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LUQ|E55: Melt Down

The Mortal Dawn come face to face with a curious clan of goblins, and learn that there is more to the caves they are in than meets the eye. The team has something the goblins want, and sometimes to win your prize, it takes a village. Canine Corrinations, Perplexing Portals, and Stressful Smelting in this week’s dungeon-filled League of Ultimate Questing.


LUQ|E54: Caving Under Pressure

The Mortal Dawn has been challenged to a Trial of Seeking and they have to bring it all to the table or cut and run. Will they rise to the challenge of The Death Machine? Or will they play by their own rules? Nasty Negotiations, Enchanted Education and Godfearing Goblins in this week’s episode of The League of Ultimate Questing.


LUQ|E53: Annual Dexterity

The League of Ultimate Questing’s yearly Invitationals has arrived, and the Mortal Dawn must rise to the challenge of representing all Hero Ranked Teams in a live trial by fire against their biggest obstacle yet. Menacing Monoliths, Ascending Action, and Robust Rivalry in this action packed anniversary special!


LUQ|E52: Light Reading

The team returns from a life threatening quest to find someone dead! Faces new and old come out of the woodworks, but are they friend or foe? Practiced performers, unlucky uncles, and draconic divinations unfold in this weeks episode of The League of Ultimate Questing.


LUQ|E51: Eye for an Eye

The Mortal Dawn comes face to face with a mysterious figure from their past in a den of thieves. Their destination is a strange island with a broken down lighthouse, full of occult secrets, unthinkable research, and alliances they could have never prepared for. Risky rafting, insane invitations, and dangerous diatribes in this wet and wild episode of the LUQ


LUQ|E50: Clutch Choices

The team visits a mystical grotto that houses the Azure Scale Drakkar, and explore the Gem Coast in search of a missing egg. Will they find the trail, or will the stumble into more danger than they can handle? Maritime Magic, Hectic Hatchings and Estranged Equines in this red hot episode of The LUQ.


LUQ|E49: Gallows Humor

The team is back on the grind with a whole new quest, taking them back to the exotic sands of Alk’Hara, which causes some mixed emotions. Will the wealth and privilege of the Jewel Capitol leave sparkles in their eyes? Or with the hidden dangers of Denmezier lead the team to the gallows? Exquisite Estates, Motley Masses, and Forboding Forbearers in a new chapter of LUQ.


LUQ|E48: Snow Ghosts

The team returns home to a new year, with new beginnings and new self reflections. Joining together to relax for the night, will they grow cold or will their tension melt away? Snow simulacrum, homeless hospitality and grandiose gifts in this week’s New Year’s Special LUQ.


LUQ|E47: Decorative Hangings

Two hauntings down and one foul spirit to go. Will the Mortal Dawn survive the trials of Spirit’s Rest put forth upon their evening Ward? Or will the sins of the past show them the light. Tormented trees, ancestral allowances, and helping hands, in this holiday special League of Ultimate Questing.


LUQ|E46: Dead Ringer

Spirit’s Rest is in full swing, and the Mortal Dawn are in the middle of some phantasmal turmoil. The heavy chains of the past come rattling, the fire of the hearth feels different, and the streets are full of hungry shadows. Radiant Rings, Flaming Foes and Ghostly Goat Riding in this weeks holiday episode of The LUQ.


LUQ|E45: Sheer Cold

It's the Holidays in Macinar and the Mortal Dawn is warming up to the idea of celebrating with their new friends and dysfunctional family, but first a quest awaits in the nearby town of Thanden. Forgotten Fires, Miser Mansions, and Haunting Halls in this weeks LUQ!


LUQ|E44: Self Made Men

The Dawn is in the belly of the enemy base, full of dangerous devices and unexpected lessons. Will the team find 419? Or will the stolen LUQ gear remain out of their grasp? Missing Monitors, Molten Metal and Mechanical Mercenaries reveal the truth in this weeks episode of LUQ.


LUQ|E43: Well Met-ro

The Mortal Dawn hits the town, and explores the darkest back allies of Andmar to hunt down their elusive and dangerous prey. Puzzling Pipes, Dwarven Diplomacy, and Exotic Equipment come together on this week’s episode of The LUQ.


LUQ|E42: Ex Machina

The team has a meeting with the Commissioner of the LUQ, who sends them on a top secret mission to a huge city powered by steam and magic. Stolen sundries, titanic towers and Maven’s memories on this week’s episode of the League of Ultimate Questing.


LUQ|E41: Taking the Bar

The Mortal Dawn takes a short break from life threatening danger to find themselves immersed in a whole new kind of challenge on their own front door. Blossoming businesses, roguish relatives, and familial flashbacks on a whole new chapter of the League of Ultimate Questing.


LUQ|E40: High Tensions

Join the Mortal Dawn as they get higher than they’ve ever been before! Wining and dining with nobles, learning new games of chance, but find dessert hard to swallow. Rural Reunions, Fortunate Finishes, and Aviary Avorace. On this weeks episode of the LUQ!


LUQ|E39: Big Top Priority

Summoned West to help protect a traveling band of performers along a dangerous road, The Mortal Dawn finds themselves utilizing their skills like they never have before. Beastly Balancing, Potent Portents, and Deadly Dancing! The show must go on! On the League of Ultimate Questing!


LUQ|E38: Paternal Damnation

The team is called back to Alk’Hara for an old fashioned dungeon crawl in the shadow of the RachTar Mountains. Their employer turns out to be a blast from their past, with many secrets buried away. Hidden Hibernators, Moldy Meat and Gruesome Gifts in this week’s spooktacular episode of LUQ.


LUQ|E37: Legal Possession

The Mortal Dawn takes a trip to the Lionne Capital of Inlakes, and visit a magic megastore before diving head first into a deadly arcain experiment within the mind of a confessed murderer. Mournful memories, sinister secrets and twisted torment in this extra dark episode of The League of Ultimate Questing.


LUQ|E36: All Trialed Up

Artyom and Maven have a heart to heart about the future of the Mortal Dawn. Kryst and Arvid put their hearts and minds together to make sure the team doesn’t fall apart. A trial awaits them, as do a big stack of new potential quests. Intense insight, judicious judgments, and radical reunions on this week's episode of The League of Ultimate Questing.