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We celebrate our love of all things DC from TV shows, Movies and Comics we like to chat about it all, so whenever you're travelling the multiverse always be sure to stop by Earth9!

We celebrate our love of all things DC from TV shows, Movies and Comics we like to chat about it all, so whenever you're travelling the multiverse always be sure to stop by Earth9!


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We celebrate our love of all things DC from TV shows, Movies and Comics we like to chat about it all, so whenever you're travelling the multiverse always be sure to stop by Earth9!








Earth-9 Podcast – Ep34 - Batwoman Returns!

We're back with Jim and Rob as DCTV has finally come back!! Albeit just Batwoman at the moment but there's lots to talk about just on that show! we also look forward to what's on the horizon on TV and we also just a bit about the DC animated universe!


Earth-9 Podcast – Ep33 - Cacophony or Symphony?

So its back to comics this week for Jim and Michael, they revisit Batman Cacophony written by Kevin Smith and give you their thoughts on his version of a Batman story. Michael has been reading the OG Young Justice run and Jim talks about his impressions on the original Doom Patrol run and even took some time to read some Future State stuff, its all going on in this weeks ep, so have a listen now!


Earth-9 Podcast – Ep32 - Wonder Woman '84 *SPOILERS*

Welcome to our first podcast of the new year! And the biggest thing in the DC Universe right now has to be Wonder Woman '84 so join us as we discuss everything and we mean everything (spoilers) about the movie, then we talk about what DC stuff we're looking forward to this year! (some slight audio issues with this one, Jim's audio was taken from his webcam not microphone because sometimes computers go crazy!!)


Earth-9 Podcast – Ep31 - Dark Multiverse

This week is another Jim and Mike comic focused episode, we discuss our newest purchases Jim's being the first part of his Doom Patrol puzzle. Then we take a nice deep dive in the the Tales of the Dark Multiverse and the first 5 issues - Batman: Knightfall, The Death of Superman, Blackest Night, Infinite Crisis and Judas Contract!


Earth-9 Podcast – Ep30 - Wait, he doesn't talk to fish??

Its just Jim and Mike this week talking comics, the give you their thoughts on the first Aquaman book in the New 52 'The Trench', then Jim shares his thoughts on the Brian Michael Bendis run on Superman and Action Comics, Mike talks about the Greg Rucka Wonder Woman run and we find out whats next on our read list!!


Earth-9 Podcast – Ep29 - Who Watches The Watchmen?

So we did a twitter poll (follow us @Earth9DC) to see what you wanted us to watch and podcast about, the choices were Catwoman, Superman 4, Constantine and Watchmen, it was close but in the end Zack Snyder's Watchmen (2009) won, so we join us as we look back at this divisive film and give you our honest opinion 11 years on!


Earth-9 Podcast – Ep28 - Pumpkin Spiced

Its that time of the year where everything takes a dark turn for it is Halloween! So we have put together a Halloween special for you featuring some of the best creepy comics and scariest tv characters and the best part is it's all 3 of us together Jim, Mike and Rob so come have some spooky fun with us!


Earth-9 Podcast – Ep27 - JLA

Jim and Mike are back with more comic chat this episode! We talk Mark Waid's run on JLA, Batman Knight Out, other comic goodness and Jim has decided his next comic run he's going to read and no its definitely not Batman!


Earth-9 Podcast – Ep26 - Traps & Trapezes

This week its Jim and Mike talking comics!! Jim is up to date with Nightwing so delves into the current rebirth run, Mike talks about some books he's read recently including Superman: Smashes the Klan and we take some time to chat about Mr Miracle. Also we need your suggestions for some books to read, so message us on Twitter or Instagram with your recommendations.


Earth-9 Podcast – Ep25 - DC Fandome 2

In this episode we try to talk Fandome 2, but get wildly off-topic talking Batwoman, the CW Universe, how industries need to adapt, and one of us gushes about the new Robin hardcover, but we do kinda cover most of it at the same time, so put it in your ears and enjoy!! (we do have some audio difficulties this week, the trials of recording across continents!)


Earth-9 Podcast – Ep24 - DC Fandome

I mean what else could we talk about this week than everything from the DC Fandome event, which was amazing! Jim, Rob and Mike join forces to tackle all of the news and discuss what we're looking forward to, so strap in, it's a fun ride!!


Earth-9 Podcast – Ep23 - The Flash Age

So this week on the podcast is the start of the new regime, this is the first comics focused episode, then the movie and tv podcast will be the next one and then back to comics, just to give us the chance to cover everything without trying to cram it all in every two weeks! This time we delve into the new 80 years of Joker book, a little Deathstroke talk but mostly visiting old and new Flash comics! Mike goes through one of the greatest Flash runs with Mark Waid's Terminal Velocity, while...


Earth-9 Podcast – Ep22 - A New Earth9

So we have an announcement this week on the podcast and it affects the website as a whole, don't worry we're not going anywhere we're just changing things up a bit! We also talk the new Batwoman casting, Stargirl and Doom Patrol, so its still business as usual too! Also Robs back yay!


Earth-9 Podcast – Ep21 - Comicana Pt2

We're back with Jim and Michael as they wax lyrical about DC comics in part 2 of their Comicana, Nightwing, Superman, Action Comics, variant covers, it's all in this epic conclusion to this chat that could quite possibly become a regular thing.....


Earth-9 Podcast – Ep20 - Comicana Pt1

So with Rob off for a bit Jim has had to pull in a guest host, so join Jim and Michael, our resident Superman TAS reviewer, as they deep dive into some of their favourite comics and the entire DC comics industry as a whole, it was such a big discussion so it couldn't be contained in just one episode, so join us again in a couple of weeks for Part 2!


Earth-9 Podcast – Ep19 - The Snyder Cut

So much DC stuff going on! The Snyder Cut has become reality!!! We break down all the potential scenes of the Snyder Cut in order so *Possible SPOILERS*, Also Ruby Rose has left Batwoman and we talk replacements then add to that some of our usual DCTV chat, and you have one jam packed episode!


Earth-9 Podcast – Ep18 - with Special Guest

We have a very special guest on this weeks pod, Jeremy Adams, writer of a ton of amazing DC work including Teen Titans Go Vs Teen Titans, Justice League Action, Young Justice and ton of DC Lego movies including the recently released Shazam: Magic & Monsters and then to top it off he also writes on Supernatural and showed us his dark side with Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion's Revenge plus tons more, so join us as we chat all things DC and more with this incredibly talented and all round...


Earth-9 Podcast – Ep17

Here we are with another lockdown episode! We decide to review another movie and what better film to revisit than Green Lantern, the movie that is seen in a less than favourable light, but how does it stand up today? Rob has another Flash comic to read and review and we answer some questions from Twitter, it's a pretty packed episode considering there's not much going on, so come and have a listen!


Earth-9 Podcast - Ep16

"What to do in lockdown?? Well you could listen to this weeks ep, there is no DC tv shows on at the mo so instead we decided to review Man of Steel from our twitter poll, how does this film stack up now all these years later with all the rest of the DCU coming after it? Also Robs been reading more Flash comics so we chat about those too!


Earth-9 Podcast - Ep15

This week we have some movie talk with The Batman and Superman Red Son, the usual tv talk with the Arrowverse, but also we bring something new into the show with some more comic talk! In a world full of craziness come and chill out on an Earth filled with fun!