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I talk & review movies, shows, games, comics, & sports. All from my own peculiar point of view

I talk & review movies, shows, games, comics, & sports. All from my own peculiar point of view


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I talk & review movies, shows, games, comics, & sports. All from my own peculiar point of view




Episode 2 I Canceled Monkey/Lizard, Falcon/WS

There's no monkey on my back! I say why don't want to see Kong vs Zilla. Falcon/WS just might be starting to pique my interest. I recommend a comic run to read for those who liked Zack Snyder's grand opus. Lastly, Baseball is back! Contact: @thrawntalkpod & @thrawnkill


Thrawntalk Podcast Episode 1 New Admin ZSJL talk and Falcon/WinterSoldier

Welcome to my new show The Thrawntalk Podcast for audio and now video episodes! Previous listeners of Kanjiklub Podcast please subscribe and smash that like button! In this first episode I talk Zack Snyder's Justice League and the first episode of the Falcon and Winter Soldier. @thrawntalkpod twitter and ig @thrawnkill


Episode 22 ZS' WooVision

The countdown to 3-18-21 has begun! Wandavision catch-up, DC Comics Future State overview, Netflix suggestions. Share, rate & review! @kanjiklubpod, @thrawnkill on Twitter & Instagram Email the show


Episode 21 Turning 21 in '21

Kanjiklub is back with some legal age talk of current events. Stay Safe! Wear a mask! End of Mando season talk. I review Cobra Kai season 3. I also confess my feelings for Wonder Woman '84. Thank you for listening and subscribe to our show on most major platforms. Please rate and review the show on iTunes. Contact the show- @kanjiklubpod @thrawnkill


Episode 20 Bo Knows

In this Klub, I recap Chapter 11: The Heiress from season 2 of The Mandolorian. I start Assassins Creed Valhalla & review Marvel's Ultimate Alliance 3 for Nintendo Switch. Join the Klub! Enter the contest! Send email to the show @kanjiklubpod IG & Twitter @thrawnkill


Episode 19 The Mando Elect

There's a new prez & new Mando! I keep the talk to reviewing episode 1 The Marshal & episode 2 The Passenger. What we've learned so far about the Fett armor situation and what may come of it. Scary space bugs threaten Mando and the Incredible Mrs. Toad. Please review and share! Available now on all major podcast apps! @kanjiklubpod @thrawnkill Enter the contest! Join the klub!


Episode 18 In Mando, we trust

More news, more Kanjiklub! With just a few days before the premiere of Season 2 of The Mandolorian, a few other tid-bits of info have come out to make this podcaster smile. Some Justice League talk movie and comic wise. And I lose handily this week in fantasy. Please rate and review the show. Send in your name and address to join the Klub and enter for a chance to win a SW Black Series figure from my collection! Find the show on Spotify, Apple, Google, iheart Radio and...


Episode 17 Cranberry Dreams

More ways to find Kanjiklub! Come join the Klub! I profess my undying love for Cran-Raspberry juice, I give a Squadrons review, Why Rey is all touchy-feely?, Perpetua brings the multi-verses together for final battle in DC's Death Metal & Justice League. I start the new run of X-Men. Fantasy football talk! Join the Klub: @kanjiklubpod @thrawnkill


Episode 16 Mando, My Sweet Mando

Kanjiklub is back and the Mando trailer is here! I break it down and digress a bit. I end the show with my new weekly segment: Fantasy football recap! Thank you for listening and sharing! On Google, Apple, Stitcher & SoundCloud! Contact the show @kanjiklubpod or @thrawnkill


Episode 15 Death & The Bat

In this Kanjiklub, I say a few things about Chadwick Boseman, I discuss new CDC numbers vs reality, more distance learning fun, I track down & visit a secret location, who’s in the new trailer footage, DCfandome & all its surprises, mainly The Batman trailer. A lil collecting talk at the end. Thank you for listening! Contact the show @kanjiklubpod IG & Twitter, Jesse @thrawnkill Acosta. Please subscribe and share!


Episode 14 Light Our Fire!

Kanjiklub is back & things are hot. We talk current events, SW rumors about Kenobi & Kylo. School is in @ home, my black series collection nearly complete & DC comics are what people are reading. Contact us-@kanjiklubpod @thrawnkill . Please subscribe and share! Thank you!


Episode 13 TikTok Covid Won't Stop

The 13th episode where we shorten our title, talk some extreme COVID, some SW news, collecting is fun & comics seems to be my thing.


Episode 12 Cvid's Big Comeback

Another new episode of Kanjiklub were we talk Corona’s re-release, masks, Boyega says “no more”, what makes this batch bad, I got new black series figs, & comics. Contact us @kanjiklubpod Twitter & IG Contact me @thrawnkill Thanks for subscribing and hit that like button!


Episode 11 Happy BDay 'merica

Kanjiklub is back! Corona talk, my racism experience, Collecting talk, I saw Overlord, Nathan interrupts and I talk our love of the new Voltron. Plus, lots of comic talk. Please subscribe and share with your friends and family! Thank you! @thrawnkill @kanjiklubpod and


Episode 10 The Collection Grind

New Kanjiklub pod where I discuss current events, my protest experience, Some SW news, My collection and a quick movie review. Thanks for listening and remember to share! Contact us @kanjiklubpod @thrawnkill


Episode 9 Phase 2 Begins

Hello Star Wars fans! In this episode I talk Katee Sackoff, Vader’s Blue Saber, Who is this Cobb Vanth guy rumor I review Extraction, Birds of Prey & recommend October Faction as bingeworthy Snyder cut? Collecting talk @kanjiklubpod @thrawnkill Email us at Thank you for listening and subscribing!


Episode 8 It's Mothers Day Boba!

Happy Mother’s Day Cali- co-vid updates(we’re opening up) My slow start to Clone War catch-up Mando cast, production news Corona TV Talk This week: The Magicians Contact us @thrawnkill Twitter & IG @kanjiklubpod


Episode 7 Season of Mando ep8 review

I discuss the last episode of Mando and season 2 rumors. Justice league comic talk


Episode 6 Continued Quarantine

Covid tips, Mando ep7 review, SW/Transformer collecting, Do you like What We Do In The Shadows too? I’m Pickle Rick!


Episode 5 Quarantine Klub

Cooped up by corona? New ep. Mando ep6 review with news from SW and the like. Parenting Ninjago style