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A podcast featuring short stories and news from the world of The Stranger Times - a newspaper based in Manchester reporting the weird and wonderful from around the world. Based on the novel The Stranger Times by C.K. McDonnell - out Jan 14th 2021.

A podcast featuring short stories and news from the world of The Stranger Times - a newspaper based in Manchester reporting the weird and wonderful from around the world. Based on the novel The Stranger Times by C.K. McDonnell - out Jan 14th 2021.


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A podcast featuring short stories and news from the world of The Stranger Times - a newspaper based in Manchester reporting the weird and wonderful from around the world. Based on the novel The Stranger Times by C.K. McDonnell - out Jan 14th 2021.






Series 2: Ep 12 - A fond farewell for now and hello Brendan McDonald - no relation

In this, the final episode of series two of the pod, Caimh does a lot of thanking, reveals a bit of exciting news and has an idea for a unique way to write a short story for series three that might be a total car crash but you'll get to watch. He then chats with narration legend and all-round top man, Brendan McDonald, about his career and narrating The Stranger Times audiobooks.


Series 2: Ep 11 - Phil Nichol - What Is and What Should Never Be

This week's episode sees Caimh give his shortest ever introduction (yay!) before the smashing Phil Nichol's provides you with an aural sensation narrating the new short story, What Is and What Should Never Be. This Stranger Times story features Led Zeppelin, Scrabble, a musical quest and the Avenger's Emma Peel.


Series 2: Ep 10 – Danny Buckler – Before Your Very Eyes

This week's episode sees the magnificent Danny Buckler bringing a touch of magic to Before Your Very Eyes. This short story reveals how stage magic works in the world of The Stranger Times. Caimh also discusses his fascination with magic and how he kind of ruined Darren Brown for himself.


Series 2: Ep 9 - Ben Van Der Velde - The Keeper of The Dead

In this episode, Caimh talks about launch week for This Charming Man, explains why he thinks it is important to have a diverse bunch of characters in his stories and how being 'politically correct' actually just means being correct. Then, the wonderful Ben Van Der Velde reads The Keeper of The Dead short story.


Series 2: Ep 8 - The swearing episode!

In this ep Caimh discusses swearing and how n This Charming Man Vincent Banecroft invents a whole new way of doing it. The on-line launch of which book btw happens at 8PM GMT on Wednesday Feb 16th - find it on the Caimh McDonnell facebook page or Youtube channel. All welcome - the superb narrator of The Stranger Times books Brendan McDonald (No relation) as star guest and Mary Stay as MC extraordinaire.


Series 2: Ep 7- Ian Cognito, a tribute and an Homage

In this ep Caimh explains for the uninitiated who the late great Ian Cognito was and how he came to name the character Cogs after him as a homage to a legendary figure of the British comedy circuit.


Series 2: Ep 6 - This Charming Man - Preview - Charmless Stanley Roker

The wonderful Brendan McDonald (No relation) joins us to read a preview of This Charming Man - out Feb 17th. You'll love it so much, you'll preorder it on the spot, and you've already done that six times already. You can't have too many copies.


Series 2: Ep 5 - Toby Hadoke - Everybody Kills Hitler

The man, the myth, the legend Toby Hadoke returns to read one of Caimh's timey wimey stories about how even when given the entire history of the planet to choose from, most people still go to the same place on holiday. Bonus disgusting dog in intro.


Ep 4: Michael Legge - The Trouble With Me Last Week

This week Light Entertainer Michael Legge joins us to read a story called The Trouble With Me Last Week. He shows incredible range by playing an angry man from Northern Ireland who makes a fool of himself while rewriting the laws of physics.


Series 2: Ep 3 - Dame Janice Connolly - Beauty and the Beast

This week we've got the absolute treat of national treasure Dame Janice Connolly reading Beauty and the Beast. This Charming Man, book 2 in The Stranger Times series, is available to preorder now - out Feb 17th. Treat yourself to a hardback. It's a good size and makes an excellent door stop/murder weapon.


Series 2: Ep 2 - Angela Barnes - Do The Research

The wonderful Angela Barnes narrates a brand new Stranger Times story and Caimh for some reason does an introduction where he talks about toilet rolls, women marrying buildings and JFK deserving a better memorial than Caimh using a chemical toilet.


Christmas Special: Fire In The Skies read by Jason Manford

The brilliant Jason Manford reads a very special Stranger Times short story set in the Manchester Blitz, which took place on December 22nd 1940.


Halloween Special: The Owl and The Pussycat read by Eddy Brimson

That's right, we back baby! It's a one-off Halloween special that was supposed to come out after Halloween but thanks to Rob the sound wizard pulling an all-nighter it's now out on Halloween. The man is a legend! The wonderful Eddy Brimson reads a story written by C.K./ Caimh called The Owl and The Pussycat and Caimh reveals exciting details about the new Stranger Times book, This Charming Man (available now for preorder) and about Season Two of The Stranger Times podcast.


Ep 14: Ain't no party like an online book launch party!

This week, Caimh makes an announcement! He also unnecessarily says the words 'penis pump' a lot and then we have edited highlights of the online launch event for Caimh's new book The Stranger Times where the brilliant author Mark Stay battles to get a clearly inebriated Caimh to answer questions in a coherent manner.


Ep 13: Sacrifice with Al Barrie

A brand new short story called Sacrifice written by CK McDonnell and read by Alistair Barrie. NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ELTON JOHN SONG.


Ep 12: Stranger Times Preview Part 3 – Meet a Monster

This episode, which is the second in a launch week special, is the final preview of the audiobook. Caimh gets you acquainted with one of the monsters roaming the street of Manchester. And don't forget The Stranger Times book is out now! It's available everywhere!


Ep 11: Stranger Times Preview Part 2 - Meet The New Boss

in this launch week special episode - the first of two, Caimh introduces you to the tyrant that is Vincent Banecroft while managing to entirely forget to plug the facebook live launch event on the Caimh McDonnell Facebook page, Thursday 14th Jan, 8PM Irish time. The man is an idiot! Signed, his wife


Ep 10: Stranger Times Preview Part 1 - Meet the family

In this episode, Caimh wishes you a happy new year and gives you a disturbing analogy about being a sheep farmer. There's also a sneak peek at chapters 1 and 2 of The Stranger Times and you'll get to meet the staff behind the paper. Fun fact: You'll notice that he refers to chapter 2 and 3 several times in the intro. He only realised this when it was too late to change. Enjoy!


Ep 9: The Light with Alex Boardman

This week, the brilliant Alex Boardman reads a story about choice and consequence.


Ep 8: Christmas Special! A Christmas Carol with Jonathan Mayor

Join us for the most special of Christmas specials as everyone's fav Fairy Godmother, Jonathan Mayor, gives a uniquely Stranger Times take on A Christmas Carol. Warning: Not Safe for work, children or operating heavy machinery.