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Signal Boost #45 — Charlie J. Eskew (Tales of the Astonishing Black Spark) & Danny Lore (ed. The Wilds)

In today’s episode of Signal Boost, Shaun talks to Charlie J. Eskew, author of the debut novel, Tales of the Astonishing Black Spark! Charlie tells us all about his new book, Black superheroes, dealing with contemporary issues through the superhero genre, tokenism, why he decided not to set his book in Metropolis, and so much […]


Signal Boost #44: C.L. Polk (Witchmark) and Tonia Thompson (Nightlight Podcast)

In today’s episode of Signal Boost, Jen talks to C.L. Polk, author of the debut novel Witchmark from Tor.Com Publishing. We learn what inspired C.L. to set the novel in an allegorical post-WWI England, how she developed a complex governmental and class system around a simple magic system, what compels the m/m romance that is […]


Reading Rangers: Shorts #2 – The 2018 Nommo Award Finalist Short Stories

Hello, Rangers! Time to get back into the saddle after too long a wait to highlight the wonderful short story finalists from the 2018 Nommo Awards! The Nommo Awards are hosted by the African Speculative Fiction Society and “recognise works of speculative fiction by Africans.” They mean “mean science fiction, fantasy, stories of magic and […]


Speculative Fiction in Translation #9: Co-Hosts and Anthologies

This month’s episode is especially exciting because Rachel has a co-host now! Daniel Haeusser is a professor of biology and regular Skiffy and Fanty contributor. You’ll also know him from the monthly short SFT reviews that he writes for the SFT website. This episode is much longer than usual, but also more interesting, and Rachel […]


Signal Boost #43 — A Conversation about Black Speculative Fiction Month at Skiffy and Fanty

We know, we know. It’s been an age and a half since Shaun and Jen sat down to have a conversation, but we’re back to let you know about a very special month at Skiffy and Fanty — Black Speculative Fiction Month! October was designated Black Speculative Fiction month in 2013 by Milton Davis and […]


353. Rebecca Roanhorse (a.k.a. The Lightning Wielder), Trail of Lightning

Coyote, road trips, and ghosts, oh my! We’re very excited to start out Black Speculative Fiction Month with a fantastic interview with the Hugo, Campbell, and Nebula award winning Afro-indigenous author, Rebecca Roanhorse. Jen and Becca figuratively sit down with Rebecca to discuss how the Navajo creation story inspired the world-building of her debut novel, […]


Signal Boost #42: Rhonda Parrish & Greg Bechtel (co-ed. Tesseracts 21: Neverthless) & Peter Tieryas (Mecha Samurai Empire)

In today’s episode of Signal Boost, Jen talks to to Rhonda Parrish and Greg Bechtel, the co-editors of Edge Publishing’s anthology Tesseracts 21: Nevertheless. They discuss how each got involved with this collection of optimistic speculative fiction stories, how the theme was impacted by the 2016 US election, how persistence, specifically, became a dominant message, […]


Torture Cinema #83: Atlantis: The Lost Continent (1961)

Crystal lasers, pig people, and recycled costumes, oh my! In today’s episode of Torture Cinema, Paul, Alex, Daniel, and the prodigal son, Shaun, gather together to make absolutely sure that the destroyed civilization of Atlantis stays destroyed as they review the disastrous George Pal 1961 disaster movie, Atlantis: The Lost Continent. The team discusses everything […]


Reading Rangers #7: Brothers in Arms by Lois McMaster Bujold

Hello, Rangers! It’s once again time to explore the Vorkosiverse with our intrepid Rangers. Paul, Alex, Stina, and Trish (safe from Hurricane Florence in the past), dig into what makes Brothers in Arms such a great addition to Lois McMaster Bujold’s Adventures of Miles Vorkosigan. It basically boils down to the fact that Bujold is […]


Signal Boost #41 — Tansy Rayner Roberts (ed. Mother of Invention) & Sam Hawke (City of Lies)

In today’s episode of Signal Boost, Elizabeth talks to Dr. Tansy Rayner Roberts, writer and editor extraordinaire, about 12th Planet Press’s robot creation anthology, Mother of Invention, which Tansy co-edited with Rivqa Rafael! The two discuss a bit of Tansy’s experience as an editor, how much she enjoyed going through the Kickstarter progress, what the […]


At the Movies #70 — The Meg

Hamster balls, giant squid, and Jason Statham’s biceps, oh my! Join Jen, Alex, and David as they discuss the summer blockbuster hit and totally Jason Statham-y film, The Meg! While some people might hate fun, we certainly don’t. With our happy hats on, we explore The Meg‘s fulfilled promises, its subversion of popcorn action film […]


Speculative Fiction in Translation #8: Solarpunk, Nexhumans, and Ball Lightning

This month’s episode is packed with info about the SFT from Algeria, Japan, Serbia, Italy, Brazil, Portugal, Russia, and China. It’s a vibrant mix of new books in a series, anthologies, novels, and stories, which I know you’ll enjoy. Plus, you can check out reviews of these and other stories around the internet. I also […]


Torture Cinema #82: Gallowwalkers (2012)

Lizard tails, Hellraiser, and bad Spanish, oh my! In today’s episode of Torture Cinema, Jen, Paul, and Alex are joined by the wonderful Tonia Thompson, founder of Nightlight Podcast, to talk about a film that should probably be thrown into the nearest hellmouth (except it’s SO PRETTY)! The group covers everything from the terrible script […]


352. Lynne Thomas, Michael Damian Thomas, and Matt Peters — Uncanny Magazine (Year Five)(An Interview)

Belly-dancing wookies, pancakes, and multimedia cooperatives, oh my! The Thomas’ are back on Skiffy and Fanty to share their year five kickstarter with Paul and Trish! They brought with them Matt Peters, who, along with the fabulous Michi Trota, is hoping that you support Uncanny Magazine so that the world can enjoy their new venture, […]


Signal Boost #40 — Claire O’Dell, Daniel Hansen, and Ilana C. Myer

After a long break, we’re back with not two but THREE WHOLE INTERVIEWS! Because you deserve it (and also we need to catch up). In today’s episode of Signal Boost, Paul talks to Claire O’Dell (the pen name of Beth Bernobich) about the first book in her new science fiction mystery series inspired by Sherlock […]


Speculative Fiction in Translation #7: Croatia, Quebec, and Condomnauts

July brought us speculative stories, books, and collections translated from the Chinese, Spanish, Croatian, French, Finnish, Portuguese, and Swedish. So much great stuff! From post-apocalyptic science fiction to Swedish horror to magical realism from Quebec, you’ll have no problem finding excellent reading material. Plus, you can check out reviews of these and other stories around […]


Torture Cinema #81: Frogs (1972)

Toads, Sam Elliot’s missing mustache, and weaponized Spanish moss, oh my! In today’s hoptastic episode, Alex, Paul, David, and special guest Michael J. Martinez try to drain the swamp of the southern patriarchy as they discuss the 1972 “killer” amphibian classic, Frogs. From leapless pacing, stagnant antagonists, and horribbitless story (all the terror of fluffy […]


Reading Rangers #6: Borders of Infinity by Lois McMaster Bujold

Hello, Rangers! We’re back to dig into the uhhh… I would say 6th book, but this is where things get a little complicated. We skipped Ethan of Athos, because the collective decision by the veterans is that it should be burned in the depths of hell, and went straight to Borders of Infinity, which includes the […]


351. Sam J. Miller (a.k.a. The Activist) — Blackfish City (An Interview)

Sheep, orca, and polar bears, oh my! Sorry about the huge delay on this exciting episode with the Shirley Jackson Award winning Author, Sam J. Miller! In this episode, Julia and Daniel discuss Sam’s newest novel, Blackfish City, including the ways in which Sam’s community activism inspired the worldbuilding, how a little bit of theft […]


Speculative Fiction in Translation #6: Japan in June

June, sweet June. It’s brought us two novel-length works of Japanese SFT, short fiction from the Chinese and Bengali, and a lot of reviews. This has also been a month of discussions about adding an SFT category to the Hugo Awards and Italian micro speculative fiction from over a dozen authors (featured on the SFT […]