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An inclusive actual play, ttrpg podcast about exploring new worlds, characters, and game systems through campaign, improvised story telling. Current campaign: "Empire's Edge" in the Star Wars rpg system by Fantasy Flight. Whatever the system, whether it's a miss or a hit, you always gotta respect the crit!

An inclusive actual play, ttrpg podcast about exploring new worlds, characters, and game systems through campaign, improvised story telling. Current campaign: "Empire's Edge" in the Star Wars rpg system by Fantasy Flight. Whatever the system, whether it's a miss or a hit, you always gotta respect the crit!


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An inclusive actual play, ttrpg podcast about exploring new worlds, characters, and game systems through campaign, improvised story telling. Current campaign: "Empire's Edge" in the Star Wars rpg system by Fantasy Flight. Whatever the system, whether it's a miss or a hit, you always gotta respect the crit!




Empire's Edge - Ep. 28: Best Laid Plans

Once again the fringers Elo and Beegax made a climatic escape from Socorro’s walled city. Only this time they have joined with Bothan spy, Gir Tu'Tey, the elusive son of Elo’s former master. With their search for Gir finally over, Beegax and Elo can now focus on escaping Socorro alive. Extorted by the Triumvirate, in deep with Zalto the Hutt, hounded by Imperials, and still pursued by assailants, the fringers mouths have talked them into corners their feet might have trouble walking out...


Empire's Edge - Ep. 27: Walled City Wrangle

Outer Rim fringers, Elo and Beegax, have once again traveled to the walled city of Cjallysce'i in hopes of finding the son of Elo’s former Bothan master. Trying to keep their movements untracked, they journeyed through underground volcanic tunnels to reach their destination in secret. But after finding their mark within a discreet safe house, the fringers were ambushed by an unknown IG assassin unit and Beegax was shot by blaster bolt. Who is hunting our hapless heroes? Will they make it...


Empire's Edge - Ep. 26: Reunion

After an exhaustive search, Elo and Beegax have finally found the son of Elo’s former master, a Bothan spy named Gir Tu'Tey, hiding out in the isolated city of Cjallysce'i. Spending time and resources to track him down has embroiled the fringers in several criminal enterprises and deals have been made with all types of unsavory citizens of Socorro. Can this reunion bring the closure Elo is looking for? What other agreements will our fringers make or break just to survive? Life and...


Empire's Edge - Ep. 25: Below the Surface

After a harrowing battle with Socorran fauna, Beegax and Elo continue their journey to the walled city of Cjaalysce'i via a network of tunnels below the surface of the planet. However, human crew for hire, Verse, is less than thrilled about the fringers plans to help a Hutt fool the local crime lords and instigate an open conflict between Socorro and the Hutt homeworld. But will her objections endanger Elo and Beegax’s plans? Will they be forced to hide another body? Survival and...


Empire's Edge - Ep. 24: Tension in the Tunnels

Back on Socorro, The fringers, Beegax and Elo have struck a deal with the off world gangster, Zalto the Hutt. In exchange for faking the Hutt’s death, giving him an excuse to go to war with the local Socorran crime lords, Elo and Beegax have been given access to secret, underground tunnels running form the Hutt casino under the walled city, Cjallysce'i. Once again traversing below the surface of the planet, our fringers tread cautiously into the darkest depths, in hopes of finding Elo’s...


Empire's Edge - Ep. 23: To Kill a Hutt

On the return trip couriering from the Imperial base on Scarif, the crew of The Way panicked after plowing into a pod of pesky purrgils, knocking their ship out of light speed. Elo believed they were on the verge of understanding their strange glitches and once again recruited Beegax’s help to slice into they’re own mind. However the delve into the droid’s depths went much deeper than they expected, pulling Beegax and Elo into a strange miasma. Pushing for answers Elo found themselves on...


Empire's Edge - Ep. 22: Depths of a Droid

CONTENT WARNING: dismemberment, loud W.A.P. in the episode tag Heading back to the planet Socorro, Elo interfaced with their ship, The Way, in an attempt to scan for pirate threats when entering the system. But Elo was unexpectedly drawn into some mysterious part of their program, and found themselves on the surface of Dathomir, a remote world shrouded in mystery. Before Elo could investigate the cause of this strange glitch, the crew was ejected out of light speed after almost colliding...


Empire's Edge - Ep. 21: Strange Fog

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Empire's Edge - Ep. 20: Factions

Against Beegax’s own advice, the fringers have taken a job for Zalto the Hutt, who has hired them to make an exchange on the Imperial outpost of Scarif. Now they are caught in the middle of a dangerous power struggle between the corpulent criminal and the machiavellian malefactors of Socorro. On which side will their loyalties fall, who is worth more to betray, and will they be able to come away unscathed or be buried among the shallow graves of those that stood against these crime lords of...


Empire's Edge - Ep. 19: Relax, Beegax!

Beegax and Elo have accepted a job from gregarious gangster, Zalto the Hutt. Transporting cargo and materials between the Outer Rim world of Socorro, and the Imperial occupied paradise of Scarif. In exchange they learned of a Bothan residing behind the clandestine walls of Cjaalysce'i, identified as Sno Ba’all. A possible lead in their search for the Bothan Spy Gir Tu’Tey. But Elo and Beegax are caught between sides, pressured to assassinate Zalto for the crime lords of Socorro, or to...


Empire's Edge - Ep. 18: High Rise Hutt

While avoiding the Empire presence on Socorro, Elo and Beegax took the opportunity to re-equip and rearm themselves, and came away with a rare Jedi weapon from a less than reputable source. After recouping their losses, the fringers make their way to the extravagant casino at the edge of the city, its construction rising to rival the towers of Soco-Jaal spaceport. It is there they are to meet Zalto the Hutt, a notorious gangster and target of an assassination plot engineered by the crime...


Empire's Edge - Ep. 17: Occupation and Recuperation

IT'S A SHOPPING EPISODE! The Empire is on Socorro! Imperial forces arrive after a clash with Saw Gerrera's Partisans on the Outer Rim frontier. Looking to put down any rebellious uprising, storm troopers patrol the cities, continuing their search for sensitive stolen data. Meanwhile, Elo and Beegax lay low to heal their wounds after being abducted by the Partisan vigilantes. Beegax’s custom slicing equipment was destroyed whil e trying to save the droid Elo. But sometimes to put...


Empire's Edge - Ep. 16: Shattered

The renegade slicer, Beegax Botano, and the modified medical droid, Elo, attempted a high speed escape from Imperial troopers, targeting Beegax’s specialized slicing computer. With Elo’s glitches getting worse, and their contacts unable to help them, the fearless fingers took a risky gambit and engaged their attackers head on. With the assist of some mysterious yet timely strangers, the fringers brought down the stormtrooper shuttle. But just when they thought they’d escape danger, Beegax...


Empire's Edge - Ep. 15: Into the Fire

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Empire's Edge - Ep. 14: Sortie on Socorro

Beegax & Ello, along with their new allies, Verse & Kreed, planned a risky mission to rescue Verse's comrade, hiding out on an Imperial outpost in an occupied, war torn system. While infiltrating the Empire’s marshaling station near the planet Geoniss, the crew made contact with Verse’s desperate friend, a pregnant Culisetto anxious to get her children smuggled to safety. With Beegax’s swift slicing & Ello’s medical expertise the crew were able to implant the young Culisetto eggs in...


Empire's Edge - Q&A and Mailbag

This self quarantine record peaks beneath the Jedi robe & answers listener questions about the campaign, the characters, and the nerdy people behind it all! For more info and scheduling @RespectTheCrit GM - Ian Duncan @iduncs Elo - Jamie Lee-Bonés @jamielee.bones Beegax Botano - Alex Herrera @aeherrera Whatever the system, whether it's a miss or a hit, you always gotta respect the crit! Original music provided with license or permissions by: "Solo Fan Made" - Luis Humanoide


Empire's Edge - Ep. 13: Journey to Geonosis Pt. 2

Having successfully recovered a ship from the dunes of the Socorran Badlands, Ello, Beegax and the crew begin the journey to Geonosis, a battleground of the Clone Wars and a system completely occupied by the Galactic Empire. Elo and Beegax have promised to help rescue Verse’s friend trapped on a nearby space station locked down by the Imperial military. With little time and less information, The intrepid crew discuss their options and formulate a plan. For more info and scheduling...


Empire's Edge - Ep. 12: Journey to Geonosis Pt. 1

Dragging themselves out of the Socorran Badlands, Beegax, Elo and Verse returned to their ship, only to find the fractured freighter grounded with gravity locks. More complications arose when they discover the body of the Black Sun bounty hunter was also missing, stolen by the crime lords of Socorro, who hope to extort the fringers into assassinating a Hutt rival. While the intrepid crew try to negotiate for favor in Socorro’s criminal underworld, the clock ticks down on Verse’s rescue...


Respect The Crit - State of the Podcast

An update regarding our scheduled episode releases and the COVID-19 pandemic


Empire's Edge - Ep. 11: Buried in the Badlands

After stealing from a group of Nikto gangsters Elo, Beegax and Verse fled into the night, only to be chased across the sands. Their plans of escape where further flurried by one of Socorro’s harrowing hazards, a deadly sandstorm! Outgunned and soon to be overrun, Beegax steered directly into the wind and sand, in an attempt to lose their pursuers, only to have the gangster’s starship join the chase. A rebooted but severally injured Elo rushed to assist in their evasion, but Socorro’s...