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StarShipSofa No 654 Aaron Moskalik

Main Fiction: Elysium Fields by Aaron Moskalik This story is original to StarShipSofa. Aaron Moskalik starts his day writing speculative fiction in Southfield, Michigan before swiveling his chair to his Work From Home station. He has published stories in Nature and Perihelion Science Fiction, among others. To view all his published works, visit Narrated by Anthony Babington. Anthony Babington is an aspiring voice actor, who looks just slightly off from how he sounds....


StarShipSofa No 653 Adam Fout

Main Fiction: "Gravity Pulls Down" by Adam Fout This story is original to StarShipSofa. Adam Fout is an addiction / recovery / mental health blogger and a speculative fiction / nonfiction writer in North Texas. He blogs at He is a graduate of the 2020 Odyssey Writing Workshop and was a finalist in the F(r)iction Spring 2020 Nonfiction Contest. His nonfiction appears in december, J Journal, The Doctor T. J. Eckleburg Review, Another Chicago Magazine, and superstition [review]....


StarShipSofa No 652 Eve Tushnet

Main Fiction: "Love" by Eve Tushnet This story first appeared in Third Order Magazine (08 December 2008). Eve Tushnet is the author of one nonfiction book and two novels: Amends (2015) and Punishment: A Love Story (2019). Narrated by Tatiana Grey Tatiana is a critically acclaimed actress of stage, screen, and the audio booth. She has been nominated for dozens of fancy awards but hasn’t won a single damned thing. She went to NYU and lives in Brooklyn, New York. You can find her at...


StarShipSofa No 651 Mia Moss

Main Fiction: "The Radiant Web" by Mia Moss This story is original to StarShipSofa. Mia Moss is a speculative fiction author, runner, and baker. She currently lives in the Bay Area in a warehouse guarded by feral cats, where she is hard at work on her debut fantasy novel. She would be delighted to share her cookies and gin. You can follow her on Twitter @ladyglitterpunk or subscribe to her newsletter at Narrated by Andrea Richardson Andrea is a British singer...


StarShipSofa No 650 Edward Ashton

Main Fiction: "Wolves" by Edward Ashton This story first appeared in Analog Science Fiction and Fact (October 2019). Edward Ashton lives in a cabin in the woods (not that Cabin in the Woods) with his wife, a variable number of daughters, and an adorably mopey dog named Max. He is the author of the novels Three Days in April and The End of Ordinary, as well as of short stories which have appeared in venues ranging from the newsletter of an Italian sausage company to Escape Pod, Analog, and...


StarShipSofa No 649 Melanie Rees

 Main Fiction: "Where Parallel Lines Meet" by Melanie Rees This story is original to StarShipSofa. Melanie Rees is an Australian speculative fiction author. She has published over 100 stories and poems in markets such as Apex, Natures, Daily Science Fiction, and Cosmos. More information on her work can be found or on Twitter @FlexiRees.  Narrated by Summer Brooks. Summer Brooks is a story addict who watches too much television, and she enjoys putting her...


StarShipSofa No 648 J. Weintraub

Main Fiction: "The Colonizers" by J. Weintraub This story first appeared in Chasm Magazine (Autumn, 1995). A member of the Dramatists Guild, J. Weintraub has had short plays and radio dramas produced throughout the United States and in Australia, New Zealand, India, and Germany. His fiction, poetry, and essays have been published in all sorts of literary reviews, general magazines, and scholarly journals, and his translations from the French and Italian have appeared in publications in the...


StarShipSofa No 647 Frederick Gero Heimbach

Main Fiction: "Fingers" by Frederick Gero Heimbach This story originally appeared in Analog Science Fiction and Fact (January 2019). Frederick Gero Heimbach lives a pulp fiction life and takes notes. His family lives with him, warily, in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He is the author of two novels of satirical alternate history. Find his science fiction and horror stories at Analog Science Fiction and Science Fact, at Mysterion Online, and other places. Fred is also the newly appointed editor of...


StarShipSofa No 646 Chris Riley

Main Fiction: "Child of the Universe" by Christian Riley This story is original to StarShipSofa. Chris Riley lives near Sacramento, California, vowing one day to move back to the Pacific Northwest. In the meantime, he teaches special education, writes cool stories, and hides from the blasting heat for six months of the year. He has had more than 100 short stories published in various magazines and anthologies, and across various genres. His debut novel, one of literary suspense titled The...


StarShipSofa No 645 Ben Spillers

Main Fiction: "A.I. Family Values" by Ben Spillers This story is original to Starship Sofa Narrated by Rish Outfield. Rish Outfield is a writer, voice actor, and audiobook narrator. He can be heard co-hosting the Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine and That Gets My Goat podcasts, where he and Bigg Anklevich entertainingly waste much of their time. He also features his own stories on the Rish Outcast podcast. He once got a job because of his Sean Connery impersonation… but has lost two due to...


StarShipSofa No 644 Paul Alex Gray

Main Fiction: "Battle Borne Dreams Never Die" by Paul Alex Gray This story previously appeared in Broadswords and Blasters (July 2019). Paul Alex Gray writes linear and interactive fiction starring sentient black holes, wayward sea monsters, curious AIs and more. His work has been published in Nature Futures, Andromeda Spaceways, PodCastle, and others. Paul grew up by the beaches of Australia, then traveled the world and now lives in Canada with his family. On his adventures, Paul has been...


StarShipSofa No 643 Jay Caselberg

Main Fiction: "Transference" by Jay Caselberg This story first appeared in Transtories (2011). Jay Caselberg is a writer based somewhere in the wilds of Europe. His work, poetry, short fiction and novels, has appeared in many places around the world and been translated into several languages. Sometimes, he even gets shortlisted for awards.  Narrated by Mark Kilfoil. Mark “the Encaffeinated ONE” Kilfoil is a reader, writer, gamer, podcaster, narrator and radio program director. He...


StarShipSofa No. 642 Andrew Dana Hudson

Main Fiction: "The Lizard and the Rat" by Andrew Dana Hudson This story is original to StarShipSofa. Andrew Dana Hudson is a speculative fiction writer and sustainability researcher. His stories have appeared in Lightspeed, Slate Future Tense, Terraform, MIT Technology Review, Little Blue Marble, and more, as well as numerous books and anthologies. He is a member of the 2020/21 class of the Clarion Workshop. He lives in Tempe, Arizona. Find him at and on Twitter at...


StarShipSofa No 641 Hayley Stone

Main Fiction: "Love in the Time of Disconnect" by Hayley Stone This story is original to StarShipSofa. Hayley Stone is an award-winning writer, editor, and poet from California. She has published short fiction in Apex Magazine and Fireside Fiction, and is the author of the weird western cult hit Make Me No Grave, most recently a finalist for the Laramie Book Awards. Find a complete list of her work at or connect with her on Twitter @hayley_stone. Narrated by Will...


StarShipSofa No 640 Michael D. Burnside

Main Fiction: "The Message" by Michael D. Burnside This story is original to StarShipSofa. Michael D. Burnside is a graduate of Ohio University. By day, he earns a living as a systems analyst, helping customers figure out what they need from their software. His interests include gaming, science, computer technology, history, politics, and, of course, writing. His fiction writing includes steampunk, science fiction, fantasy, and horror. His stories have been featured in multiple...


StarShipSofa No 639 Jeremy Szal

Main Fiction: "The dataSultan of Streets and Stars" by Jeremy Szal This story first appeared in Where the Stars Rise: Asian Science Fiction (October 2018). Jeremy Szal was born in 1995 and was raised by wild dingoes, which should explain a lot. He spent his childhood exploring beaches, bookstores, and the limits of people’s patience. He’s the author of over forty science-fiction short stories. His debut novel, Stormblood, a dark space opera, was published by Gollancz in June 2020, and is...


StarShipSofa No 638 Aimee Ogden

Main Fiction: "Seven Letters" by Aimee Ogden This story is original to StarShipSofa. Aimee Ogden is a former science teacher and software tester; now she writes stories about sad astronauts and angry princesses. Her short fiction has also appeared in Analog, Fireside, and Beneath Ceaseless Skies, and her novella Local Star is forthcoming from Interstellar Flight Press. Narrated by Summer Brooks. Summer Brooks is a story addict who watches too much television, and she enjoys putting her...


StarShipSofa No 637 Doug C. Souza

Main Fiction: "The Callisto Stakes" by Doug C. Souza. This story first appeared in Asimov's (September 2018). You can find Doug C. Souza at and He loves hearing from readers of his work, so don't ever hesitate to send him a question or comment. Just watch out; he's been known to write a few paragraphs when responding--especially if it's a question about writing and how to get into the business. Doug C. Souza was super-stoked to have "The Callisto Stakes"...


StarShipSofa No 636 Dantzel Cherry

Main Fiction: "No Body Enough" by Dantzel Cherry This story first appeared in Future Science Fiction #2 (April 2019). When Dantzel Cherry is not raising her daughter or teaching Pilates and dance, she is writing. Dantzel's short fiction has appeared in Fireside, Future SF, Cast of Wonders, Galaxy's Edge, and other magazines and anthologies. She lives in Lehi, Utah with her husband, daughter, and two obligatory cats. Narrated by Anthony Babington. Anthony Babington is an aspiring voice...


StarShipSofa No 635 Floris M. Kleijne

Main Fiction: "Bringing Down the Mast" This story first appeared in The Worlds of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Vol. III. Floris M. Kleijne is the author of more than two dozen short stories in Daily Science Fiction, Galaxy’s Edge, Factor Four, and numerous other publications. He lives in a 200-year-old house in the Dutch river district, but does most of his writing on trains. Floris was the first Dutchman to win the prestigious Writers of the Future contest, as well as the first...