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Julian Meush and Daniel D'Souza discuss all things Westworld. From episode reviews and recaps to fan theories and in-depth discussions all surrounding HBO's latest hit drama.

Julian Meush and Daniel D'Souza discuss all things Westworld. From episode reviews and recaps to fan theories and in-depth discussions all surrounding HBO's latest hit drama.
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Julian Meush and Daniel D'Souza discuss all things Westworld. From episode reviews and recaps to fan theories and in-depth discussions all surrounding HBO's latest hit drama.




Game of Thrones S7E1 "Dragonstone": ToB Breakdown

Hey Westworld fans! It might be awhile before we get season 2 of our favourite western sci-fi drama. In the mean time HBO has another amazing drama to occupy us. Julian and Daniel have been talking about Game of Thrones for years and we want to share a little bit of that content with you.


ToB Excerpt - The Traditional Sitcom

In a segment cut from last week's Episode 88, the guys discuss the 90's sitcom Friends. But more to the point, what happened to the traditional television sitcom that was the staple for many people growing up. The Cheers, Seinfeld and Friends of the world seem to be gone. Why? They also chat about Star Wars and debate the merits of reading over listening to an audio book.


S1E10 "The Bicameral Mind": ToB Breakdown

Season one of Westworld has come to an end and Julian and Daniel are here to talk all about it. "The Bicameral Mind" acted as both the finish line for some of our favourite characters and mysteries but it was also the beginning of a new adventure that will continue into Westworld's second season. The guys look back at all the theories and mysteries now that all the puzzle pieces have fallen into place and ask whether they were revealed effectively. Were the answers satisfying? Were the...


S1E9 "The Well-Tempered Clavier": ToB Breakdown

Julian and Daniel are back to discuss the next big reveal on HBO's Westworld. On the menu this week is season one's penultimate episode; "The Well-Tempered Clavier". The guys get into the nitty gritty of this week's revelations. Plus what the new information means for any ongoing fan theories and then look forward at next week's finale.


S1E8 "Trace Decay": ToB Breakdown

Westworld continued its slow drip of information as we get closer to the season one finale. After learning Bernard was a host last week the show returned to its status quo of asking more questions rather than continuing to give answers. One of those questions was particularly interesting as Bernard asks Ford what the difference between man and machine really was as he grappled with his "emotions". Elsewhere, Maeve escalates her plan for escaping the park, Charlotte regroups after the death...


S1E7 "Trompe L'Oeil": ToB Breakdown

Things start to come to a head as Westworld enters the final stretch. Julian and Dan break down what turned out to be a very insightful episode but still left plenty to chew on going into the final three episodes. This week's story leaves out The Man in Black but sees the return of William and Dolores as they discuss what brings meaning to their lives, Maeve decides its time for her to leave while Bernard and Theresa make a shocking discovery. Of course all continuing theories are also...


S1E6 "The Adversary": ToB Breakdown

This week on HBO's Westworld Elsie makes some key discoveries, Ford and Bernard have another chat, Teddy and the Man in Black continue their search for Wyatt and Maeve sees more of the facility. As always there's a lot to unpack so Julian and Daniel are here to recap the episode and discuss it all in depth as well as analyze all the new theories surrounding the hit show.


S1E5 "Contrapasso": ToB Breakdown

Julian and Daniel sit down to discuss the latest episode of HBO's Westworld; "Contrapasso". They break down every detail as William, Dolores and Logan arrive at Pariah, Elsie makes a discovery and Ford and the Man in Black have a chat. To round out the show the guys delve into some new fan theories that have been floating around the web as well as reexamine some older theories under new light.


S1E4 "Dissonance Theory": ToB Breakdown

This week Julian and Daniel continue to discuss HBO's Westworld as well as reassess some older fan theories while also exploring new ones. Meanwhile on the show, some of the storylines begin to converge. The Man in Black continues his search for the maze as we get more insight into who he is outside the park as well as what he believes to be Westworld's endgame. Dolores joins up with William and Logan's bounty hunt, we finally get a glimpse at Dr. Ford's sinister side and Maeve starts...


S1E2+3: ToB Breakdown

Our first official instalment of our newest podcast; Westworld: Tower of Babble Breakdown. After mainly concentrating on the pilot episode last week, Julian and Daniel break down the 2nd and 3rd this week; "Chestnut" and "The Stray". They also discuss plenty of the fan theories that are floating around the web. Some of which are a bit more far fetched than others.


S1E1 "The Original": ToB Breakdown

Welcome to the Tower of Babble Network's latest podcast: Westworld: Tower of Babble Breakdown. This is a show where in we will be discussing the Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy created, HBO original series, Westworld. We will review and and recap each weeks episode while discussing possible theories and having in-depth conversations related to the show's characters, concepts and more. If you are at all familiar with our previous Game of Thrones podcast in the "Breakdown" series, the format will...