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Conspiracies and the Paranormal, Fact or Fiction? Wade is a cynic. Willy believes in everything. By the end of the episode their guest must chose a side.

Conspiracies and the Paranormal, Fact or Fiction? Wade is a cynic. Willy believes in everything. By the end of the episode their guest must chose a side.
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Conspiracies and the Paranormal, Fact or Fiction? Wade is a cynic. Willy believes in everything. By the end of the episode their guest must chose a side.




227: 227 Did Shakespeare Write Shakespeare? with Erin Hill

Shakespeare. Over 80 people have been suggested to be the real author. Is there something to any of this? We talk about it. Listen to us talk about it. I think you should watch the documentary "Cracking the Shakespeare Code" on youtube and then tell me (Willy) what you think and we can talk about it if you like.


226: 226 - Dogmen Encounters with Bennie Arthur

Dogmen Encounters. Do you or someone you know have one? Tell us about it because we want to know - trust me, ok. Also cryptozoology can be fun.


225: 225 Hollow Moon / Space Ship Moon with Lori Livingston

The Moon. what an anomaly. At least according to Willy. Could the moon be hollow. better yet, could it be a base of some sort for some type of watcher alien? We are joined by our friend / actor / model Lori Livingston and also with alcohol. Won't you join us? Which conspiracy theories are at play here? What paranormal? Aliens? Gods? Demons? Fallen Angels? Forgotten Technologies? Or nothing?


224: 224 The First NBA Lottery - Was it Rigged? with David Futernick

The NBA's 1st lottery draft landed the top pick to the new york knickerbockers and saved the NBA. This is a purely sports episode and apologize in advance.


223: 223 - The Pineal Gland and DMT - Can We Figure This Out?

Our friend talks about his DMT experience and we try to talk about the third eye. Any connections? 3 guys drinking beer can figure anything out, am I right? Consciousness, the seat of the soul, the pineal gland, conspiracy theories, paranormal, ancient civilizations, a new kombucha with alochol - it's all here


222: 222 Disney Secrets with Pinocchio and Stromboli

We have two people who dressed in costumes at Disneyland and Disneyworld - spilling the beans. We get into some of the conspiracies about the parks. (and deaths at disneyland) disney real life sci-fi


221: 221 - Could Aliens Be Humans From the Future? With Blue Grimes

what would be different if instead of aliens they were evolved humans. Wade and Willy try to tackle this conversation with their good friend Blue Grimes from Out of The Blue T-Shirts. Loveland, Colorado represent, babay! aliens, alien, humans from the future, time travel, real life sci-fi, reallifescifi, willysfanny,


220: 220 - Poltergeists, ghosts and Paranomicon with Eddy Vajarakitiongse

Real Life Sci-Fi 1 skeptic. 1 believer. 1 guest. we just got back from Paranomicon and our guest was at this event in menomonie wisconsin. we talk about ghosts, poltergeists, and paranomicon. We also get into Grant Wilson Speaking and why Willy is no longer afraid of ghosts. real life sci-fi is wade randolph and willy roberts


219: Electronic Harassment with Nick Hurley

electronic harassment, tin foil hats, targeted individuals, mind control, remote viewing and all things secret government trying to get into the minds of regular people. is this all just schizophrenia? nick hurley willy roberts wade randolph paranormal conspiracy theories conspiracies


218: 218 The Dyatlov Pass Incident with Madeline Schichtel

Russia. Soviet Union. Secrets. Weird deaths. Cover up. This story has it. This case was re-opened in February of 2019 so New Information may come to light after this episode. russia soviet union dyatlov conspiracy theories paranormal ufo alien military cover up secret willy roberts wade randolph real life sci fi reallifescifi comedy podcast


217: 217 - The Alien Mind - with Martin Olson

can we discuss the alien mind? can we contemplate possibilities with our assumptions? join us real life sci fi willy roberts wade randolph conspiracies conspiracy theories paranormal alien aliens ufo


216: 216 Jesus Christ with Clayton Root

Jesus F$cking Christ. was this man real? we talk about him. join us.


215: 215 The Truth About Truth Serum with Budd Diaz

Truth Serum is in every movie and TV show ever. For reals. Is this stuff real? We talk with our good friend - film maker, comedian budd diaz. conspiracy theories paranormal conspiracies real life sci-fi reallifescifi willy roberts wade randolph mk ultra


214: 214 - Connecting our Brains to The Internet with Julia Vickerman

Is it really going to happen? Will we eventually connect human brains to the internet? Of course we are mostly off topic - but isn't that the norm? Happy Labor Day 2019. real life sci-fi wade and willy thank you for your patronage. To become a patron and listen to even More Real Life Sci-Fi go to for just $1 a month you get an extra episode every week. We love you. We can make you more happy. email us at This is a comedy podcast where we...


213: Scientology's Missing Miscavige. Is she hiding or are they Hiding her? With Curt Neill.

Shelly Miscavige, Scientology's First Lady, hasn't been seen in public since 2007. Sure - all we can do is speculate for fun, but boy do we speculate and boy is it fun. Trust me. Tell your friends. Join us. Recruit new sci-fi members for us. It will help you to help us. Together we will save the world. willy roberts wade randolph curt neill scientology entertainment podcast comedy real life sci-fi reallifescifi paranormal conspiracies conspiracy theories


212: Alternate Human History with Matt Danner

Is the human history we debate over even real? (if you debate our human history) - if it is different from that - is the real history out there? Our good friend Matt Danner (director/writer/voice of kermit from the new muppet babies). Sorry but we don't get too specific until the bonus episode continue the Real Life MORE Sci-Fi with Matt Danner at paranormal ufo alien conspiracy theories willy roberts wade randolph


211: 211 - Building a Better Cult with Caroline Rue

Caroline is the original drummer for the band Hole and is also a cult expert. We team up with Caroline in order to create the perfect cult. Will we actually make it? find out (and help out). paranormal conspiracy theories conspiracies cults cult manson


210: RFID Chips Inside of Everyone, Let's Go! with Joe Trohman

Is this great technology or should we be afraid? I mean I could say more but it's in the episode. We talk about the mark of the beast and what not also with our good friend Joe Trohman from the Damned Things and Fall Out Boy. conspiracy theories, paranormal conspiracies secret cabal government cia fbi ect


209: 209 Is NASA Planning A False Flag Alien Invasion using Holograms? with Eric Price

Here we go. The technology exists - but Is there any proof of this? How can we disrupt the hologram if this is real? We continue the conversation In our Real Life More Sci-Fi at and you can email us at - Thank you for listening


208: Philip Corso and the Day After Roswell with Damyon Tashjian

philip corso is a whistle blower who reveal alien technology from roswell that we reverse engineered. If he is telling the truth - holy moly. If he is lying - too bad. paranormal ufo alien aliens roswell cover up conspiracy conspiracies theories