at the Halfway Point; A New Hope?

Todd Canipe and Reid Byers are back with episode 47 of The Exhaust Port Podcast. What's on the agenda, you ask? Andor. As we pass the halfway point of season one, the crew analyzes the show inside-out, from top-to-bottom, and come to the obvious conclusion - this is literally the Star Wars project we've been dreaming of and waiting for from Lucasfilm and Disney Plus a literal 'New Hope' for Star Wars moving forward. What makes this show resonate so much with such a large part of the Star Wars community, and where does Star Wars in general go from here? We try and tackle this and much, much more in this episode (and we even manage to stay on course this time!). The Exhuast Port is and always has aimed to be a legitimately objective, common sense Star Wars podcast. As lifelong fans we pull no punches, and honestly strive to see the franchise and it's projects for what they are. Please be sure to subscribe on your preferred podcast service and leave us a review - every little bit helps! ~MTFBWY


Episode 46 - Hello There, We're Rusty..

Todd Canipe and Reid Byers are back in the saddle for another round of The Exhaust Port. After a riduclously long break (some of which we get into), we decided to make episode 46 all about everyone's favorite space Jesus and heartthrob - Obi-Wan Kenobi. We cover the series from start-to-finish (a bit clumsily, I'll admit) and decide that while not perfect, we dug it for the most part. This episode also kicks off a bit of a new era for The Exhaust Port. We want to make more content, but decided that keeping things more consice and on topic is the best path forward. We also decided that one episode every three or four weeks is a realistic content strategy for a bunch of grown-ass men who unfortunately can't just sit around and talk about Star Wars all day.. bummer, I know. **this episode was originally recorded on July 17th, so forgive us if some of the info is a bit dated**


Episode 45 - Mandalorian Mania!

The Exhaust Port Podcast is back! After a bit of a hiatus, I (Todd Canipe) am back in the studio with cohost Sequoyah Winston dishing on all the Star Wars news and happenings we missed talking about over the past two years. And guess what? That means a lot of The Mandalorian. Like a whole lot. During episode 45 we give our opinions on all aspects of the both seasons of the show - breaking down each chapter, details on the main and recurring characters and their overall development and arcs, the tech involved to bring Mando to life, the good and bad (mostly good) aspects of the fan service, and where the show can go from here. But hey, it's us so there's a bunch of rambling to get to that point. In addition to all of that, other highlights include: Lastly, somewhere along the way Todd takes a minute to lay a turd on YouTuber SW Theory and his manufactured drama with Pablo Hidalgo, as well and Gina Carano's batsh*t social media presence. Oh, and he compares Din Djarin's faction of Mandalorians to the Proud Boys. Yep, fun times. **There are some very subtle audio issues due to the fact that we haven't recorded in a minute and we were wearing masks. We will tighten it up next time... Apologies in advance** Thanks all for sticking around as we relaunch the show. Look for more consistent content from all the crew moving forward. ~May The Force Be With You


Episode 44 - Rumors & Twerps

For episode 44 of The Exhaust Port podcast, Reid Byers is back in the co-host's seat, joining Todd once again to round up all the latest and greatest Star Wars news, rumors (**SPOILER WARNING**), and theories that surround the galaxy! And in between all of that, the duo tackle the legacy of the Special Editions, basically doing what needs to be done, and laying out the reasons they suck. Oh, and Galaxy of Heroes because, Galaxy of Heroes. Some highlights include: The Breakfast Club As always, thanks for listening and please make sure to subscribe and leave us a review if you dig the show, it helps a ton. In the meantime, reach out to us on our contact page, and/or drop us a line on Twitter at @DSoTFproduction or @toddcanipe, we'd love to hear from you. ~MTFBWY


Episode 43 - a Constable, a DJ, and a General Walk Into a Bar...

Hello friends! New guest and Star Wars trivia-master extraordinaire Tyler Davis joins me this week's episode of The Exhaust Port to discuss his fandom, as well as the past, present, and potential future of the Star Wars universe. We leave no stone unturned, and the episode really moves quickly. We've highlighted a few points below for your reference: Overall, this was a super-fun episode to record, and I hope to have Tyler on more frequently. Enjoy!


Episode 42 - Ramble On!

The boys are back with episode 42 of The Exhaust Port! Todd is rejoined by Sequoyah in a rambling yet insightful podcast, with the main focus being worldbuilding and the future of Star Wars post-Skywalkers (gasp!). Emotions and frustrations run high during parts of the episode, and the guys are all over the place. But hey, it's Todd and Sequoyah, so you know it's on point, right?. Some highlights include: Solo, a Star Wars Story'sMaking Star Wars Thanks again to everyone who is listening, and if you haven't already, please take a minute, subscribe on your preferred platform, and leave us a good review! Feedback, questions, concerns, or future topics? Hit us on our contact page, or on Twitter @DSoTFproduction. Until next time, MTFBWY!


Episode 41 - Chewie, We're Home!

Did you miss us?!? Fear not, after a long hiatus, The Exhaust Port podcast is back to stay and we've got some cool new stuff planned as we relaunch! For our triumphant return in episode 41, Todd is joined once again by Reid Byers to catch up on all the Star Wars happenings we've missed since our last podcast. Here are just a few of the highlights: Solofan filmResistance Thanks for sticking with us, we promise to stick around this time. And if you like the show, give us that review - it helps a ton!


Episode 40 - Nostalgia and Letting Go

Reid is back in the co-host's chair for a very special 40th episode of The Exhaust Port, everyone's favorite Star Wars podcast! Not only do you get to hear our amazing voices waxing on all things that make Star Wars so nostalgic to fans, but you get to see our faces! That's right, thanks to our good friends at Rough Cut Productions we have a full video of the recording session, which you can check out here! We had a blast recording and filming this episode and hope you guys enjoy it! So onto the topic at hand - NOSTALGIA. What is it that makes Star Wars tug at our heartstrings so much, and subsequently makes it hard for us to let go of the stories and characters we've grown up with. We discuss the path that the franchise has walked to get to where we are today, including some tidbits on the psychology of it all (Joseph Campbell, people!). I also make some points about the canon reboot after the Disney takeover, which I go into detail in my article from this past week discussing whether or not Lucasfilm is making the grade so to speak... Wrapping things up we finish with our 'May the 4's Be With You' topic of the week, which is to rank Harrison Ford's four appearances as everyone's favorite scoundrel with a heart, Han Solo. If you enjoy our podcast, please give the video a watch, as we would love to do this again sometime! We also can't thank Joe at Rough Cut Productions enough for taking the time to film and edit the video, it turned out great! If you're digging what we do please take a moment to subscribe to the podcast and more importantly, leave us a review, as it helps the show out a ton. And until next time, MTFBWY!


Episode 39 - The Fandom Menace

Come for the amazing Star Wars discussion, stay for Sequoyah's George Lucas impression! That's right, Sequoyah rejoins me for one of the very best episodes of The Exhaust Port Podcast of all time. We tackle the bantha in the room and ask the question - is Star Wars fandom ruining Star Wars? - in an episode called The Fandom Menace. During this two-hour podcast, we cover a huge variety of topics, many of which are at the forefront of fandom today. What happened with the Solo box office and where does Lucasfilm go from here? How many Star Wars films and projects per year is enough or too many? Why does a certain segment of the fanbase feel like it's ok to go with a mob mentality and bully creators and stars on social media? Should said creators and stars be able to defend themselves when enough is enough? How much blame does Kathleen Kennedy, and to a lesser extent Rian Johnson, deserve for the divisive nature of the fanbase right now? Could George Lucas 'save' Star Wars? (spoiler, it doesn't need saving, quite the opposite)... Is Marvel the new 'fandom' and why is it not only universally loved but given a pass on certain things when Star Wars isn't? What the hell is a social justice warrior and is that even a bad thing? Was The Empire Strikes Back universally lauded when it came out? Is it time the 'A Star Wars Story' movies go bye-bye in favor of a more connected SW universe? And much, much more. Lastly a warning - there are quite a few f-bombs in this one (more than usual) as we got going and pretty worked up as the conversation flowed. Having said that, if you listen to The Exhaust Port regularly you're probably used to it so it shouldn't be a thing, and this is a great episode of our podcast - one of the very best. We hope everyone gives it a listen. Enjoy!


Episode 38 - State of the Star Wars Galaxy with Todd & Reid

Todd and Reid are back together for the first time in a few months to catch everyone up on their take on what's going on in the Star Wars galaxy! For episode 38 of The Exhaust Port, the duo briefly discusses Solo, a Star Wars Story before diving headfirst into the state and health of our favorite franchise. After taking a look at the possible reasons behind the box office failure of the aforementioned Solo, we look to the future of Star Wars storytelling with The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson's upcoming trilogy of films, the Benioff and Weiss films, the rumored Kenobi and Fett projects, and of course the Favreau live action TV show debuting in 2019 and Dave Filoni's latest animated series Resistance, which drops this fall. And don't worry, we didn't let the toxic segment of the fandom off the hook and of course we give our thoughts on Kathleen Kennedy and her tenure so far and future at Lucasfilm... Covering everything from what we know to what we think, nobody does it better than Todd and Reid! Also of note is this week's 'May the 4's Be With You', with the topic being four other characters that could've been used in place of THAT character at the end of Solo! Lastly, if you enjoy the podcast, please consider leaving a review, as it helps all of us here at The Exhaust Port continue to do what we love - dork out about Star Wars! Enjoy!


Episode 37 - SOLO Review and Discussion!

After a (too) long layoff we are back with a brand-new episode of The Exhaust Port Podcast! For episode #37 I am joined by Dave, Katrina, and Dan for a lengthy discussion and review about all things Solo, a Star Wars Story. The crew picks apart every detail of the film and come to the following consensus - damn, this is a fun ride. From Alden and Donald's performances as Han and Lando respectively, to Chewie stealing the show, we cover it all. Wondering what we thought of the new characters as well? Yup, we threw down on that, of course. Oh, and how about THAT cameo?!?! And all those Legends / EU Easter Eggs and deep cuts! It's a long listen but definitely worth your while (we think so at least). The wine was flowing and we got a little loopy at the end (at least Dan and I did), and yes, that was a Theo Huxtable reference. And I misidentified a reference to the Tonnika sisters and we almost forgot to do this edition of 'May the 4's Be With You'. Sue me, we're rusty. And yes, we want an Enfys Nest film ASAP! We also touch upon the toxic element that's taking over segments of Star Wars fandom, especially as it pertains to the Kelly Marie Tran, Rian Johnson, and Kathleen Kennedy situations. The consensus on that? Get a life people, seriously. Our feeling on it is that whether you like The Last Jedi or not, you are only hurting yourself by not heading into the theaters to see Solo, you're gonna regret that one. Lastly, if you dig what we do please take a minute and leave us a great review, as it helps us out so much. We love what we do and wanna be able to keep on doing it! ~Todd


Episode 36 - Book Club Tackles 'Leia, Princess of Alderaan' by Claudia Gray

We're back! After a long (too long) layoff, The Exhaust Port podcast is back with a rambling edition of Book Club! Dave Bartholomew joins me to discuss the amazing novel Leia, Princess of Alderaan by the undisputed queen of Star Wars writing, Claudia Gray herself. Gray delivers another must-read addition to the growing Star Wars canon, once again centering on everyone's favorite Disney princess, Leia Organa herself. The novel is a coming of age tale for a 16-year-old Leia, detailing her discovery that her adoptive parents are key members of the Rebel Alliance, her entry into galactic politics, and the start of a lifelong friendship to none other than Amilyn Holdo! Coming to grips with the need for sacrifice and experiencing love and loss for the first time in her life, Leia Princess of Alderaan is a must-read for any Star Wars fan. We also loop in a tiny bit of discussion on another amazing Star Wars book, Rebel Rising by Beth Revis, contrasting the late-teen years of Jyn Erso against those of Leia - including the differences in their respective mentors and the paths they walk to essentially arrive at the same point. For this episode's edition of our ongoing series May the 4's Be With You, Dave and I tackle the topic of our four favorite novels in the new Star Wars canon (sorry EU / Legends heads...). As you can guess, our lists are pretty similar, but there are a few differences. We also go into a little praise and love for the various story narrators, as we both absorb our content via audiobook as opposed to the old school method of actually reading. While we are on the subject of Star Wars novels, please take a peek at our new Star Wars Reading Guide - especially if you're wanting to get into reading Star Wars novels and are feeling a bit overwhelmed (which is understandable)! We have outlined the best starting points to get you up and reading, and where to proceed from there, providing the newbie a great guide to getting started in the world of the Star Wars canon outside of the films and animated series'. Thanks again for listening, and make sure to subscribe and leave us a review, as it helps the podcast a TON! Lastly, feel free to drop us a line on our site, Twitter, and/or Facebook - we love to hear from you guys and appreciate your feedback! ~May The Force Be With You, Always!


Bonus! Todd Goes Solo on the Solo Teaser!!

We've all seen the teaser and the TV spot for Solo, a Star Wars Story, and I gotta say, DAYUMMMM! So much damn that I decided to record a solo podcast (pun 1000% intended!) dishing out some of my initial thoughts on the teaser and just what we might be seeing. During this quick bonus episode, I do a full run-through of the teaser, breaking every-so-often to give my thoughts in real-time as I watch it, lastly adding some extra insight and opinions as to exactly what we might be looking at. I cover the characters and casting choices, and give some quick thoughts on the environments we are looking at. Lastly, I discuss some old Legends / EU storylines, characters, and locations we might be seeing when Solo drops into theaters everywhere in late May. Long-story-short --- I'm VERY excited at what we have seen so far, and can't wait to see what Ron Howard, Kathleen Kennedy, and the Lucasfilm story group have in store for us! In addition, below are some of the highlights (as well as links) to a few things I think you might wanna learn a little bit more about: KesselKessel RunThe Pyke SyndicateThe Maw ClusterSabacc Until next time, enjoy, and May The Force Be With You! ~Todd


Episode 35 - Luke Skywalker: the HERO that Divided a Fanbase

We're back for episode 35 of The Exhaust Port podcast! This time Todd is joined by Reid Byers to play in the world of The Last Jedi one last time (for now). If you're following the universe of Star Wars fandom then you're well aware that the title of "Luke Skywalker: the Hero That Divided a Fanbase" couldn't be more perfect. We cover the ins and outs of the return of the Jedi as it were, and dissect exactly why our hero's triumphant return may have polarized fans the world-over. After contrasting the Luke we got versus the Luke we had all spent thirty years dreaming of, we came to the basic conclusion that yes, this IS our Luke Skywalker, and it's time we all appreciate him! Plus, the only topic for May the 4's Be With You is, of course, our top four Luke Skywalker moments of all-time, so make sure to hang around for that. Oh, and bloopers are back! ~Thanks as always, and May The Force Be With You!


Episode 34 - Filmmaker Patrick Read Johnson Joins Todd to Talk The Last Jedi

Oh boy, do we have a good episode of The Exhaust Port cooked up for this week! Acclaimed writer & director (and Star Wars fan numero uno) Patrick Read Johnson once again joins Todd for the 34th episode of our podcast and the boys talk about - you guessed it - that little movie called The Last Jedi. Patrick gives his unique insight into Rian's film, including its divisive nature within the fanbase, and offers up some strong opinions as to why this may be. Also discussed is Mark Hamill's performance as the legendary Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, why the ending was the perfect sendoff to the hero we've all grown up with, and a tiny bit about the upcoming Solo, A Star Wars Story. And of course, Patrick gives us all an update on his wonderful film 5-25-77, which is looking at a wider release in late spring / early summer. Last but not least, the 'May the 4's Be With You' topic for this week is the top four Star Wars stories we want to see make it onto the screen. Oh, and there's a Roger Corman mention! ~Enjoy, and May the Force Be With You!


Episode 33 - The Great The Last Jedi Debate with Todd, Dan, and Dave!

The dust has settled and it's been over a month since The Last Jedi, the eighth installment of the Star Wars saga films has been released. We've had one podcast completely dedicated to the film with quite a few of the regular contributors of The Exhaust Port breaking down and all being in agreement in their love of Rian Johnson's film. Eric and I also discussed the movie in depth during their collecting podcast from a couple weeks ago. Now it's time to hear Dan and Dave's takes (along with mine again, of course) and the great debate ensues. Dan has been very vocal (in his text messages anyway) about his lack of love for the film and his concern for the future of the Star Wars franchise in general, while Dave absolutely loves it. After an hour-and-a-half discussion do we meet in the middle? Listen to episode 33 and find out! ~Todd *and yes, we got so wrapped up in the debate we completely forgot to do this week's installment of May the 4's Be with You... I'm gonna work on that and (maybe) we'll get a quick bonus podcast where the three of us can rectify that*


Episode 32 - '17 Collecting Review & Recap PLUS The Last Jedi Talk with Todd & Eric!

What's up 2018?! We are back with episode 32 of The Exhaust Port - your favorite Star Wars podcast (probably)! We're bringing in the new year proper with a great show featuring Todd with guest co-host Eric Ewton. The boys discuss and review the state of Star Wars collecting in 2017 and look ahead to what we might expect in 2018 and beyond given the fact we have the Solo standalone film in May and then zilch for 19 months (gasp!). Covering the hits and misses this past year, mainly focusing on Hasbro and Funko, the duo aims to catch everyone up-to-speed on where we are at and speculate on what they hope will happen during said long dry spell... Guess what's covered in this installment of May the Fours Be With You?? Yep, our top four collectibles of 2017! Finally, The Last Jedi is discussed in detail, and we get Eric's views on the film and fandom since he didn't participate in the TLJ roundup/review podcast with the rest of the Dork Side crew! And yes, we know Todd states this is episode 33 during the podcast..... We just can't have a flawless show now can we ;-). ~May the Force Be With You!


Episode 31 - Todd & the Crew Review and Discuss The Last Jedi!

OK, the initial dust has settled and everyone has (hopefully) seen Rian Johnson's The Last Jedi. So guess what?? It's time for The Exhaust Port Podcast crew to break it down! Todd is joined by Dork Side regulars Katrina, Reid, and Sequoyah to go over every detail of the latest installment of the Star Wars cinematic universe in nauseating detail (but in a good way). What did we like? A lot. What didn't we like? Not much! Not only does the crew cover what we loved about the film, we also tackle the dissension among certain circles in the Star Wars fanbase, and why TLJ might not have met their expectations... All-in-all it's a super-fun (and long) episode of The Exhaust Port, and we think it's well worth your time. Also be on the lookout in the next week for more hot takes about the film from the other regular contributors to the show that couldn't make this inaugural session! ~Enjoy!


Episode 30 - The Whole Gang Gets Together on the Eve of The Last Jedi!

After a bit of a layoff, The Exhaust Port podcast is back. And when we say back we mean it! For episode 30 host Todd Canipe is joined by a huge group of The Exhaust Port and Dork Side Productions' most frequent contributors in the form of Sequoyah Winston, Dan Bruer, Reid Byers, and Katrina Canipe, to look back on the two years since the release of The Force Awakens - what did we love about it and what doesn't work as well since the new car smell has worn off. And of course, the crew looks ahead to the behemoth that is Rian Johnson's The Last Jedi! No SPOILER talk here, we promise, just speculation. Lastly, we launch a brand-new feature called 'May the Fours Be With You', where we rifle off each of our favorite four Star Wars films heading into the release of TLJ. ~Enjoy - Todd & the Dork Side Crew!


Episode 29 – Theories and the Future of Star Wars with Todd and Dan Bruer!

Dan Bruer is back in The Exhaust Port saddle for episode 29! He and Todd discuss all the theories floating around Star Wars fandom in regards to The Last Jedi and nothing is left off the table. From Kylo Ren& Ben Solo’s story arc, to Rey’s parentage, to exactly who the hell Snoke might be Read More ...