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Episode 6. Into the Wardrobe with The Secret of NIMH (1982; dir. Don Bluth): Dark Animated Wonder and the Motherhood of the Muddy Cinderblocks

In this episode of Into the Wardrobe, Shaun Duke and Jen Zink talk about the dark and somewhat terrifying — but also whimsical and often hilarious — first major production of Don Bluth films, The Secret of NIMH, released in 1982 and based on Robert C. O’Brien’s book, Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH. […]


Signal Boost #53 — Tracy Barnett (Iron Edda TTRPG) and Evan Winter (Rage of Dragons)

In today’s episode of Signal Boost, Jen Zink interviews Tracy Barnett, podcaster, writer, and TTRPG designer, about their work as a TTRPG designer, from their first game, School Daze, to their most recent (as of the recording of the podcast, which we must apologize for posting 2 months later than expected) big project, Iron Edda! […]


At the Movies #76: Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019)

Nuclear families (hyuck, hyuck), boat-cars, and Transformers, oh my! In today’s episode, Shaun Duke, Paul Weimer, Alex Acks, and Jen Zink tackle the giant roaring beast(s) that is Godzilla: King of the Monsters! There are definitely opinions in this episode, y’all. LOTS OF OPINIONS! We basically took the Kaiju plot of King of the Monsters […]


Screen Scouts #19: Babylon 5 (Season 3; Episodes 9-12)

Dystopian shenanigans, busted councils, and Centauri rivalries, oh my! The Babylon 5 re-watch of Season 3 continues! Shaun, Mike, and Paul tackle episodes 5 through 8. This podcast is packed with big reveals, terrifying prospects, and disturbing ideas. We tackle the collapse of Earth Federation, the echos of the Nightwatch, the development of our favorite characters, […]


361. Megan E. O’Keefe (a.k.a. Lady Soapminster) — Velocity Weapon (An Interview)

Survival, corporations, and stolen tech, oh my! In today’s episode, Paul Weimer and Daniel Haeusser interview Megan O’Keefe about her new Space Opera novel, Velocity Weapon! But is it a Space Opera? Or is it a heist novel? Perhaps a thriller? No, wait! It’s a time-travel story about the unbreakable bond between siblings! Find out […]


At the Movies #76: Unicorn Store (2017)

Crazy paint, unicorns, and post-graduation life, oh my! Alex, Stina, and Trang join forces to take a look at Brie Larson’s feature length directorial debut, Unicorn Store (2017)! Together, they discuss the deep metaphors of the film’s central concept, the way it elicits strong personal reactions that make us think about our own lives, the […]


#05. Crosscurrent – Thrawn and On and On (A Star Wars Literary Podcast)

Jack up your hyperspace engines and get your Sith bath salts ready! Shaun, Alex, and Kate bounce back in time to the OLD Canon (Legends) for an in-depth discussion of Paul S. Kemp’s Crosscurrent. And “time” really is the word of the day. The crew of this absurdly comical starfreighter take a look at how Kemp’s […]


Torture Cinema #90: Kull the Conqueror (1997)

Ape men, nicked bits, and shirtless Sorbo, oh my! Shaun, Stephen, and Daniel join forces to fulfill their dudetastic Torture Cinema destiny by discussing 1997’s Kull the Conqueror (starring Hercules). They discuss the history behind the film, why it fails miserably at just about everything (action, romance, adventure, carefully crafted plots), and what it’s like to […]


Totally Pretentious #17. M (1931): The Nature of Evil, Citizen Mobs, and the Terror Within

In today’s episode, David and Shaun once more talk about the films they’re currently enjoying, from big blockbusters to television epics and more. Then they turn their critical brains to the film of the day: Fritz Lang’s M (1931). They cover some of the history behind the film — including 1930s Germany and the background of the […]


360. Ann Leckie (a.k.a. Singularitrix) — The Raven Tower (An Interview)

Shakespeare, geology, and sacrifices, oh my! In today’s interview, Jen and Paul are joined by Ann Leckie, award winning author of the Ancillary Series, to talk about her debut fantasy novel, The Raven Tower. They start with what books inspired the plot and unique characters of the novel, move into the narrative techniques Ann used […]


Torture Cinema #89: The Satanic Rites of Dracula (1973)

Canadian Geese, foot fetishes, and vest clones, oh my! Shaun, Jen, David, and Trang, in her first ever Skiffy and Fanty Podcast appearance, discuss the 1973 Hammer Film Productions classic(?), The Satanic Rites of Dracula! The last time that Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee would reprise their roles as Van Helsing and Dracula together. Thankfully, […]


Righteous Kicks #3 – Kamen Rider Drive, Episodes 17-32

Welcome to Righteous Kicks — the podcast where two science fiction writers geek out about men in spandex bodysuits who kick evildoers to death in abandoned quarries until they explode! This month, Iori and Brandon discuss the latest developments of the middle batch of Kamen Rider Drive. Heroes and villains change allegiances, Shinnosuke learns something curious […]


Reading Rangers #10: Komarr by Lois McMaster Bujold

Hello, Rangers! We’re back with everyone’s favorite Space Nancy Drew in Komarr! This time Stina, Paul, and Trish sit around the campfire to talk about women’s agency, budding relationships, whether or not Miles is “dad” material, how good intentions can go horribly, horribly wrong, the politics of isolationism, and more! Stina gets personal and, as […]


Speculative Fiction in Translation #13: Spanish Sherlock Holmes

March brings us Indonesian sci-fi about intergalactic love, Portuguese fantasy about a family’s terrible secrets, Italian sci-fi about what it means to be human, a story from the “Lost Files” of Sherlock Holmes, and much more. We also discuss the books we’re looking forward to later in 2019 and what we’d like to see in […]


At the Movies #75: Captain Marvel (2019)

Goose, goose, and GOOSE, oh my! Look, I’m not going to lie and tell you this is an entire podcast dedicated to the glory that is Goose, but… we really like Goose, OK?! Jen, Daniel, Alex, and Paul sit down for a rousing good chat about how much fun Captain Marvel is, but, more specifically […]


Screen Scouts #18: Babylon 5 (Season 3; Episodes 5-8)

The First Ones, dusty telepaths, and G’Quan’s glory, oh my! The Babylon 5 re-watch of Season 3 continues! Shaun, Mike, and Paul tackle episodes 5 through 8. They talk about the introduction of the First Ones, the development of G’Kar and the emotional resonances of the show’s complex colonial morality, the depth of the Shadows’ plot, […]


Episode 5. Into the Wardrobe with Bedknobs and Broomsticks (1971; dir. Robert Stevenson): The Age of Not Believing and the Problem of Empire

In this episode of Into the Wardrobe, Shaun and Jen talk about the utterly delightful, but definitely problematic, 1971 Disney production, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, directed by Robert Stevenson and featuring a heavy production overlap with Mary Poppins. The duo discuss everything from why they loved this film, the amount of nuance that they didn’t pick […]


359. Charlie Jane Anders (Hostess with the Mostest) – The City in the Middle of the Night

Cool suits, touch telepathy, and tidally locked planets, oh my! We didn’t know it at the time of our interview, but Paul and Elizabeth sit down with one of our official Hugo Fancast nemeses, Charlie Jane Anders, to talk about her new book, The City in the Middle of the Night! Listen to why Charlie […]


Righteous Kicks #2 – Kamen Rider Drive, Episodes 1-16

Welcome to Righteous Kicks — the podcast where two science fiction writers geek out about men in spandex bodysuits who kick evildoers to death in abandoned quarries until they explode! This month, Iori and Brandon talk about the first sixteen episodes of Kamen Rider Drive, the only hero in the franchise with the word ‘Rider’ […]


Reading Rangers: Shorts #4 – A Larger Reality: Speculative Fiction from the Bicultural Margins / Una realidad más amplia: Historias desde la periferia bicultural

Rangers Trish, Brandon, and Daniel are back after their long break to tackle an anthology that is near and dear to our hearts. To be fair, our very own Julia Rios is part of it. Plus, we’re big fans of John Picacio and his MexicanX Initiative, and some of the initiative’s participants contributed stories to […]