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Welcome to Deep Space Pride! Mike Thurlow and Johnson Lee are two self-professed gay geeks who love to obsess over Star Trek - join us as we talk about some of our favorite episodes, revel as yet another new series is announced, and ramble on about some off topic content. And maybe once in a while, we'll simply talk about living as two gay guys in New York City.

Welcome to Deep Space Pride! Mike Thurlow and Johnson Lee are two self-professed gay geeks who love to obsess over Star Trek - join us as we talk about some of our favorite episodes, revel as yet another new series is announced, and ramble on about some off topic content. And maybe once in a while, we'll simply talk about living as two gay guys in New York City.


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Welcome to Deep Space Pride! Mike Thurlow and Johnson Lee are two self-professed gay geeks who love to obsess over Star Trek - join us as we talk about some of our favorite episodes, revel as yet another new series is announced, and ramble on about some off topic content. And maybe once in a while, we'll simply talk about living as two gay guys in New York City.




066 - The One With The Less Than Magnificent Ferengi

And we're back with one of the few episodes we're both recording in person and not over Zoom! This week, we start to episode by enjoying (?) a glass of Chateau Picard, which Mike and Johnson give a mixed review - but the bottle is so cool! We then dive into this week's Prodigy episode, which thankfully gives us a slightly less annoying Dal, but perhaps a more stereotypical portrayal of a Ferengi on Star Trek. We then spend WAY too much time going into off topic - which includes an extensive...


065 - The One With All the Cameos

And now we're back to Prodigy - way to give us whiplash Paramount Plus! Good thing that this episode is a doozy in all the best ways - it's hard to count the number of references that they decided to pack in. Between all the character appearances on the holodeck to the reveal of Captain Chakotay at the end :scream emoji:, we're glad that Prodigy decided to start episode six with a bang. After getting Prodigy out of the way, we then chat about our overall thoughts on the Coda trilogy, and...


064 - The One Where the Discovery Computer Has Way Too Many Feelings

And after a one week hiatus. we're back - Happy New Year to all our Deep Space Pride listeners! Mike and Johnson do double duty this week, since we have some catching up to do. First up is "Stormy Weather," which seems to be a melting pot of recycled Star Trek tropes - Jonathan Frakes did his best? We then move onto the mid-season finale (why?) of Discovery Season 4 - at least "... But To Connect" stirs up some healthy debate. While Michael's point of view is positioned as the right one, was...


063 - The One Where Mike Does Not Want Jamaharon with a Particular Risian

And we're finally back to talking about the force of nature that is the gravitational anomaly... only to learn that it's artificial DUM DUM DUM. Shocker. Mike and Johnson deliberate the facts and figures of "The Examples," which has us caring less about the actual examples and more about Culber and his C-level storyline. In other news - Michael Burnham and Book have a lot of gut wrenching to do over some typical Star Trek tropes, while Mike wants to shove our Risian guest star out of an...


062 - The One Where We Want to See Dome Kelpian-Vulcan Sexy Time

Okay so this is the episode where both Mike and Johnson can BOTH agree that at the very least, Michael Burnham is written well, and less aggravating than usual - though that doesn't stop Johnson from having some strong points of feedback. That being said, we loved the episode "All is Possible" as a whole, where we get some awesome character moments. And who else is on this Saru and T'Rina ship!?!?! We also say a bittersweet farewell to Tilly, at least for now. Here's hoping she isn't a...


061 - The One Where We Realize It's Been 30 Years Since The Undiscovered Country

This is one of those episodes where Mike and Johnson end up talking WAY too much and then it's like "OH MY [insert George Takei GIF] would you look at the time!?" This week, we celebrate (briefly) Star Trek VI's 30th anniversary, before getting into the Discovery episode "Choose to Live." And oh look surprise surprise - there's a heated debate about the character of Michael Burnham. SHOCKING. But at least we all understand and recognize that Tilly is a delight! We then drop by Deanna's...


060 - The One Where Book Crying Might Be Justified

Discovery brings us a new episode where we see a LOT of sidebar conversations happening, but we love all of them! Between Culber-Tilly (twice!), Adira-Tilly, Book-Michael, Book-Stamets, Adira-Gray, Saru-Tilly, there is a LOT of action. And we are so glad that Saru is back!! Other than this week's episode, we also chat about some off topic - including Cowboy Bebop, the Great British Bakeoff, Doctor Who, Foundation, The Morning Show, and The Wheel of Time. And will we ever discuss Coda Book...


059 - The One Where Mike and Johnson Have Too Much To Discuss

So much Star Trek to discuss! First, we celebrate the 25-year anniversary of Star Trek: First Contact, arguably the best TNG movie ever! Where were we? What were we doing? And how have we grown since then?? We then move onto discussing TWO Star Trek episodes - Prodigy's "Terror Firma" and Discovery's "Kobayashi Maru." We loved the "mid" mid-season (?) finale of Prodigy, which has Dal finally doing something other than being annoying, and some great moments for our characters. We also loved...


058 - The One Where Everyone Makes Dumb Decisions

Note from the podcasts hosts: Unfortunately, the audio this week was a bit wonky. We appreciate your understanding and continued support! And we are already nearing the end of Prodigy Season 1!...Kind of. Mike and Johnson talk about the latest episode of the new series, which will be the second-to-last one before we take a two month break. Who is making these decisions!? Anyway, this week we ponder Dal's level of annoyance compared to the previous episode - while a BIT tolerable, other...


057 - The One Where Dal Annoys Everyone

After a spectacular season premiere, Star Trek: Prodigy has a more sobering second episode, which finds Johnson expressing some strong and violent opinions about Dal, and the issues that make the character instantly intolerable for him. Mike takes a more measured approach, and gives the character (as well the show) a bit more benefit of the doubt. Either way, we're just reminded that we might not be the target demographic of Prodigy... a 20 episode first season is a good thing, right? In...


056 - The One With John Noble and a Purple Alien

It's finally here! After months of waiting, we get the series premiere of Star Trek Prodigy - and it's excellent! Mike and Johnson are big fans from the get go - we chat about a show that will hopefully not only herald in a whole new era of Star Trek fans, but keep us old geezers entertained. Join us as we dive into some of our favorites parts of the first episode, and explore some of the mysteries the series has already thrown our way - while Johnson is crossing his fingers that John Noble...


055 - The One Where We Ramble On About Lower Decks Season 2 & Prodigy

We take a look back at Lower Decks Season 2 - the lows, the highs, and everything in between. We delve into some of our favorite moments, particularly the last three episodes of the season - and what are some of our predictions for Season 3? And yes, Mike revels in the fact that he was indeed correct about the sexual tension between Mariner and Jennifer. Though Lower Decks might be over, that doesn't mean we don't have more Trek to watch! We discuss what we're anticipating for the series...


054 - Lower Decks: The One Where the Cerritos Saves the Day

What a finale! We've finally arrived at the last episode of Lower Decks Season 2, and boy was it a doozy. Somehow, Mike McMahan and team manage to fit a LOT of storyline into just 30 minutes of TV. Every one of our Lower Decks gets their chance to shine, and almost all the bridge crew members have their moments. And we get our first TNG-style cliffhanger! After talking about the finale, we go into MAJOR spoiler territory and discuss the first book of the Coda Trilogy - Moments Asunder. Skip...


053 - Lower Decks: The One With the Out of Control Vulcan

We've now reached the penultimate episode of Lower Decks Season 2, which has us following three LD crews for the price of one! Mike and Johnson heap praise on "wej Duj," which puts a unique and experimental spin on the standard formula - while keeping the focus on both character development and progression of the arc that's been brewing all season. We also take a moment to talk about the news coming out of New York Comic-Con - which include the latest Discovery trailer, and some updates...


052 - Lower Decks: The One Where Rutherford Almost Saves the Enterprise

This week, Mike and Johnson shared their unbridled enthusiasm for "I, Excretus," which they both think might be the best Lower Decks episode of the entire season. This episode has us hanging out with both the lower and upper deckers, while they try to put themselves in each others' shoes - and isn't it about time that someone gave Boimler a promotion? We also chat briefly about the first novel in the Star Trek: Coda trilogy, Moments Asunder. Mike thinks that it might be the most exciting...


051 - Lower Decks: The One Where Billups Almost Has Sex

We're reaching the home stretch when it comes to Season 2 of Lower Decks! This week, we discuss "Where Pleasant Fountains Lie," which unfortunately is an episode title that we had serious problems remembering (even though we were fans of the episode itself). We get a healthy dose of Billups' backstory, while Boimler and Mariner retread some old ground. After the episode discussion, it's time for another stop at Counselor Troi's office! Johnson shares his brush with personal injury (which...


050 - Lower Decks: The One with Captain Janeway and Captain Boimler

It's hard to believe that we're more than halfway through season 2 of Lower Decks! This week, we chat about "The Spy Humongous," which we feel isn't too bad of an episode (but not the best either). Things happen to our valiant ensigns, but perhaps the most action is with the bridge crew and the Pakleds - but are the latter just Lower Decks' version of TNG Season 1 Ferengi? We then move on to discuss a LOT of non-Star Trek related content that we're enjoying, including Babylon 5, Alias, The...


049 - Lower Decks: An Embarrassment of Dooplers

We have a doozy of an episode as we cover all the things that came out of Star Trek Day - our overall highs and lows, and thoughts on each of the show panels and sneak peeks. Speaking of lows - can someone please get those two tweens off the red carpet? Hope to NOT see you in Chicago. We also chat about "An Embarrassment of Dooplers," which revisits our favorite pairings of Boimler-Mariner and Tendi-Rutherford, where we have these friend couples work out some of the issues that have been...


048 - Lower Decks: Mugato, Gumato

What exactly is a Mugato? Johnson has questions. This week, Mike and his cohost chat about the Lower Decks episode "Mugato, Gumato," which has us wondering if Diplomath is a real board game. That highlight aside, we have questions about some of the artistic choices of this episode - some of which might belong more to a Family Guy montage than a Lower Decks episode. And yes, we get it - T'Ana is a cat! We then drop by Deanna's office, and share some personal things going on in our lives -...


047 - Lower Decks: We'll Always Have Tom Paris

This week, we talk about all the Star Trek we've been watching - including the newly revealed Star Trek: Prodigy opening credits! Johnson also talks about his recent obsession with TNG talent shows, while Mike goes over the eclectic selection of Trek he's been watching, including the finale of The Animated Series. We then get into this week's Lower Decks episode, "We'll Always Have Tom Paris" - which sees our crew back together again! We go over some highlights, which include Tendi and...