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The Fantasy Wheel #1 - Fantasy Speed Dating, Overused Tropes, and More

Craig and Megan spin the Fantasy Wheel! We took several listener suggestions for topics and chose a few of them to speak about for a few minutes. Topics include: whether we can judge books objectively; fantasy speed dating; overused tropes; and our favorite antagonists. Support the show on Patreon Join the conversation on Reddit Music: "The Seven Seas" courtesy of


#244. The Blinding Knife, chs. 1-72

Which is the higher good, freedom or power? Is there any nuance to be had in a discussion of the evil of slavery? Are rich people just the worst? Today we're talking through the first half of The Blinding Knife, the second book in Brent Weeks's Lightbringer series. This episode is chock full of heavy stuff -- and fun stuff! -- to talk about, and we’ll get to … well, at least some of it. Support the show on Patreon Join the conversation on Reddit Music: "Adventure Time" and "The Seven...


Painting the Darkness - With Artist Miranda Meeks

This episode will be best heard if you can see those works of Miranda's that we reference, over at Miranda is an artist whose work frequently graces the covers -- and sometimes pages -- of Brandon Sanderson's books, as well as other novels. (Several prints adorn the walls of our studio, in fact.) Her style is at once dark, accessible, and unique, and on top of that she is a wonderful conversational partner. Listen in, I think you'll enjoy this interview. Get updates about...


#243. The Black Prism, chs. 51-95

Craig, Ryan, and Stephanie discuss the second half of Brent Weeks's The Black Prism, book 1 in the Lightbringer series. After a long setup in the first half, we get a lot of interesting questions and moments to chew on. Why is this book titled The Black Prism? Is it actually awful that the Chromeria expects a high price from their ranks of drafters? What exactly is a turtle-bear? And Craig makes at least one bold prediction for the rest of the series. Support the show on Patreon Join the...


#242. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

This episode is truly a first: the first time we've ever read a historical action comedy horror parody of a 19th century classic. Oh, and it's also our first-ever ladies-only show! Stephanie and Megan welcome newcomer Kate to the Legendarium and together the three of them dissect (eww) this fun, hilarious, sometimes gory, sometimes touching book. Support the show on Patreon Join the conversation on Reddit Music: "The Seven Seas" courtesy of


#241. The Hobbit, chs. 8-11

Craig, Ryan, and Kyle continue through The Hobbit, discussing (we're using that term as broadly as possible here) chapters eight through eleven. Without Stephanie to keep the guys on track, things get ... well let's just say it's not as polished a conversation as she might have helped provide. Together they discuss Mirkwood, giant spiders, elves, barrels, Lake Town, and opening Erebor's back door. TODAY'S SPONSOR: - Click through to get your first issue...


TBR Piles and Deep Reading

TBR = "to be read." Most of us have a TBR pile, but some of us can get a bit overwhelmed by it. For this topic, Craig, Ryan, and Kyle are joined by a special guest: YouTube sensation Daniel Greene. (And now we expect him to put "'YouTube sensation' -The Legendarium" in all of his promotional materials.) Together they discuss not only their TBR piles and how they manage them, but also what it means to read deeply and whether that can be done if one is multitasking while working through that...


#240. Dresden Files Recap & Reaction, Books 1-5

The Blue Team is taking a deep breath before a giant Dresden plunge! In preparation for another spate of Dresden Files episodes coming up, Megan, Kenn, and Todd take stock of where they're at in the series, how they're enjoying, what they're enjoying most, and what they're looking forward to in coming books. Look forward to at least another 4-5 Dresden episodes in the coming weeks! Support the show on Patreon Join the conversation on Reddit Music: "The Seven Seas" courtesy of...


Dealing With Burnout & How To Recommend Fantasy

Craig and Kyle discuss the thing that has kept Kyle off the show for too long now: burnout. It can sneak up on anyone, even the biggest of fans, and they talk about how to combat it. They also address a listener question about how to introduce fantasy to the uninitiated. (Spoiler alert: the answer is "slowly and carefully." Please let us know what you think of us doing more small episodes like this between out main book-centric episodes. Support the show on Patreon Join the conversation...


#239. The Black Prism, chs. 1-50

(Skip to 5:20 to get to actual Lightbringer content.) Our inaugural Lightbringer discussion! If you haven't read this series, now's a good time to start, as it is highly recommended among fiction readers. With good reason, as it turns out. It's just Craig and Ryan for this one! And maybe for a lot of Lightbringer episodes coming up. Hopefully they still like each other when it's done. Anyway, in this episode Craig gives his first impressions on the first half of the book (Ryan's read the...


#238. God Emperor of Dune, ep.2

Todd, Megan, Kenn, and Jack are all back for a wrap-up of their discussion of God Emperor of Dune, the fourth book in Frank Herbert's Dune series. And it's time for a brand new drinking game! If you are inclined to imbibe, then toss one back every time you hear the phrase "gross protuberance." Now what was already going to be a good episode just became a lot of fun, because you're living on the edge due to the very real danger of liver failure before the hour is up. Hear more of Jack on...


#237. Summer Movie Roundup - Tolkien, John Wick, Spider-Man, & More

Finally, with the release of Hobbs & Shaw, the 2019 summer movie season can be officially declared over. Craig, Todd, and Ryan simulcast this recording on a YouTube livestream as well, and they talk about a ton of summer media, including Tolkien, John Wick 3, Brightburn, Disney live action remakes, Dark Phoenix, Spider-Man, Toy Story 4, and more. And more. And more. No need to strap in, this is a "chill out, just relax" kind of episode. Support the show on Patreon Join the conversation...


#236. Ender's Game - Author's Shelf feat. David Farland

On this Author's Shelf episode, David Farland joins Craig, Kenn, and Ryan to discuss Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card. We discuss a lot of characters and themes, just like normal, but we also get a healthy dose of amazing stories from Dave. You don't want to miss this one. Check out Dave's site and sign up for his newsletter here Support the show on Patreon Join the conversation on Reddit Music: "Adventure Time" and "The Seven Seas" courtesy of


#235. The Hobbit, chs.4-7

Craig, Ryan, and Stephanie tackle chapters 4-7 of The Hobbit, covering the company's capture by the goblins of the Misty Mountains, Bilbo's solo adventure in Gollum's cave, his rejoining of the company and their eventual escape from the goblins via giant eagle, and the final bit of relaxation before plunging into the most difficult parts of the adventure. This episode was simulcast on YouTube live (subscribe!), so Craig was a bit distracted making all the tech work. But enjoy it...


#234. God Emperor of Dune, ep.1

For our first discussion on God Emperor of Dune, Todd and Kenn welcome Jack Butler back to the Legendarium. Jack was previously on episode 220 (a Silmarillion episode) but now he returns to establish his sci-fi bona fides as well his fantasy ones. This is our first of two discussions on the fourth book in Frank Herbert's Dune series, and we hope you enjoy it. Hear more of Jack on the Young Americans podcast Support the show on Patreon Join the conversation on Reddit Music: "Adventure...


#233. The Hobbit, chs 1-3

Back to Middle-earth! Craig, Ryan, and Stephanie step from the comforts of 19th-century England into the wild world of Faerie. In the first few chapters of The Hobbit, we go from the landed gentry of Bag End to the cockney dockworkers of the Ettenmoors, to the timeless elves of Rivendell. What was initially intended to be the first of three episodes has suddenly become the first of ... five? Six? We'll see! Thanks for joining us. Support the show on Patreon Join the conversation on...


#232. Doomsday Book - Author's Shelf, feat. Andrew Klavan

For today's Author's Shelf episode, Andrew Klavan asked Craig and Kenn to read Doomsday Book, by Connie Willis. The three of them discuss the incredibly well drawn characters, the devastating emotional climax, and the relief of having a time travel story that -- wouldn't you know it -- actually works! Our thanks to Andrew Klavan for coming on the show, and we hope you'll check out his recent effort, Another Kingdom. Check out Another Kingdom, in PODCAST or BOOK form. Support the show...


#231. Death Masks (Dresden Files #5)

The Freaking Shroud of Turin (TM) has gone missing! The Blue Team is thrilled be back in the Dresden Files, following Harry et al through Death Masks, the fifth book in the series. Todd is finally feeling better after being a bit sick through the last few episodes, but Dresden is exactly what he needed as a good pick-me-up. Kenn hits some high notes in his recap, Megan is not looking for a paladin in her life, and the crew answers some Reddit questions. Support the show on Patreon Join...


#230. Beyond the Shadows, ep.2 (Night Angel #3)

Craig, Ryan, and Stephanie are back for one more Night Angel episode, this being the second of two discussions on Brent Weeks's Beyond the Shadows. They talk about the price of Kylar's immortality; the grand finale; and whether Lantano Garuwashi, however great, is even necessary. They also finally answer some reddit questions. Support the show on Patreon Join the conversation on Reddit Music: "Adventure Time" and "The Seven Seas" courtesy of


#229. Children of Dune, ep.2

The Blue Team is back! Todd, Megan, and Kenn reunite for a second discussion of Children of Dune. As is becoming clearer and clearer, Kenn and Megan don't exactly share Todd's enthusiasm for the Dune series. But that doesn't mean there isn't plenty to discuss! They'll be back for more Dune in the coming months, but watch for more Dresden coming up between now and then. Support the show on Patreon Join the conversation on Reddit Music: "Adventure Time" and "The Seven Seas" courtesy of...