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The most powerful (F)ree-form (U)niversal (D)o-it-yourself (G)aming (E)ngine podcast in the observable universe. Wanna hear from top creators in the space? Get game design tips? a little advice? and reviews of Fudge, Fate, and Icons based products? Listen up, and always remember to GO FORTH AND FUDGE!

The most powerful (F)ree-form (U)niversal (D)o-it-yourself (G)aming (E)ngine podcast in the observable universe. Wanna hear from top creators in the space? Get game design tips? a little advice? and reviews of Fudge, Fate, and Icons based products? Listen up, and always remember to GO FORTH AND FUDGE!


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The most powerful (F)ree-form (U)niversal (D)o-it-yourself (G)aming (E)ngine podcast in the observable universe. Wanna hear from top creators in the space? Get game design tips? a little advice? and reviews of Fudge, Fate, and Icons based products? Listen up, and always remember to GO FORTH AND FUDGE!







Howdy, Well the time has come, and I did it my way. Plus or Minus is entering Archive Mode. This doesn’t mean its going away, or that I’ve left the Fudge RPG sphere. All this means is that I’ve decided to focus on Indie and Small press RPGs as a whole over at I’m still going to cover Fudge based RPGs, but I’m also going to cover Fate, Icons, Blades against the Dark, Ihunt, Quest, etc., etc., etc., So please join me on the new Podcast, I’d really appreciate it. And to those...


Bradford Younie, The Unexplained Interview Ep. 30

In this exiting episode we sit down with Bradford Younie and dig into his two fudge based games “Now Playing” and “The Unexplained”. Now Playing is actually a great introduction to Fudge, it is essentially a basic Fudge build with guidelines for basing your campaign around the premise of a TV show. Bradford is very active in the Fudge community, so its far past time that I had him on. Early on I mention Ruby, the creator of Ascendancy, go checkout her kickstarter. You can join the Podcasts...


Russell Collins Tears of a Machine Interview Ep. 29

Content Warning: Mental Health Discord Invite: Snagged an interview with Russell Collins, creator of the Tears of a Machine (Affiliate) RPG. Granted Tears of a Machine isn’t a Fudge RPG, but the second edition will feature Fudge/Fate derived mechanics with a unique way of utilizing Fudge dice I hadn’t thought of before. This mechanic will not be suitable for all games, but it could lead to some really clever subsystems for otherwise traditional Fudge games. Tears...


Interview with Artist Denis McCarthy Ep. 28

Despite the fact that I’ve been stuck at home for over a week now, I haven’t actually made much progress on any of my personal projects. Since the podcast is getting a bit delayed I thought I’d dust off this episode of the now defunct “The OSR‌ Podcast” and share a really great interview I did over there. This was really early in my podcasting “Career” and it shows. You’ll notice a few skips and a couple of artifacts, it was the best I could do to clean it up. In this interview Denis...


Steve Kenson Icons Assembled Edition Interview Ep. 27

Click here to get the Icons 1st edition bundle for just under 20 bucks from Drive Thru RPG. Howdy, this week I sit down and have a chat with Steve Kenson ( about the creation of ICONS Superpowered Roleplaying: The Assembled Edition. If you’ve ever had a look at the underlying system you’ve probably noticed some pretty interesting tweaks to the basic Fudge Mechanics. We dig into how he made a game that looks so different and yet still manages to play so much like a standard...


Gatecrasher Believe it or Else Ep. 26

A‌ follow up to my interview with Michael Lucas about Gatecrasher. In this episode I talk about a few bits and pieces of Gatecrasher I‌ forgot to bring up with Michael Lucas, and the supplement for the 1st edition Believe it or else. Episode 25 Micheal Warren Lucas Homepage Gatecrasher...


Interview with Michael Lucas creator of Gatecrasher Ep. 25

Sorry, no Amity in Fame theme song at the beginning, and no pop filter on the quickly recorded parts at the beginning and end. I really wanted to get this out ASAP‌ as I’ve been sick of and on for almost a month. But I come bearing gifts, namely an interview with Gatecrasher writer/creator Michael Warren Lucas: The Bob Ross of Apocalypse. Happy little bloodbaths! (Site: Science Fiction and Fantasy writer, technical writer, and all around fun guy. We talk about both versions...


Survival of the Able Impressions Ep. 24

Howdy folks, sorry I didn’t say so at the beginning but this is Season 2 Episode 10. Also the new Mastodon account for the show is at and the Twitter is still The Big Book of DrugsTM for Cyberpunk 2020 DRUG LAB 101 – Ocelots Drug Generation Rule for Cyberpunk 2020 Anyway, I finally got to play Survival of the Able by Jacob Wood, which is currently on Kickstarter (Link to the Kickstarter) so go support it, there are only 6...


Simulation vs. Narration Ep. 23

Happy Halloween Fudge Fans! This isn’t a “Halloween Special” as such, this is just my attempt to get something out there before the lack of inertia feels so overwhelming that I just let the show podfade. In this episode I wanted to discuss some ideas Jeff Dee has brought up over on his face book. He’s narrowed down his niche, as a gamer and game designer, to TableTop Immersive Simulation Games or TTISG. I thought that was a great chance to discuss owning up to narrative mechanics in your...


Survival of the Abled Ep. 22

The Kickstarter launches on October 19th 2019, more info st A second interview with Jacob Wood of Accessible Games, this time focused solely on the portrayal of disability in Roleplaying Games, and his game Survival of the Able, we also put the call out for players for an Actual Play we’ll be doing right here on Plus or Minus to show you guys the rule system. If your interested you can hitup the discord, or contact me. Links Interview with Jacob Wood of...


To The Pain Ep. 21

Where I pretend I'm LindyBeige and talk about the intersection of historical medieval arms and armor and Roleplaying games. Also I discuss the very cool combat mechanics from The Princess Bride RPG. I still find it inconceivable that the geek/nerd community isn't going nuts for this game. Its the Princess Bride for crying out loud. I think I'm going to try and finally do an Actual Play to raise its profile a bit. Link The Princess Bride RPGThe Princess Bride RPG Quick...


Interview with Wes Otis of Plate Mail Games Ep. 20

Everything is Awesome! In this exciting episode I talk to Wes Otis about his work in sound design and his like of 10 minute audio loops for role playing games. He isn’t really a Fudge guy, but his products are system neutral and I’ve always been really interested in background/atmospheric audio. He also talks a little about his own podcast 12 sided stories. I think I’ve finally settled on a theme song, I’ve gone with Amity in Fame’s Touching your Breath from their album Dinner for One. I...


Indy Author Guest Post Ep. 19

Getting someone else to do your job is awesome! Jonathan Snyder is gracing your ears this episode to expand on our previous conversation. Specifically he is going to talk about self publishing and being an indie author, with some specifics for those of you wanting to publish your own fudge material. If you like what he has to say you should subscribe to his Podcast, The Indy Author, where he covers even more great information. Thanks Jonathan! You too could do your very own episode of...


Fairy Magic Ep. 18

Just quick warning I do use the word disabled to refer to people in this one. I know its not a huge flub, but I do talk about a game designed (in part) to facilitate an understanding of people with physical limitations and it bothered me when I was listening to the episode, but I didn’t have time to rerecord. Sorry if anyone is offended. In this episode I discuss Fairy Magic a Celtic tweak on African Spirit Magic from “A Magical Medley”. This is in preparation for an instructional real play...


Interview with Jonathan Snyder of Epic Worlds LLC Ep. 17

Originally released May 5, 2019 Subscribe, full show notes, and links Support the show This is a fun one. In addition to some updates I sit down and chat with Jonathan Snyder. Jonathan is the owner/operator of Epic Worlds LLC., Creator of the Blood in Space Roleplaying Game, Creator of the Fudge Tales line of generic fantasy one-shots, Freelance Writer, Veteran, Science fiction fan, and all around great guy. We talk about almost...


Tag your It Ep. 16

You're not your I'm aware, its incorrect for URL and laziness reasons. I know its short, and I know I didn’t manage to do an episode last week. I think I need to stop making broad proclamations about how I’m going to do the show and just do it. I’m killing the Patreon as of now, patrons will notice I didn’t put through a charge for the last episode. I really appreciate the patrons I did have, but I’m just doing this for fun. If you get something out of the podcast and you wanna help out...


Interview with Jacob Wood of Accessible Games Ep. 15

Welcome back for season 2 Fudge Fans! Sorry its been so long. I gave myself a couple of months up hoping I could stockpile material to crank out episodes more reliably this year, and instead life happened all over the place. Still, season 2 should still be a pretty great ride. In this episode I interview Jacob Wood of Accessible Games. We Discuss I’m not entirely sure what the next episode will cover, but I am working up a series where I essentially take the rule book section by section...


First Christmas Ep. 14

Hey guys, just a look back over what I've learned from this season, and what I intend for the next. Also a surprise interview with Bnyw from the Discord/IRC about the Otherworlders IRC network. The cliff notes version of the podcast is that I'm going to create a tv-esque seasonal podcast with focused topical episodes. I'm shooting for weekly episodes between March and September (about 28 episodes), with one holiday episode each in October, November, and December (Dicemass). The Blog...


The Fractal Ep. 13

Unlucky 13, If I had planned it out better this would have been the Halloween episode. Ah well, such is life. I'm going to stop apologizing for the audio quality since those of you on the discord made it incredibly obvious that I'm probably making mountains out of mole hills. Also I listened to some radio professionals and realized they make the exact same sounds. In this episode I'm going to continue to pick apart the mechanical underpinnings of the Fudge RPG, specifically the way traits...


Happy Halloween Ep. 12

Happy Halloween, its like Summerween in the Fall! In this episode I explore developing Fudge horror games by pilfering other, more established, horror games for clever mechanics. To the best of my knowledge there isn't a solid long-running Fudge Horror game out there, so I'm looking at ideas that can be borrowed from the Fate Horror Toolkit, the Pacesetter RPG, and Call of Cthulhu. I also plug the upcoming "Chronicles of Future Earth" due to it having a clever dice mechanic we can snag into...