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Dynasty League Football is the premier site for dynasty and keeper fantasy football knowledge. And the DLF Dynasty podcast brings that insight and analysis to your podcast library. Jarrett and the co-hosts Tim, Karl & Eric dive into dynasty discussions, keeping you informed and entertained all year long.

Dynasty League Football is the premier site for dynasty and keeper fantasy football knowledge. And the DLF Dynasty podcast brings that insight and analysis to your podcast library. Jarrett and the co-hosts Tim, Karl & Eric dive into dynasty discussions, keeping you informed and entertained all year long.
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Dynasty League Football is the premier site for dynasty and keeper fantasy football knowledge. And the DLF Dynasty podcast brings that insight and analysis to your podcast library. Jarrett and the co-hosts Tim, Karl & Eric dive into dynasty discussions, keeping you informed and entertained all year long.




The DLF Dynasty Podcast 341 - League Setting Ideas

The trio spends 45 minutes trying to inspire future league commissioners by covering some of their favorite league settings and rules. Everything from league size to rules about creating home field advantage in the playoffs is covered in the episode. Follow: @DLFpodcast @dmeylor22 @MattPriceFF @RyanMc23


he DLF Dynasty Podcast 340 - Players we Have Some Feels About

The terrific trio walkthrough some players we sorted into three categories. In segment one, we discuss players who disappointed in 2018 but who we still believe in. In segment two, we do the reverse and talk about players who performed well but we still aren’t buying into. We wrap up with players who we are confused about entering this offseason and some options you have if you currently have them rostered. Follow @DLFpodcast @dmeylor22 @MattPriceFF @RyanMc23


The DLF Dynasty Podcast Bonus

The guys get back together for a bonus episode, playing another dynasty ADP game using the soon to be released January ADP data. Play along and found out if Dan can get revenge on Matt.


The DLF Dynasty Podcast 339 - Predictions Review

Listen as Dan, Ryan and Matt cover the excellent (Phillip Lindsay) and not so excellent (Mike Gesicki) predictions from the pre-season. The trio focus on which players blew past and which didn’t quite reach expectations. They also make predictions for the 2018 playoffs. Follow @DLFpodcast @dmeylor22 @MattPriceFF @RyanMc23


The DLF Dynasty Podcast 338 - 2018 Rookie Draft Redo - Superflex Edition

We had some scheduling issues with the holidays, but we wanted to make sure our loyal listeners had something to listen to the week of Christmas so we got together before week 16 happened to do a quick 2018 rookie draft redo episode from a superflex episode. Matt, Ryan, and Dan do a rookie draft based on everything we know now about the 2018 class. Follow @DLFpodcast @dmeylor22 @MattPriceFF @RyanMc23


The DLF Dynasty Podcast 337

Matt, Ryan, and Dan continued the exercise from last week's episode, looking at the 2018 rookie class and how they compare to other players with a similar dynasty ADP. Dan shares his Rookie Report Card and the guys play a throwback dynasty ADP game. Follow: @DLFpodcast @dmeylor22 @MattPriceFF @RyanMc23


The DLF Dynasty Podcast 336

Ryan is out this week so we invited Travis May to come on and give his thoughts on the 2019 class before checking in with the current rookie crop. Make sure to listen to hear which rookie Travis thinks we’ll wonder about how he got so old in a couple of years. Hint: It’s not Dan’s favorite receiver! The main segment this week is a drafting exercise where we tell you which players we would pick and which ones we would avoid at certain points of a dynasty startup draft using December’s ADP...


The DLF Dynasty Podcast 335

The 335th episode of the DLF Dynasty Podcast featured the introduction of a new game that is still to be named. Although one participant argued the final score, the other - who hosts Dynasty Game Night - whooped the other’s butt. There’s also coverage of the Chiefs’ background, the Green Bay coaching vacancy and how the trio handle setting postseason lineups. Follow @DLFpodcast @dmeylor22 @MattPriceFF @RyanMc23


The DLF Dynasty Podcast 334 - Dynasty Stash or Trash

Ryan, Matt, and Dan do a deep dive on some players at the end of dynasty rosters and tell you if they are stashes for 2019 and beyond or just trash clogging up your rosters. All players discussed are outside of the top 120 (10 rounds) of a typical dynasty startup draft according to November ADP data on DLF. Follow: @DLFpodcast @dmeylor22 @MattPriceFF @RyanMc23


The DLF Dynasty Podcast 333

Ryan, Matt and Dan spend nearly an hour talking about the big topics of the week in dynasty including injuries, the unlikely breakout of Gus Edwards and the upside of players like Tre’Quon Smith and Kenny Golladay. There was also a discussion that included Ryan suggesting dynasty owners should sell high on one of his top rookies as well how much it would take to acquire Saquon Barkley. Follow: @DLFpodcast @dmeylor22 @MattPriceFF @RyanMc23


The DLF Dynasty Podcast 332

Matt and Dan spend an hour chatting about how much they trust players like Leonard Fournette, Amari Cooper and Rob Gronkowski as we approach the end of our regular season. Tune in for talk of Aaron Jones making the leap into completely trustworthy and a conversation about which Indy tight end makes sense for dynasty teams going forward. After listening, be sure to tweet Ryan asking him about the horrible storm he was caught in, which prevented him from joining the pod this...


The DLF Dynasty Podcast 331 - Mid-Season Strategy

With just four weeks left in the fantasy regular season Dan, Matt, and Ryan delve into strategy depending on your record, points scored, and playoff outlook. Whether your team is 9-0, 5-4, or 0-9, we have some advice for you including potential trade targets and we begin to look toward the fantasy playoffs and beyond. Dan brings a couple of Smith’s (Tre’Quan and Ito) to chat about this week in his Rookie Report Card. Matt gives the listeners a little taste of what they might get on Dynasty...


The DLF Dynasty Podcast 330 - Trade Deadline Review

Dan, Matt, and Ryan talk about the trades that transpired just before the NFL trade deadline and the dynasty impact of each move. We discuss D.J. Moore and Jordan Thomas in the rookie report card segment before wrapping up with some listener questions. Follow @DLFpodcast @dmeylor22 @MattPriceFF @RyanMc23


The DLF Dynasty Podcast 326 - Week Seven Review

Dan, Matt and Ryan talk about week seven and look ahead to the rest of 2018. Tune in to hear the group decide if James White is worth a first round pick, how valuable Marlon Mack is and if they value Adam Thielen as the top fantasy owner to own for the rest of 2018. As an added bonus, you get to hear Dan try to pronounce the word implications. Follow @DLFpodcast @dmeylor22 @MattPriceFF @RyanMc23


The DLF Dynasty Podcast 328 - Week 6 Review

Dan, Matt, and Ryan are joined by Adam Aizer (@AdamAizer) from the CBS Fantasy Football Today podcast. Adam tells us about the CBS platform and what they are doing to make it more dynasty friendly. We discuss the league he set up for us and a group of DLF writers before diving into the depressing Devonta Freeman news. We make a plea to the fantasy gods for an Amari Cooper trade to actually happen and then Dan tells us about something called Damion Ratley in the Rookie Report Card. We end...


The DLF Dynasty Podcast 327 - Week 5 Review

Dan, Matt and Ryan talk about the news and notes exiting week five and the dynasty implications of Jay Ajayi's injury. The guys also discuss the latest Rookie Report Card Twitter Takes. Follow: @DLFpodcast @dmeylor22 @MattPriceFF @RyanMc23


The DLF Dynasty Podcast 326 - Week 4 Review

Dan, Matt and Ryan talk about week four and look ahead to the rest of the 2018 season. Ryan places Russell Wilson outside his top five quarterbacks, Matt explains what made him take off his pants before halftime in week four, and Dan continues to gush about a rookie wide receiver from Atlanta. Follow @DLFpodcast @dmeylor22 @MattPriceFF @RyanMc23


The DLF Dynasty Podcast 325 - Week 3 Review

Dan, Ryan and Matt get together to chat about the Jimmy Garoppolo injury, Josh Rosen taking over in Arizona and what to expect out of Dallas Goedert going forward. Be sure to hang around to hear Ryan’s opinion on what running back to spend a second round pick on, Matt’s thoughts on Josh Allen’s performance in Minnesota, and Dan calling a certain rookie receiver a must start. Follow: @DLFpodcast @dmeylor22 @MattPriceFF @RyanMc23


The DLF Dynasty Podcast 324 - Week 2 Review

Matt, Dan, and Ryan discuss the dynasty implications of Josh Gordon to the Patriots and the Joe Mixon injury to lead off the show. Dan presents the two rookies in his Rookie Report Card article this week. We also discuss some bad offenses and who if any players we can mine for future dynasty value from them. We wrap up with our buys and sells of the week and a listener question. Follow @DLFpodcast @MattPriceFF @dmeylor22 @RyanMc23


The DLF Dynasty Podcast 323 - Week 1 Review

Matt, Dan, and Ryan discuss the ins, the outs, and the what have yous from week one leading off with the backfield situations in both Pittsburgh and Tampa Bay. We give you our takes on a few of the biggest performances and under performances of the week before diving into buys, sells, and waiver wire adds. To wrap up we answer some listener questions.