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A Dungeons and Dragons "Actual Play" podcast, mixing the rules of Adventurer's League and the role playing of a homebrew campaign.

A Dungeons and Dragons "Actual Play" podcast, mixing the rules of Adventurer's League and the role playing of a homebrew campaign.
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A Dungeons and Dragons "Actual Play" podcast, mixing the rules of Adventurer's League and the role playing of a homebrew campaign.




Episode 74- The End of the End/The True Greatest Enemy/Finale of the Goat Pimps

Well everyone, here it is. The final episode of what I have been calling the Goat Pimps Saga. Oddly, we even have (at least I feel we have) been able to provide some small feelings of resolution and symmetry the the past two years or seemingly random adventures. As an emotioal fella, I can't help but feel a little sad to say goodbye to these characters, but I can promise that Jacey Lakims at least will be back in one of our Tales from the Yawning Portal adventures. But enough of the sappy...


Episode 73- The Middle of the End of the Goat Pimps, part 2

Yeah, the title didn't match up to the last actual play episode, but you know what? Screw you! You'll take it and like it! Or not, but that's like, your prerogative man. @RulesLawyerz @LittleGreyBoy2


Episode 72- RLAD Coffee Fueled Rampage COLABO

BAM!!! COLABO!!! This episode, Luke talks with Kylie from the Coffee Fueled Rampage podcast about D&D. Bet you didn't see that one comin', didn't ya?! However, not all is happy goof goof time. The Oldest Enemy to podcast folk all around pays us a vist... that's right... The Audio Hobgoblin! Follow Kylie/Coffee Fueled Rampage @coffeefuelramp on Twitter! Follow The Little Grey Boy Network @LittleGreyBoy2 where a lot of cool indi-podcasters hang out


Episode 71- The Begining of the End of the End, part 1

Ok, I swear, we actually did record the ending of the Goat Pimps! Welcome to part 1 of 3 of said recording! ~Twitter~ @RulesLawyerz @LittleGreyBoy2


Episode 70- How to Play D&D the Right Way

Back by popular demand, we present the return of the really long rambling episode with little to no discernable direction! In the house we have (who else but) Luke, Paul, Dylan, Kyle, Ivy, and Andy. Topics of interest include the our own favorite catchphrases, the lamest subclasses, and more on our still healig wounds from previous bad DMs!


Episode 69- Goodbye Rosita, Hello Jake

In this episode too hot that even we couldn't finish it, we say goodbye to a character beloved by all as we see the birth a new favorite. The polls are in; everyone loves Jake!!!


Episode 68- Whoops All Races!!!

This is a big boi. We basically just BS about, like, 95% of the published 5e D&D races. There are definately some duds, as well as some studs.


Episode 67- The End Times pt 2

As we get the full crew back to playing in Goat Pimp Land, we provide further contemplation on the how we would like to see this story come to an end. The Desolate Undercroft continues to become more and more desolate, Daine continues to age to the point of full organ failure, and we get our first look at the newest member of the crew: Rosita. Follow us on Twitter or whatever at @RulesLawyerz


Episode 66- RLAD: Woldbuilding/What Do You Want in a Finale?

Spanking you in the butt with another Rules Lawyers After Dark. Today, we are talking about world building with a partial crew. We've got Luke (obviously), Andy, Matthew, and Hooah letting you know our objective opinons on what is best in regards to world building. I also got kind of weird with the mid-way-break music, and in retrospect I'm not a huge fan. Eh, whatevs. Twitter: @RulesLawyerz


Episode 65- Jars of Pi55

Ok, so for real, it was a while ago from when we played this, and then some time went by since I finsihed editing the whole thing, so I'm going to try to remember what all happened in this one. So, the Goat Pimps all show up in a big room that leads off to like, 6 different hallways. Once they are there, they hear Lafty's voice for the first time in a while and apperently he's around and can be heard in their heads. He is continuing his work for the AL Fairy, found big time loot, and has...


Episode 64- RLAD: WATER? (What Are The Esential Races?), aka "The Bad One"

Hey, y'all ready for a weird one? Like a really weird one? We haven't had one of those in a while. In this episode of Rules Lawyers After Dark, we have an improptu discussion on (amungst other things) which acquatic PC race is superior. The Rules Lawyers also welcomes the first, and hopefully not last, appearance of Ivy! Twitter: @RulesLawyerz


Episode 63- I remember talking a lot about mayonnaise in this one

Still with no sign of Daine in sight, the Goat Pimps and Special Guest Jybbeenk continue forth towards their destiny. We are introduced to the new surrogate Pipey (the new NPC craze sweeping the nation) as well as Luke's IRL puppy, Jacey Not Lakims the Pupper! And dont forget to join us in the mid-way break to catch up on all the hot Luke related goss!!!


Episode 62- One Last Job/Where is Daine, AGAIN???

The Goat Pimps (along with their special guest, Jybbeenk) were just starting to get setteled in that once named but now forgotten mountain town, when they realized they have one last job to take care of. With only 2 more days until retirement, they (minus 1 King Daine) head back up to the top of the mountain to finally conquer The Ruined Tower of the Tempest Mage.


Episode 61- Key Ya Later Clockwork Laboratory

We did it folks. We finally reached the end of the Clockwork Laboratory. Just one more mod before we say goodbye to Adventurer's League for ever. It'll be just like the Avengers, I swear.


Episode 60- Why is Daine Not Here?

The portal to the lower level of the Clockwork Laboratory opens, revealing a Goonie shot of the Goat Pimps looking down into it, evoking all sorts of nostalgia. Daine immediately disappears, leaving the rest of the crew to face the inevitabe horros themselves. Merry Krimbus y'all


Episode 59- Rug Too OP

The name says it all. Everyone, bow to your new masters. I for one welcome our new rug overlords.


Episode 58- The Ironfist Family Crest

This one was a pleasure to edit. I meantion it during the midway break, as well as tease it in the opening, but the ending of this episode has my absolute favorite joke we have ever done. Without a doubt, the hardest i have ever laughed on this show, with these fools, or in my life. Marking it; favorite episode thus far.


Episode 57- Daines All the Way Down

Now we are truly back in the action. With the arrival of the life cleric, the party is greatfully healed and moves onward to find more keys. My personal highlight was when Tomik does a really cool thing. Just wait for it. Trust me, its pretty awesome. @RulesLawyerz on Twitter


Episode 56- Luke Hunting Season/Diet Rules Lawyers After Dark

This ins one is a weird one. Basically the first half is the intro question, and the other half is us getting Andy and Hooah up to speed on whats going on with all these whacky keys. @RulesLawyerz on Twitter


Episode 55- Time's Up for Pipey

We continue to get deep and dank in the Clockwork Laboratory. There is suprizingly more combat in this puzzle module than one would think, which for most of us was a welcome addition. Also, RIP= Rest In Pipes.